Wednesday, 2012-07-25

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specialI have the messages prototype I showed a few days ago sending and receiving messages over telepathy :)04:05
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StskeepsElleo: cool work05:25
SageElleo: I'll respond to your ML mail today :)05:30
StskeepsElleo: how difficult would it be to put webos Enyo on top?05:41
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Sagew00t: :)12:28
w00tspecial: ^12:28
w00tgallery's his baby, i just do the integration gruntwork :)12:29
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Sageah, ok :)12:35
Sagespecial: also
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5297 Accepted promotion request12:59
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ElleoSage: thanks :)13:44
ElleoStskeeps: haven't played with Enyo before, but I'll look into it13:44
Stskeepsit's webos's thing13:44
ElleoStskeeps: it's currenty possible to run Phonegap/Cordova apps too, but they usually need a little prior preparation, since they're often designed to ship with their own version of phonegap/cordova13:45
Elleoare there any good FOSS enyo apps I could grab to use as a test case?13:46
Stskeepshmm, you'd have to look around13:47
Stskeepsbut i'm fairly sure there are13:47
Elleoif you're feeling particularly naughty you could even write an app that uses both the cordova and tizen apis; but it wouldn't run anywhere except in Tizmee :P13:47
Elleookay, I'll poke around13:47
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Sagespecial: one that would be nice to have fixed not sure though if this is the proper fix or if there should be separate application that shows only single image14:35
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ElleoStskeeps: it seems difficult to get hold of webos apps without having a device; most people just point towards the store which only lets you download from a device :/14:50
Stskeepshmm, ok14:50
Stskeepsi'll have a chat with someone14:50
* Stskeeps makes a note14:50
Elleoenyo stuff in general (not webos specific enyo stuff) will probably work fine as long as it gets packaged as a wgt14:51
Elleobut that's not much use to general users14:52
Elleowell I've found one example, an ampache client14:55
Elleoso I might have a fiddle with that one; but I won't make it a high priority unless we find a good way of actually getting hold of most apps14:56
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faenilsup ladies? :D15:06
Stskeepsnot much15:07
* faenil is setting up sb2 to build for nemo n95015:09
faenilStskeeps, n950 seens as N900 when I connect it to usb.. :)15:11
Stskeepsbug please15:11
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faenilStskeeps, "sb2 -t nemo-n950 qmake" builds the makefile15:37
faenilbut "sb2 -t nemo-n950 make" has no output...15:37
Stskeepsnone at all?15:37
faenilspecial reported the same15:38
Stskeepstry '-e' too ?15:38
Stskeepsoh, is 'make' installed in the sdk?15:38
faenilprobably not...15:38
specialthat is what solved it for me15:38
Stskeepstry and see if that makes a difference15:38
Stskeepsbug please15:39
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faeniland how do I create and install the package on the n950 ? :D scp?15:55
faenilwithout using OBS , I mean :)16:00
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faenilyo Venemo_N9 :)16:04
faenilStskeeps, ever had any problem with usb connection? mine keeps trying to connect, but it never manages to...dmesg reports "no ipv6 router present" but I set ipv6 to "ignore"...16:05
Stskeepsthat's normal16:06
Stskeepsit's a static ip, not dhcp16:06
faenilbut why is it looking for an ipv6 router :D16:06
faenileven if I set it to ignore16:07
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Venemo_N9hey faenil :)16:07
Venemo_N9faenil, thank you for helping out with Android16:07
faenilVenemo_N9, np ;) I'm glad to help, let me know if you have more questions ;)16:08
nochtoday I found out that fcam API, which we often install on Fremantle is the out of the box way to work with camera in Harmattan16:08
nochany possibility we can have it in nemo too?16:08
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Venemo_N9faenil, well, there are just the small glitches that I already told you about16:09
Venemo_N9most of them will require jni...16:09
Venemo_N9faenil, document gallery doesn't really work, and neither does the localization bits16:10
faenilVenemo_N9, I see, you should see if they have already ported that part :)16:11
Venemo_N9they have, but it doesn't work16:12
Venemo_N9faenil, android libc doesn't support localization16:15
faeniloh crap16:15
Venemo_N9there is a java call to query the current locale16:17
faenilyou could get it as a parameter to your app16:18
faenilanyway, I think it's better if we continue on qt-android ;)16:18
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alteregow00t: how bug does the font have to be before AA breaks?16:34
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alteregow00t_nemo: how bug does the font have to be before AA breaks?16:36
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specialalterego: 64px16:49
specialthere is a workaround in the comments, but multisampling may not be good for performance.16:49
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alteregoOh wait, is this a Label?16:50
alteregoWhere the text is fugged.16:51
specialpossibly, but afaik it doesn't matter16:51
alteregoWell, no AA16:51
alteregoWell, I'm using a TextEntry (plain QML) and AA works, tested up to 180px16:51
specialwith opengl?16:52
alteregoWell, should be ..16:52
specialthe Qt bug applies to the plain QML Text element16:52
specialas far as I know, components' Label uses that for all of the rendering16:52
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alteregotbf, I don't setup a OpenGL viewport, so I might need to do that, and handle context changes.16:53
faenilam I the only one to have problems with zypper ref? ... it always hangs on "ce-apps"...16:53
specialalterego: do you get the meegographicssystem messages?16:53
specialyou shouldn't need to set up a viewport manually.16:53
alteregospecial: yes I do.16:53
specialshould be opengl when active, then16:53
faenil"timeout exceeded when accessing bla bla bla" ...16:55
faenilbrowser surfs, no connection problems, and zypper ref doesn't want to behave properly...16:55
Stskeepsfaenil, try iwconfig wlan0 power off as root16:55
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w00t_nemocant say i saw anythinh, but my image is not too old16:56
