Thursday, 2012-07-26

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* rantom need coffee06:15
* iekku offers rantom big cup of coffee06:24
* rantom takes it, thanks, and takes another cup of just made coffee06:25
* iekku goes to see if there's still coffee left06:28
rantomMight need to get a new coffeebrewer later06:28
rantomThis one makes quite a noise and the coffeepot spills coffee06:28
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iekkuwhoo! somebody had make new coffee!! \o/06:32
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rantomEvery office should have someone hired just for that06:46
* Stskeeps glances at rantom's CV06:47
Stskeeps(yes, you just walked into that one)06:47
rantomI'll get you Euroshopper-coffee then06:48
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rzrSage, thx for reviewing reak !07:27
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Venemo_N9good morning07:40
iekkumorning Venemo_N907:40
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alteregoLatest screenshots of new dialer. Should be ready for nemo soon :)
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rantomalterego: Looks quite good10:02
rantomI'd consider though making those sub-options (mute/headset/etc) a tad bigger10:03
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alteregorantom: yeah, they need overhaul, icons and I don't like the blue10:22
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faenilmorning :)10:24
alteregoHe faenil10:28
faenilhey :)10:28
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faenilno Ad-Hoc networks in current nemo?10:46
alteregoNo, it's not worked forever afaik10:50
alteregoThere was talk of fixing it,  think it was something to do with connman10:50
faenilI see :(10:51
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w00tcan anyone verify the observation on ?11:04
faeniljust read it ..11:05
faenilwhat do you mean? it's fixed if lock and unlock the device?11:05
w00tnot fixed11:05
w00tit just doesn't happen until the next time you restore -> minimize -> restore11:05
w00ti.e. the first restore will be ok11:05
faenilok, let me check11:05
faenilit doesn't always happen, even without switching the screen off...11:08
w00tI know, but it reliably doesn't happen when you switch it off11:08
w00tat least I haven't seen it out of ~80 restores now11:08
faenilprobably some state is reset when it switches the screen off11:09
faenilso it has nothing to draw11:09
faeniland the problem doesn't show11:09
faenilnow it happened even after switching the screen on and off11:10
faenilif I don't minimize the app and switch off and on, and then minimize and restore another one, it still happens at time11:11
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Sagehmmp... I can't reproduce that11:28
Sageor well there is flickr but that is in the minimized application thingy on desktop11:28
Sagethe minimized application when clicked it seems to show the whole desktop in it when maximize starts11:29
Sagealso same thing when minize ends11:29
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Sagew00t: ^11:32
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SageI have no idea what flickr:n you guys are talking about but only thing that flickers on my dev is the minimized apps11:39
w00tit isn't that it fixes11:39
w00tI'd have to take a video if you can't see it now11:39
w00tbut basically11:39
w00tthe animation, when restoring something off the switcher, on the screen that isn't covered by the rapidly maximising app, shows something other than what it should11:40
w00twhere "something other than what it should" is usually "the last application you looked at"11:40
w00tswitching off/on the screen doesn't fix it, it just changes it from the last application to the switcher11:40
w00tit's still showing bad content instead of the homescreen11:40
Sageah, now I can see what you mean11:41
Sageyes, that is there11:41
Sagew00t: if you do it very quickly it is not present btw11:41
Sageif you wait a moment before maximizing app it is there11:42
Sageerr no11:42
* w00t wonders what the application was that watches for xdamage events11:42
phaeron1w00t: mcompositor ?11:43
w00tphaeron1: I want a debugging tool11:43
* w00t throws connman under a bus11:44
* Sage calls an ambulance for connman11:44
w00tthat's it11:44
phaeron1xev is one but it doesn't do damange event11:44
w00tor was it..11:44
w00tlooks like it11:44
w00tStskeeps: you're missing a tool ;)11:45
Stskeepsthere's a bug for xresponse11:45
w00tsubbed to it11:45
w00tStskeeps: i think i am going to have to update mobility.11:46
w00tStskeeps: how do we deal with packaging of snapshots? can we even do that with ~ being broken?11:46
Stskeepsshould be fine as long as you don't do double ~ ~11:47
Stskeepslike ~beta1~screwyou11:47
w00tdo we have a convention for versioning of this stuff? 1.2.1~gitsha or something?11:47
w00t(that would never get updated, though, would it?)11:48
Stskeepsgit<some increasing number>.shortsha11:48
w00t1.2.1~git0.shortsha? ok11:48
* w00t sighs, deeply11:48
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Stskeepswe used to have a script counting amount of commits11:48
w00tgives me: v1.2.0-1960-g6d63bb511:51
w00t(lol, 1960 commits since the last release.)11:51
w00tStskeeps: I take it you'll want the update done without my new patches first? or what11:53
Stskeepsyes, stable first11:53
w00tso that's two mer releases before we can get the patches into nemo? eehh11:53
w00tnot sure that's ideal11:54
w00tthat having been said11:57
w00tI'm not sure what *is* ideal :>11:57
faenilyess, finally hostapd working with my n950 :)12:01
faenilStskeeps, had to disable wifi power mngmt again...wifi wasn't working at all12:02
faenilvkb in browser doesn't want to go away...grr12:03
