Wednesday, 2012-07-18

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Stskeepsrantom: in other news, if you want to fix the @$@$@$ tearing on n950/n9, edit /usr/share/meegotouch/targets/N950.conf to say X=854 instead of X=85603:43
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rantommorning iekku Stskeeps05:51
rantomStskeeps: Oh, ok. Thanks, I'll do that05:51
iekkuhello rantom05:51
rantomhello iekku05:53
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rantomDamn, no nano but vi05:59
rantomI might've noticed a bug while doing that..06:04
rantomActive toolbar can be selected but there's no toolbar visible06:04
rantomHmh, too late, there's already a bug for that (bug 200)06:05
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timophrantom: all you need is vim :)06:12
rantomHuh, I encountered three bugs when connecting to my wifi06:13
rantom1. Wifi-signal-bar is not shown (have to confirm) after reboot 2. Localization errors in Copy/Cut/Paste (!! Copy/!! Cut/!! Paste) and 3. Using Control+V as paste in Wifi (might be elsewhere too) prompts to paste again with the onscreen-button06:14
w00tthere's plenty of bugs still :-)06:16
rantomAnd for some reason the Wifi seems to be turned off when booting Nemo for the first time..06:19
rantomNot sure is that only in N900 or in the N950 too06:19
rantomAnd I mean the switch that enables it is just off. It can still be switched on06:19
rantomAnd now that I took a closer look about the Wifi-signal: it is not displayed at all, for my knowledge06:20
rantomHave to take even closer look..06:20
rantomIf someone has fresh Nemo in their N900/N950 could someone verify me that the Wifi-signal is not shown, at all, or partially?06:21
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tanuk2Anyone with the latest Nemo release working on N900 from an sd card? Do you see this error message at boot (in the U-Boot screen, before the kernel is loaded):07:46
tanuk2mmc1 is available07:46
tanuk2reading boot.scr07:46
tanuk2** Unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc 0:1 **07:46
tanuk2reading uImage07:46
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tanuk2I'm wondering if the kernel panic that I'm seeing is because of that "Unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc 0:1" error...07:47
Stskeepsput your back cover on07:57
tanuk2I have it on.07:57
Stskeepsthe boot.scr is OK message07:57
Stskeepsok :P07:57
Stskeepsreading uImage doesn't show anything more?07:57
tanuk2It does, but nothing that looks like errors. I get a kernel panic quickly after the kernel starts:
Stskeepssame problem with the new sd card?07:59
Sage_tanuk2: dd of=/dev/sdX not /dev/sdX1 ?08:00
tanuk2Sage_: Yes.08:00
iekkumany has had problems08:01
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timophI once dd'ed the image without bunzipping it first. Took a while to figure out why it didn't boot :)08:03
timophhad a bit of a headdesking moment then08:03
jussitimoph: hehe08:03
jussiStskeeps: o/08:04
Sage_tanuk2: hmmp... that sounds strange08:04
tanuk2The md5 sum of the image matches the manifest too...08:05
jussitanuk2: and an older image works fine?08:06
tanuk2jussi: I haven't tried. I guess that's the next thing to try.08:06
Stskeeps'lo jussi08:06
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Sage_tanuk2: can you paste the cmd you use for dd it to the sd card :)08:07
tanuk2bzcat tmp/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120614.1.NEMO.2012-07-02.1-mmcblk0p.raw.bz2 | sudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/sdh08:07
Sage_try without bs08:08
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Stskeepstanuk2: make sure that your sdh* isn't somehow mounted when you do the bzcat as well08:08
tanuk2Stskeeps: Done that.08:09
tanuk2Maemo seems to boot also without the back cover.08:09
tanuk2I wonder if the magnet isn't getting detected?08:09
Stskeepsmaemo doesn't boot from sd ;)08:10
tanuk2So only the sd boot is protected by the back cover check?08:10
w00trozhkov: if I don't see wifi icons in the wifi cp, am I missing a package?08:11
rozhkovw00t: most probably the icons are missing in the current theme. for the demo i copied some icons manually to the blanco theme08:16
w00tah ok, so we'd need to fix darko08:16
w00twasn't sure if someone had done that08:16
Juhi24tanuk2: any other error message? like error -110 whilst initializing sd card? cuz that's a problem i have08:16