faenilStskeeps, done16:57
Stskeepsand now try16:57
faenilStskeeps, working, so is it a known bug? power management control of wifi?16:58
faenilthanks anyway :)16:58
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faenilStskeeps, it seems you have already suggested that command in the past months, so it's a known thing...any idea why that happens?17:02
Stskeepsbad psm17:02
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Stskeepsor us not relaying enough info on use17:02
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faenilStskeeps, ok ;)17:03
Venemolet me continue with that wifi issue17:10
faenilwas doing zypper up17:10
faenilnow screen black17:10
faenilStskeeps, am I that unlucky? XD it seems dead...17:11
Venemothis warning message makes me laugh every time I launch Nemo17:11
Venemothe one which talks about loss of warranty and blah-blah17:12
* Sage ponders how to ssh to Nemo VM image that is running in VirtualBox17:12
faenilI don't know if it's updating but it's stuck somewhere17:12
Venemointeresting question is, why is Nemo so slow to launch? it's even slower than harmattan.17:12
faenilor my n950 is just dead17:12
Venemofaenil, maybe battery is empty?17:13
faenilVenemo, no17:13
Sagenetwork is up and working but there is no interface on host on the same network17:13
faenilVenemo, it was connected to usb17:13
faenilsuddenly switched off, and now seems dead17:13
specialSage: bridged or shared?17:13
Venemofaenil, maybe all N950s were preprogrammed to die today? mine just got stuck at the Nemo bootloader screen17:14
Sagespecial: I don't care how it is done just want it to be possible :)17:14
faenilVenemo, ehehe17:14
Sageatm. it is in NAT mode17:14
faenilSage, help me, give me hope17:15
Sagespecial: bridged would mean that I have network access and ip, right? I want it not to be dependent on the host network17:16
specialwith shared, you should have another interface on the host..17:16
specialyou could set up another host-only network17:16
Sagefaenil: hmmp... press and hold power button 10s and then restart ? :)17:16
faenilSage, yes I've done that17:17
Sagefaenil: still blacks screen even when powered?17:17
faenilbut I wanted to avoid that17:17
faenilnow it's working, but that's a hell of a big bug!17:17
Sageah, well if you can get usb networking I can help :)17:17
Sagefaenil: check "rpm -q contextkit-meego"17:18
Sageif you get usb networking17:18
faenilthe screen is working, it's everything ok now17:19
faenilSage, you want to do that?17:19
faenilon the device it reports "contextkit-meego is not installed"17:19
VenemoI'll just try a reflash17:19
* w00t finds *yet another* bug thanks to QtMobility's contacts QML bindings17:20
faenilw00t, congrats :D17:20
faenilI'm having a good bug-day too :)17:20
specialw00t: 1,000th bug earns you a free shotgun17:20
Sagefaenil: rpm -qa | grep context17:20
Sagespecial: well there is no brX interface that I would have expected17:21
faenilhow the hell do I type | with this keyboard?? XD17:22
Sagefaenil: well do zypper search contextkit17:23
w00talterego: each time you say "hey, just use QtContacts, I use it and it's fine" in the future, I'm going to stab you one more time the next time I meet you f2f :-P17:23
* Sage is too used to do rpm -qa as zypper didn't work for a long time :)17:23
faenilI think there's no way to type | here17:23
faenilthere's a lot of them17:23
faenilcontextkit-meego -> srcpackage17:24
* faenil thinks terminal needs some love...17:24
faenilSage, do you want me to retry zypper up?17:25
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Sagefaenil: ???17:26
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC17:26
Sagefaenil: so you have terminal on the device? You just said it showed you black screen :)17:26
VenemoSage, he managed to reboot since then17:28
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Sagewell if the screen isn't black now it is harder to debug what was wrong17:30
Venemow00t, how is your battery indicator fix?17:34
w00tit more or less shows current charge17:34
faenilSage, I didn't know what to do, none was answering  so I forced it off with the long press17:34
Venemobut not the charging status, iirc?17:34
faenilSage, then I booted it and it behaved as nothing ever happened, lol17:35
Sagefaenil: ok, so some service failed on update thus screen went black. I'm guessing it was mce that failed.17:37
Venemois there a way yet to launch something from Qt creator on the device?17:37
faenilSage, zypper up says "nothing to do" now...So I guess it updated everything before I forced it to shut of17:38
faenilnow rerunning zypper ref17:38
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w00theh? ;)17:42
Venemo_N950I connected to a random unencrypted wifi17:42
Venemo_N950it works (whereas my own wifi did not)17:42
Venemoin fact in the current Nemo version I didn't even see an option to set up a hidden wifi17:43
specialthe old "Hello World" settings had that option, at least17:43
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile17:43
specialit just showed up as a network with no name17:44
Venemomaybe I was just too dumb to find the option17:44
Venemook now, how do I make a USB network?17:44
faenilStskeeps, I can confirm I still have the "previous screen flashing when opening a new app" with the latest updates17:45
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w00tVenemo: ifconfig usb0 and use as normal17:51
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:53
Venemow00t, I'm kinda noob at this, but it doesn't seem to work at all17:53
Venemo'ifconfig usb0' pops up an error saying that network activation failed17:53
w00tanyone here who uses it want to help out? :P17:53
Venemo'ifup usb0' says that there is no such device as usb017:54
* w00t just uses wifi17:54
specialwhat OS?17:54
Venemospecial, Fedora 1617:54
specialfor ubuntu, I think I had to disable the network manager to make it shut up and let me configure the device myself17:54
VenemoI'd rather not mess with it if I don't have to.17:54
specialyou could try configuring it in whatever network manager you have17:55
Venemoit has NetworkManager17:55
specialI'm using it through OS X, so it just works :p17:55
Venemowell, it just works with Harmattan for F16 as well.17:55
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Venemow00t, I would use wifi as well, but it does not cooperate with my wifi.17:59
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faenilw00t, have you looked into this too by any chance?
