Monday, 2012-07-09

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Venemo_N9morning :)06:56
iekkunemo bug triage starting07:00
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5179 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5179 Accepted promotion request07:23
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FallenWarlockanyone have any good tutorial for uboot for kernel power? (kernel
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astro72hi guys & gals, I want to participate but how12:10
iekkuwiki is good place to start12:12
iekkuand welcome :)12:13
astro72yep, just checking it out12:14
iekkuwhat you want to do? there's open items in bz just waiting someone to take care12:14
iekkuthere's also bugs needing retesting12:14
iekkudo you have any device on hand?12:15
astro72yep it's me, we just discussed about this yesterday via FB ;)12:15
iekkuaah :)12:15
astro72N900, N9, N81012:16
iekkuthere's other ui projects also for mer12:16
FallenWarlockanyone can help me with installing u-boot on my N900 (or any diffrent way to boot Nemo from microsd)? I use bootmenu and kernel-power.12:16
iekkuthis is the most familiar for me12:16
astro722 x N900's, 2 x N810 and 1 x N9, just figuring out which device to use12:17
iekkuso anytime someone asks something about ui my answer is nemo12:17
iekkujolla is different story then12:17
astro72yep got it12:17
astro72i guess i'll start with N900 then :)12:18
astro72and nemo12:18
iekkuok, astro72 and FallenWarlock there's a good introduction in wiki how to setup uboot and get the nemo running using microsd12:19
astro72thanks iekku, i'll start charging the battery immediately12:20
iekkuand starting with n900 is good, i wouldn't recommend using n9 since it doesn't support dual boot12:21
FallenWarlockyeah iekku - but afaik it doesn't work with kernel-power and multiboot :(12:21
astro72yeah, that's how i figured it out as well12:21
iekkuFallenWarlock, not sure about that12:23
astro72actually i didn't know that mer would run also with N810 and raspberry pi so i guess i'll try them out as well at some point12:24
astro72pi is on the way but it'll take some 10 weeks until it arrives12:24
FallenWarlockyay... reboot loops... it's goin' to eat my brain...12:33
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FallenWarlockI give up... I'm too stupid for nemo :P12:39
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iekkuastro72, plese do so12:46
iekkuFallenWarlock, uh?12:46
FallenWarlockyeah, I did smth wrong and my N900 showed me love-signal (reboot loop)12:48
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FallenWarlockok, I will try once again I think...12:59
kalyanseem to have various choices to set up the development env, i.e meego sdk, obs, qt sdk etc. Which is the optimal one??13:03
kalyanI am quite new to obs thing, so I was wondering the drawbacks of going with meego or qt sdk13:04
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anYchm, is jolla going to use mer or will they "continue" with "meego"13:41
Stskeepsit's even official, check the press release13:41
anYcnice :)13:41
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kalyanhey hi guys. what is the best development setup for nemo mobile. I see that we have couple of choices(from wiki  i.e using obs(I havent used this before), meego sdk and also qt sdk)14:05
kalyanI am unable to find instructions for meego sdk14:06
Stskeepsqt sdk as a star14:06
Stskeepswith harmattan qml components14:06
kalyanha k14:06
kalyanbut if we are fixing some bugs which are dependent on other libraries i.e for contacts etc wouldnt meegosdk serve better14:07
Stskeepsnah, obs is better there14:08
kalyanha k14:09
kalyando u know any page with good instructions to get started with obs??14:09
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FallenWarlockyeah... it seems that Nemo doesn't want me... I really give up this time...14:34
Stskeepswe test u-boot on it's own14:35
Stskeepsmultiboot conflicts usually14:35
FallenWarlockyeah I've tried twice without multiboot and kernel-power14:35
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Sage_lbt: any updates on the nemo static releases btw?16:26
lbtI don't even know where in my queue that is16:26
lbtN900 HW adaptation work first16:27
lbtand I'm reinventing wheels so it's slow16:27
rcglbt: lemme help you.. start with a circular shape for that wheel16:30
* lbt toddles of to the user databases with his eraser16:30
* rcg hides under the same stone he crept from16:30
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astro72cannot get N900 to boot, the bootup screen is shown but after that it's a no-go16:50
astro72I'm using a 8Gb card class 4, could it be the reason that it's too slow?16:51
Grimmerastro72: I am also having problems with the latest image16:53
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Grimmeron 4gb class 416:53
GrimmerI get kernel panic as the root partition is not found due partition offset problem16:53
astro72yea I'm using that latest image as well16:54
Grimmeryep, unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,1)16:55
astro72i got 2 x hci_h4p: "FW error" and "Sending firmware failed"16:55
GrimmerI guess the partitions are somehow messed up16:55
Grimmerastro72: ok, that one is different problem16:56
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5185 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5186 waiting for review at
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lbt(EE) AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)22:50
lbtN900 HA ... what package provides that?22:50
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