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Juhi24tanuk2: ok just read your bug report. not the same problem as i have08:20
tanuk2Juhi24: No, I haven't seen that problem.08:20
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5227 Rejected promotion request08:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5226 Rejected promotion request08:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5228 waiting for review at
Sage_w00t, Stskeeps, Aard: ^ :)08:36
* w00t clicks08:37
w00twhat's the systemctl removal for?08:38
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Sage_w00t: need more coffee?08:41
w00tSage_: *rhrm*08:44
w00tmultitasking doesn't pay off08:44
w00tSage_: looks good, but i don't seem to have any button to do anything about it on there08:45
Sage_w00t: well, that is why I would like gerrit for nemo as well08:51
lbtSage_: one concern I have about gerrit is it's ability to handle a single push of multiple commits08:57
lbtas I understand it's a single-commit review tool08:58
w00tthere is a topic branch feature that Nokia created09:01
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w00t(for Qt)09:01
lbtOK - maybe worth a look09:01
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lbtalso - one other concern I have for gerrit in the future - how much java knowledge do we have in our systems space?09:01
Stskeepsi know java..09:01
Stskeepsi don't like it, but i know it..09:01
* lbt delegates like a shot09:01
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w00tSage_: you're a genius!09:32
* Sage_ ponders what he did now :)09:41
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w00tSage_: you found a bug :-)09:43
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* w00t throws things at QML plugins09:45
Venemo_N9rcg, ping :)09:46
w00tVenemo_N9: did you hear about the tearing fix, btw?09:46
Venemo_N9w00t, what tearing?09:46
Venemo_N9no, I didn't hear about it09:46
w00tin nemo.. you hadn't noticed it? :P09:47
Sage_w00t: another thing is that when you start for example maps in Nemo you can't minize the application while it shows the fake image (applauncherd)09:47
w00tSage_: humm.. the splash?09:48
w00tthat's curious09:48
Sage_while on splash it can't be minized09:48
* Sage_ files a bug09:48
w00tyes, please09:48
Venemo_N9there were many glitches I noticed, I guess this wasn't one of them.09:48
w00tVenemo_N9: that, plus some of the compositor glitches, are down to that problem09:48
Venemo_N9but it's nice to hear that it's fixed now09:48
w00tand it feels much more usable09:49
Venemo_N9w00t, :)09:49
w00talso amazed at how fast app startup is09:49
Sage_w00t: I think it could be even faster actually there is still stuff in the background that isn't optimzed really :)09:52
w00tSage_: yes09:53
w00tgot mail :)09:54
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Venemo_N9Sage_, what is it that's not optimized?10:00
Sage_Venemo_N9: background processes.10:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5228 Accepted promotion request10:01
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rcgVenemo_N9: pong10:03
Venemo_N9rcg, so how's the archos? :)10:04
Venemo_N9Sage_, ok, but which ones?10:05
rcgVenemo_N9: well, didn't have the time to mess with it pretty much, some pretty hefty private things occurred here recently10:06
rcgso far i just tried both basyskom images10:07
rcghowever, with neither of these does the touch screen work10:07
rcgthat's what i want to look into in the coming days once i find the time to do that or just to distract myself from the latest incidents10:07
tanuk2Is the bug closing process the same as what it was in Nokia: primarily the reporter is responsible for verifying resolved bugs, and after verification an error manager closes the bug?10:08
tanuk2I got my Nemo booting, btw :)10:08
tanuk2The problem seemed to be bad back cover! I tried another back cover and it works :)10:08
Venemo_N9rcg, ok, keep me posted10:10
Venemo_N9anyway, gotta go10:10
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qpxis it possible to overclock the n900 with nemo?11:36
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qpxwell the hw is really low for nemo i guess11:37
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Juhi24qpx: got it working already?11:48
Sage_tanuk2: maybe the magnet has dropped from your other backcover?11:50
