Friday, 2012-07-13

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jussioh cripes, they let Paimen in again :P07:25
PaimenI blame them to be slackers07:26
jussiwhoever "them" is :D07:26
iekkutruth is out there07:27
Paimenrain is out there, too wet to seek truth07:27
jussiI have a headache :/07:28
Paimenjussi: because you have tendency to hate me, I can make you hate me more. Last day at work before vacation07:29
* jussi brings out some choice words for Paimen07:29
* jussi is not getting a vacation this year :(07:30
* Stskeeps neither07:30
jussiStskeeps: you dont deserve one though :P07:30
rantomErr, ok..07:52
jussirantom: we confused you ?07:56
rantomjussi: "No, not at all" :P07:57
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w00tSage_: I pushed a repo for components ( since I am quite sure we'll end up maintaining those now09:08
Sage_w00t: fair enough09:11
Sage_w00t: btw, not sure if qt-components in nemo are upto date, we might want to update those09:11
Sage_I did one update at some point but might need another one09:11
w00tI'll do that as soon as I relearn how to use osc and the platform SDK ..09:12
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lbtw00t: edit as you go....09:16
w00tlbt: hmm?09:17
lbtre-reading our docs whenever you need to remind yourself of something is a good way to validate them09:18
lbtor log bugs that they're missing09:18
w00tok, good start: osc ls works :P09:19
w00tplatform SDK made it a whole lot easier than last time I remember setting up osc09:19
w00t"install this and patch this piece of stuff by hand and this and invoke this magic" ...09:20
w00tSage_: is CE:MW:Shared the "canonical" place to branch from? or do we have a devel area somewhere09:21
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Sage_w00t: we don't have devel area for that. We will restructure the whole thing when moving to the new community obs09:24
w00tthank god ;)09:24
w00tconsistency will be good09:24
Sage_yes it is huge mess atm.09:25
Sage_stable, testing, devel for each project. also separate projects for latest and next mer targets with project linking.09:25
w00thmm, don't get the last bit09:26
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w00tiekku: can we get a Middleware / qt-components category in bz?09:42
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* w00t wonders what version numbering to use09:49
w00tSage_: any thoughts?09:49
Sage_w00t: continue the one upstream started?09:51
w00tso, just tag a 1.3.1 and call it "job done"? :)09:51
w00t(avoiding 1.3.0 for obvious reasons)09:51
w00tsound ok?09:52
Sage_well, mainly pondering if we should rename the package a bit?09:53
w00tmm, how so?09:53
Sage_if the upsream gets active for some reason again (probably not but still) and we are in version 1.5. and they brin 1.4 there that is completely different thing09:54
Sage_that would cause "some" confusion around :/09:54
w00twell, my plan is still for us to - ultimately - become that upstream.. I'm still talking to people to get the repo moved onto qt-project, but the symbian guys using it means that's not so straightforward as i'd like09:55
w00tI suppose I should bump that thread again actually..09:56
Paimenw00t: is this the repository you were talking other day?09:56
w00tPaimen: more or less09:56
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Sage_w00t: well, fine by me just wanted to point out tha if we really start forking and our version gets updated and upstream continues their work with same package name we might be in trouble later.09:58
* w00t just asked again if he can get access, so let's see09:58
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iekkuw00t, just tell me description and ccs10:00
w00tiekku: desc: Mobile QML components for UI creation, cc: me (, maybe sage too if he wants - not sure of anyone else10:03
iekkuand name Qt-components ?10:04
Sage_w00t: no need (I'm default cc on all nemo bugs atm. ;))10:04
w00tiekku: i'd lowercase the q, but yes10:04
w00tSage_: I have an idea.. we could just add a number10:16
w00t1.3.0.<increment number each release>10:16
w00tuntil we sort out what's going on10:16
w00tthat way, if someone releases a 1.4 "elsewhere" we're still ok :)10:16
