Saturday, 2012-07-14

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5205 Rejected promotion request13:05
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qpxis it possible to install nemo to a 2gb microsd card? or are 4gb the minimum requirements?15:15
qpxthe wiki says "A MicroSD card with a capacity of at least 4GiB (more notes on this below)" --- but there arent any more notes below :p15:17
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jussi24hi all!15:34
jussi24on my n900 with uboot getting error -110 whilst initializing SD card15:35
qpxhi jussi2415:36
jussi24with 2012-07-02 image15:36
jussi24so cant boot to nemo15:36
qpxi'm currently installing 2012-07-02 on my n900 too15:37
jussi24using uboot-pr13 ?15:37
qpxcurrently installing uboot, yes15:38
qpxgive me a few min :)15:38
jussi24i give u 20 ;) then i g2g...15:39
jussi24first time nemo?15:39
qpxyes :>15:40
jussi24have you already written the image? cuz that takes a looong time15:40
qpxyeah, sd card is ready15:40
qpxbut tell me, is it essential to have a 4gb sd card? cause i only have 2 :)15:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5206 Rejected promotion request15:41
jussi24haven't tried on 2gb15:42
jussi24best case you just dont have any room to install any apps15:42
qpxwhich filesystem do you use on the sd?15:45
qpxgod this is taking ages on a non-overclocked n90015:46
jussi24shouldn't matter because you've written the image into the root of the sd15:46
qpxthat makes sense15:47
jussi24first time i tried with unallocated card15:47
jussi24second time with fat3215:47
jussi24same result15:47
jussi24still installing?15:48
qpxpatience young padawan15:49
jussi24semi-afk, need to get my stuff ready. keep me updated :D15:49
qpxnow he finished fetching catalouges :p15:49
jussi24just slow connection then?15:50
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jussi24you're on x-term, right?15:50
qpxno app manager as i dont have root access yet15:50
qpxjust had to flash due to power kernel issues with uboot15:51
jussi24ok, that explains15:51
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qpxyeah its a pain lol15:51
jussi24actually i just flashed today too :D15:51
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jussi24but managed to flash just the kernel15:51
jussi24via usb15:51
jussi24and not wiping anything15:51
qpxto answer one of your questions, yes its uboot-pr1315:51
qpxk uboot works, now  inserting sd15:53
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qpxunable to read uImage from mmc15:56
jussi24sure you unmounted before writing images?15:57
qpxwell i guess it's the size15:58
jussi24could be15:59
dm8tbralso make sure to write to device not partitio15:59
dm8tbrcard needs to be 4GB min15:59
qpxyea wrote to device15:59
qpxare there any ways to install it to the internal mmc?16:00
dm8tbryou do NOT want that16:00
dm8tbrrecent microSDs are faster16:00
jussi24dm8tbr, any idea what is causing the error -110 whilst initializing SD card?16:01
jussi24cuz thats my problem16:01
dm8tbrback cover not on?16:01
jussi24it is16:01
dm8tbrmagnet missing from back cover?16:02
jussi24so this is usually a back cover related issue?16:02
jussi24not sure. this is my 2nd n900. bought an used one16:03
dm8tbrI'm guessing as you didn't give the full message16:03
jussi24unable to open rtc device (rtc0)16:03
dm8tbrtht's unrelated16:04
dm8tbrso kernel boots?16:04
jussi24kernel panics. does that mean it boots?16:04
dm8tbrit panics in 99% cases due to missing backcover or magnet16:05
jussi24ok i'll try with the cover of the other device16:05
jussi24then i g2g16:05
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jussi24exact same error with this16:06
jussi24so prolly not back cover related16:07
jussi24but now g2g. juhi24 is also me, so if you have any possible solutions i will see them.16:07
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dm8tbrJuhi24: you mentioned your card is too small. you might need to fix the image manually before writing it16:09
qpxthat was me16:18
qpxhow to fix the image?16:18
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dm8tbrqpx: by e.g. using resize2fs on the ext3 partition to ensure it's <2GB18:15
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jussi24tried with pali's uboot menu entry too. kernel panic again "mmc0: error -110 whilst initializing SD card"20:27
jussi24tried with two different back covers too20:27
jussi24next i'm gonna try with my other n900. If that doesn't work either I don't know what to try anymore..20:29
Aardjussi24: this can be related to the sd-card. got different sd-cards to try?20:30
iekkujussi24, what kind of sd-card you have?20:30
iekkuclass 4?20:31
jussi24I've succesfully installed nemo on this very same SD card two times before20:31
jussi24class 10 8gb20:31
Aardjussi24: put it in pc, put it back. check if magnet is seated properly20:32
iekkumany have reported this week similar problems20:32
jussi24Aard: already did those a couple of times20:33
jussi24even wrote the whole image again20:33
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jussi24where is the magnet situated exacly? pics? i tried with 2 different back covers to cover this possibility but...20:36
Aardjussi24: it's in the stand thingy20:36
jussi24ah yes20:36
jussi24the stand needs to be closed also?20:37
Aardno, it's not in the movable part20:37
jussi24the magnet seems to be alright20:38
jussi24so don't think its that20:38
jussi24could it be something to do with the new images?20:40
phaerondoes it work if you try an older image ?20:44
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jussi24exact same error message with my other n90020:57
jussi24i'll try older image next20:57
jussi24would second newest be old enough?20:58
phaeronI guess using an image you know is working is  best20:59
jussi24too bad i cant remember which image i was succesfully using last time21:00
jussi24ok a noobish question: if I install an older image I will be able to update it, right?21:02
rantomWith zypper yes, I think so21:02
jussi24ok, thx. i am somewhat familiar with that tool21:03
rantomI haven't used zypper for a while but if my memory serves me right: zypper ref , zypper up or zypper dist-upgrade21:03
rantomMight want to check that21:03
jussi24yeh, and i can always google that :)21:04
rantoms/ref/ref, then/21:04
jussi24just wanted to know if its doable21:04
rantomNo problem21:07
jussi24would it be helpful if i wrote a bug report or something somewhere21:08
jussi24i g2g. you can msg juhi24 if u want to contact me.21:11
rantomNot sure if that is the same bug21:11
rantomJuhi24: Ok, that seems to be the same bug, for what I read that you mentioned error -110 (mentioned in the bug too)21:12
jussi24ok thanks for looking that out for me. I'll see about that tomorrow. good night!21:13
rantomGood night21:13
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