Sunday, 2012-07-08

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mike7b4nemomobile on bb playbook anyone:) ?10:01
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Estel_Stskeeps, Jolla is going to prepare own UI from scratch, or use and improve Nemo, to point of something usable? any info about it?14:39
StskeepsEstel_: Jolla would have a UI of their own, for specifics, keep tuned to the twitter..14:40
Stskeepsit's already a big step it's mer-based14:40
Estel_thanks for info14:40
Estel_(i''m not twitter user - yes, i know it's hard to belive :P )14:40
Estel_well, i'm quite optimistic about it, to the point of "shut up and take my money" - btw, congratulations for Mer team :)14:41
Estel_if they will spare us IP things like Aegis, and allow hackability, it's gonna rock FOSS niche.14:41
Stskeepswell, my own personal perspective (not jollas) is that in this coming world of devices that are more promiscious than an american female being a exchange student in europe, we do need a proper security framework14:43
Stskeepsso there has to be a middle ground14:43
Estel_sure, standard linux tools of sudo are quite good security framework ;)14:43
Venemo_N9there has to be an "i don't care" button.14:44
Venemo_N9you call it developer mode or whatever14:44
Venemo_N9but it has to be there14:44
Estel_BTw, afaik, aegis was rather about intellectual property, not user condom14:44
Stskeepsanybody read ?14:44
M4rtinKlike you don't need any tokens to stream audio from the microphone directly to North Korea :)14:47
M4rtinKand I remember somebody mentioning a one-line instant-MALF script :)14:48
M4rtinKor the funny granularity14:48
M4rtinKthe video token grants both video capture (from both cameras IIRC) AND playback :)14:48
Estel_Stskeeps, novel looks interesting.14:50
Estel_anyway, I'm sure soon we will face increased popularity of hardware-switch mods for microphones in phones ;)14:50
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[ol]Stskeeps: Vernor Vinge is a great SF writer. At least, he knows what he writes about.15:52
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Stskeepsyeah, i like charles stross for same reason16:08
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sobczykhi, I could find the supported features, is there anywhere such a list? (My main concern is n900 & voice calls)18:34
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tanuksobczyk: To my knowledge Nemo supports voice calls (I'm not a Nemo user myself).18:36
tanukon n90018:36
timophworked at least last time I tried. although that what a month or two ago18:37
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sobczykthanks, I'll test it then18:46
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