w00taside from knowing it exists, not so far18:00
faenilok ;)18:00
w00ti'd suspect mcompositor to be guilty somehow18:00
faenilyeah I filed the bug in the compositor section...18:00
faenil(in january)18:00
alteregoharmattan runs a dhcp server on usb0 we don't18:01
alteregomaybe we should :)18:01
specialmove it to 192.168.3.x while you're at it :p18:01
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*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile18:06
alteregoneah, 192.168.4. :p18:06
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile18:07
Venemoin the meantime, my ISP plays tricks on me18:08
Venemodo I need the Mer platform SDK? or something else?18:08
alteregofor what?18:08
alteregoWell, the mer sdk is pretty good for everything tbf :)18:09
VenemoI'd like to run my stuff on Nemo from Qt Creator.18:09
alteregoErm, good luck18:09
Venemois there any way to do this? I can give up on qt creator if needed.18:10
*** faenil has quit IRC18:10
alteregoWe don't have any kind of qt creator support yet, but feel free to try and hack it :)18:10
Venemoalterego, ok, is it possible without qt creator?18:10
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:10
alteregoWell, I use qt creator to test on desktop, then I use osc build to build the packages to test on device18:10
VenemoI am unfamiliar with osc18:11
alteregoWell, you'll need to learn it to build packages for mer/nemo so it's a good start ;)18:11
VenemoI don't want to build packages yet.18:11
Venemowhat I want is to cross-compile the code, scp it to the device and run it on-device18:12
alteregoHrm, well you can use osc to chroot into an enviroment where you can build arm stuff, like scratchbox18:12
faenilwho's working on the wifi panel?18:12
specialVenemo: I've been doing that with the mer sdk18:13
Venemospecial, awesome! :)18:13
specialbut not through creator.18:13
alteregoIt is fiddly18:13
Venemospecial, can you walk me through doing it?18:13
faenilVenemo, I've set sb2 up today! :)18:13
faenilwith help from special18:13
Venemoawesome :)18:14
faenilI can help you through it (later, having dinner in 5 mins) if he doesn't want to repeat :D18:14
specialinstall the SDK from then follow instructions on to get the targets18:14
VenemoI don't see it in the channel log18:14
Venemospecial, ok18:15
faenilvia mp ;)18:15
faenilpm sorry18:16
w00t(hopefully in time we'll end up with a better apps sdk story, but we need someone who wants to work on that..)18:17
faenilw00t :)18:17
w00talterego: you don't need to use a chroot for that, you can just tell osc build to build for arm18:17
faenilw00t, how can I build an rpm I can install on nemo without OBS?18:18
w00tfaenil: osc build --local inside the platform SDK18:18
faenilI mean, what's the suggested procedure to go from qmake -> make to installing an rpm18:18
faenilw00t, ok good :)18:18
alteregoit does local anyway, he doesn't want to make packages ..18:19
alteregoso chroot in to the environment sk he can do qmake; make18:20
faenilalterego, qmake + make builds the exe18:20
faenilI want the rpm :)18:20
w00tyeah, uh, "installing an rpm" kind of implies he does want the package ;)18:21
* w00t hands alterego some coffee :-p18:21
Venemow00t, I think alterego referred to what I said18:23
Venemoanyway, I'll have dinner first, then continue with this stuff18:23
Venemoactually if I can for example make a shell script that automatizes the process or something, I don't see why I couldn't hook that button in Qt Creator to run that script.18:24
alteregovenemo just wants to scp an executable ..18:24
alteregoVenemo: I actually did get osc working with qt creator a while ago, but I'm nit sure it'll work with the new sb2 backed one.18:25
Venemoalterego, how did you do that?18:26
alteregoVenemo: I'll give it another go in a bit and let you know how I grt on.18:26
Venemook, after dinner.18:26
alteregobut yeah, download mer sdk18:26
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC18:27
faenilw00t, so will osc build --local build an rpm? :D18:28
alteregofaenil: you can drop the local, and yes18:29
faenilok, good :)18:29
alteregoosc build --no-verify [proj] arch18:29
alteregoinside your checked out obs package directory18:30
* Sage really hates
faenilSage, eh, so do I :)18:30
faenilalterego, and I guess dir in the obs package isn't the same as the git one?18:31
alterego faenil no18:31
alteregofaenil: a nice way to get to grips with it is to osc checkout a pre existing nemo package18:31
faenilbloody hell, ok... xD18:31
alteregoIt is a pain in the ass to learn, but pretty straight forward when you get to grips with it :)18:32
alteregoShould only take an hour to learn the basics18:33
faenilalterego, ok :)18:33
faenilalterego, any link to learn the basics? :)18:33
Sagew00t: maybe you should ask iekku to make you default cc for that application (and others you want)?18:33
alteregohrm, I'll see if I can find one ang on18:33
iekkuwould be good18:34
w00tiekku: make it so!18:34
iekkuw00t, sage said "ask" not "command"18:35
w00tiekku: make it so?18:35
* w00t can tell he's going to get a fat lip when he meets iekku next18:35
w00tfirst, I cancel your holiday, next I try boss you around :-p18:35
iekkuw00t, feel free to try18:36
alteregolbt: do we have a getting started page for developers on the wiki?18:36
alteregolbt: configuring osc etc?18:36
iekkuthis badger has sharp teeth and nails18:36
iekkuw00t, your wish has been granted18:36
alteregoiekku: should see a vet :p18:36
alteregolbt: nvm18:37
iekkuw00t, anything else than contacts/people18:38
w00tiekku: let me look18:38
iekkualterego, do you want to be cc for dialer?18:38
w00tfile manager (if I'm not already there)18:38
faenilw00t, why is there a dummy contact when you start the app? :D18:39
alteregoiekku: would be good yes ;)18:39
Sagew00t: ;)18:39
w00tiekku: special might like to be default-cc'd to Applications / Photos/Gallery18:39
iekkuw00t, you were there already18:39
w00tspecial: ^ ?18:39
specialI'd be willing18:39
iekkualterego, there you go18:39
w00talterego: are you going to nuke and push stuff there btw?18:40
iekkuspecial, there you go18:40
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile18:40
iekkuany other requests?18:40
