Saturday, 2012-06-09

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rcguhm, battery status indicator on n900 is not working as well?11:46
rcgthought i read somewhere that this ought to be working11:46
rcgbut otherwise nemo runs pretty damn well on n900 as well :)11:50
rcghmm.. at least it indicates properly that it's charging11:55
tadzikdoes lshal | grep batt say anything sensemaking?12:02
tadzikbtw, what do you guys think about goodram microsd cards?12:03
rcgtadzik: cant find command lshal12:06
Stskeepsno HAL in mer12:07
tadzikah, I see12:08
rcgStskeeps: rgr that :)12:08
rcgand am actuall pretty happy about that :)12:08
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TofeHi !14:54
TofeJust a short information: I got NemoMobile running on my Iconia Tab A500 tablet, at last :)14:55
Tofethe trick was to *not* launch the theme daemon, and start the other meego apps with "-local-theme -software"14:55
TofeOnce the UI started, I'll still need to modify other .desktop files to also add this default option, but I already got nice things running :)14:56
TofeVoilĂ , Bye !14:59
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TofeI've got to leave now, but does someone know if it is possible to set those options as default options for all the meego-related programs ?15:02
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niqtiekku: i have now a kindle ;)15:22
tadzikcongrats :) which one?15:22
niqttouch without 3g15:23
rcghey niqt :)15:28
rcgcongrats to your kindl15:29
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