Monday, 2012-05-21

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timophSage: what project to sr myatzy?05:44
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Sagetimoph: if it uses applauncherd the CE:Apps:MTF07:20
Sageif it doesn't use applauncherd then just CE:Apps07:21
Sageiekku, Stskeeps: were we supposed to have nemo bug triage today or do I recall wrong?07:23
iekkuSage, next monday07:24
iekkuSage, i will go through the open once and close already fixed07:24
iekkuopen ones...07:24
timophStskeeps: CE:Apps it is07:25
timopherr. Sage07:25
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iekkuSage, it's the best way and i think i'm going file new ones also during the testing07:25
Sagetimoph: you were talking about single instacne thing. that is in applauncherd07:26
Sageiekku: I'll do nemo release today at some poin07:30
iekkuSage, :nod: i will start testing hopefully tomorrow. i'm not feeling very well, going to take today easy07:32
timophSage: yeah. didn't use it. Maybe in the future07:32
timophsr #487807:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4878 Rejected promotion request07:33
timophevidently something didn't work :)07:34
Sagephaeron1: ^ that message should really give an URL as well07:35
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timophit doesn't like things being installed to /opt ?07:44
timophadded upstream url to spec and fixed the category but still pondering about the installation dest07:44
Sage /opt should be fine07:45
timophmaybe it was the invalid category07:45
* timoph tries again07:45
Sageumm... that reject was because of changelog07:45
Sageyour changelog format isn't valid07:45
timophcreated it with osc vc07:46
Sagehmmp... that is a bug in osc in Mer then probably, as the format should be fine by default.. Stskeeps: ^07:47
Stskeepswe have a bug for that i think07:47
* timoph edits it manually07:48
lhbhi, is there known issues with the Kingston 8gb?07:48
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lhbit is a class 1007:49
Stskeepswhat issues are yous eeing07:50
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4879 waiting for review at
timophlooks better :)07:56
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Sagetimoph: couple of comments. %clean is not needed, Also BuildRoot can be removed, And IMO changelog could be just one entry as it pretty much should describe what changed between this package and the previous. We are not mentioning every upstream change in .changelog for example.08:02
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timophSage: ack. I'll clean it a bit and resubmit08:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4880 waiting for review at
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Sagewhois wonko? is here here?09:34
Stskeepsthink it's rcg09:34
Sageah, email would match. so rcg1 ping09:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4879 Rejected promotion request09:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4880 Accepted promotion request09:38
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Sagetimoph: accepted09:46
phaeron1hmm wrong notification09:49
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rcg1Stskeeps: yes09:55
rcg1yes i am wonko09:55
rcg1err Sage pong09:56
* timoph also likes tab complete :)09:56
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Sagercg1: need to discuss about the qca2 and that qtodo.10:00
Sagercg1: the URL in qtodo seems wrong at least10:00
rcg1Sage: ok10:02
rcg1qtodo url should be: http://to-do-o.sourceforge.net10:03
rcg1reason is that qtodo is a qt/qml port of initial java application to-do-o... i confess i should update that web site10:04
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Sagercg1: hehe, well looked the site and it looked well dead and old and not so much related :)10:10
Sagercg1: about the gca2, what is the difference in qca2 in PlasmaActive MW and in the one you pushed. We should push it to CE:MW:Shared yes, but it needs to be such version that is compatible with us and with PlasmaActive people.10:11
rcg1yeah, you know, there are only so many hours in a day10:11
rcg1i really have to update that one10:11
rcg1with respect to qca2: i saw you put a qca2 package to CE:MW:PlasmaActive, however, I tried to build the qca openssl plugin against this version but it failed due to missing imports; e.g., it didn't define some things related to sha256 and sha51210:11
rcg1and without this additional library qca is essentially useless.. at least for my purposes10:12
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Sagercg1: well at least the qca2 is old in CE:MW:PlasmaActive there is newer release available.10:13
Sagebut that release is also about 1.5 years old so I ponder if the development has changed to somewhere else?10:14
rcg1Sage: ic.. well, i simply took the sources from the harmattan repository10:14
rcg1reason was simply that i assumed these to compile on arm.. actually i didn't try any new upstream versions10:16