Sage_I think it is visible under the stand thingy?11:51
qpxJuhi24: no, still waiting for the sd :>11:51
Sage_qpx: well, I would say that with optimizations it should be usable. Also if we would push the installation to the nand that should speed things a bit (nand, not emmc)11:52
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Juhi24Sage_, are there tools for backuping nand?11:55
qpxSage_: did anyone try to install to NAND yet?11:55
Juhi24I would be very interested to try that, since I've got 2 N900s11:56
qpxi need to get a 2nd one aswell :11:56
Sage_qpx: well, last time we installed it to nand was long ago and that was dropped because the image didn't fit to nand anymore, but I think that should be fixed now11:57
Sage_I could actually try nand installation at some point with my N900 after doing a backup of the stuff I have there (if any)11:57
Juhi24so backuping nand should be quite straightforward then?11:58
Juhi24qpx: i found a used one in top condition for 70€11:59
dm8tbrjust make sure not to fry CAL11:59
Sage_dm8tbr: :)11:59
Sage_yes, playing with NAND is risky :)12:00
qpxmy girlfriend kills me if i get another one :p12:00
Juhi24qpx: how come? :p12:00
Sage_my wife wouldn't even notice anymore ;)12:00
qpxcause i keep buying (and playing with) hardware12:01
Juhi24and she doesn't keep going shopping?12:02
qpxno, she rather buys stuff that one really needs12:03
Juhi24oh, then you don't have the excuse, too bad12:03
w00tiekku: oh, ping12:18
w00tiekku: we need a bug category for darko12:18
w00tApplications / darko-theme or so? not sure - Sage_?12:19
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iekkuwould you like to be cc?12:20
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iekkuw00t, there's now one, without any ccs12:23
w00tiekku: not sure who should own it yet12:23
w00ti certainly don't think i'm any good for it12:24
Sage_w00t, iekku: There is already MTF UX/Theme12:24
Sage_I would say that is good enough for now. IMO12:24
Sage_I'm fine with creating separate component as well, but that is the current one12:25
w00tdidn't know we had one, i did look :/12:25
iekkuSage_, where it is?12:25
iekkui must be blind12:27
iekkuso do we remove darko one or?12:27
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Sage_well, IMO we don't need another one as there isn't any other theme in Nemo atm.12:28
Sage_if we start to have hundreds of bugs and people that are maintaining single components then maybe, but for now I would keep it simple.12:28
Sage_darko doesn't say much for many but Theme does12:29
w00twell, the point of suggesting "darko" was to imply that we may have other themes, but fine, I don't mind either way12:31
iekkuok, i will remove darko then12:33
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Sage_w00t: god point, but well I dont' think bugzila is the right place to start that kind of thing :)12:42
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w00tGOD POINT! ooh yeah12:42
w00t(said like duffman)12:43
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Sage_w00t: tired? ;)12:45
w00tactually, yeah :(12:45
w00ti was up until like 212:45
w00tI have no idea how I got up this morning12:45
* w00t will nap on the plane12:46
iekkui need sleep12:46
iekkuand vacation12:46
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tanukSage_: Re: "maybe the magnet has dropped from your other backcover?" -- Maybe, I'll check tomorrow (the device is at work, and I'm not).15:32
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Stskeepsfaenil: wb18:37
faenilStskeeps, yo :) everything alright? :)18:45
Stskeepsfaenil: sure, did you see how to fix tearing ?18:47
faenilStskeeps, no  Idid not??18:51
faenilfound anything?18:51
Stskeepsfaenil: yes18:52
faenilStskeeps, yeee :) tell me tell me :D18:52
Stskeepsfaenil edit /usr/share/libmeegotouch/targets/N950.conf18:52
Stskeepsmake it says X=854 instead of X=85618:52
Stskeepsand reboot18:52
faenilomg xD18:52
faenilis that a typo in the resolution conf?18:53
Stskeepslong story short, some older screens had that resolution18:53
faenilI see... holy crap :D18:53
faenilStskeeps, how did you find that? luck? :D19:02
Stskeepsfaenil: 5 !$@$ months19:03
Stskeepssomeone showed me a weird framebuffer info output19:03
Stskeepsit was only MTF apps that broke19:03
faeniloh...I see19:03
Stskeepsand i started looking at xwininfo for them19:03
