Thursday, 2012-07-12

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rantomMorning, iekku05:48
rantomAnd in general: morning05:48
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rantomI didn't manage to remove modified moslo yesterday, for reasons unknown.07:06
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Sage_hi, anyone here with n950 (with sim card) and Nemo installed and would like to try ofono update with it?08:04
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rantomDarn. I'd have the N950 and SIM-card but I have no money in my prepaid-card08:21
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rantomI could though ask my operator to re-activate my dual-SIM...08:27
rantomErr, they don't provide that service anymore..08:32
rantomSage_: What kind of an update would it be, that needs testing?08:35
rantomIt'll cost me approximately 10 euros, if I restart my prepaid-card08:35
rantom(Not going to ask that money back)08:35
Sage_rantom: no panic :)08:36
Sage_you can actually test a bit without sim as well.08:36
rantomOh, ok08:36
Sage_install ofono and ofono-tests from
Sage_after installing "systemctl start ofono.service" (if ofonod not running after update) then /usr/lib/ofono/test/list-modems08:36
rantomAlright, I'll try08:37
Sage_for me N950 responded at first but then stopped working, and N9 works fine08:37
rantomMight take a moment since I had forgotten to re-install Nemo08:37
Sage_so pondering if my n950 is broken08:37
StskeepsSage_: what PR do you have on it_08:37
Sage_1.1 or 1.208:40
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Sage_rantom: I got already confirmation from one other that for him it works. :/08:40
* Sage_ checks the pr version08:42
Sage_Stskeeps: do you think that there might be difference in modem firmware or something between pr versions?08:42
StskeepsSage_: yes08:42
Stskeepsi know before 1.2 it was crap08:42
rantomSage_: Ah, ok08:43
Sage_Stskeeps: oh...08:43
rantomSo I'm not needed? :P08:43
Sage_rantom: if you don't want to no :)08:43
Sage_Stskeeps: pr 1.1 :)08:43
StskeepsSage_: worth a shot08:43
Sage_1.3 is it ok?08:44
Stskeepspr1.2 is only one existing on n950 atm i think08:44
Sage_haven't checked in a whlie08:45
rantomHmm, I might've found a bug in Wifi08:46
rantomI can't' seem to find a button to create a new network08:46
rantomMy network is hidden so from what I see now I can't connect to it08:47
rantomYeap, can't connect. I got the "Hello world" bug now08:48
rantomSage_: Can't help at the moment, sorry. I could SSH but it's a pain for me to set it up08:49
rantomAre new images coming today?08:51
rantomI'm about to file a bug about that "Create new"-missing but I'll assume Wifi is fixed since there's already a "RELEASED" status for bug 20308:51
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rantomHmm, nevermind. The blank SSID is for new networks08:53
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Sage_Stskeeps: umm... where can one download the pr 1.2 for n950?08:59
StskeepsSage_: OCF or something09:00
Sage_rantom: thx09:01
rantomSage_: No problem. I tried to install the ofono-1.8-15.1 but I got "conflicts with file from package ofono-0.52-1.12.armv7hl"09:02
Sage_rantom: rpm -Uvh ofono...09:03
rantom*sigh* You can tell that I'm a bit rusty. "Failed dependencies" dbus-python and pygobject2" are needed for the -tests09:05
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Sage_rantom: zypper install dbus-python pygobject209:08
rantomYep, doing that now09:08
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Sage_rantom: you have pr 1.2 harmattan on your dev btw?09:09
rantomSage_: Yep09:09
Sage_ok, now I'm interested to hear what the result is09:09
Sage_pr1.0 works, pr1.1 doesn't (mine) and pr1.2 not tested yet :)09:09
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rantomOk, all files installed09:10
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rantomHow can I confirm that ofonod is running or not?09:11
rantomtop only comes to my mind09:11
Sage_ps aux | grep ofonod09:11
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rantomDarn, so close09:13
Sage_? :)09:13