Sage_w00t: that sounds good actually10:18
Sage_w00t: maybe 1.3.0.nemoX10:18
w00tthough, will version comparison understand that ok?10:19
w00tStskeeps: ^10:19
Sage_it undersands alphabets but not sure < > order10:19
w00twell, surely if we append it it'd work.. 1.3.0.X-nemo or so10:20
w00ta way to test this comparison would be nice ;)10:20
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Sage_well, I would like to have nemo version after nemo name as upstream can always do 1.3.0.x :)10:22
w00tgood point10:23
* w00t doesn't know what to do :/10:23
iekkuw00t, start to file new bugs to qt-components10:25
Sage_w00t: I propose <upstream>-nemo<nemoversion>10:25
w00tiekku: thanks10:26
w00tSage_: i guess we'll just do that and panic later ;)10:26
w00tSage_: qt-components-qt-components-1.3git20120215-1.tar.gz - why the dual qt-components?10:34
Sage_w00t: tarball taken from web page10:34
Sage_didn't want to rename etc. Just took it there and used :)10:34
w00toh gitorious. :P10:35
Sage_yes, it sucks :)10:35
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alteregoSlightly annoying that half the icons I need aren't in the current Nemo theme -_-11:35
w00ttime to become an artist? :-)11:35
alteregoI don't have time to become an artist :P11:35
alteregoHardcoding to old theme icons then ..11:36
astro72Hi! Is it possible to delete/edit wlan settings as I accidentally set a wrong passphrase and now my N900 just tries to connect to that AP?11:36
alteregoHow can I manually set the theme to blanco?11:37
alteregoThe theme selector only shows darko and ce :/11:37
Stskeepsblanco isn't complete, it's just there for cp stuff11:37
alteregoHrm, who did darko?11:39
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w00tnsuffys: hello11:46
nsuffysSome know if the latest build of nemomobile for Nokia N900 is broken ? The checksum on *.bz2 is good, I've make " bzcat nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120614.1.NEMO.2012-07-02.1-mmcblk0p.raw.bz2 | sudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/sdb1 " in / out is ok.. But can't read the MicroSD and have this error with uboot : Wrong image format for bootm command ERROR : Can't get kernel image!11:48
nsuffysAny idea ? ^^'11:48
Stskeepssdb, not sdb111:48
dm8tbrnsuffys: sdb11:48
nsuffysI retry now11:49
astro72editing wlan settings, anyone?11:51
nsuffysyou are very quick to respond here ^^'11:51
alteregoCan I disabled screen lock?11:52
Sage_alterego: in theory it should be possible. But I think the applet for tha doesn't work properly11:55
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* alterego sighs11:55
nsuffysNice ! thank you ! It's work11:55
alteregoWould be very handy when developing UI ;)11:55
alterego(on device)11:55
Sage_alterego: true11:56
Stskeepsalterego: bugplease11:56
w00tbug ALL the things11:57
alteregoNot sure it is a bug, was just wondering if we had a way of killing whatever switches display off and starts lock screen ;)11:57
w00tif it's not a bug, it's a feature11:57
w00t(the lockscreen part at least, display switch off... hmm)11:58
Sage_well, we just got the mce updated and display applet was depending on that which has at least the timedelay setting12:00
Sage_I tested that but it didn't seem to work, maybe something in mce still not working?12:00
Sage_but well, we should get rid of mce anyway but no plans yet where to put all the stuff12:01
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Sage_anyway bug would be nice12:01
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* rantom hears Sage_ mentioning "bug would be nice"12:03
w00trecord this moment for posterity12:03
w00ta developer who *enjoys* bugs12:03
w00tyou'll never see it again, folks12:03
rantomSage_: So there'd be need for a bug about the screen going black (feature but not adjustable) by itself?12:05
Sage_rantom: more liked, no way for user to define when screen goes black.12:08
rantom_Sage_: Ok12:08
rantomAnd now the host works....12:08
rantomI'll probably file that bug, noticed it earlier but always forgot to file it12:08
rantomScreen brightness is one that needs filing too, if not filed already12:09
