Thursday, 2012-06-07

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SageAnyone know where is the git tree for PackMan ?06:28
Sagewtf :)06:29
SageSummary:   Package Manager UI for MeeGo 1.2 Community Edition for N90006:29
Sagethat :)06:29
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ArtoHmight be this:
Sageah, we put it there06:51
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dcthangSage: Did you find the problem with telepathy-gabble pack?07:05
Sagedcthang: don't have time to look that more closely atm. :(07:06
SageI was hoping that you could point out the error somewhere :D07:07
dcthangok, I hope that problem will be solved out :D07:09
SageIn many cases I can push package updates but I don't have time to test everything. :(07:11
dcthangyeah, I see07:12
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dcthangSage: One problem with timed lib is that, we can't  trigger event with predined date. With old timed lib on Meego notebook 1.2, the same code runs well07:38
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Sageiekku: could you create the pacakge manager component to bugzilla and kill that one bug about that issue. We don't have default CC but we need the component08:18
iekkuunder applications?08:20
iekkuit's there08:22
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4970 Rejected promotion request08:51
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4971 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4972 Rejected promotion request09:06
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rcgi guess i need to wait until the spectacle version in obs is upgraded to 0.24.1 as well?09:09
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rcgSage: ^ with respect to
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Sagelbt: any change you could kick the boss revie thing to get the latest spectacle? Not sure how09:19
* Sage really needs to do some cmdline option to ignore those for boss.09:19
lbt0.24.1 ?09:20
Sagelbt: I told you about that yesterday09:20
lbtyes, I recall09:20
lbtis that what you need on boss09:20
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Sagespectacle is currently stupid and fails if the version doesn't match09:22
lbtwill that be OK for people/packages not using latest specatacle09:23
Sageno, atm. that causes everything to go bad for users not using same version of spectacle that boss is.09:23
lbtso let me save what I'm doin09:25
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Sagelbt: something like that would be needed for spectacle09:32
SageWith that boss would still continue if the generated spec would be the same as before as it ignores commented lines and whitespace lines.09:33
lbtiirc boss checks the uploaded spec matches the one it makes using spectacle ... it already ignores comments/whitespace09:35
lbtwhat I'm saying is that your patch wont help09:35
lbtthough it's useful at the upload stage09:35
Sagewhy it doesn't help? It helps in 99% of the cases at least and that 1% needs to workaround the issue anyway as they are using new feature of spectacle that isn't in boss or something.09:36
lbtor is specify failing in boss due to "being to old"09:36
Sageboss executes specify cmd and that check if the version written in .spec file is the same or older than the one just executed. If that is not the case it fails and doesn't continue.09:37
lbtah .... logger.ask()09:37
lbtI see09:37
SageI didn't test the patch but something like that should help09:37
lbtI've not looked at this code/problem for months now ... just getting my head round it09:38
Sagewell I haven't looked at it either for a while :)09:38
Sagein general that check is good as older spectacle can always produce wrong output compared to new one. But in automatic cases that just doesn't work.09:39
lbtquick fix is to upgrade boss to 0.24.1 ... it's safe since if there's any delta apart from comments it will complain - and the only delta it should hit is a real issue09:40
Sagebetter way would be probably that boss would actually checkout the latest version from git :)09:40
lbtthen we put that patch in to spectacle09:40
lbtbetter would be if we all used a nice stable Tools release and QA'ed using the same tools09:41
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lbtand rejected all submissions from people using non-QA'ed tools ....09:41
Sagebut that would just bite the cutting edge developers09:42
lbtyou say it like it's a bad thing09:42
* Sage gets his armor ready ;)09:42
lbtit's a really tricky balance... right now I'll just upgrade boss09:43
lbtwell, actually I'll do a new Tools release first09:43
lbtthen an SDK release09:43
lbtthen ...09:43
lbtwell, what else can I do?09:45
Sagemaybe even better solution would be to have /etc/spectacle.conf that has values that override the defaults09:46
