Sunday, 2012-07-29

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faenilgood morning :)08:12
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Venemogood morning08:31
Venemow00t, ping08:31
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Venemodo I have to kill meegotouchhome before I launch lipstick?08:37
Stskeepsyes, probably08:38
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alteregohaaaaang oooooveeeeeer09:08
alteregoVenemo: I've got a working qt creator integration for mer sdk now :)09:08
alteregoVenemo: I'll post the details a bit later for you09:09
alteregoI suppose I should stick it on wiki09:09
alteregoSage: I need to replace old dialer with new.09:09
Venemoalterego, I can write the wiki article once you tell me all about it09:10
Venemohm, interestingly, I can't seem to kill meegotouchhome09:10
Venemoit respawns09:10
alteregoit will do09:10
Venemocan I kill meegotouchhome and prevent it from respawning?09:11
phaeronalterego: oh cool !09:11
w00tVenemo: it's probably in /etc/xdg/autostart/ or something like that09:11
alteregoit'll respawn maybe 10 times before it gives up, alternatively, you can edit the autostart, to start lipstick instead09:11
Venemow00t, yeah09:11
w00tYMMV because I just woke up and can hardly process anything beyond "it's morning"09:12
alteregoVenemo: I'll eo some rough instructions on wiki, then you can buff the article up if you like ;)09:12
Venemoalterego, ok, sure :)09:14
alteregoYou basically need a script, and there's a few details in configuring your projects to work.09:16
alteregoIt's also a bit annoying because there's no global target, you literally have to do it manually on a project by project basis. It's a cheap integration but it works. I'll look in to a more versatile method at somepoint.09:17
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Venemoalterego, that's a good start anyway09:18
faenilalterego, good :)09:32
faenilis  "Oops! No images found..." ok for qmlgallery? message to be shown when there are no images09:37
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rcgfaenil: i would suggest something along the lines, "No images yet"09:43
rcgor something09:43
rcg"Opps! ..." kinda implies something bad happened ;)09:43
faenilrcg problem is, that message is also shown when you filter images, and you get no results09:43
faenilNo images yet isn't good either imho :)09:43
faenilyeah I agree, Oops is for bad things :)09:43
rcgfaenil: right :)09:44
rcgwhat about using different messages depending on whether a filter was applied or not?09:44
rcg"No images yet" and "No matching images found"09:45
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faenilrcg, eh, that implies checking if there's a filter active :P let's give it a spin09:53
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rcgfaenil: yeah, that's what i figured when designing UIs.. you always stumble from simple to increasingly complex ;)09:54
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rcgbbl though09:54
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faenilanyone alive with qml experience?10:32
Aardgoogle never sleeps10:32
faenilAard, he doesn't seem to be able to help me...:P10:33
faenilit's not like I like bothering people :D10:33
iekkufaenil, don't you :(10:34
faeniliekku, ?10:34
iekkubad joke, sorry10:34
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Venemo_N9seems that my ISP decided not to work again10:38
Venemo_N9so, I'm working on adding a working status bar to lipstick10:42
Venemo_N9my attempts have failed so far10:42
w00tfailed how?10:44
Venemo_N9I determined (roughly) how the status bar in qt components works10:45
Venemo_N9as a first step, I simply added that component to lipstick's qml10:45
w00ta C++ item that fetches and draws a shared X pixmap, afair10:46
Venemo_N9not exactly, but something like that, yes10:46
Venemo_N9I also tried to change the root element in lipstick to Window10:47
Venemo_N9but the status bar remained empty10:47
Venemo_N9interestingly, it started working when I removed the desktop window type...10:48
w00tbut then didn't work like a desktop, i guess ;)10:48
Venemo_N9well, you know, I just wanted to see what might be the issue, so I started commenting stiff10:50
w00tyeah, yeah10:50
w00twas more making a joke than anything10:50
faenilw00t, how would you change the filter here? Query Requests section10:50
w00tfaenil: with Qt.createQmlObject and a lot of pain10:51
faenilw00t, wonderful10:51
faenilwhy pain?10:51
w00tVenemo_N9: not sure what to suggest really.. might be helpful to look at meegotouch-home's source10:52
Venemo_N9anyway, the conclusion is that lipstick can't really reuse components from qt-components. they weren't meant to be used for creating desktops10:52