rantomCan't figure out how to type the pipe in N950 hw-kb09:13
Sage_well you can just type "systemctl restart ofono.service" to be sure09:13
Sage_doesn't matter if it is already running09:14
Sage_and then /usr/lib/ofono/test/list-modems09:14
rantomBut this does remind me that it probably was a feature in the virtual-bar that was shown in Harmattan, when using Terminal...09:14
rantomAnd done09:16
Sage_so does list-modems show somwthing? :)09:16
rantomSage_: expires in 1 hour09:18
Sage_ok, so now time to reflash my device and see if it comes alive09:18
rantomAnd what I learned from this: set-up the damn SSH09:18
rantomHad to type that output to gedit in my Ubuntu :D09:19
rantomLuckily it wasn't a big output09:19
rantomNo worries, it's accurate to the output that I got on the device09:19
Sage_I'm not worried ;)09:20
rantomBut yeah, that's what I got with no SIM-card installed09:20
rantomNext up would removing and later reinstalling modified moslo...09:21
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rantomSage_: FYI: you can type pipe in the virtual-keyboard in N950, when in Terminal. It's under numbers (?123), page 209:39
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Sage_# check /dev/mmcblk010:19
Sage_/usr/bin/ line 1: arithmetic syntax error10:19
the-bossSage_: Error: "" is not a valid command.10:19
Sage_hmmp :D10:19
Sage_moslo gone bad ;)10:19
rantomI'm not a big fan of how it auto-starts the partitioning the device if you can't, for some reason, remove it10:21
Sage_marquiz_: did you have some guide how to recover the partitioning so that OCF can take over again? I think my partition table is gone ;)10:22
Sage_or if someone can boot n950 with modified moslo and usb connected and telnet in and show what "fdisk -l" shows10:23
marquiz_Sage_: in moslo console you can remove the partition10:23
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deztructorStskeeps: you asked about Lipstick :) I have nemo mobile installed on n95010:24
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Stskeepsdeztructor: ok, moment, let me find the youtube video10:24
Stskeepsyou might know qml compositor for wayland.. but imagine that for x1110:25
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marquiz_Sage_: telnet in10:25
Stskeepsdeztructor: is all the qml needed for that10:25
marquiz_Sage_: then delete /dev/mmcblk010:26
deztructorStskeeps: thx! checking10:27
deztructorStskeeps: it is compact :) good10:28
Sage_marquiz_: none of those worked, got that arithmetic syntax error10:28
Sage_went in and created 4 partitions with fdisk and now got one exported via usb10:29
Stskeepsdeztructor: lipstick is basically a homescreen framework, with ability to use composited windows as qml elements10:29
marquiz_Sage_: did you try the delete command?10:30
Sage_delete check create10:31
Sage_all failed to that10:31
deztructorStskeeps: and WindowPixmap is just a snapshot or live window composited?10:32
Sage_marquiz_: well, I did delete first and it succeeded (sort of at least) then removed moslo and tried to install pr1.2 which failed.10:32
Stskeepshmm, i need to ask w00t but i think it might actually be live10:32
Stskeepsit's not as powerful as wayland compositor naturally10:32
alteregoIf you like lipstick, eye liner is a new replacement for MeeGo Compositor, allowing you to make qml decorated compositors :)10:33
deztructorStskeeps: is this element going from Pyro?10:33
Stskeepsdeztructor: windowpixmap comes from lipstick itself, the framework, afaik10:33
Sage_marquiz_: then installed moslo back and tried to get something alive :)10:33
alteregoSage_: you requested my presence? :p10:34
deztructorStskeeps: but in SwitcherItem qml there are only 2 imports: QtQuick and Pyro10:34
Sage_marquiz_: what I did was create 4 partitions 2G,2G,2G,rest and installed nemo to the last and now nemo boots. However I didn't get pr1.2 installed as I would have liked to10:35
Sage_alterego: yes, ofono is ready for you :)10:35
marquiz_Sage_: install pr1.2 emmc data with --erase-mmc=quick10:35
Stskeepsdeztructor: hmm10:35
alteregoYou mean ready for me, as in it works with N950 now?10:36