Sageso we could change the default value for boss for that specific question not to fail09:46
lbt(you can actually tell boss to skip a check)09:47
Sagelbt: kick the participant also or it fails.09:47
Sagelbt: well skipping test would just mean that it is not checked. Changing the answer would mean that it checks the result, but with old version.09:47
lbtyeah - keeping spectacle current seems best09:48
lbtI dread a non-back-compatible change though09:48
Sage.conf file would be backwards compatible as well. the cmdline option would prevent using older versions09:49
lbtI don't mind tying the participant to a specific spectacle09:50
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lbtsorry - being talked at :)09:52
lbtI'd rather have commandline I think09:54
lbtmore coffee then patch/release/upgrade boss09:55
rcgSage, lbt: thanks a lot for your support guys :)09:56
SageI would actually perfer config file now as that would also allow us in the future have more/less stricter checks by editing the configs.09:57
Sagenot sure though if there is need for that but anyway09:57
Sagercg: well, you suffer -> us to blame so what else to do :)10:00
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rcgSage: ;) .. well as I am also a coder I feel like some, occasional words of appreciation could cheer you up10:01
rcgand keeping the guys supporting you in a good mood is probably always a good idea ;)10:02
rcgbbl though10:02
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rcgre btw11:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4973 Rejected promotion request11:27
Sagelbt: did you update the boss already?11:32
rcgno need to hurry guys.. was just checking ;)11:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4971 Accepted promotion request11:37
lbtSage: no, in the middle of it all11:41
phaeronlbt: why do  you have participant list open in emacs11:51
Sagehacking? ;)11:51
phaeronSage: upgraded spectacle11:52
lbtphaeron: where from ?11:55
lbtcan you move it to Tools:Testing and then promote it to Tools11:56
phaeronupgraded from 0.24 -> 0.24.111:57
phaeronSage: is that correct ?11:57
rcgphaeron: if it helps i can try submitting my package that already uses 0.24.111:58
rcgto CE:Apps:MTF that is11:58
lbtso the idea is *not* to have random versions of tools in places that are only known by people's memory...11:59
phaeronlbt: the idea is that Tools:Testing is for mer and MINT is deployed to hosts11:59
phaeronso I cannot move it11:59
lbt says : "spectacle is part of Mer:Tools"11:59
phaeronrcg: yeah11:59
lbtso Tools is the master11:59
lbtif MINT is newer that's a bug11:59
phaeronsure fix it by updating Tools12:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4974 waiting for review at
rcggreat, looks good :)12:00
Sagephaeron: yes12:02
Sagercg: I'm starting to like your packaging :D12:05
Sagercg: however there is typo in .changes file. no empty line between two entries12:06
Sagehmmp... phaeron the changelog participant has a bug in it.12:07
rcgSage: thanks :)12:09
rcgwill fix that asap12:09
phaeronSage: no it only cares about the new entries , remember ?12:09
phaeronah so there is a missing a line in the new entries12:10
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Sagercg: where did the icon for the qmlcalendar come from?12:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4976 waiting for review at
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rcgSage: should fix the changes file12:16
rcgSage: the icons for qmlcalendar are based on icon-l-calendar.svg as can be found on the nemo image12:17
Sagercg: I wonder if you guys could use just Icon=icon-l-calendar instead of own icon as that is provided by theme.12:17
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w00t_playbookshould work12:19
rcgSage: well, we use different icons to indicate the day in the icon12:19
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4976 Accepted promotion request12:20
rcgadmittedly this is the first, rough attempt on doing so.. we could try to improve this by dynamically creating icons based off icon-l-calendar.svg by programmatically adding the day of month to that icon12:21
rcgso far we just use 31 different icons that show the numbers from 1 to 31 and which are copied in place to where the icon referenced in the desktop file is located12:21
rcgthe copying btw is done via an adapted version of the script that thp developed initially for the n9 and which even made it into pr 1.2 for n912:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4975 waiting for review at
rcgthe overall idea of this is to display the day of month directly in the calendar icon12:26
rcgthe "update" script is run as systemd service btw12:27
