Thursday, 2012-07-19

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specialis there a convenient way to prevent the n950 display from going to sleep?03:31
iekkui think not03:35
specialis there an inconvenient way? :)03:35
iekkuthere's even no way to change time03:36
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specialhah, I think I managed to kill mce (and thus, prevent it from shutting off the screen)04:21
specialalthough that also prevents.. everything else mce does.04:22
specialtrying to get it via /sys/, dbus, and gconf all failed.04:22
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Sage_special: yes, mce handles the screen things :)06:14
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specialis there a decent way to get on-device screenshots?06:33
iekkuthere's a app for that. why you need screenshots?06:34
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specialto solicit opinions on UI ideas.06:37
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iekkufrom Widgets gallery >> Debug Tools >> Take screenshot06:44
specialthanks. If only I hadn't broken something during boot.06:52
specialeh, tomorrow.06:58
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5234 waiting for review at
Sage_Stskeeps: review the .patch ^07:16
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Sage_Stskeeps: <- insmod.static probably not really needed there07:30
Stskeepsi concur07:31
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5235 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5234 Accepted promotion request07:37
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5236 waiting for review at
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Sage_have choice for module-init-tools needed by kernel-adaptation-n950: kmod module-init-tools07:39
Sage_it obsoletes the package!!!!07:39
* Sage_ kicks OBS07:39
Stskeepsbug please07:40
Sage_where? :)07:41
Sage_ ?!?07:42
Sage_what is so special about i586 next?07:43
Sage_that filepermission is different for doc in there07:43
Stskeepsthat was what i wondered about as well07:43
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Sage_Stskeeps: if you can give your eye to those 5235 and 5236 as well07:44
Stskeeps yes, in amoment07:45
Sage_after those at least image build should succeed.07:47
Sage_Stskeeps: there is something funny about the documents build
Stskeepsbut what would have caused it?07:48
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5236 Accepted promotion request07:48
Sage_well, that is also in current release07:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5235 Accepted promotion request07:50
Sage_does i586 and arm still have that doxygen in buildroot difference?07:51
Sage_ok, that has been fixed07:52
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w00tSage_: checking out .. seemingly i never got a mail about it08:05
Sage_w00t: ah, it was quite old thing :)08:11
Sage_I think I had something else somewhere as well08:12
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rzr ThemE11:04
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w00tSage_: ping11:09
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w00tSage_: I have a simple QML launcher stub app (for booster) that I'd like to package, but not sure where to send it.. thoughts?11:11
anYcIs it possible to write an application that runs on Maemo and Nemo?11:16
anYc(after building it for one of the two)11:17
w00talmost certainly not, you'll probably need a rebuild - but I suppose miracles are possible11:17
StskeepsanYc: hardfp :/11:17
anYcah okay, but shouldn't be too hard to get the source compiling on both systems?11:20
Stskeepswhat kind of app?11:21
Sage_w00t: I would say CE:MW:Shared as qt-components is there as well.11:21
Sage_w00t: it doesn't require MTF right?11:21
w00tit doesn't require qt-components, either, just Qt/QML, but yes, I was thinking CE:MW:Shared11:21
w00tbut it does have an _optional_ dependency on booster (applauncherd)..11:22
Sage_I have been wondering if applauncherd could be pushed to CE:MW:Shared11:22
anYcI started to play around with Zeroconf/Avahi, it didn't find a GUI browser so i thought about building one. Shouldn't be too complicated with avahi bindings.11:23
anYcmostly visualizing stuff that comes over dbus11:23
w00tSage_: mm, i think it also has optional mtf dependency, no?11:24
Sage_w00t: it has yes11:25
w00tdo you know what the dep is for?11:26
Sage_Haven't checked11:28
w00tI guess it's for boosting mtf applications11:30
w00tmeegotouch-meegotouch-applauncherd% ls meego                     (W29 - 07/19@13:30:36 CEST)11:30
