Wednesday, 2012-04-25

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timophcheer up, iekku. you know what they say: some thing in life are bad. they can make you really mad. other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle. don't grumble. give a whistle. and this'll help things turn out for the best.04:47
* timoph whistles04:48
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* Sage is pondering what kind of life lession is on today on this channel 06:44
Stskeepsmonty python? ;)06:45
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iekkusun is shining, birds are singing and i'm having meetings whole day06:55
Stskeepsotoh, you don't have to go out in the sun..06:56
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SageStskeeps: yes, it is enough to open the window and everything comes to you, right? :)06:57
Stskeepsi'm certainly happy not to go out in the pollen-filled air06:58
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Sagewhat was the software export flag again for MTF?11:13
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vgradewrong link sry11:27
Sagehmmp... doesn't seem to work for me.11:29
vgradedid you try adding -software flag11:32
Sageyes that works11:33
vgradelooks like -software does sonething extra to M_USE_SIFTWARE_RENDERING12:05
vgrade MGraphicsSystemHelper::forceSoftwareRendering();12:05
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phrykHi there. I'd like to know how good or bad nemo is suited for my n900.16:07
phrykSo far I found no info on what hardware is supported.16:07
anYcn900 is one of the supported devices, but nemo has not all features of maemo yet16:08
phrykanYc: Do you have specific info on what is not yet supported?16:09
anYcI'm not up to date, but afaik you can boot nemo without interference with maemo16:11
phrykanYc: But the hardware overall works?16:13
anYcI have not tried it for a while, but afaik not everything works.16:19
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anYcmaybe it's better to wait for someone of the devs16:19
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