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rcgSage: with respect to qmlcalendar: as i see it nicola did not submit the new version yet. nicola and i wanted to solve some more issues before submitting the new version.12:45
rcghowever, if you want to prepare for a new release i could ask nicola if it's ok for him if we just submit the current state12:45
rcgfrom my point of view this should already be quite an improvement over the older version that is still in CE:Apps12:45
rcgi just need to leave in about 45 minutes12:46
Sagercg: hmmp...13:02
rcgSage: i will be back today at about 21:00 and could then finish everything up13:07
rcgi.e. in about 5-6 hours13:08
rcggetting the thing to build and submitting it should go quite quickly as i already have a working build for the most recent version in my fork and only need to checkout the latest changes nicola did13:09
rcgSage: i just sent nicola an email asking whether it's ok for him to have a release right now... i will also prepare everything tonight so that we can submit once i get the ok from nicola13:15
Sagercg: no rush :)13:19
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rcgSage: alright :)13:28
rcggtg cya13:32
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GNUtoo-desktophi, what uboot should I install? the pr13 one doesn't find the kernel15:29
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GNUtoo-desktopis the follownig image corrupt:16:44
GNUtoo-desktopis there anyone here?16:45
GNUtoo-desktopor is that project dead?16:45
tadzikI think it's just the channel that's a bit low-traffic16:46
GNUtoo-desktopwhat should I do then?16:47
GNUtoo-desktopI'm unable to install mer, the filesystem on microsd seem corrupt16:48
GNUtoo-desktopin /boot/ I get garbage from uboot16:48
GNUtoo-desktopon the first partition16:48
GNUtoo-desktopon my GNU/Linux desktop other partitions can't be mounted16:48
GNUtoo-desktopand I dded the image twice16:48
tadzikSorry, I'd help you if I could, but I have no experience in it at all16:50
tadzikI only idle here so far16:50
GNUtoo-desktopah ok16:50
GNUtoo-desktopyou didn't even install nemo?16:50
tadziknot yet16:51
tadzikstill planning to buy the microsd card :)16:51
tadzikplanning took longer than I expected, and I got buried under $work and $university16:51
GNUtoo-desktopok lol16:51
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GNUtoo-desktopI'll try an older image16:52
GNUtoo-desktopand use the package manager for updating16:52
tadzikhave an appropriate amount of fun. I hope you succeed, as that gives me a higher chance of succeeding when I finally try nemo :)16:54
GNUtoo-desktopstill downloading16:55
GNUtoo-desktopbasically I am just installing nemo to check something, and while I'm at it to see its progress since maemo16:56
GNUtoo-desktopif it doesn't work I'll try with a bigger microsd17:12
tadzikhow big is the one you're using?17:13
GNUtoo-desktopit's too small I guess17:15
GNUtoo-desktop4G minimum I guess17:15
tadzikI suppose it may be to small17:15
tadzikAre you following ?17:16
tadzikbzcat directory/file_goes_here.bz2 | dd bs=4096 | pv -s 3816M | sudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/sdX17:17
tadzikthis 3816M looks convincing17:17
GNUtoo-desktopah indeed17:18
GNUtoo-desktopyes I was looknig at that17:18
GNUtoo-desktopdd if=./nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120419.2.NEMO.2012-04-30.1-mmcblk0p.raw of=/dev/sdc17:18
GNUtoo-desktopthat's what I did tough17:18
GNUtoo-desktopI'll use a 4GB one17:18
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GNUtoo-desktopare upgrade trough zypper supposed to be done?19:55
GNUtoo-desktopbecause I've non-working telephony19:55
GNUtoo-desktopand I don't even know where the logs are19:55
GNUtoo-desktopis there someone there?20:03
GNUtoo-desktopbecause it's kind of frustrating20:03
dm8tbrthey should work IIRC20:03
GNUtoo-desktopsound with aplay works but on main speaker20:03
GNUtoo-desktopnot on headphones20:03
GNUtoo-desktopbasically I call 420020:03
GNUtoo-desktopit's blocked on 00:00:0020:04
GNUtoo-desktopdm8tbr, should I reflash?20:05
dm8tbrno need to reflash moslo, just wipe the rootfs and copy a fresh rootfs from latest release to the device20:06
GNUtoo-desktopI meant dd if= of= sorry20:07
GNUtoo-desktopor can zypper go back?20:07
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rcgSage: i got the a successful obs build of the latest qmlcalendar version which i already briefly tested21:11
rcghowever, i do not have the feedback from nicola yet21:11
rcgiirc he said something that he will be quite hard to reach these days because he and his wife are expecting their third daughter21:12
rcgso in case you really want an updated version i could file a submission request for that version21:12
rcgand of course i keep my fingers crossed for them that everything works out well :)21:14
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