w00tas it must somehow end up with a working statusbar, so perhaps there's some magic button it presses10:52
Venemo_N9w00t, yes, that will be my next step as well10:52
w00tright, though if it's a simple enough fix, it might still be possible10:52
w00tfaenil: because it's not going to be pretty10:53
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faenilw00t, and do we have a choice there?10:53
Venemo_N9w00t, anyway, meegotouchhome somehow makes a working status bar, so I'll try to look at that10:54
faenilw00t, good10:54
w00tlet me know if you run into concrete issues, will see if i can find anything10:54
faenilw00t, and what if I want to reset it, set it to null? or anything better than that?10:55
Venemo_N9however, most of the code related to mtf is extremely hard to read... everything is related to everything else and the way classes relate to each other is not documented at all10:55
faenilI think they should have implemented some api for that .... -.-10:55
w00tVenemo_N9: meegotouchhome thankfully is a lot smaller than libmeegotouch :)10:56
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Venemo_N9I also tried to look into system UI, but I couldn't even determine where the code is which actually draws it.10:56
Venemo_N9w00t, it's still full of garbage, and the code doesn't seem to be organized at all10:58
Venemo_N9w00t, are you aware of any documentation about is inner working?10:59
w00ti'd guess it's and related pieces11:00
Venemo_N9but really, isn't there any documentation?11:02
w00twhat documentation do you expect? "StatusAreaRenderer renders the status area"? :p11:02
Venemo_N9for example, they could've documented the way it works.11:03
Venemo_N9eg the status bar component sets an X property containing the coordinates of itself. then something magically draws the status bar there11:04
w00tit works through systemui drawing to a shared X pixmap, which is pulled into all the clients, which do whatever they want with it11:04
w00tthe clients are responsible for drawing to the screen11:05
w00twhich also means they're responsible for positioning11:05
faenilthey just have that bitmap, they can do whatever they want with it :)11:05
Venemo_N9that's what I thought11:06
w00tbtw, it looks like PageStackWindow is the one which actually contains the status bar, not Window, so perhaps try that11:07
Venemo_N9that's what I tried, yes.11:09
Venemo_N9this is what updates the status bar11:10
w00twidget->windowType() == Qt::Window) {11:10
w00tthere's what is most likely your problem11:10
Venemo_N9which implies that the c++ inside will work11:11
Venemo_N9the code in there doesn't make sense.11:11
Venemo_N9it doesn't really draw a shared pixmap11:12
w00tyou want mdeclarativestatusbar.cpp11:12
w00t(as that code isn't doing drawing at all)11:13
Venemo_N9ok, but then what does this do exactly?11:13
w00tI don't know, I'd need to research what _MEEGOTOUCH_MSTATUSBAR_GEOMETRY is for11:14
w00tit is probably a hint to the compositor or something11:14
Venemo_N9I googled it, not many results11:14
Venemo_N9I have a guys though11:14
w00tit's used in the compositor11:14
Venemo_N9I have a guess11:15
w00tpresumably related to not showing the status bar on minimised applications11:15
Venemo_N9w00t, my thoughts exactly11:15
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nochI have the latest upgrades in nemo, and I wonder, whether something wrong with my installation or it is just incomplete: in the settings there's a possibility to change a language of the system, but not the input method of maliit keyboard.11:26
w00twe probably don't have that capability right now.. would be good if you want to look into what that requires11:27
Stskeepsnoch: file bugs, please11:27
nochhm, ok11:30
nochI'll first try to ask in #maliit how to change layout with command line11:30
Stskeepsw00t: hey, wasn't the email from meego touch one of the ones you tried to port?11:31
Stskeepserr, meego tablet u11:31
w00tStskeeps: i made a limited start on it, but i'm not sure about the best way to proceed with email11:32
w00tit might be interesting to look at e.g. trojita11:32
phaeroncan I use inotify on a socket :D11:35
phaeronnever mind , wrong window :)11:36
Venemo_N9what compositor did the MeeGo tablet UX use?11:36
Stskeepsin a different configuration/stuff patched out11:36
Venemo_N9what were the differences?11:37
Stskeepsno MTF11:37
Venemo_N9that sounds nice11:41
Venemo_N9any functional differences?11:42
Stskeepsold old version11:42
faenilw00t, have you noticed qmlgallery has some graphical glitch if it is started from terminal?11:43
w00tlike what?11:44
faenilno toolbar and double topBar11:45
w00tadd -fullscreen11:45
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faenilw00t, ok, everything's ok, didn't know you had to force it11:47
