Friday, 2012-06-08

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Sagemorning niqt06:17
niqttoday is my birthday, i'm 0x29 :D06:18
niqtnext week i'll release new calendar version06:19
Sageniqt: happy birthday then :)06:21
iekkuniqt, happy birthday!06:34
niqtI can not wait to get home to get my gift (last year the wonderful WeTab) :D06:37
iekkuoh, nice gift. from who?06:37
niqtmy wife06:38
iekkuyou have good wife06:38
iekkui bought netbook to my "wife" when he had last time his birthday06:38
iekkuand now he's so pissed of with ubuntu that i installed win8 to my exopc and gave it to him06:39
iekkuand i noticed yesterday that sunday (when i gave the exopc) was my "nameday"06:40
iekkui fight 16 years with name committee to get the name i have been called whole my life as my real name. and decided to have nameday in the day the fight was over06:41
iekku2nd time i didn't remember the correct date06:42
iekkuand i have been officially iekku now bit over 2 years :P06:42
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niqtmorming emmynet06:47
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rcgmorning :)07:31
rcghey niqt, got your mail, thanks for the quick reply :)07:31
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niqthi rcg07:38
rcgniqt: how do you do?07:43
niqtnow i'm a work rbw (real boring work). unfortunately as a software engineer NOT working on embedded systems (which are my passion)07:45
niqtnemo, mer, ecc are only  my free time :(07:46
iekkuat least you have great hobby :)07:47
iekkuthink positive07:48
niqti try07:48
iekkubut yeah, i understand your pain07:49
niqtrcg:  have you pull request?07:52
rcguhhh.. ic.. feel with you mate07:53
rcgbut as iekku said, try to think positive07:54
rcgno, i just tried to follow some guide to merge the upstream changes with my fork and it seems to have worked :)07:54
rcgessentially i did: git fetch git://
rcggit merge FETCH_HEAD07:55
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rcgan then pushed everything07:55
niqtok, thus on  git:// i have all, right?07:58
rcgnp :)07:58
rcgbtw with respect to submitting a package07:59
rcgare you familiar with the obs, subprojects, and branches of packages?07:59
rcgalright :)08:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5079 Rejected promotion request08:00
rcgassume you have a branch of a project in an own subproject like this
rcg*branch of a package08:01
rcgthat is08:01
rcgthan if you are at the overview page of your package you can simply click "Submit package"08:03
rcgthen you just need to specify the target project08:03
rcge.g. in case of the qmlcalendar this would be CE:Apps08:04
rcgit's actually pretty simple08:04
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rcgnp :)08:10
rcgah nice, just figured out that submitting packages also works within your own projects and subprojects.. just submitted a change from qmlcalendar in my home project to my subproject that i use as staging area prior to submitting things to the official repository :)08:11
rcgniqt: btw how is your family doing? you said something like you are expecting your third daughter, right?08:13
rcgi hope everything is well and fine08:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5081 waiting for review at
rcghmmm.. i just noticed that i only put me in the08:14
rcg*.changes file08:14
rcgdoes anyone know how to put multiple authors in a *.changes file?08:14
lbtrcg: you can't08:15
lbtif you want then add them as comments08:15
rcglbt: hmmz ic08:16
lbtI tend to add thanks lines like that08:16
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Sagercg, niqt: systemd service for calendar... what?08:17
* Sage checks the script...08:17
rcgSage: yeah, we use it to update the calendar icon08:17
rcgSage: the calendar icon displays the current day of month and needs to be updated once a day08:18
rcglbt: thanks anyhow :)08:18
rcgwill consider something along thanks lines :)08:18
Sagercg: clever... However I'm not sure if using sed to rename the Icon= line in .desktop would be better actually.08:19
rcgSage: thanks :) credits go to thp for the initial idea :) and yeah using sed to mess with the desktop file would be the other alternative08:20
Sagealso, it should probably use icon-l-something-day.png from theme instead of the one in specific dir08:21
rcgSage: nonetheless, in either way the script would still need to run as systemd service as it requires root permissions to mess with either the icon file or the desktop file08:21
rcgSage: ohh.. there are already icons for that?08:22
* rcg goes and checks the nemo rootfs08:22
Sagercg: I though there were icons for it alraedy08:23
Sageor maybe I saw the names in harmattan08:23
rcghmm.. can't find any: find /usr/* -name "*day*"08:23
rcgwell, in this case we could use the icons i made as icon-l-something-day.png if you like?08:24
rcgthey are based on the icon-l-calendar svg and are available as *.svg and *.png08:24
Sageicon-l-calendar-01.png is the one probably08:25
rcghmm on my n950 i only find the "normal" icon-[sml]-calendar-* files: find /usr/* -name "*calendar*"08:26
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Sagercg: there are couple of bugs in calendar that are at least for me quite bad. :/08:33
rcgSage: oh, ic08:33
rcgcould you give a quick summary?08:33
SageTo add event to a day needs double tap?08:33
Sagewhy now add + sign to the bar on the bottom to do that?08:34
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SageAdding event to specific time. Enter nothing and go back with "<-" then the "<-" diappears and unable to get back to month view.08:35
rcgSage: yes, for now08:35
Sageand if going back in to the adding event there is no "<-" either anymore08:35
rcgwe can add a + as well08:35
rcgSage: i see.. that's actually the reason why we decided to push this version into the wild ;)08:36
rcgto get feedback about the current issues :)08:36
SageWhen changing time VKB pops up even though user gets a timepicker.08:36
Sagesame thing for duration08:37
rcgalright ic08:37
rcgwell, we need to work on these issues :)08:37