alteregow00t: I'm using gitorious at the moment.18:41
w00tany reason why? everything else is all under one project.. having all resources in one place would be good18:41
alteregoI'll move it across soon then18:41
w00tpretty sure you have rights already? if you have any problems just holla18:42
w00tand i'll smack it18:42
iekku(notice that i'm not that much available soon for 2 weeks)18:42
alteregoYeah, I've got full rights already afair18:42
w00tiekku: none from me at least, perhaps you could delegate powa to Sage while you're gone in case something comes up?18:42
specialiekku: if you want, you could rename Applications/SMS to Messages and set me as CC18:43
w00tspecial: I think she already did the CC18:43
Sagew00t: you assume I want the powa ;)18:43
w00tSage: i'm taking part in proactive delegation18:43
* Sage gives w00t +118:44
iekkuw00t, lbt and Stskeeps has powa18:45
w00tiekku: fine, so long as we have someone in case of emergency :)18:45
w00tbut i think we'll be fine18:45
*** ronoc has quit IRC18:45
iekkuspecial, done18:46
iekkuw00t, i can do emergency changes even from my phone18:46
faenilw00t, how comes there's a dummy contact in the contacts app? :)18:48
w00tfaenil: read the comment on the report18:48
w00tor is that comment from testing it?18:49
faenilI've opened it and I've seen the image of a person18:49
faeniland asked myself "who's him" xD18:49
faenilok I'm reading the report :)18:49
iekkuif i ever start to code i will use cute badger pictures as placeholders18:50
* Venemo is back18:50
faenilw00t, read, lol.....ehm, lol, only lol xD18:50
alteregoI guess I should take this opportunity to guide you both through obs Venemo and faenil18:50
faenilVenemo, that thing they use to keep packages updated18:51
faenila building system :)18:51
Venemoas I understand it, obs serves a similar purpose as koji18:51
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile18:52
alteregoWell, you'll need to go through the priliminaries to build for mer/nemo18:52
* Venemo is listening18:53
alteregoOkay, download mer sdk18:53
* faenil has sb2 set up :)18:53
alteregofaenil: in the sdk?18:54
faenilalterego, I went through the sdk + sb2 procedure18:54
Venemoright now I'm reading the wikipage. the sdk is downloaded but I haven't set it up yet.18:54
lbtfaenil: check the /etc/mtab is a symlink to /proc/self/mounts18:55
alteregoVenemo: well set it up, I just need to get a little prepared :P18:55
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile18:55
faenilalterego, I'm actually having dinner in 5 mins xD18:55
Venemofaenil, nah, you said that half an hour ago18:56
Venemofaenil, since then I've had my dinner :P18:56
faenilVenemo, exactly, people are waiting for me :D18:56
faenilVenemo, and I can tell you they're not happy :D :D18:56
Venemofaenil, just go18:56
Venemofaenil, we'll wait for you.18:56
alteregofaenil: just go have your dinner.18:56
alteregoVenemo: needs to setup sdk first :P18:56
faenilor you can just go on, I can read the chatlog ;)18:56
faenilright :)18:57
* Venemo grabs his coffe and a big cup of tea as well18:57
*** bef0rd has quit IRC18:58
Venemofaenil, just have dinner. and give my regards to your family. (or whoever's waiting for you) :)18:58
*** arcean has quit IRC18:58
faenilthanks ;) friends anyway :) my family is 600km away :D cya later guys ;)18:58
*** faenil is now known as faenil_dinner18:59
VenemoI have this very nice earl grey tea variant. it also contains ginger and it's very nice19:00
alteregonice :)19:01
Venemoalterego, I need to do this as root, right? I mean the commands at the start of
alteregoNo, notice the sudo infront of the commands that need root access ;)19:02
Venemoah, I see19:02
Venemomer-sdk-chroot enter gave me some errors19:05
alteregoDid you mer-sdk-chroot mount first?19:05
alteregoWhat errors?19:05
alteregoInteresting, well, it should still work19:05
alteregoTry running sb219:06
VenemoI was wrong19:06
VenemoI think it actually works19:07
Venemosorry, false alarm19:07
alteregoNow go through these instructions :)19:08
alteregoOr carry on through the platform SDK instructions you are looking at now.19:08
Venemoit just didn't print out anything like maemo's scratchbox sdk, that's why I thought it didn't work19:08
alteregoBut I think the SB2 way that faenil_dinner reminded me of earlier is probably the best :)19:08
VenemoI'm not sure what the SB2 way it19:09
alteregoYeah, on the wiki page for the SDK, it tells you how to create a custom prompt for the SDK :)19:09
*** faenil_dinner has quit IRC19:09
alteregoIt'll allow you to easily build packages for nemo by doing "sb2 qmake" "sb2 make" :)19:09
alteregoSo you don't have to worry about obs yet.19:09
Venemoso I can do that without actually entering the chroot?19:09
Venemookay, does this SDK also include scratchbox2 or I'll have to install it myself?19:10
alteregoWell, just try running "sb2" inside the sdk19:11
Venemosb2: Error: No target specified and none set as default, aborting.19:11
Venemoseems that I have it then19:11
alteregoAnd what does that tell you? ;)19:11
Venemoit tells me that I somehow need to setup a target and set it as default19:11
alteregoSo now follow the instructions for that SDK + SB2 link I gave you and you should be able to build a mer or nemo target and build for it with sb2 :)19:12
alteregoyes :)19:12
alteregojust follow that page :)19:12
alteregoI'll try to work on qt creator integration at some point. As it would be useful for me too.19:13
alteregoShould even be able to get deployment working :)19:13
Venemoactually, Qt Creator can already connect to the device the same way it connects to Harmattan or Fremantle devices.19:14
Venemothis seems to be working out of the box19:14
alteregoSure, it just doesn't know how to build for those targets.19:14
alteregoWhich I can do19:14
w00ti'd expect integration to work, but it won't be using the right toolchain/libs/etc19:14
alteregoThen it needs a deploy script19:14
Venemoit can even query the versions of the qt libs installed on the device. but as you said, it doesn't have a toolchain set up for it19:14
*** furikku has quit IRC19:14
w00twhat it basically needs, is a rootfs thrown at creator, and that will probably cover most of it19:15