marquiz_Sage_: i have to take a look at moslo, i guess if it fails10:36
Sage_alterego: well if you have pr1.0 or pr1.2 on your n950 it should :)10:36
Stskeepsdeztructor: w00t's out buying his first house, i'll let him answer :)10:36
alteregoSage_: no, got no Harmattan on my N95010:36
deztructorStskeeps: :)10:36
Sage_alterego: well, it is not that, but mainly what firmware you had in it before as the modem firmware in pr1.1 seems to be buggy10:37
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alteregoSage_: ah, that explains things. So if I flash the cmt firmware from >1.2 I should be fine?10:38
Sage_alterego: yes pr1.1 didn't work for me at all10:39
Sage_now after I got cmt from pr1.2 it works10:39
alteregoI might try the latest cmt I have, which should be >pr1.310:39
alteregoSee if that works :)10:40
w00tdeztructor: it's live, more or less10:40
deztructorw00t: can you just point me to the current Lipstick repo?10:41
alteregow00t: have you heard about my eyeliner project :p10:41
w00tdeztructor: is canonical.. I'm more leaning towards experimenting with qtwayland for future-based things, though, as there's a lot more freedom on that path10:42
w00talterego: no (t that I can remember)10:42
Sage_alterego: pr1.2 is the latest for n950 and it works fine10:42
alteregoqml version of meego compositor :)10:43
alteregow00t: I thought the name suited it's combination with lipstick for qml ux development :p10:43
alteregoSage_: I have later images10:44
deztructorw00t: I have not found lipstick itself there :-o10:44
Sage_alterego: well probably fine then :)10:44
w00talterego: fun, i started experimenting with that back around the same time as lipstick, but decided it really wasn't worth the bother10:44
w00tdeztructor: ?10:44
Stskeepsw00t: think no mtf dep of compositor..10:44
w00tStskeeps: yess, that part wasn't so hard, someone else hacked it out (leaving it C++)10:45
w00tI don't remember who now though10:45
alteregow00t: I've mostly finished it. Wasn't that much bother. the worst bit was working out what it did :)10:45
deztructorw00t: oops, sorry I was in mer-cor :))10:45
Stskeepsw00t: yeah, but not for a modern10:45
Stskeepsw00t: mcompositor10:45
w00talterego: yeah... having one massive "compositor manager" class certainly didn't help with understanding things, either10:46
Sage_rantom: could you check if you n950 finds the modem after you reboot :)10:46
alteregow00t: but imagine being able to implement proper swipe ui in QML, and QML transitions for window events :D10:47
Sage_rantom: I got mine working but after I rebooted the modem is gone again :P10:47
alteregoIt's coooool :)10:47
rantomSage_: Just in time, I was about to clean it10:47
faenilguys, what's the current status of Nemo, taking into account the news about jolla?10:47
faenilwill you guys still support it?10:47
Stskeepsfaenil: jolla's involved with mer and nemo, i don't see what has changed10:48
alteregoNemo isn't going anywhere10:48
Sage_faenil: nemo is still community project, why would it stop? :)10:48
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Stskeepsbut obviously jolla can't do images for n900/n950/n910:48
faenilStskeeps, the fact that jolla's OS is probably something different from nemo10:48
alteregoIf anything it'll make things stronger.10:48
Stskeepsas is clearly said on twitter10:48
faenilso supporting nemo requires resources10:48
faenilthat's clear10:49
alteregoWell they can do images like we can, can't use it commercially though10:49
faenilSage_: my question wasn't clear, it's something more like "are you Sage_ Stskeeps going to spend time on nemo, now that you've got something more important to do?"10:49
faenilprobably better now :D10:49
Stskeepsfaenil: if it's okay, i don't want to comment that, just look at our actions instead10:50
Stskeepsfaenil: nemo is hardly dead10:50
alteregoI'd prefer it if Nemo stayed distinct as a vendor testing ground.10:50
Stskeepson how jolla does things, stay tuned10:50
faenilok :)10:50
alteregofaenil, like mer, any good progress we make in Nemo space Jolla can utize too,10:51
alteregoAnd they'll contribute upstream where they make improvements in FOSS projects10:51
