Thursday, 2012-05-03

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quixoteI'm trying nemomobile in vm. To finish installing, I need terminal. But it's nowhere! Only "Settings" under Applications.14:03
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vakkovcan somebody tell me how is gps adapted in the n900 port - something with QT or what?14:19
Stskeepsit's supposed to be with qt mobility14:21
Stskeepsbut we don't have it adapted atm14:21
vakkovbut you had it before, right?14:22
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vakkovIs anybody watching the premiere of samsung galaxy s3 ? How about porting nemo to it :D :D :D18:52
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iekkumy wife is trying to get nemo to exopc18:59
iekkulet's see18:59
iekkuhe just copy-pasted the image to usb stick19:08
iekkuthis is going to be "interesting"19:08
vakkovhe? your wife?19:09
Stskeepsiekku's wife, yes19:09
iekkuvakkov, i'm married with a guy who cooks, likes shopping etc19:10
iekkutells me when i need haircut or color my hair19:11
vakkovoh, i understand19:11
iekku(i'm female)19:11
iekkutold him already that he can start filing bugs when he finds them19:11
vakkovbtw to people with n900 - you can now have nemo and nitdroid without multiboot19:13
iekkuoh, so much opportunities and so little time19:14
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vakkovspecial thanks to stskeeps for u-boot... so now my question is - can mer run on quad core CPU? dual booting s3 :D19:20
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Stskeepsvakkov: why not..19:23
* dm8tbr was also wondering if it has an open boot-loader :)19:32
vakkovi hope it will19:36
vakkovbe open19:38
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