alteregoLike I said, I had my qt creator integrated with mer sdk ages ago19:15
alteregoEven obs19:15
alteregoBut I've not done it in a while or had it setup with sb219:15
alteregoAnyway, I'll work on that later this evening, maybe tomorrow.19:16
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC19:19
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:19
Venemoalterego, ok, I'm working on the target now.19:21
Venemoin the meantime, can I ask a question?19:21
w00tSage: trying to give me some work huh? ;-)19:21
w00tVenemo: you just asked one19:21
Venemosudo mic create fs mer-core-armv7hl-xorg-basic-qmlviewer.ks -o /parentroot/srv/mer/targets --pkgmgr=yum --arch armv7hl19:21
w00tyou want a second? :-D19:21
alteregoVenemo: yup, that's creating a real life mer image :)19:21
alteregoWhich can actually be booted on a device, like the N900, N9 or N950 :)19:22
VenemoI _assume_ this is the same thing as meego image creator was. I also assume that --pkgmgr=yum makes it use yum. but isn't mer using zypper?19:22
w00tthat argument defines what manager is used to create the image19:22
w00tnot what you use on device19:22
VenemoI see.19:22
w00tzypper has had some rough edges in the past with image creation19:22
Sagew00t: oh, you have free hands?19:23
* Sage goes to write more bugs19:23
VenemoSage :)19:23
alteregoVenemo: and yes, mic is our image creator19:23
w00tSage: I wouldn't say _free_ :-p19:23
* w00t has quite a long TODO19:23
w00tgutting ContactModel is increasingly rising to the top of that list19:24
alteregoVenemo: the SDK you're using, you can build your own .tar.bz2 file using mic, you can create targets for sb2 using mic, and you can use it to make images for devices :)19:24
Venemoalterego, is this the thing that according to Sts (in his Devaamo talk), takes about 15 minutes on a fast laptop19:24
Venemookay, this one seems to be a fast laptop :P19:25
VenemoStskeeps :)19:25
alteregotakes mine about 5 minutes :)19:25
Venemoyep, that's about it19:25
alteregoI really like the mer SDK, it's extremely impressive :)19:26
Venemoso just that I understand correctly.19:27
Venemothe .ks file tells the thing what packages to grab and from where, right?19:27
Venemo--pkgmgr tells it what to grab those packages with19:27
alteregoYes, and configure the image etc,19:27
Venemoand -o tells it where to do this19:27
w00tthough a bit more19:27
w00tit's basically a recipe19:27
alteregoHave a peek, they're not that big :)19:28
Venemowhat's impressive about this is that even a simpleton like me can understand it.19:28
alteregoI have my own .ks for building a minimal nemo image with my new dialer app, which is retrieved from my own personal rpm obs repo.19:29
Venemosudo chown -R $USER /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/*  -----> do I have to put my username in there or $USER will do just that?19:29
alterego$USER will do it19:29
Venemoat the target setup part, can I give any other name I like to the target instead of mer-core?19:30
Venemolike mer-core-arm19:31
Venemojust in case I want to do the same thing for x86 later19:31
alteregowhich is a good idea ;)19:31
alteregoShould probably update the wiki19:31
rcgthanks Venemo for all your asking.. was quite an informative read :)19:32
rcgbut i got some, possibly stupid question: how does the sdk relate to obs?19:32
alteregoWell, as long as everyone is learning, then you can teach others ;)19:32
alteregorcg: the SDK has osc, which is a client for obs.19:32
rcgalterego: right, got osc here already on fedora19:32
Stskeepsget mer platform sdk anyway19:33
alteregorcg: we use osc to push packages to obs, which obs builds and sticks in repositories for us to then use in our .ks files for mic to create our images :)19:33
Stskeepsit makes sure you don't have weird hiccups19:33
alteregorcg: best to use the versions we all use in the platform sdk :)19:33
rcgalright :)19:33
rcgso another entry on my todo list :)19:33
rcgand of course also thanks to all you guys answering Venemo's questions :D19:35
Venemoyeah, thanks indeed :)19:37
Venemorcg, I'm glad I was able to actually help you with my dumbness.19:38
Venemoactually, does it matter if I have an x86_64 host OS?19:40
Venemothe whole article just talks about x8619:41
Venemoeven sb2 thinks that "sb2-init: Host architecture is 'i[3456]86'"19:41
Venemothere is a very nice to the whole thing though: the wiki article admits+explains all bugs and it also tells me how to work around them19:44
alteregoVenemo: I use x86_6419:44
alteregoVenemo: it's a chroot, so no ;)19:44
Venemookay :)19:44
Venemothis wiki is very educational, thanks everyone for writing it19:45
Venemocan I install qt-devel the same way I installed glibc-devel in the target19:46
Venemonow that I was able to compile hello.c, how do I run it?19:48
Venemosb2 did the trick19:48
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:48
alteregothink of it like scratchbox, but from the outside19:48
alteregoWhere sb2 is your prompt19:49
alteregoVenemo: you'll need to add some repos for qt dev though19:49
Venemoalterego, since the question, I made it to the part where it explains about setting up the n950-nemo rootfs19:50
alteregoThere's also the bit about integrating with osc chroot environments, which is what I was going to show you, but it's all there, so just read through :)19:51
Venemocan I use the same archive for this purpose as the one I untarred to the device rootfs?19:51
alteregoindeed you can19:51
Venemobased on the instructions on the wiki, would it be possible to write a GUI and automatize all this?19:53
alteregoWell, we want to work on a target generation script19:54
alteregoSo maybe have something like "sb2-target install http://blah/nemo.ks"19:54
alteregoWould be cool19:54
Venemoit would be even cooler if I could do it with a few clicks on a GUI19:56
Stskeepscommand line is also fast, when centered around sdk19:56
Venemoanyway, I can't even imagine how you did this before these tools existed.19:56
alteregoWell, the tools existed before mer sdk19:57
alteregoobs, mic, suse and moblin19:57
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC19:57
alteregosb2 scratchbox2 has been around a long while too19:57