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Sagew00t: ?12:08
w00tSage: I need patches to mobility to fix various bugs, but I really don't want to keep piling rot on top of the already heavily-patched incredibly out of date mobility that we have12:09
w00tso, I need to update it12:09
Sagebut why two releases ?12:09
w00tbut... I also need to put my patches in after that12:09
* faenil getting some random pictures to test gallery :)12:16
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w00tok, in theory, I ported all the patches that anyone cares about12:21
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alteregoSage: if I symlink dialer.desktop to my .desktop, it should show in quick launch right?12:52
alteregohmm, but then there'd be twi dialer icons in launcher12:53
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w00tnothing like a 45 minute failed build because of -one- unpackaged .h13:33
* w00t swears13:33
w00tSage: do you have any idea how libqtsparql-tracker is dragged in? (see
faenilhow hard is it to fix brighness/flightmode switches?13:46
w00tno clue, I guess we do have some brightness stuff at least since my n950 screen seems to autoadjust brightness13:48
w00tor perhaps I imagine it?13:48
faenilshould be easy to check :)13:50
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faenilw00t, I don't see it changing when I cover the sensor :)13:52
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alteregoSage: what's the state of ohmd?13:59
alteregoApparently there's a new patch to stop cgroups crap?13:59
phaeron1alterego: yes that's in already14:00
alteregoSo if I update device I should get new package?14:00
w00tso it's still not fixed, it just doesn't crash14:00
w00tbut yes14:00
alteregoHmm, okay.14:00
phaeron1but disabling the plugin means other plugins work , right ?14:01
* alterego tests anyway.14:01
phaeron1hmm I have some input to the camera issue14:02
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alteregoIt doesn't seem to have affected my image.14:03
alteregoi.e. no updated packages.14:04
alteregoIs this in -latest or -next?14:04
phaeron1there is no spearation14:04
phaeron1alterego: ohm-plugins-misc-1.1.59-3.1.Nemo14:05
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w00tStskeeps: Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SRPMS/qt-mobility-1.2.2~git1962.g8c17475-1.src.rpm14:07
alteregoAlready installed apparently.14:07
w00tlol, rpmlink hates this package14:08
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phaeron1alterego: check , maybe helpful14:17
* w00t finishes updating Qt Mobility on device14:19
w00tStskeeps: any ideas for how to test this?14:21
w00tcontacts works, gallery works14:21
Stskeepsw00t: do what i do, send it for review and when it's released, wait for the screams of horror..14:21
w00tMer QA at its best™14:22
w00tI'll test calendar, try a device reboot, and if that works, I'll consider it done14:22
w00tit's only ~1900 new commits14:22
w00twhat could possibly go wrong14:22
faenilat least we have an updated mobility14:24
alteregophaeron1: does this sound like it's ohmd related? Jul 26 17:19:20 localhost.localdomain pulseaudio[667]: alsa-source-old.c: Resume failed, couldn't restore original sample settings.14:24
phaeron1maybe , I am not ohmd guy :) rozhkov is14:25
w00tpoor rozhkov14:26
w00tok, it booted14:27
w00tI'm considering that done™14:27
alteregoI usually test at least two reboots :P14:29
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rozhkovalterego: it doesn't sound like ohmd related for me. but i can't call myself an expert in ohm :)14:44
rozhkovi spent 3 days only playing with it14:45
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alteregoYeah, I'm starting to think it's not.14:49
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faenilw00t, ping15:44
faenilspecial, ping15:49
specialfaenil: pong15:49
faenilspecial, is pinchtozoom laggy on your side too?15:49
faenilI'm trying the new version now15:49
faenilit's very slow while zooming, something like 2fps15:49
specialare you sure you're on the newest version? it was very laggy before, but some of w00t's changes made it perfectly smooth15:51
faenilfirst version I uploaded was very smooth, though there was jittering15:51
faenilthis one is choppy15:51
faenilI'll try rebooting...15:51
faenilthough scrolling in the gallery is smooth15:51
specialthe OpaquePaintEvent and NoSystemBackground flags in main.cpp fixed that before15:54
w00ti have no lag at all15:54
faenilw00t, not even while pinching?15:54
w00ti uploaded a video, but mobile so i cant find the link now15:54
w00tnone at all15:54
faenilw00t, good, it must be a problem of mine then... :(15:55
faenilmenu isn't very scroll either...let's open top15:55
w00tyoure fully updated?15:56
specialand did you do the tearing fix?15:56
faenilspecial, nothing to do with tearing15:56
faenilw00t, yes15:56
w00tthat is in the repos now, i hope15:56
faenilw00t, yes it's in15:57
faenilok everything back to normal...15:57
w00twhat was it15:57
faenilI should have checked top in the laggy system, before rebooting15:57
faenildon't know...15:58
Sagesomeone with n900 or n950 could you do "ps aux | grep getty"  and show the output16:00
faenilnemo       872  3.0  0.0   5840   824 pts/1    S+   18:00   0:00 grep getty16:01
faenilthough I had to use ssh, because there's no way to type | in the terminal afaik :D16:02
w00ti have sbin/agetty16:02
w00tbut cant paste as am on n916:02
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faenilmmm rootType only accepts one type...we can't display both photos and videos with the provided features of qml :(16:35
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faenilcya tomorrow :)17:21
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