Friday, 2012-05-04

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the-bossdcthang: Error: "tizen" is not a valid command.04:34
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dcthangStskeeps: are you there?08:25
dcthangabout platform SDK, how I can build one package for specific arch from one sourcecode?08:26
Stskeepswell, presumably with rpmbuild and sb2 instructions08:26
dcthangsince asking you will reducing lot of time to study that08:26
dcthangok, so for example: I want to build qt application, it has to use qmake etc...08:30
Stskeepsyes, or just use OBS if you have one08:30
dcthangone thing I would like to ask isL when I want to build in which arch (arm/i486), what should I do for that?08:35
dcthangok, that's one of good ideas08:45
dcthangso what if we want to build one package directly with Mer platform sdk?08:46
dcthangshould be easy enough08:46
Stskeepswell, check out Platform_SDK wiki page08:47
Stskeepsand the linked SB2 page08:47
dcthangok, thanks for YIM09:13
iekkuwife just asked: "boot nemo mobile" or "boot from local drive"09:15
iekkuand nemo is up and running09:16
iekku"looks and feels like honeycob" is the first impression09:17
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nschle85hello, i am  using a N900 and SHR distro (based on openembedded and freesmartphone) but i cannot get wifi/wpa2 working. scanning networks works but authentication always fails. does anybody can give me a wpa_supplicat configuration which works in nemo ?18:59
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