alteregoThough with the exception of us, don't really know anyone else that uses it.19:58
Venemoisn't the fremantle and harmattan sdks also using scratchbox2?19:58
Venemoor was that scratchbox 1?19:58
Stskeepsalterego: tizen, of all people19:59
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #nemomobile19:59
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #nemomobile19:59
VenemoStskeeps, srsly?19:59
Stskeepsyes, tizen / samsung uses it19:59
Stskeepsthough not in tizen 2.019:59
Venemois there already a tizen 2.0?20:00
VenemoI haven't even seen the 1.0.20:00
Venemonor the 0.1, for that matter.20:00
Stskeepsi like nemo more, it's sexier20:01
Venemonemo is awesome20:01
Venemoall it needs is a better user experience.20:01
*** Sazpaimon has joined #nemomobile20:02
Stskeepsat least you're open to make it20:03
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:06
Venemohey faenil20:07
Venemoabout this:
Venemoshouldn't 'mkdir -p /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs' have 'sudo' before it?20:08
faenilchecking my history20:08
faenilI added it20:08
Venemojust asking because "cannot create directory `/srv/mer': Permission denied"20:09
Venemoso either I screwed up somewhere along the way, or it should have sudo20:09
faenildon't know, I have added ir20:09
alteregoVenemo: chown -R $USER /srv/mer/targets20:10
alteregoOh wait, you're trying to make /srv/mer20:10
Venemochown: cannot access `/srv/mer/targets': No such file or directory20:10
alteregoYeah, sorry, I thought you'd already made that directory.20:10
Venemoshould I do this outside the sdk?20:11
Venemothe previous target was placed in /parentroot/srv/mer/targets20:11
alteregoOh, the original targets are /parentroot20:11
Venemothere isn't even a directory called /srv/mer/targets20:11
alteregoYeah, stick it there.20:11
alteregoappend /parentroot20:12
faenilalterego, I've used sudo...20:12
alteregoMine are actually under ~/.local/mer, but meh h:)20:12
alteregofaenil: really doesn't matter.20:12
faenilyeah, it's working :P20:12
alteregoI'm not sure why they use parent root, except to keep the targets if you destroy your mer-sdk20:12
faenillbt, ping20:12
alteregoBut like I said, I use ~/.local/20:12
VenemoI'd prefer to keep them in the same place so I'll append parentroot as alterego suggested20:12
alteregoBut then, my sdk is installed in /opt/sdks/mer-sdk20:13
alteregoRather than /srv/20:13
*** cristi has quit IRC20:15
Venemobtw, what's the purpose of /opt in a regular Linux distro?20:15
faeniloption software20:15
alteregooptional software :)20:15
faenilwhich is not part of the base system20:15
Venemoso why is it empty?20:16
faeniltoday I discovered qmlgallery is in /opt, for instance :D20:16
alteregoBecause you've not used it :P20:16
faenilempty? ...20:16
faeniloh you mean in the sdk20:16
alteregoI use /opt for nokia qt sdk, mer sdk, java, all sorts of things.20:16
Venemofaenil, no, in my Fedora 16 installation20:16
alteregoWell, no use in the SDK20:16
alteregoVenemo: it's stuff you install outside of fedora package management.20:17
alteregoYou could also use "local"20:17
alterego/usr/local that is ..20:17
Venemoso it's kind of a convention to put various custom stuff there?20:17
alteregoI use /usr/local for things I'm compiling from source, that I deem good for the system, I use /opt for things that come as precompiled packages, chroots, whatever.20:17
alteregof /srv is meant for stuff you host via a service of somekind, like http, or whatever.20:18
VenemoI see20:19
Venemois the same method used to set up an x86 target?20:21
alteregoYeah, you just use a different .ks and --arch parameter to mic20:23
alteregoOr get the rootfs20:23
Venemoafter I've set up a new target, how can I make it the default?20:23
alteregosb2-config -d TARGET20:23
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:24
Venemoso, what is the preferred way to compile, scp to device and run?20:28
Venemobesides manually doing so, of course.20:28
alteregoWell, I though that was what you wanted? :P20:28
alterego~thought ..20:28
alteregoLike I said, I use osc, build an rpm, scp rpm, rpm -i, :)20:28
Venemoyep, you said so20:29
alteregoBut then, my packages are large, made from plugins, executables and libraries.20:29
alteregoWhich, scp'ing would be a pain in the ass ;)20:29
Venemowhat packages are those?20:29
alteregoThe new dialer20:30
Venemomhm :)20:30
VenemoI can't imagine what makes a dialer a large package20:30
Venemoit must be a very cool dialer20:30
alteregoHere's a fairly early screenshot of the new dialer :)
Venemovery cool indeed!20:30
alteregoWell, look at the source :P20:30
faenilI see antialiasing there alterego :D20:31
alteregofaenil: exactly :P20:31
alteregoBut that font is only 4820:31
Venemoantialiasing should be a simple bool property in QML, shouldn't it?20:31
alteregofaenil: I'm also using TextEntry :P20:31
alteregoVenemo: source:
faenilVenemo, not always, if the text is larger than 64px20:32
Venemoalterego, you're using qtsingleapplication? hm!20:32
alteregoI'm using it, I'm using it twice!20:32
alteregofaenil: doesn't seem to be an issue with TextEntry ..20:33
VenemoI've never used it since I found out about invoker20:33
alteregoWell, this is different use case.20:33
faenilalterego, "not always" :)20:33
alteregoThe ui, could potentially work with invoker.20:34
alteregoBut the service probably not a greate idea.20:34
alterego~great ,,20:34
Venemowho knows?20:35
Venemoshould I be able to build my stuff with 'sb2 qmake' then 'sb2 make'?20:35
faenilalterego, do you know which folders are being scanned by qmlgallery?20:36
alteregofaenil: no idea20:36
specialtracker does the scanning20:36
alteregoVenemo: you should be able to yes.20:36
Venemoalterego, 'sb2 make' doesn't do anything20:36
faenilspecial, yeah, do you know where it looks for files?20:37
lbtfaenil: pong20:37
faenillbt, you said something about symlinks20:37
special~/Pictures/ is one, I'm not sure what else relevant to images20:37
alteregolbt: why doesn't "sb2 -t TARGET make" do anything?20:37
faenilspecial, well yeah I expected Pictures to be parth of the "filepath" :D20:37
lbtfaenil: check the /etc/mtab is a symlink to /proc/self/mounts20:37