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, does it use mlite then?11:48
w00tfaenil: the idea being that you can also build (and run) on desktop, and it's a lot more annoying to have to specify -notfullscreen than it is to add -fullscreen to the .desktop file :)11:48
StskeepsVenemo_N9: yesish11:48
faenilw00t, I see the point :D11:48
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, -ish?11:48
faenilw00t, the SDK includes an emulator right?11:49
Venemo_N9so, why don't we patch our mcompositor as well to get rid of mtf?11:53
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Venemohi again12:14
faenilVenemo, could you please tell me the path of qmlgallery executable? it should be /opt/qmlgallery/bin12:18
Venemosure, moment12:19
Venemoit is there, yes12:21
faenilok thanks12:21
w00tVenemo: because it's work without anyone to do it, and (at least imho) there are more important things to address12:25
Venemow00t, understandable12:25
faenilVenemo, what's your output of "which qmlgallery" ?12:28
faenilVenemo, and could you also check if you have /usr/bin/qmlgallery?12:30
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Venemofaenil, sure. where should I run 'which qmlgallery'?12:32
faenilterminal :)12:33
Venemobtw, question: even though I deployed my public key on my Nemo device, sshing into it still needs password. but why?12:33
Venemofaenil, I meant which directory should I be when I run that command12:33
faenildoesn't matter12:33
Venemowhat user?12:34
Venemofaenil, ^12:35
faenilok thanks ;)12:36
Venemoany time12:36
* faenil digs in pinching algo madness12:38
* Venemo has been there, done that12:38
faenilI don't remember how it works, and I wrote that :D12:39
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faenilmmm w00t , you there?12:42
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faenilw00t, the compositor glitch is also visible if you start the app without -fullscreen, and rotate the screen :)12:47
faenilit redraws something it shouldn't12:47
jussiright, so somethign broke :/12:47
jussiI am following n950 dual boot on here:
jussigot moslo flashed, but now have a "fatal: Re-partitioning failed! you might be in trouble! You can telnet in the device to try debug! you can telnet into
jussiany help?12:49
jussitelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out12:49
faeniljussi, did you flash latest modded moslo? I had the repartitioning error until version .5 or .612:51
jussifaenil: moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin14631934moslo 2011.34-2 root filesystem12:52
faenilI think you're following the single booting paragraph :)12:54
faenilbut the filename is the modded one I guess12:54
faenilso either you did not get it from that website, or it has a different filename :D I guess the first12:54
jussiFlash modified MOSLO to NAND. (You need to grab the original MOSLO binary from, in order to be able to flash.)12:54
jussisudo flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R12:54
jussiunder the dual boot bit...12:55
faenilok yeah you're correct ;)12:56
faenilI did not remember it also uses the original one12:56
jussiso any ideas how to fix? reflash?12:56
faenilcheck that you're using moslo-
faenilas modded moslo12:56
faenilmaybe you downloaded an old modded moslo someday, and now you're using the old one :)12:57
faenilthe repartitioning error should not happen on the latest version of the modded bootloader12:58
faenilok...then I don't know...try contacting marquiz_12:58
faenilin the meanwhile, try again ;)12:58
jussido I unplug or can I run the flash from the green screen?12:58
faenildon't remember12:59
faenillunch, cya later12:59
Venemow00t, what do you think, what the hell is this?
alteregoVenemo: just need to work out how to get arround a little problem and should be set :)13:03
Venemoalterego, awesome, thank you :)13:03
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alteregoMight need to patch mer-sdk-chroot script13:03
alteregoActually, think I've got an idea.13:05
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Venemoalterego :)13:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5326 Accepted promotion request13:30
w00tVenemo: how do you mean13:35
Venemow00t, what does that class do?13:36
w00ttalks to whatever provides haptic feedback on harmattan13:36
Venemowe don't need that, do we?13:39
w00twell, it won't work anyway, as we don't have anything hooked in to provide haptics13:39
Venemojust asking.13:42
qpxif i install nemo on my n900, will i be able to import contacts from maemo?13:54
Stskeepsqpx: i think there used to be a script for that13:54
faenilw00t, remember this?
w00tfaenil: unfortunately ;)13:57
faenilif I comment         //snapMode: ListView.SnapOneItem13:57
faenilit is fixed....which is a bit worrying13:57
qpxStskeeps: this one?
