Monday, 2012-07-02

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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon06:50
iekkunemo bug triage starting now07:00
Sage_phaeron: did we have feature in BOSS already that it made a summary of submissions. I recall that we talked about it long time ago but not sure if that happened or not.07:09
phaeronI don't even remember talking about that :D07:11
phaeronSage_: can you explain a bit more07:13
Sage_It was about BOSS collecting the content of *changes files to a summary and collecting bug I'd as well.07:14
Sage_and making a small page about those.07:14
Sage_similar to that07:15
Sage_however we need the static repos probably for that as well.07:15
Sage_and actually there is repodiff cmd that probably does that already ;)07:15
Sage_ok, I might recall why it wasn't done ;)07:16
phaeroniekku: yeah repodiff would need two static repos. I am testing that tool these days07:19
iekkuphaeron, consider to take this to yourself?07:20
phaeronbrightness control panel ?07:21
phaeronSage_: but now I remember that the summary was to dump the commit emails somewhere07:21
iekkuwho what, didn't read actually07:21
phaeronor something07:21
iekkuphaeron, sorry07:21
* iekku can't handle multitasking very well 07:22
Sage_phaeron: yes, I think that repodiff is what we need so static repos would do it.07:22
Sage_iekku: yes, mce update is still not done07:22
iekkuSage_, are you going to do it?07:23
Sage_iekku: markus already had it, at least almost. There was one patch that applied but functionality broke or something. Lets wait if markus responds as for me it might take quite a lot of effort.07:26
iekkuok. the assignee isn't correct07:27
iekkusorry, nothing07:27
* iekku needs more coffee or sleep07:27
iekkuor both07:27
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faenilhi people :)12:35
faenilrcg rcg-work ping12:35
faenilStskeeps moo12:35
faenilStskeeps we will eventually get the battery level to work :D12:40
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phaeronthen someone will owe a $BEVERAGE  or  two12:45
faenilrcg rcg-work I got a little info from a random screenshot, which could help complete the association between bytes and commands12:47
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rcg-workfaenil: got a link?13:46
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macmaNsweetness. @qgil just gave out another batch of black N9s at KDE Akademy event. i can now dedicate my n950 to hacking nemo.17:46
Stskeepsexcellent :)17:46
macmaNif you havent seen this yet, you should
Stskeepsyeah, i did17:49
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faenilrcg ping18:02
rcgfaenil: pong18:04
rcgfaenil: am afk shortly brb though18:11
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rcgfaenil: re18:36
faenilrcg about to finish dinner, brb ;)18:36
rcgrgr rgr18:37
rcgenjoy :)18:37
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faenilrcg :D18:53
rcgfaenil: am here ;)18:55
faenilcan I see your git results?18:57
rcgi assume you mean this19:01
rcgi2c_data.out is the raw data19:01
faenilyup thx19:01
rcgsimply gathered via a simple script that uses i2cdump to read from the i2c gauge chip19:02
faenilwell anyway19:02
faenilthing is, I've read this tweet today19:02
faenillook at the remaining time19:03
faenilI think I have already read that value somewhere in the data sheet maybe19:03
faenilso that could help us link the bytes to the remaining time value19:03
rcghmm.. i see19:04
rcgwhat data sheet are you using?19:05
rcgjust asking out of curiosity as i couldn't find the exact data sheet for this very chip yet19:05
faenilI read bq57520 yesterday19:05
faenilor something like that19:05
faenilyeah it's a private implementation I guess19:06
rcgthat's the one of the ones i read as well19:06
rcghmm yeah, seems so19:06
rcgand it differs quite largely from what can be seen in these data sheets19:06
rcgactually these data sheets look pretty much the same even if you read data sheets of chips that are more off of the 5752119:07
rcgto me it seems very strange that only the 521 should differ that much while all others are more or less the same19:07
faenilbut since it's a private implementation19:08
faenilthey don't have to use the same standard19:08
rcgyeah, that would explain the differences19:14
rcgbut some questions come to my mind:19:14
rcga) how common are such private implementations?19:14
faenilI think pretty common19:14
faenilnot sure though19:14
faenilI mean, lots of OEMs ask for private impl19:14
faenilbut I don't think there are other phones using the same impl19:14
rcgand b) just out of curiosity how complicated is it to change the chip design to implement such pretty big changes?19:15
rcghmm right, ic19:15
rcgthat's an interesting conundrum, after all :)19:16
faenilrcg I have no clue :)19:17
faenilwell I have no proves, I just don't think they sell private implementations to multiple OEMs, I think Nokia required that impl19:18
faenilanyway, nothing I can't seem to find any info about that 144019:18
faenilso, nothing :D19:18
faenilbut I talked to DocScrutinizer yesterday, don't know if you've read the chatlog19:19
rcgfaenil: yeah, read it19:23
faenilok, so have you discovered anything?19:24
rcgpersonally, i found the hint of reading twice and using the sane data and caching it most useful right now19:24
faenilok, so you think the problem is the collisions?19:24
rcgas this would at least kinda solve the reading issue19:24
rcgdunno ;)19:24
rcgbut it would be a practical solution ;)19:24
faenildo you think you have time to work on it in the next days? :)19:25
rcginterestingly, i _think_ i read some passage of the driver code that does exactly this caching, however i am not sure anymore19:25
rcguhh, dunno.. am pretty much over worked right now :/19:25
faenilI see..19:25
rcgbut it is for sure tempting to try this :)19:25
faenilI have to study, won't be available before end of July :(19:26
faenilheh I bet it is :D19:26
rcgright, i see19:26
rcgi guess exams are coming up?19:26
rcgsame here, examination weeks started today.. luckily i don't need to do exams anymore ;)19:26
faenilyes :(19:27
faenilComputer Science, specialization course19:27
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rcgright, wish you success with your studies and exams :)19:34
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faenilto you too :)19:36
faenilkeep me updated on the subject .)19:36
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