rcg1 that's where i took the code from10:16
Sageok, need to look into that at somepoint. I'll get back to you during this week when I have time to give it a look :)10:17
rcg1Sage: i just had a look at
rcg1the 2.0 plugins seem all to be stuck in beta state?10:19
Sagercg1: well also the dates are quite old10:19
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* lhb continuing my comment from 10:4811:56
lhbmmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card11:57
lhbit is a n900, nemo image from nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120419.2.NEMO.2012-04-30.1-mmcblk0p.raw.bz211:58
Stskeepslhb: long story short there was some kind of issue with kingston cards, either on sw side or hw side in n90011:59
lhbStskeeps: ok11:59
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pseudonymto get rid of -110 error, nemo kernel needs the dto=14 patch. seriously, use this patch. stop making excuses.13:12
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Stskeepsnot taking drive-by slaps seriously..13:13
Stskeepsand for the idiot who just said that, well, people are more than welcome to send patches through OBS :)13:14
Stskeepslhb: may be what you're hitting13:16
Stskeepslhb: what u-boot are you using?13:24
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* Sage just pushed new nemomobile release out15:58
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Sagenice to have bugs fixed and new things appearing :)15:59
rcg1great :)16:00
iekkuhope i feel good enough tomorrow to start testing16:00
rcg1uhm that might be a plain stupid question.. but what's the best way to keep track with current releases? does "zypper ref && zypper up" suffice or is copying the entire rootfs needed?16:01
iekkuthere's no stupid questions16:02
iekkuand i have been wondering the same :)16:04
iekkuSage, Stskeeps ?16:04
Stskeepsrcg1: yes, though only way to be really sure is a reflas16:04
Stskeepswe try to make it upgradeable16:04
Sagezypper ref && zypper up should work16:05
Sagenobody reads the wiki? ;)16:06
iekkuno :D16:06
* rcg1 silently hides16:07
rcg1thanks anyway :)16:07
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v-foxhello. is it possible to install mer/nemo onto N900's internal flash and not SD-card ?17:48
kimjuv-fox, probably possible, but decent sd card is faster.17:56
dm8tbrthere was even an old instruction kicking around on the meego wiki IIRC17:57
iekkuNemo generally runs well off the MicroSD card, probably better than from the internal eMMC, depending on some of the following factors:17:57
iekkuSpeed/Class of the MicroSD card; a class 10 card should provide adequate performance, though note that the classes aren't a guarantee of performance. Quality/brand of the card; some cards have issues with the N900 and offer slow performance due to I/O errors. If reading reviews/benchmarks of cards before buying, look at the ones with the highest random read/write, not sequential.17:57
dm8tbrmost people who I saw and tried have failed though17:57
dm8tbrtranscend seems to work quite OK for many people in here17:58
iekku^ from installation introduction17:58
* dm8tbr recently bought a samsung class 10 and is not impressed. not even by the linear read/write performance17:59
kimjupersonally I prefer sandisk. even their class 4 cards seem faster than most class 10 from other vendors.17:59
v-foxi get the appeal of decent SD-card versus mediocre internal memory, but this is what it has, and where its primary system is. so, of Mer is good enought, i would like to use it instead of primary system _and on its proper place_18:00
rcg1iekku: liar.. you _do_ read the wiki ;P18:00
iekkurcg1, needed to do that now, was too bad to admit i haven't done it18:01
dm8tbrv-fox: then dig out the guide on the meego wiki and good luck :)18:01
rcg1iekku: hehe ic ;)18:01
v-foxbut that's beside the point, if Mer/Nemo is not just hacking project but full-scale Maemo replacement, it should at some point support this18:01
v-foxiekku: and where exactly it says anything about internal memory ?18:01
iekkuv-fox, the line i pasted :)18:02
iekku"Nemo generally runs well off the MicroSD card, probably better than from the internal eMMC, depending on some of the following factors:"18:02
v-foxyou can't just dd stuff on it, or am i wrong ?18:02
v-foxiekku: that's good for Nemo but not for me. i don't want to put OSs onto secondary memory however good it is. and i can't find anything about how to put those Nemo-n900 images on NAND/eMMC. can the even fit on 256Mb NAND ?18:05
iekkuno idea, haven't tried that18:06
rcg1v-fox: just out of curiosity, why don't you want to use an sd card?18:15
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dm8tbrv-fox: - this _should_ apply also to nemo, but you might need to adjust details here and there18:24
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v-foxdm8tbr: thanks!18:43
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