faenilI'm going to have some spare time in August, just wanted to know whether turning that shit of current image gallery I made into something usable was a clever activity or not :D10:52
faeniloops, s**t :D10:52
faenilalterego, right10:52
alteregofaenil: any improvements are welcome. Nemo is the only chance we have for N9/50/0010:52
faenilI'd love to make it usable, but keeping both uni and developing hobbies is a hard task, at least here10:53
faenilI have never updated it yet xD feel sorry about that, and feel ashamed of the current status of the gallery, but yeah, better than nothing XD10:54
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rantomWas there a bug about the assisting keyboard missing/asked as a feature in Nemo bugzilla, as of yet?10:54
alteregoYou shouldn't feel ashamed :p any effort is very much appreciated. Don't feel ashamed :p10:55
rantomThe one with pipes and tabs and so forth10:55
alteregoIn the terminal?10:55
faenilalterego, eheh10:56
rantomI _think_ it was present in MeeGo CE10:56
faenilgtg guys, bbl10:56
alteregonot sure, but I noticed that yesterday10:56
Sage_alterego: actually the ofono works only within the first startup of ofono 1.810:56
Sage_after that modem "disappears"10:56
alteregotoolbar changed, it's now a funky set of xml files to define toolbars :)10:56
*** faenil has quit IRC10:56
alteregoSage_: scht :/10:56
rantomalterego: Alright. You can still type pipe with vkb. Noticed that after I had needed it10:57
rantomIf need for one10:57
alteregoSage_: I'll let you know if it acts any different for newer cmt10:57
Sage_alterego: but well, phonesim works so you can use that for some basic UI tests :)10:57
alteregoEither way, this isn't great :/10:58
deztructorw00t: how do you think, is it ok to add some qml types e.g. for operator, battery etc. into lipstick itself? or better to provide some additional library?10:59
w00tdeztructor: the idea - more or less - behind lipstick as-is was that it was just going to provide a basic building block.. anyone doing anything serious with it would take it and rip it to pieces, adding what they needed11:00
deztructorw00t: I agree :)11:01
w00tI never got around to splitting it into the parts that should be shared (window pixmaps etc) and everything else (qml theme, addons where you'd add in e.g. battery/operator stuff)11:01
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alteregoIs the cmt firmware for N9 compatible w/ N950?11:06
Stskeepsdoubt it11:06
alteregow00t: I was planning on doing that sometime "soon" ;)11:06
Stskeepsshould flash whole images11:06
arceanalterego: N950 uses the same cmt firmware as the N911:07
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile11:08
alteregoYeah, that's what I'm thinking.11:08
alteregoSo maybe PR1.3 cmt firmware might help with this ofono issue.11:08
* alterego tests11:08
w00talterego: yeeeah11:08
* w00t has a whole list of "RSN™" stuff :-/11:08
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alteregoSo, who knows how important libresource is in nemo?11:16
alteregoI'm thinking of offing it from dialer.11:16
Stskeepsit controls audio policy11:17
alteregoThey don't use it in IVI11:17
*** totte has joined #nemomobile11:17
Stskeepsuse it, for sure11:17
Stskeepsyes, because they aren't amobile phone11:17
w00t(could always make it optional)11:17
alteregoWell, libresource is seemingly what's causing the dialer break at the moment (other than ofono being broken now)11:18
Stskeepsalterego: in which way?11:18
Stskeepsand on what device11:18
* rantom should headdesk11:18
rantomNo wonder I couldn't remove modified moslo yesterday, I forgot the sudo11:19
alteregoAnd in the way that it can't make outgoing calls, or handle incoming calls because it's "resource proxy" instance doesn't every call back saying it's aquired permission to control the call "resource".11:19
Stskeepshmm intersting11:19
Stskeepscan you comapre n n900?11:19
Sage_I broke that most probably11:21
Sage_I updated libresource to latest git at some point which might have caused that11:21
Stskeepsdo we have a older version anywhere?11:21