faenilbecause make isn't installed in the SDK by default20:37
faenillbt, inside sdk?20:38
lbtsome bug somewhere - will be looking at it next week20:38
faenilfile -b reports "empty"20:38
faenilalterego, yeah, make isn't installed :) Stskeeps told me to file a bug about it, and I will :)20:38
alteregoVenemo: ^ install make ;)20:39
* lbt welcomes bugs on SDK - I'll be doing a new release RSN and will try to make it saner.20:39
alteregolbt: well, really great work so far :)20:39
lbtI will probably remove a lot of the cross-build toolchains from the image20:39
Venemoalterego :)20:39
alteregolbt: what about these target automation installation scripts?20:39
lbtto minimise download time20:39
alteregoI wouldn't mind working on those myself if you'd like20:39
faenillbt, do I have to add it?20:40
lbtfaenil: yes20:40
alteregolbt: do we have any kind of, erm, guidelines for scripts?20:40
faenillbt, can I know why? :)20:40
alteregoLike examples maybe I can base mine on :)20:40
lbtalterego: make it fit with the current style20:40
lbtfaenil: it's needed by various tools like mic20:41
Venemoseems that qt-devel is not enough either20:41
lbtalterego: check mer-chroot-sdk script20:41
faenillbt, ok, hope I don't screw anything, so I have to delete /etc/mtab and recreate it as symlink20:42
lbtmer-sdk-chroot even20:42
lbtfaenil: yes20:42
alteregolbt: will do20:42
alteregoAlso, "features.h: No such file or directory"20:42
lbtnote that sb2 is a bit dim20:42
lbtso you won't get "file not found"20:43
faenillbt, I don't understand when you're talking to me :P20:43
alteregoProbably need to install glibc-devel20:43
lbtfaenil: that sb2 comment was generic20:44
faenilI installed it20:44
faenillbt, ok20:44
*** Estel_ has quit IRC20:45
*** Estel_ has joined #nemomobile20:45
faenillbt, ln: creating symbolic link `/proc/self/mounts': File exists20:45
faenilgot to delete that too?20:45
lbterr, no :)20:46
faenilsorry switched args20:46
* alterego creates a his own devel.ks for dialer.20:46
faenildone ;)20:46
alteregoSo much nicer managing scratchbox targets like this.20:46
faenilalterego, I still don't understand what this is all about :D20:46
alteregoPlus, I can use the image to actually compile on the move. lol20:46
alteregofaenil: plenty of info in the history buffer.20:47
alteregofaenil: but if you have a question, just ask :P20:47
faenilwell I think I'd better read old days convs :)20:47
Venemoseems that I screwed up something20:47
Venemoit did not found QGLWidget among the includes, so I installed a couple more libs. it installed qt5 too which screwed up again. so I removed qt5. now qmake doesn't do anything.20:48
alteregowell, you probably need to install qt-devel20:49
Venemozypper rm qt-qmake actually made it install qt5 again20:49
alteregololwell, you could remove the target and reinstall20:50
alteregoBut I said install qt-devel, not qt-qmake ;)20:50
faenilVenemo, I just did sb2 -t nemo-n950 -m sdk-install -R zypper in make qt-devel glibc-devel20:50
faenilas suggested by special  :)20:50
Venemoafter removing qt5 again it reinstalled qt-qmake20:50
Venemoso now I have qmake and it works20:50
Venemobut I still don't have QGLWidget20:51
alteregoinstall libqtopengl-devel20:51
alterego"zypper search" is your friend ;)20:51
VenemoI was lazy, so I did a zypper install *qt*-devel20:51
VenemoI thought whatever is missing will be installed then20:52
Venemothat's how I accidentally got qt520:52
Venemoscp doesn't exist in the chroot20:54
alteregozypper is your friend (without sb2)20:55
VenemoI can do it from outside20:56
VenemoI'm in trouble20:56
VenemoI thought the user nemo is the user user on Nemo20:56
Venemobut it does not have permissions to /home/nemo20:56
Venemowhat the hell is that20:56
alteregoHmm, usb net?20:57
Venemoit doesn't have permissions on the device either20:57
Venemosorry, it's
alteregoare you using usb networking?20:58
Venemoyes I am20:58
alteregoTry unplugging and reconfiguring20:59
alteregomaybe try restarting device too :)20:59
alteregoBut I'm heading off now to sleep a bit. ciao! :)20:59
Venemoall right21:00
Venemothanks for your help :)21:00
alteregonp :)21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:01
Venemoonce more I'm stuck at the boot screen21:06
Venemowhat the...21:06
faenilcrap, no OBS? :D21:11
faenilwell, good night alterego, cya :)21:12
Venemofaenil, do you have an idea why it's stuck at the boot screen?21:14
faenilwifi doesn't work anymore since I updated packages :(21:14
faenilVenemo, nemo?21:14
faenilor harm?21:14
faenildon't know :(21:14
VenemoI demolished harmattan21:14
faenilwhy am I in flight mode even if it is disabled?...21:20
faenilsince i updated packages...21:20
Venemosomeone screwed something up?21:20
faeniland the wifi isn't working anymore21:20
faenilthis is annoying :(21:20
Venemowhat's annoying is that apparently nobody tested it before releasing those packages.21:21
faenilVenemo, I understand them, this is a best effort product, people do what they can do, hoping someone will help :)21:21
Venemosure, but it would have taken 5 minutes of testing to find the bug you found...21:22
faenilnone said they don't know about it :)21:22
faenilit's just that none has had time to fix it yet21:22
Venemoso, why release it then?21:23
Venemoespecially if it worked in the previous version21:23
faenilbecause it has other new features :)21:23
Venemoother new features are completely useless if the wifi doesn't work or if I get stuck at the startup screen21:23
faenilthere's none active at this time... :(21:23
faenilVenemo, that's true, but I'm sure none is having the wifi issue but me...21:24
faenilotherwise you're right21:24
faenilthere's no point in releasing it21:24
Venemofaenil, I had the wifi issue21:26
Venemobefore rebooting21:26
Venemonow it won't even start.21:26
VenemoI can of course reinstall the rootfs one more time21:27
faenilI think it's not the wifi, it's the browser, it doesn't even open a log file21:27
faenilthe problem is I need the browser because I have the login for the internet connection...21:28
Venemothe wifi simply disconnected and then it was unable to establish a new connection21:28
faenilmine says "connected"21:28
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:28