Stskeepsyes, think so13:58
qpxok, will try13:59
faenilw00t, because we need it :P13:59
w00tfaenil: need in what sense?13:59
faenilthat we want it to snap to one item :D14:00
w00twell... yes :)14:01
w00tso we need to find another solution14:02
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* qpx booting nemo for the first time :)14:04
faenilw00t, or I can hack it to make what I want :D let's try14:06
w00tqpx: don't boot it too hard :-)14:07
jussiis there a different moslo I could try?14:07
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5330 waiting for review at
faenilwhy should this return a ReferenceError: can't find variable lol ?
faenilmy fault ;) it really made no sense :D14:36
*** k4rl has joined #nemomobile14:51
faenilw00t, how tall is the toolBar and the topBar?...14:57
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*** arcean has joined #nemomobile14:58
faenilw00t, I don't know who's crappier, if me or components -.-15:01
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*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile15:01
faenilVenemo, you still there?15:02
Venemofaenil, where?15:03
faenilonline :D15:03
faenilcould you please check one more thing?15:03
faenilopen gallery, open a photo in you see the top bar? or do you see black space on top?15:03
Venemothe gallery is a big white empty rectangle for me15:05
faeniloh you haven't updated packages...15:05
faenilnp then15:05
VenemoI didn't dare15:05
Venemohm, this is very interesting. the shared pixmap actually contains both the landscape and the portrait status bars below each other.15:06
faenilthere we go!!!15:11
faenilw00t, ^^^^15:11
faenilread what Venemo just said15:11
Venemowhat about it15:11
VenemoI'm halfway to getting a status bar into lipstick :)15:12
faenilit is related to another bug...I'm sure w00t already knows about that thing about the pixmap, but in case he didn't... :)15:12
Venemothis is not a but15:12
Venemothis is not a bug15:13
Venemoit's supposed to work this way15:13
Venemobefore drawing it, MTF looks at what the current orientation is, and sets the source rectangle accordingly.15:13
faenilVenemo, I'm not saying "that" is a bug, but it could be a relevant info to fix another bug15:14
Venemowhich one?15:15
faenilthis one
VenemoI think he already found a fix to that15:17
Venemoor maybe that was something else15:18
faenila fix? when?15:19
VenemoI think it involved editing some config file somewhere15:19
faenilyou mean tearing, that was fixed, yes, Stskeeps fixed that afaik15:21
faenilVenemo, follow the instructions in the bug report and you'll see what I mean15:21
Venemothat was something different then15:21
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Venemowhat more can meegotouchhome do that lipstick can't?15:40
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile15:40
*** Estel_ has quit IRC15:57
*** Estel_ has joined #nemomobile15:57
* alterego tests qtcreator compile and deploy :)15:59
faenilalterego, :)16:00
alteregoIT WORKS!16:03
faenilcongrats :D16:03
alteregoBut it doesn't execute as the correct user.16:04
alteregoAnd there's no DISPLAY environment variable set ..16:04
faenilyeah you have to set it manually16:04
Venemophaeron, ping16:05
Venemodo you think there's anything that relies on meegotouchhome's dbus interface?16:08
phaeronhmm maybe w00t , alterego or Aard can answer16:09
Venemow00t, alterego, Aard, can you? :)16:09
Stskeepsalterego: look into the eat stuff we have16:10
alteregoStskeeps: ?16:10
phaeronStskeeps: I think he16:10
phaeronStskeeps: he's deploying to sdk chroot , not device16:10
Stskeepsphaeron: hmm, ok16:10
phaeronso eat-device won't help16:10
Aardwhat can I answer?16:11
alteregoErm, I'm deploying on to device.16:11
alteregoI'm using qt-creator to build a project, deploy and run on device.16:11
alteregoIf only there was a slightly less fiddly way.16:11
phaeronalterego: device? then eat-device can help , install eat-device on .. device , and eat host on your system and use the ssh key16:12
Aardalterego: oh, I usually throw the rpm onto the device, and ssh in16:12
phaeronAard: Venemo was asking about MTF16:12
phaeronerr meegotouchhome16:12
