Saturday, 2012-05-19

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timophSage: fixed the layout issues08:17
timophis there some kb shortcut to take screenshots in nemo howadays?08:17
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timophhmmh. the ye old cmd line magic with gst-launch doesn't work anymore09:04
timophgives a all black picture09:06
Stskeepsn9 or n90p?09:07
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Stskeepsbug please09:09
timophI know it works somehow since Sage took screenshots yesterday using nemo on n90009:09
timophjust to make sure that this is still valid:
timophand I'm not missing something before filing a bug09:11
timophI'll file one for an issue with orientation lock though09:11
timophif an application using qt-components is set to portrait lock and you launch it with the kb open it'll launch in landscape09:12
timophafter switching to portrait it stays locked to it09:13
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timophfiled and
timophthere was already some bug about providing an easy way to take screenshots09:30
timophif that's not taken by the time devaamo summit is over I could take a swing at it09:32
Sagetimoph: I've used the widgetsgallery09:32
timophshould be pretty easy to do a standalone screenshot app09:35
timophiirc there's a ready made one in Qt's examples that just needs minor modifications09:35
timophSage: ^09:38
timophI'll do the other modifications to the next version09:39
Sageok, I have to go now. Cya later.09:42
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tadzikhello there11:56
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tadzikhm. If I install Nemo an a microsd card, is it possible to install something else (nitdroid, kubuntu) side by side?15:35
tadzikevery guide talks about dd-ing raw image directly into the microsd card, but would it be possible to partition the sdcard and teach the bootloader to use every system installed?15:36
Stskeepsit is, but dont start out like that.. nitdroid is the difficult one here15:45
Stskeepsas we dont use multiboot as well, it's crap15:45
tadzikI just came to a realization that I could theoretically have 5 OSes on the N900 ;)15:47
tadziknot implying that it's any sane15:47
tadzikso nemo itself does not multiboot alongside Maemo?15:48
Stskeepsit multiboots alongside maemo15:51
Stskeepswe use uboot, so it first looks on microsd for a OS, if it doesnt find one, it boots maemo15:51
tadzikso if I want to reboot to maemo I'd remove the microsd card?15:54
Stskeepsit's also possible to do much more, it supports entire uboot scripting15:55
tadzikI see15:55
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tadzikthere's this thing called bootmenu I think, which opens up a boot prompt if you start the phone with keyboard open15:56
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Stskeepsyes, not useful16:01
Stskeepsi made it for n90016:01
tadzikwell, I'm talking about N900 :P16:01
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RzRis any of you build his own packages on obs ?16:48
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Sagerzr: I'm building packages in obs. why?21:27
rzri know , could you mentor me21:31
rzri planned to import redak text editor21:31
rzrbut i dont think i am using the right repo21:31
Sagerzr: so you have already account to obs and package created and uploaded sources?21:36
rzryes i am using CE_Apps_CE_MW_Shared...21:36
rzrgimmie 5 secs and you will be able to branch it21:36
rzr5 mins21:37
rzrSage, deps are broken on mer platform21:46
rzrthe first 2 repo21:46
* Sage looks21:47
Sagerzr: well you have typo in your repos21:49
Sagerzr: <- line 20 should say armv8el as well as line 25. Also line 24 will not work as there is no intel packages in that repo21:50
Sagerzr: also you could probably just remove the meego_xx repos if you don't use them. not very active I guess :)21:51
rzri had some packages there21:51
Sagewell that is ok, just a note21:52
rzrnothing provides pkgconfig(QtQuick)21:52
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rzrnow it started21:56
rzrnow i am looking for testers21:56
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Sagerzr: remove the armv7el, i586 and x86_64 arches from the armv7hl repository those will not work.22:28
Sagerzr: and nice that it is working now.22:29
SageTime to sleep. cya later.22:29
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4857 Rejected promotion request23:46
rzrignore that one23:49
rzrthis is rdesktoo23:49
rzrthis is rdesktop23:50
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