Sunday, 2012-06-10

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Tofehi !08:32
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TofeMmmh is the size of the Meego desktop hard-coded ? It seems to be 800x600, whatever the size of the screen is...09:04
AardTofe: yes, it is. there used to be a configuration file for that, but iirc it's in gcon nowadays09:05
Tofeah, but gconf is fine to me; I'll try to find the gconf path then09:06
Tofeit seems to work with "targets"09:07
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TofeYes ! I have wifi on my tablet with Nemo :) :)10:00
TofeAnd the right screen resolution too10:01
Tofethat looks nice10:01
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TofeA500Cool :)10:03
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TofeOne thing however: is there a way to dismiss the onscreen keyboard without  touching a key ?10:04
TofeAh. I don't have multitouch yet10:08
Tofe(I guess Maps uses the multitouch to zoom ?)10:08
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TofeI think it's a good time to make a backup of my nemomobile partition :)10:22
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TofeWhat would be the best way to share this with the community ? An entry in the wiki ?10:42
TofeMy modifications are quite generic for the tegra2 devices10:43
TofeBut it's still very alpha: an update of a core package may break the thing10:44
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TofeI now got multitouch working. But Maps doesn't use multitouch for zooming ? I'm quite surprised.15:55
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_PanzerSajtCan somebody help to me? We installed Ubuntu 12.04 on N900 and we have working ofono, but we can't get any sound during calls17:28
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Stskeepsnot going to work with stock ubuntu, need special pulseaudio18:04
Stskeepsand resource framework18:04
_PanzerSajtand can we somehow install that special pulseadio?18:05
Stskeepspossibly, but will require a lot of leg work18:06
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tanuk_PanzerSajt: module-meego-cmtspeech does the ofono integration in pulseaudio for N900.18:17
tanuk_PanzerSajt: If you port that module to Ubuntu's pulseaudio, you should get some kind of cellular audio working.18:18
tanuk_PanzerSajt: I'm not sure if module-meego-cmtspeech implicitly depends on module-meego-voice or something else in the meego pulseaudio stack. Ideally it wouldn't depend on any of that stuff, but it hasn't been tested on "normal pulseaudio".18:20
tanukStskeeps: Where can I find the git repo of Nemo's pulseaudio-meego-modules? The "upstream" repo is here: but I assume Nemo has its own repository from which releases are made.18:25
Stskeepstanuk: closest you get is our tarballs in our OBS packages i think, but they should come from upstream git..18:31
tanukStskeeps: Ok, found it:
_PanzerSajttanuk: thanks19:04
_PanzerSajtStskeeps: thanks19:04
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