w00t0.12.1               0.15.5               0.18.1               README11:30
w00t0.15.10              0.17.0               0.29.1               applauncherd.desktop11:31
w00tI am not sure I even want to ask what those is for.11:31
w00teach directory has .spec/.yaml/.changes/tarball script for each version..11:31
Stskeepsat least it has yaml11:31
w00tso, I guess the question is, do we care about boosting for mtf stuff? if we do, we can't move it11:32
Sage_w00t: I think only MTF application that is in nemo is controlpanel.11:33
w00t well, and people/SMS, etc, but all those are going away..11:33
w00tthe dependency doesn't look optional, at the moment11:34
w00twe'd need to hack that in11:34
w00tI guess removing that may also break third party apps a bit, which isn't nice11:35
Sage_well, need to think about the structure again we are anyway moving to new obs at some point and restructuring the stuff11:36
w00tSage_: can I just jam it into CE:MW:MTF for now then?11:37
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Sage_I've been thinking if the CE:MW:Shared and CE:MW:MTF should be merged, but then again it would mean that CE:MW:PlasmaActive and others should be merged there as well.11:38
Sage_the point of separate CE:MW:MTF was that changes in there wouldn't affect to other UX projects and break those accidently11:39
w00tin practice it seems to cause a bit of pain with issues like this though :p11:40
w00tSage_: what's the difference between Project:MTF:MW and CE:MW:MTF again11:43
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Sage_w00t: Project:MTF:MW is the devel project for it11:47
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w00twe really need to pick more obvious names in new OBS11:47
w00tlike.. "Devel:MTF:MW" *shock* :P11:47
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Sage_yes :)11:56
Sage_actually i was thinking more like nemo:mw:mtf{,:testing,:devel}11:57
Sage_or even11:57
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w00tand flow being that direct submissions are blocked everywhere, branch a package, submitreq to devel, and handle promotions from there - somehow?12:04
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5239 waiting for review at
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jukkaeklundquick question: what is the recommended app SDK for Nemo?15:46
jukkaeklundassuming latest Qt SDK and use Harmattan target?15:47
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jukkaeklundw00t_nemo, ping16:08
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* jukkaeklund the feeling when no one is hearing you..16:11
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Paimenjukkaeklund: I hear you, but that is because I have Jukka in hilite16:13
Paimenwell Jukka is good name to have :P16:14
specialhere's a mystery: how did /home/nemo become owned by '500:500' overnight, when the device was off?16:22
Stskeepsspecial: well16:24
Stskeepsperhaps harmattan booted?16:24
specialcould be16:24
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w00tjukkaeklund: pong16:40
iekkuw00t, are you having identity crisis?16:41
w00tiekku: one is mobile, one isn't :)16:41
jukkaeklundw00t, got my answer thanks16:42
w00tjukkaeklund: bah :P16:42
special what I'm thinking for a landscape calculator. Any suggestions?16:49
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alteregoNew dialer is being built, should work for basic MO and MT calls.17:05
alteregoAlso has a silence ring tone button ..17:05
alteregoHere's the repo :)
alteregoenjoy :)17:06
* alterego wonders off17:06
w00tspecial: hmm, i like it17:11
* w00t notices the terrible AA on the digit display17:11
w00tis that my fault, or did you change something?17:11
w00thuh, it's my fault17:11
specialI think it's your fault; I noticed it from the beginning17:11
specialdidn't look at it yet17:11
w00tI have it locally, so yeah, not your doing17:11
specialI think it does have smooth:true, oddly.17:12
w00tcan you explain mc/mr/m+/m-? I never remember what the hell they do.17:12
w00tI know that much, but.. specifics17:12
jukkaeklundmr is recall and mc is clear?17:13
specialm+ is add to memory, mr is memory recall, mc is clear17:13
w00tman, does everyone know how to work calculators except me? :)17:13
faenilw00t, I didn't :D17:13
specialnobody knowing what they are is not a good case for those buttons being useful :p17:14
w00tspecial: what about having a history display instead?17:14
specialthat was actually my first thought after moving the display over17:14
