Friday, 2012-05-18

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timophsomeone with Nemo booted up around?05:07
timophpreferrably on a phone05:09
Sagetimoph: o/05:09
SageI have N900 booted here, without sim though.05:10
timophcould you try with it05:10
timophdon't have a memory card with my so can't try :/05:11
Sageinstalls, starts, works... anything else? :)05:12
Sagewell there is issue with the screen size05:12
timophdoes the whole UI fit to the screen?05:12
timophyep. kinda expected that05:12
timophso I need to patch it a bit for Nemo05:13
Sageyou need to have it scrolling05:13
Sageis "Pair and Chance" the last ones or is there something else after those?05:13
timophyeah. a flickable element should solve that05:13
timophthere's the total score below those05:14
Sagewell that total is shown05:14
Sageoverlaps with the pari and chance05:14
Sagetimoph: also when I start it it is in landscape but after turning in portrait it says that way05:18
timophit's supposed to be locked to portrait05:18
Sagehmmp... now it locks05:18
Sagewell seems to work now, except the overlapping text05:19
timophbut anyway. thanks. seems I can solve the layout issues pretty easily05:19
Sagetimoph: sending that to nemo, btw? :)05:22
timophthe plan is to charge 1e for it from the store, free for nemo or by compiling from sources :p05:23
timophinterested to see if people really pay for n9 apps05:24
Sagethe "eyes" in dice could be just rounds instead of stars IMO05:25
Sagetimoph: also couple of typos in about05:25
Sagetimoph: also about is cut off from the top
timophhmmh. that also happen with harmattan05:29
timophweird since that's a QueryDialog from qt-components and it should do the layouting for you05:30
SageAlso for the layout I would add a bit to the left side of the screen, the names start a bit too early IMO05:30
timophyeah. that doesn't look that bad on a n9 since the screen's glass provides a bit of extra margin05:32
* timoph makes notes05:32
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Sagebut otherwise seems to work nicely05:35
Sagecould not get it to crash or anything :)05:36
Sageoh, one layout thing more05:36
SageYou should alignt the high scores so that the 1. 2. 3. are always in straigh line05:37
timophyeah. that one I knew and is in the todo list :)05:38
Sageok :)05:38
timophbtw, do we have invoker, etc. in nemo to make an application single instance?05:38
SageI'm going to do new nemo release on monday probably if you want it to be included alraedy then05:39
timophI'll try to get the issues sorted out today/tomorrow so yeah05:40
Sagewe have that yes. then you have to build with CE:Apps:MTF where that is available.05:40
SageCE:Apps:MTF builds against CE:MW:MTF that has the invoker as well05:41
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timophneed to try it after I get home05:42
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* Sage arrives to Tre. 05:43
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rantomWhat's happening in Tampere? Meaning: event?08:06
timophtoday? nothing that I know of08:08
rantomOh, ok08:09
rantomI misunderstood Sage then, heh (see: ...arrives to Tre.)08:10
iekkurantom, sage's work related stuff08:10
rantomAnd yes, I haven't had my morning coffee yet so some malfunction in brains is possible08:10
rantomiekku: Ah, ok08:10
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iekkuhmm, i'm going to go through nemo's current bugs to close not relevants. should we start triages after that11:02
Stskeepsmakes sense11:02
iekkuso, mon 27th11:03
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faenilhi people :)13:11
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niqtSage: with qmlcalendar have 2 problems. 1) (image 3 may + your package organizer+mcal) i don't see mkcal available (how organizer backend) but only memory ed invalid; 2) with app for meego don't install qmlcalendar13:28
Sageniqt: well take the may 3rd image and do "zypper ref;zypper install qmlcalendar" and that should do it.13:31
Sagefaenil: hi there. Not sure if it was you or someone else who got the cc of couple of bugs I did today.13:32
faenilme ;)13:32
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faenilSage, thanks for the feedback :)13:42
faenilthat gallery is like a helloworld atm, and none ever filed a bug, so I kind of lost interest in spending time on it :)13:44
faenilmaybe none was using it13:44
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vdvhi all16:53
vdvdo i untertand right, that nemo is a successor of meego ce?16:53
vdvand that meego ce is not developed anymore?16:53
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matrixxvdv: nemo _is_ meego ce17:18
matrixxthough now mer based more than meego17:18
vdvmatrixx, there was before a status page for meego with things listed which are not working17:20
matrixxnot sure about a specific page for that, but here should be everything:
vdvbut now this one is not really undestandable..17:21
matrixxah, you found that already :)17:21
vdvthere was a conveniet table before17:22
vdvcamera - not working17:22
vdvdialer - not working17:22
matrixxmaybe you can find what you're looking for from bugzilla?17:22
vdvis the project really active now?17:23
vdvlast meeting was in 2012-0317:23
vdvand in the log it's mentioned that next meeting should be in a week17:24
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vdvbut i don't see any activity since that meeting17:24
vdvmatrixx, do you have n900 and nemo installed on it?17:25
matrixxI don't have N90017:25
matrixxI have nemo installed only on N95017:25
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vdvmatrixx, do you really use it or just for tests?17:27
matrixxjust for tests17:32
matrixxneed to try out later image, the one I had didn't boot modem up, so I couldn't use it as a phone :/17:33
vdvmatrixx, i'm just not sure whether it make sense to stay further with n900 or buy android phone..17:37
vdvmatrixx, maemo just makes me mad17:37
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MrPinguHi, I recently I got interested in nemo. Clearly it's not ready but can you guys use a "regular" user for testing? I didn't install nemo yet but if you guys want that kind of basic feedback, I am more than ready to help. If you guys don't, I won't bother installing nemo on my phone (n900)17:53
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faenilSage, ping19:41
Sagefaenil: pong19:42
faenilo/ Stskeeps :)19:42
faenilSage, we didn't talk about the gallery :)19:42
faenilany additional feedback?19:42
faenilI know the zooming algo actually has a lot of bugs, but none seems to have noticed them :P19:42
faenilanything to say apart from the bugs you've already filed?19:42
Sagefaenil: well, if you want I can check what else is there. Those were the biggest things I noted.19:43
faenilSage, you don't have to ;) I just thought you had :)19:43
Sagefaenil: well, photo tagging and filtering, ability to remove photos19:45
SageI can file bugs if you want19:45
SageThen one thing would be the sharing of photos via twitter, email, mms etc. but we don't have backends for those.19:46
faenildon't think I'll add photo tagging or sharing shortly (in less than 2 months) unless it's very easy to :)19:46
faeniloh right, no backends = lots of work :D19:46
Sagefaenil: ah, and slideshow would be one19:48
faenilcode all the ideas you have in mind, someone could find the time to add those before I do :)19:49
faenilmy current priority is finish the zooming algo, since it doesn't cover a lot of use cases atm, even if it "seems to work" for the common ones19:50
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