Stskeepsand bam.. window size19:03
faenilwell done! :D19:03
faenilnow I have to get in touch with rcg and see if we can get the battery level working19:04
faenil(after uni exams)19:04
rcgfaenil: ;)19:07
rcgbut take your time for the exams first :)19:07
Stskeepsfaenil: looks much better doesn't it?19:07
faenilStskeeps, haven't tried yet...I was writing the CV for you :P19:10
Stskeepsfaenil: check this out first19:10
faenilbooting :)19:10
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faenilStskeeps, mmm it doesn't boot alternateOS found...19:13
faenilI guess I have to reflash nemo xD19:13
faenilStskeeps, sorry I think something went wrong, I'm reflashing though, stay tuned :)19:18
faenilStskeeps, do you recommend deleting everything in media/Alt_OS19:21
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rcgStskeeps: what's that tearing issue about btw?19:30
*** Termana- has joined #nemomobile19:30
faenilrcg, have you ever used nemomobile?19:33
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faenilwhat the hell :O19:34
*** JvD_ has joined #nemomobile19:34
rcgfaenil: sure, i did19:34
faenilrcg, okay, have you noticed that when you scroll lists you see visual artifacts?19:34
*** rantom__ is now known as rantom19:35
rcghmm.. must have slipped my attention19:35
faenilmm :D19:36
faenilok, try scrolling :D19:36
faenilin menu, or in the settings page :D19:36
rcgbut nice to see you got another bug fixed :)19:36
faenilStskeeps did :D19:37
faenilit was a long living issue...19:37
rcgwell, currently don't have the n950 ready19:37
faenilI see19:37
rcghehe, sure he did... i meant a general "you" meaning you in plural :)19:37
*** wicket64 has joined #nemomobile19:38
Stskeepsrcg: on n950/n9?19:38
rcgah, you mean this flickering?19:40
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile19:40
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile19:40
rcgjust dug out the n950 and suprisingly it still had battery left :)19:40
*** chouchoune has joined #nemomobile19:41
faenilStskeeps, it doesn't let me delete files in Alt_OS, nor extract the new bz2 image...19:43
faenilsome files report input/output error19:43
*** _moguriso has joined #nemomobile19:43
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*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile19:43
faenilrcg, yes kind of flickering, it's tearing :)19:44
rcghmm, i can't find /usr/share/libmeegotouch/targets/N950.conf on my n950?19:44
Stskeepsshould be there19:45
faenilrcg, can you help me delete content in Alt_OS? it doesn't let me, read-only filesystem19:46
faenilshould I reflash the n950?19:47
faenilit started by not booting nemomobile19:47
rcgfaenil: you mean when mounting the n950 storage via usb?19:49
rcghmm strange19:49
faenilit says it's write-protected19:49
faenilit doesn't let me write on it19:49
rcgdid you mount it manually?19:49
rcgif not first thing i would try is to umount it and mount manually using "mount /dev/sdX /mnt/foo"19:50
faenilyes already tried that19:50
rcghmm.. did dmesg tell anything?19:50
faeniljournal commit I/O error19:51
rcgso situation is that you got the screen with the red text on n950 saying fs got exported and try to mount it on your "pc"?19:51
rcgright, maybe try to umount it and run fsck.ext4 on the fs?19:52
rcg/dev/sdX that is19:52
faenilwait it seems it's working now19:53
faenilmm no, it's just that tar it freezing...19:55
faeniloh damnit...-.-19:55
rcgi also got that journal commit i/o error at times iirc19:55
rcgwhenever i encountered this i just re-did the whole thing, mkfs and copy root fs19:56
rcgdunno actually if fsck.ext4 helps but could be worth a try19:56
faenilso many errors...19:59
*** jjardon has joined #nemomobile20:02
faenilfsck.ext4 did it20:02
faenilthere were like 10k errors, so I just said Y to all of the questions xD20:02
rcggreat :)20:03
faenilthanks :)20:03
rcgyou're welcome :)20:03
faenilthough I don't understand why so many errors all at once...20:03
rcgindeed.. i encountered this situation sometimes when copying a new root fs20:05
faenilStskeeps,  you there?20:10
faenilStskeeps, no file here either..20:11
faenilno libmeegotouch folder20:11
Stskeeps  /usr/share/meegotouch/targets/N950 ?20:11
faenilthere you go :)20:13
faenilStskeeps, though the file is read-only here20:19
Stskeepsdo it as root20:20
faenilright, lol20:20
rcghmm.. i tried it.. however, the settings app is very slow now20:22
