Tuesday, 2012-07-03

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Sage_morning all04:18
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Stskeepsmorn niqt06:10
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rcgalright, telco at home + dog + Jehovah's Witnesses ringing at the door bell is a fun way to start in the day :D08:59
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GublinoreHi. What does "onenand_wait: ECC error =0x4884, addr1 0x4, addr 0x4, addr8 0x18         end_reques: I/O error, dev mdtblock2, logical block 3" mean?12:46
anYci guess it means that there was an uncorrectable fault during reading from the block device12:49
Gublinorealso got, Pid: 370, comm:   ohmd (somestuff, basically a segfault).12:49
anYccould be a subsequent fault12:50
Gublinoreis mdtblock2 on device or card?12:51
Gublinoreit's the n900 by the way. running nemo from sdcard.12:52
anYcI'm just guessing, maybe it's better to wait for a maemo dev12:53
anYcnemo dev :)12:53
GublinoreanYc: it's ok, don't have much time. thanks for answering.12:54
Gublinoreother then this it is actually running pretty smooth. there is a "feelable" improvement in speed since I last tried nemo.12:56
Gublinoreit's usable actually.12:56
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Gublinorenah, I take it back. there is a speedup in menu, ok but as soon you do something (and probably hit swap) it's the end. still not usable. got some mixed feelings. sometimes I think "Wow, thats nice!" but twice as much I think, "No, damn it, NO!". If I compare nemo with ubuntu(lxde) then ubuntu wins in speed and stability.... and it's not even a mobile version.18:40
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rantommarquiz_: ping18:56
rantom(Or anyone else that has the same knowledge) What's the newest version of modified moslo? http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/marquiz:/n950/CE_Adaptation_N950-armv7hl/armv7hl/ I'm running something from April, I think. Is there a need to update?19:00
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Ishtar_@Gublinore. With Qt you won't get better results and that's why Nokia killed Qt and Linux and fired all incompetent and crappy Developer who thought Qt is cool on mobile devices.19:17
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iekkurantom, wouldn't harm you to update19:18
rantomiekku: Ok, thanks19:20
rantomIs it just me or is the top bar missing from N950 image?19:20
rantomI just finished installing the newest Nemo Mobile to it and it's missing the top bar, oddly enough19:21
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rantomI don't recall N900 having that issue..19:21
iekkuneed to install the latest image at some point19:22
anYcis there any thruth in what ishtar said?19:29
dm8tbrit's the QSC troll, ignore, don't feed.19:31
iekkuand nokia can't kill linux or qt19:31
iekkuthey can stop doing it as a company, but..19:32
anYcokay thanks. I was wondering if there was a technical cause for the shift towards MS19:48
anYcthat is my impression, too :)19:49
lbtyou know, sometimes it's really good for a forest when the old trees burn down19:50
rantomNow I re-made the image for N950 and the device just shuts down quite soon when I select Alternative OS19:54
rantomI just get a black screen.. And now a reboot to the loader19:56
* rantom gives up for the day19:57
rantomIf someone has the new modified moslo AND the new N950 image and has successfully booted the device then help would be appreciated19:58
rantomNot going to try again during today though19:58
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