rantomSage_: Would the "Unable to adjust screen blackout time" fall under hardware adaptation?12:09
rantomIIRC that doesn't work in N900 either12:09
Sage_rantom: well, it might be generic issue in UI component or mce as well.12:10
Sage_so I would probably file it under controlpanel UI12:10
rantomI'll file it under that, if not filed yet12:10
rantomHaven't checked yet12:10
rantomMight take a while, I'll have to re-dd Nemo to MicroSD12:11
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rantomBug 21412:14
rantom...No bot?12:14
rantomOh well, would that be critical, really?12:14
w00tgiven that it makes camera completely useless, yes :)12:15
w00tseverity is, how severe is it inside a given component12:16
w00tnot necessarily "how broken does it make the whole"12:16
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rantomIf I'm filing a bug about N950 and N900 was it supposed to be filed under what device?12:24
rantomI remember there being instructions on where to file one bug that's for both...12:24
rantomiekku: ping12:24
rantomiekku: If I'm filing a bug that is reproducible both on the N900 and the N950 what hardware do I choose in Bugzilla?12:26
rantomIIRC you sent a message at one point to the mailing-list clarifying that12:26
rantomOk, thanks12:28
rantomAnd if there's only a bug for N950 it's the same?12:28
w00tam I the only person who keeps forgetting where they put phones?12:37
rantomSage_: I'll file the screen brightness under the controlpanel too?12:38
w00tSage_: oh hahaha12:39
w00terror: line 12: Illegal char '-' in: Version:    1.3.0-nemo112:39
w00tour good old friend12:39
w00tshould I just drop the -?12:39
w00tadd a .?12:39
w00tdrown my sorrows in vodka?12:39
Stskeepsi vote for vodka12:40
Stskeepsw00t: also, fly to warsaw for my birthday12:40
w00tStskeeps: ngggh, don't you think one piece of last minute travel in a month is enough? :D12:40
Stskeepsw00t: you can fly on from here to anyhwere12:40
nsuffysNemomibile support WPA2 TKIP 801.11g wireless ?12:43
Stskeepsthink so12:44
nsuffysconnected but no transfert... just 2 second :s12:44
Stskeepsbad PSM?12:44
nsuffysno, sometime it's work when I shutdown wifi and reenable it12:45
nsuffysis there command line for this ?12:46
nsuffyslike the conn manager of active plasma12:46
nsuffysI always had this bug on my N900 with nemomobile12:48
Sage_w00t: ah, forgot that thing. use . :)12:50
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w00tSage_: will do12:52
w00tSage_: am I doing something stupid on in the meantime? patch error12:52
Sage_w00t: patch just doesn't apply to the new tarball12:53
w00tit should do..12:53
* w00t looks12:53
Sage_try patch -p1 -s --fuzz=2 < xruxa-screen-resolution.patch locally if it succeeds or fails12:54
w00tdoing so12:54
* Sage_ needs to go now. Cya later. 12:54
Stskeepshave a good weekend12:54
Sage_Stskeeps: well I will be back at times ;)12:55
Stskeepsgood ;)12:55
rantomSage_: ping12:55
w00tyeah, it applies...12:55
nsuffyshaving IP and no data transfert Oo' (using ifconfig)12:55
* w00t reads the log again12:58
w00toh hell13:00
w00tI fail at tarballs13:00
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Sage_rantom: pong13:45
Sage_almost an hour ;)13:45
rantomSage_: Not an issue anymore, just wanted to check where to file the bug, I filed it under controlpanel, as the last one13:46
rantomThanks for responding :)13:46
rantomMy worst "pong"-reply was what, 24h13:46
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Sage_rantom: well, I mean that I had to leave and was back in hour ;)13:49
* Sage_ retrieved cubox from the post office 13:50
Sage_Too bad I have things that I need to attend to this weekend to probably can't make it boot yet :/13:50
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* w00t tries to remember how to add repos :)13:58
rantomw00t: zypper?13:59
w00trantom: yeah.. i'm a bit rusty13:59
rantomw00t: zypper ar REPOSITORY13:59
rantomAnd that mentioned oss, I think that's only if needed?14:00
* rantom is a bit rusty too14:00
w00tyeah, but i also need to turn publishing in OBS on.. and i'm buggered if i can find where14:00
w00tah, found it14:00