rcgi.e., i edited the file, rebooted, and opened the settings app for testing this.20:22
faenilrcg, the menu is okay too20:23
rcgbut now moving in the list is very very slow20:23
faenilrcg, I think that's the normal slowdown you get when you boot :)20:23
faenilwait a bit20:23
rcgthe menu is fine20:23
rcgyes, you're right20:23
rcgwas due to boot up20:23
rcgi think it looks better, the text still flickrs a little but i think this is due to the n950 display20:24
rcgi.e. small text20:25
rcgessentially, it's the same effect as when moving in the apps view of harmattan on n950... you see some "fading" at the edges because the display seems rather slow20:26
rcgbut i think it looks much better indeed20:27
*** ronoc_ has quit IRC20:33
rcgthat's the bug i filed20:36
rcgStskeeps: faenil and me were just discussing the issue mentioned in that bug. do you have any ideas about this?20:36
rcgfaenil: see my second comment, there i tried to summarize my findings20:37
Stskeepsit might be a maliit bug20:37
faenilStskeeps, anyway great work, works ok here :D20:38
faenil(the tearing thing)20:38
faenilStskeeps, you make want to stop studying xD I want to fix the battery thing!! XD20:40
faenilrcg, have you done anything new about it?20:41
rcgfaenil: nope, no time.. unfortunately20:41
faenilnp ;)20:41
Stskeepsseriously though.. libbme should be working20:42
faenilwhat do you mean? there's no need for workarounds?20:43
Stskeepsas in,20:43
Stskeepsmeh, let me just check something..20:43
Stskeepsyou really should be able to use libbme on n950.20:50
Stskeepstogether with n900_libbme20:52
*** beford has joined #nemomobile20:53
faenilso we're doing everything for nothing?20:58
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:58
faenilwe as in rcg xD20:58
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:58
rcgwell, don't think so.. afaik libbme is still closed source20:58
rcghowever, if we get working battery indicator using libbme, that's fine i think20:59
rcgthough, for the long term perspective going fully open source would be better imho20:59
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:59
rcgand honestly, doing the reverse engineering thing was just my quick shot as i hadn't any clue about the overall system :)21:00
faenilStskeeps: here's what veskuh did
rcgi started my work based on what was written in that bug report21:01
rcgfaenil: exactly that one21:01
rcgso that's where i got the idea from of using a kernel module to interface the i2c battery gauge chip21:02
rcgfaenil: my attempts on coming up with a kernel module are actually all based on the work in that bug report21:03
faenilI see21:04
rcghowever, none of the results made enough sense so far to actually publish it.. so i just published the results of my observations in my blog21:04
rcgwith respect to libbme: looking at the obs package i just saw that it seems to be a closed source blob21:05
rcgbut well, these are just some observations and i hoped these could be useful.. if there are other solutions that build on top of libbme that's good as well :)21:06
faenilI thought veskuh has already tried easy solutions.. :)21:07
rcgpersonally, i do not have enough inside information to tell which is the easiest solution21:11
rcgi just assumed the way as proposed in the bug report to be the way to go21:11
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:11
rcghence, i started messing with that i2c battery gauge chip directly instead of using an interfacing lib like libbme21:12
rcgand well, i wanted to see if there can be a fully open sourced implementation instead of relying on the closed source libbme blob21:12
rcgbut the latter should just be a minor factor.. primary task should be to get it work at all21:13
faenilgood night people21:24
faenilStskeeps, get some sleep, if you have time :P21:24
*** faenil has quit IRC21:26
*** DocScrutinizer06 is now known as DocScrutinizer0521:30
rcggonna go to bed too21:35
rcgsee you guys21:35
*** rcg has quit IRC21:37
*** rzr has joined #nemomobile21:48
rzris anyone runs nm on arm willing to do a quick test of redak ?21:49
*** himamura has quit IRC22:12
*** danielcbit has quit IRC22:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5233 waiting for review at
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC23:26
*** MohammadAG has joined #nemomobile23:26

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