Sage_no since we don't have static releases atm.11:22
Stskeepscan we make a older version?11:22
alteregoThat would help a lot.11:22
Sage_It was this SR
Sage_I can do repository that has those old versions of those three packages11:24
Stskeepswould be good11:24
alteregoSage_: do you know what the previous version of libresource was?11:26
Sage_same version different build11:29
Sage_building there the older one11:29
Sage_there is one older than that if even that doesn't work.11:29
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile11:31
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile11:31
alteregoSage_: so any idea why libresource would break?11:33
alteregoWell, I guess I've got something to look at then :/11:34
Stskeepsremember a reboot after installing new libresource11:34
Stskeepsfor good measure11:34
alteregoSage_: do you know when you last updated resource-qt?11:37
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Sage_alterego: 6weeks ago and the previous was 8 months ago :)11:47
alteregoHrm, the problem may be resource-qt or libresource it seems. I'll be looking in to this when I add support for libresource in my new dialer code.11:48
alteregoWhich is now pretty high on the to-do list :)11:49
alteregoAnyone got any opinions on different UML designing apps? I used to use dia but is umbrello any good?11:51
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rantomSince Nemo Mobile can be single-installed to the N950 (AFAIK) can one disable the warranty void warning when in that mode?12:04
rantomOr is it limited to one time shown only?12:04
rantomWhere as when dual-booting it is shown twice when booting Harmattan and once for Nemo12:04
Sage_rantom: I don't think that can be removed :/12:05
rantomYeah, thought so too. For stock Harmattan, without modified moslo, it can be removed, but not after that12:06
rantome.g. when modified moslo is in the field12:06
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*** FallenWarlock has joined #nemomobile12:11
rantomWell I've been trying to get that warning out now for two days, I think. On the plus side though I have the freshest OS's that I can flash on my N950 so :)12:12
rantomMight go and remove Harmattan alltogether since I don't really need it, I think..12:13
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w00tStskeeps: do we have an integrated qtquick2 version of components?20:21
Stskeepsnot yet20:21
* w00t searches for a bug for that..20:22
w00tnone found, I'll open one20:23
w00tthat's bug #21020:31
w00t#211: pinch to zoom in helium..20:34
the-bossw00t: Error: "211:" is not a valid command.20:34
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:34
* w00t files bugs for faenil :-)20:36
faenilw00t, I have never updated it, I'm sorry about that20:37
faenilI don't even know if it's worth filing bugs about it, given its current state :)20:37
faenilbut anyway, thanks :)20:38
w00tfaenil: it's usable, and a start20:38
w00tthat's fine20:38
faenilI will have some time in August20:38
w00tI may find some time to help you, we'll see20:38
faenilunfortunately I can't find time for it while studying...20:38
faenilI'm currently thinking about sending the CV to jolla though ^^20:38
faenilw00t, anyway, the app wasn't ready for landscape iirc :D20:40
faenilbut keep filing please, so that I won't forget to fix those things at least ;)20:40
faenilthanks ^^20:40
*** Siosm has joined #nemomobile20:40
w00tthat's the principle20:41
w00tit doesn't mean you did something wrong20:41
w00tit just means it needs addressing sometime20:41
*** Siosm has quit IRC20:41
faenilis there any nemomobile version with Qt5?20:52
faenilpinch to zoom of the image gallery depends on that...20:52
w00t"depends" isn't strictly right, it already works, after all20:55
w00tit's just a little jagged, and yes, it's ok that that isn't your fault20:55
w00tanyway, qt5 is there, qml components for qt5 aren't yet20:55
w00treal soon now™ probably as i'll want them there very quickly20:55
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faenilw00t, sorry didn't notice your answer :) ok ;)21:18
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