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dm8tbrhmm fascinating, seems archos g9 supports wifi mode master14:15
dm8tbrwonder why the n9/n950 doesn't then14:15
dm8tbr(same wifi chipset)14:16
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* w00t starts packaging qtquick2 components14:52
Stskeepsdm8tbr: FCC probably, or something..14:54
dm8tbrStskeeps: mh, possible. but yeah, could be a nice feature for nemo. :)15:01
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rantomHmm, that reminds me. Can the NFC be turned on for sharing in Nemo?15:05
w00tSage_: do you know how we specify a dep on qt5 properly?15:05
Stskeepspkgconfig(QtCore) >= 4.999 or something, maybe15:06
w00twelll.. yesss..15:06
w00tbut I get:15:06
w00tfile /usr/bin/qmake from install of qt5-qmake-5~5.0.0~alpha1-1.10.i586 conflicts with file from package qt-qmake-4.8.1-1.8.i58615:06
w00tI don't know why on earth it's dragging in qt415:07
rantomJust thinking that if it can be turned on and put to use I'd suggest to improve it15:08
* w00t tries something15:09
rantomI just tried to share a picture with N9 and Nexus S but it didn't work. I came across, don't remember where so I can't verify this, an explanation why it might not work. Nexus S uses in its NFC-sharing (Beam) Wifi for sharing whereas N9 uses Bluetooth15:10
w00tit's either contextsubscriber or maliit pulling it in15:10
Stskeepseither one, probably15:10
Stskeepsboth are qt based, i think15:10
* w00t tries with maliit15:11
w00tit's contextsubscriber15:11
w00t../compat/qgraphicsscene.h:23:32: fatal error: QtQuick/QQuickCanvas: No such file or directory15:12
w00tour qt5 is too old :P15:12
Stskeepsi'm not touching it until somebody gets beta2 out15:13
Stskeepser, beta15:13
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w00tthat's not going to happen anytime soon15:15
w00tthe entire release team went on holiday15:16
alteregoCan someone tell me what the gconf values for "/apps/dialer/alsasource" and "/apps/dialer/alsasink" are?15:17
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w00tgconftool-2 -g tells me that no value is set15:20
w00tnot sure if i screwed it up or what15:20
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alteregoNeah, you're right, it's only used for handsfree I think ..15:45
alteregoOr maybe customising how it works, dunno.15:45
alteregoEither way, isn't required just yet.15:45
alteregoI just got audio routing working correctly in my new dialer :)15:46
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alteregoThat was basically the last major thing except UI :)15:46
alteregoNow I can start glitzing the new ui up ;)15:46
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rantomalterego: Looks quite good16:57
alteregoWell, it's looking good internally, :P16:58
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faenilhow would you split a set of things?17:01
faeniliterating on the number of things that remain after each split?17:02
alteregofaenil: what exactly are you trying to do?17:02
faenilload balancing :P17:03
faeniln tasks, nw workers17:06
faenileither I iterate and keep splitting, or I give one task to each until I run out of tasks17:06
faenilcan't see other decent methods...17:06
faenilwas wondering if you had any special trick I've never heard of :D17:08
faenilalterego, k no problem, thanks anyway :)17:11
Sage_w00t, Stskeeps: QtCore >= 5 ?17:11
Sage_Stskeeps, w00t: That conflict doesn't have anything to do with the qt5 dep. it is just that packaging has gone bad and doesn't support both in same installation17:12
w00tSage_: yes, found that out.. it's contextsubscriber pulling it in17:13
faenilw00t, got any idea about my question? simple thing ;)17:13
w00tfaenil: don't have the mental capacity for it atm17:13
faenilw00t, np, thanks anyway :)17:14
faenilcya later guys :)17:14
nsuffysMy wifi work after disabling auto select mass storage / usb link17:15
Stskeepsusb networking issues ten17:25
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nsuffysNow, I know :)17:31
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nsuffysStskeeps: It's better to set default USB device mode to "Always ask" for the next release no ?18:39
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