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile21:29
Venemoit seems that something is wrong with the wifi alltogether21:29
Venemohi phaeron :)21:31
phaeronVenemo: hello21:36
Venemophaeron, how are you? :)21:37
rcgVenemo: wifi in current nemo on n950?21:37
phaeronjust woke up21:37
Venemorcg, yep21:37
* faenil is screaming "I want to fix bugs, WHY U NO WORK?" at his n95021:37
Venemophaeron, this late?21:37
faenilphaeron, Australia? :D21:38
rcgVenemo: made the last update yesterday and wifi seems at least unstable21:38
faenilrcg, oh, ok :/21:38
Venemorcg, yes, for everybody else too21:38
phaeronfaenil: close , Finland :D21:38
faenilphaeron, ahaha :D21:38
rcghowever, after rebooting wifi works for "some time" o_O21:38
faenilrcg, holy crap21:38
faenilStskeeps, you there? we have big problems here21:39
faenilSage, ^21:39
rcgfaenil: well, i didn't have the time to investigate this yet21:39
rcgin more depth, i.e.21:39
faenilrcg, are you the one behing the wifi panel? :D21:39
rcgso i didn't want to call for a serious issue yet21:40
rcgfaenil: nope21:40
faenilrcg, well, wifi not working by default is a big issue imho :D21:40
faenilVenemo, have you tried pinging from terminal21:40
faenilit could be a browser problem21:40
rcgusually i investigate such stuff with ifconfig iwconfig etc. to narrow the issue down21:40
faenilI can't ping because I need to login via browser to use internet21:40
rcgit works after reboot but stops after some time21:40
faenilrcg, ifconfig seems ok here, I've already checked it :)21:41
Venemothe good news is that my app works flawlessly on Nemo :)21:41
faenilVenemo, then give it a try :)21:41
faenilVenemo, congrats :)21:41
rcgVenemo: nice :)21:42
Venemoit feels even smoother than it was on Harmattan21:42
rcgfaenil: i just had an issue once after the update where iwconfig didn't even show the n950 being associated with my ap21:42
Venemois there a way to put Nemo-specific rules into the .pro file?21:42
rcgin that situation rebooting solved the issue21:42
faenilVenemo, can you try pinging from terminal?21:43
Venemofaenil, ok21:43
rcgfaenil: that was what lead me to the interpretation that wifi is not stable21:43
Venemofaenil, do you want me to connect to a random neighbour's random open wifi or my wpa2 hidden wifi?21:43
rcgwhereas, i couldn't reproduce the issue yet.. so i am kinda cautious to call alarm ;)21:43
Venemofaenil, actually I dunno how to connect to a hidden wifi with this new UI21:45
Venemonow there's an option to do so.21:46
Venemointeresting that it didn't pop up earlier21:46
faenilmm, so I'm connected to wifi21:47
rcgbtw faenil if ifconfig shows its ok than usually there is no need to consult iwconfig21:47
faenilat least I found another ip I can ping in my lan21:47
Venemook, connected to hidden wifi21:48
Venemopinging from terminal works21:48
rcgbut you can always use iwconfig to verify you are actually connected to a wlan21:48
faenilso, it's the browser :)21:48
faenilrcg, already checked ,)21:48
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #nemomobile21:49
Venemo_N950irc works too21:49
faenilVenemo_N950, yeah it must be the browser...21:49
Venemo_N950let me try the browser21:50
Venemo_N950it appears to be working21:51
Venemo_N950and this is the worst vkb i've seen in my life21:51
faenilVenemo_N950, it loses a lot of key events doesn't it?21:52
Venemo_N950it does21:52
faenilyeah :(21:52
Venemoand something is terribly, horribly wrong with either the compositor or the home screeen21:53
faenilVenemo, hadn't you ever tried Nemo?21:54
VenemoI have tried it a few times21:54
Venemoactually, as surprising as it sounds, irc-chatter seems to be among the most polished apps on nemo21:55
faenilVenemo, because the others aren't apps people really developed21:56
Venemohow so?21:56
faenilfor example I did qmlgallery (most of it, special has been polishing and adding features in the last days)21:56
faenilbecause I'm not interested in developing a image gallery, I just do it for nemo21:57
faenilso I don't spend all my spare time on it21:57
VenemoI see21:57
faenilI just worked on it once in january21:57
Venemoso the fact that I'm actually interested in developing an irc client made the difference?21:57
faenilfilemuncher is polished too, though ;)21:58
VenemoTwimGo works fine, although it's a usability nightmare21:58
faenilVenemo, oh well yeah there are other "real" softwares too21:58
faenilholy crap I'm getting mad on this damn issue, I want internet damnit! :@21:59
Venemoactually I take back what I said previously22:00
Venemowifi has improved!22:00
Venemo_N950compared to the previous release, it now doesn't disconnect from my wifi after a few minutes of use22:01
Venemo_N950which is something22:01
faenil:) fantastic :)22:01
Venemo_N950however there is no longer a wifi indicator on the status bar22:01
macmaNnoticed today my n9 drained its battery ultrafast because for some reason mcompositor was cpu hogging22:01
Venemofaenil, do you experience redraw issues with the app switcher too?22:02
Venemo_N950or any redraw issues in general22:02
faenilVenemo, look, I filed it :)
faenilback in January22:03
Venemo_N950seems that sometimes it just draws stuff as empty black rectangles22:03
VenemoI'm not talking about app loading22:03
faenilloading, switching22:03
Venemoswitching, yep22:04
faenilit happens in both cases22:04
faenilok, I'll just surrender22:05
Venemotried a reboot yet?22:06
faenil3-4 times22:06
*** himamura has quit IRC22:10
faeniland if I change the address and I hit enter, the browser crashes22:14
*** chouchoune_nas has quit IRC22:14
rcgsee ya guys22:22
rcggonna hit the sack22:22
*** rcg has quit IRC22:22
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:25
*** chouchoune_nas has joined #nemomobile22:29
Venemogood night folks :)22:43
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:44
faenilso, for the seems the problem with wifi in my case was the power managment (again)22:47
faeniliwconfig wlan0 power off, fixed it22:47
*** faenil has quit IRC22:51
*** norayr has quit IRC22:56
*** danielcbit has quit IRC23:06
*** Siosm has joined #nemomobile23:35
*** Siosm has quit IRC23:40

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