specialI played with it a bit, but I couldn't come up with anything that made sense.17:14
w00tone of the recent QML demos had one I seem to recall..17:15
specialbeing an immediate mode calculator and having the result at the top makes it.. complicated.17:15
w00tplay the video, first demo17:15
w00tdunno if it's useful for inspiration..17:16
specialadding machine style, basically.17:16
w00tI imagine it still does have an element of usefulness when you're doing multiple calculations, e.g.17:17
specialI'm not entirely sure about changing the result display that dramatically in the switch to landscape17:18
specialin portait mode, it's huge, orange, and at the top; having it change to a small text on the bottom left seems jarring.17:18
w00tit doesn't need to be jarring if you animate the transition17:19
w00t(but you know that)17:19
specialmm, still.17:20
w00tI'd say it would be worth an experiment17:20
w00tif you don't want to, that's fine17:20
w00tI'm still not entirely sure about the added functionality17:20
specialI personally can't stand using calculators without history, so I like the idea17:20
specialI'll play around with history after work17:21
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w00tme too; for the record17:23
w00tI hate, when using harmattan, having to go "now, what was that number I had three calculations ago that I need now?"17:23
specialsee, that's why you need the m+ button.17:23
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w00tyou're persistant, I'll give you that17:24
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alteregospecial: have you tried adding smooth:true to your text input field?17:38
specialthat text is entirely w00t's fault, I only did the good parts.17:38
w00t(and yes I think it is smoothed)17:39
specialit does have smooth:true17:39
alteregoCan I look at the source?17:39
w00tqmlcalc on nemomobile github17:40
alteregoweird, I wonder why that is17:41
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specialI have a suspicion that unsetting/resetting it during refitText might solve it17:42
specialbut I was trying not to get distracted from my actual goal17:42
alteregoYou should use this anyway:
w00tSage_: submitted qmllauncher again.. would appreciate if you can review that sometime, because once that's in i can submit qmlcontacts to CE:Apps :)17:47
w00ti'd also like to modify qmlcalc, gallery, etc, to use it17:48
specialhm, it almost seems like Qt isn't antialiasing very large text17:49
specialI removed refitText entirely, and with pixelSize:60 it's smooth, but pixelSize:120 isn't17:50
specialfine in both cases on desktop17:50
w00tspecial: you know.. i'm not sure that would surprise me17:50
specialsomewhere between 60 and 80 it seems to stop doing any AA17:51
w00tI seem to vaguely remember something about this inside Qt, but I don't remember specifically what or where17:51
specialI had the same feeling.17:51
specialis this GL?17:51
specialstill antialiases with GL on desktop17:52
specialbut it *does* antialias with raster on mobile17:52
specialso GL on mobile isn't antialiasing large text.17:53
w00ti'd just chuck it in a new bug tbh17:53
w00tunless you really want to dig into it :)17:53
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specialI said I wasn't going to get distracted >:(17:54
w00tI'm agreeing with that, basically17:55
alteregoI'd really like a volume control ..17:58
alteregolike, using the buttons to control volume ..17:58
w00talterego: you have something that produces *sound*? :D17:58
alteregomy dialer, obviously :P17:58
alteregoUsing alsamixer to change volume is a bit too retro for me17:58
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specialQt has a lot of bugs matching 'opengl AND text'17:59
specialwe need distance fields.17:59
w00tyou backporting that to 4.8? :P18:00
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specialclearly you never looked at the distance field code.18:01
w00tI did18:02
w00tbut if you volunteer, I won't stop you18:02
specialI think a true friend would stop me.18:02
specialbut no, definitely not18:03
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rzrhi i am back, is there any nm n900 user available to test redak rpm ?19:51
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jussiwhoever wrote the nemo wiki for installing...20:19
* jussi waves to Stskeeps20:20
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Robciohi, i'm trying to flash nemo to emmc but the flasher is stuck on "Sending image to the device. This will take about 10 minutes", any ideas?23:13
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