rcghowever the main view should now be in a much better shape?08:38
Sagercg: Then the Date that is next to the starttime should probably be on top of the adding even page showing it clearly to which date you are adding the event08:38
rcgalso the scaling bug should be fixed?08:38
Sageportrait mode is very nice yest.08:38
niqtin ew version thre is duration08:38
rcgSage: btw did you notice you can now use swipe gestures to change the months in the overview08:39
Sagercg: yes nice :)08:39
Sagercg: landscape view should probably still stretch to the full height.08:39
Sagercg: also if you have bugs fixed in SR mention those in the .changes file in format "- Fixes NEMO#X: Summary"08:40
Sagercg: anyway nice progress guys :)08:40
rcgah, ic, will do the next time :)08:41
rcgthanks :)08:41
Sagethe events are not shown in month view yet?08:41
rcgSage: you know we are really trying to improve the calendar, but there are only so many hours in a day :)08:41
rcgSage: dunno, i think not08:41
Sagercg: I know, we all have limited time working on these things :)08:42
rcgSage: your feedback is highly appreciated :)08:43
niqtare these bugs in nemo bugzilla?08:43
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rcgbut we also wanted to document some progress and also get feedback on the new version we did, hence, we pushed it into the wild :)08:44
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Sageniqt: no, didn't file those as they are for the development version and not reproduced with the current version available for users.08:44
niqtok, well; rcg we need a meeting :D08:45
rcgniqt: sure :)08:45
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rcgbtw is there any way to perform a "ESC" key press via the terminal that ships with nemo?08:54
rcgwould help quite a lot in coding on the device via vim08:54
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Stskeepsrcg, should be possible, same one as harmattan09:36
rcgStskeeps: could you give me a little bit more detail? :)09:41
rcgi usually used the arrow row on the touchscreen for this iirc.. however the terminal in nemo does not display the arrow row here09:42
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luke_dirtwalkercan anyone point me to the best channel for qml components harmattan questions? thanks in advance10:01
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Sageluke_dirtwalker: I would think #harmattan channel exists, but depends quite much what your question is..10:55
luke_dirtwalkeri posted my question in qt forum here: if anyone has time10:57
Sagewell, you should probably wait a bit. :)10:58
luke_dirtwalkerSage: thanks. yeah sure i just didn't know where to go with the question10:59
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5082 Rejected promotion request11:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5083 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#4975 Accepted promotion request12:05
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5083 Accepted promotion request12:19
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Sageol: here ;)20:15
olOK, so telepathy-ring in Maemo doesn't use ofono. What about Meego on N9 and N950? Unfortunately, I have none of them so I can't take a look.20:16
olOK, I've found telepathy-ring in MeeGo repositiry, I'll take a look.20:21
Stskeepslong story short -ring came very late to oss so handset ux dialer didnt use it20:27
olBut now it's open source (LGPL), so why not just use it?20:31
Stskeepsnot sure if its 1) throughoutly tested after nokia dropped meego 2) need an active upstream20:34
olOK, here are some answers:
olAccording to the description, it uses ofono.20:37
olThe latest version is 2.1.3. The pachage with the same version number is included in MeeGo
olI didn't find commits since 2011 February 4th (when version 2.1.3 was tagged).20:41
Stskeepsfwiw, i dont disabree what you say20:41
olI'm not arguing. I'm just trying to understand the situation and asking questions. Sorry if some of my questions are based on lack of knowledge.20:43
Stskeepsjust that while it exists, it does not mean it is fully functional or not buggy20:43
Stskeepsah, dont worry about it - ask all you want :)20:44
Stskeepsthe more who know how things tick the better20:44
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Stskeeps   im on slow gprs so my answers are a bit slow and tterse20:44
olYes, I understand. That's why I'd like to know what version of telepathy-ring Harmattan uses. I doubt that this version is unstable.20:44
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olAt least I never heard that there are any problems with GSM calling on Nokia N9 (which is quite popular phone).20:45
rcg1well, typing "apt-cache show telepathy-ring" on my n9 running harmattan pr1.2 shows version 1.6.0+0m720:47
rcg1interestingly, priority is "optional"20:48
ol1.6.0? Interesting. The latest version is
olrcg1: Thank you for looking this.20:49
rcg1ol: yw20:50
olThere's no commit history on prior to version 2.0.0. I presume, that's a point when telepathy-ring went open source.20:51
rcg1 <- this is generally quite a good resource if you want to look up harmattan packages20:51
ol"You don't have permission to access /pool/harmattan/nokia-binaries/ on this server." :-(20:52
olI presume, telepathy-ring is there...20:53
rcg1well, i couldnt find it in free and non-free as well20:55
olIs there a way in apt to find what repository the package comes from?20:56
ol(Sorry, I'm not an expert in apt, I use yum on my Linux computers.)20:57
rcg1well, scratch that.. these are the devel repos i also use from the scratchbox sdk.. just ran a "apt-cache search telepathy" there and telepathy-ring doesn't even show up20:59
rcg1so that might be a hint that they did not even upload telepathy-ring to the -dev repos21:00
Stskeepsharmattan ring does not use ofono21:05
Stskeepsso its not open21:05
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rcg1what a shame, that is ;)21:11
rcg1well.. gtg.. night all21:18
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