Tuesday, 2012-04-24

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SageStskeeps: building .0.3 images atm.06:05
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SageStskeeps: http://sage.kapsi.fi/Nemo-tmp/testing-versions/0.20120419.0.3.NEMO.2012-04-24.1/08:24
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SageStskeeps: nemo sync meet now?09:59
Stskeepsyes ok10:00
faenilso there are actually meetings? :)10:02
Stskeepsyes, we try to sync10:03
faenilok ;)10:03
the-boss`Stskeeps: Error: "mer-meeting" is not a valid command.10:03
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faenilStskeeps, has anyone fixed the battery level thing?10:40
faenilI remember veskuh tried to, but to no avail10:40
Stskeepsdon't think so10:41
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faenilwell I'm used to my Lumia that has the question mark on the battery lvl since 2 months10:42
faenilso that's not a real game changer10:42
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Sage\o/ got touch working on galaxy nexus and also I have meego-terminal runnin in software mode.12:24
Sagedoes maliit require 3d drivers?12:24
Stskeepsprobably requires composition12:24
Sageso prolly next step would be 3d drivers working so I could start UX12:25
Sagedevice with microsd card slot would be so nice :P12:33
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dm8tbrSage: how old is that vendor kernel you're running?14:28
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Sagedm8tbr: not sure why? 3.0.8 version and I have both the one from google git and one modified by franco or something14:47
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dm8tbrSage: 3.0 sounds new enough. you should team up with arc_mat. he was working on SGX for archos gen9. probably quite similar kernel.14:56
Sagedm8tbr: ok, have currently kernel building with omap_drm and hopefully booting up later today :P15:04
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vgradenew build of sgx sdk out today http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/sdkdownloads/index.asp15:28
vakkovi created a ext4 partition, mounted the .raw image (with kpartx) and copied the whole filesystem to the partition ... however when booting, the kernel can't find the partition and says vfs not syncing .. unable to mount rootfs on unknown block 179,12 - the root parameter in my cmdline is correct16:11
vakkovoh and it shows the available partitions on the card but they are only 3... it should show 416:15
vakkovi ran e2fsck btw and it says clean16:15
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Sagegrrr... would need to revert this commit to get pvr driver to compile (this commit didn't make in to upstream as such) https://github.com/supercurio/android-omap-tuna/commit/b442e52cba6dcffdf5880ca1c2f2625bfc5ee7f218:22
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Aardwasn't maemo-meegotouch-interfaces opensourced back then?19:48
Stskeepsthat's just a metapackage isn't it19:52
Aardit contains some pkgconfig-files, xml service descriptions, ...19:54
Aardit gets built from a maemo-services source tarball, and I thought that was opensourced back then, but couldn't find it on obs or gitorious now19:56
Stskeepscheck harmattan-dev ?19:56
AardI found public documentation, not the sources ;)19:57
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