alteregoAard: that's what I've been doing, but I figure this is better :P16:13
alteregoFor normaly developers16:13
Aardphaeron: what exactly?16:13
Venemohi Aard16:13
Aardalterego: talk with lbt, please, sdk work is on todo16:14
VenemoAard, I was curious whether or not there is anything that relies on meegotouchhome's dbus interface.16:14
AardVenemo: nothing I'm aware of right now. why?16:15
Aardoh, wait, is notification stuff part of that?16:16
VenemoAard, I've been working on lipstick and I saw that some of that code is still in there. I wondered whether there is an actual need for it. :)16:16
AardVenemo: can you give me an overview of the apis? from jolla side right now I'd prefer leaving it in, most likely16:16
VenemoAard, I can only tell you what's in lipstick right now. not sure what else was in meegotouchhome.16:17
VenemoAard, basically it sends a notification when it's "ready". and there are two dbus calls "showLauncher" and "focusToLauncherApp"16:18
VenemoI wouldn't delete either of them, just wondered what the purpose is16:18
AardVenemo: from jolla-side we want to make it easy for harmattan app developers to come to new platforms, so at least if the api is documented it should stay (and if it's not too much work/insane other documented apis implemented)16:21
VenemoAard, okay :)16:25
VenemoAard, does jolla intend to use lipstick?16:25
AardVenemo: can't comment16:25
*** udyant has joined #nemomobile16:25
VenemoAard, okay, no problem16:26
Aardbut since we're using nemo it's nice to have different stuff with harmattan-compatible apis there, so that people can play around16:26
Venemoagreed :)16:26
Aardand of course it'd make it easier for us to consider using it at some point16:26
Venemoagreed :)16:27
Stskeepswb udyant16:33
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC16:43
faenilI'm getting tired of behaves more or less randomly.16:43
specialfaenil: are you working on the landscape bug in gallery?16:44
specialthe issue is that at rotation, the size of the ListView changes, and the size of its items change, and the snapping to one item kicks in somewhere between those and ends up changing the item16:45
specialcontentX may need to be adjusted due to item size changes too16:46
faenilspecial, that's what I'm trying to do16:46
faenilI knew of this issue when I wrote the first version of the gallery back in january...but now I don't remember how to fix it easily anymore16:46
faenilI only know it works without snapMode set16:47
specialif you disable snap, is the resulting X position correct?16:47
faenilspecial, the visual result is correct, I don't know what goes on behind the sceens16:47
faenilcontentX seems to be reset when switching between orientations16:47
faenilcontentX is 0 for the first item when you open a random photo for the first time16:48
faenilafter you rotate the screen a few times, you go to photo number 0 and content X is like -5k16:48
specialyou could try connecting to Window.orientationChangeAboutToStart and orientationChangeFinished to disable snap mode while reorienting16:48
specialthat would be the easiest solution, if it works.16:48
faenilbut you still get the first photo16:48
specialthat is from a ListView optimization16:49
specialyou can't really rely on contentX/contentY values making sense over time.16:49
faenilyeah, noticed it...:(16:49
faenilso how can I give it an acceptable value, if they play tricks behind the scenes...16:50
faenilthe current problem is when you rotate the screen it gets the correct contentX + 21216:50
faenilalways that 212, so I was trying to guess where that could come from16:51
specialmy guess would be the difference in horizontal and vertical resolution, if you subtract for the statusbar and toolbar.16:51
*** k4rl has quit IRC16:51
faenilcould be16:52
faenilthat's why I asked for their sizes before :)16:52
specialI'm not sure I'm going to want to keep ListView on that page in the end16:52
faenilwhat would you suggest16:53
specialI'm not sure yet.16:55
specialone option people often don't think of: a GridView with one row or one column is like a ListView with consistent item sizes.16:55
Venemowhat does libcontentaction do?16:55
special(the variable item sizes are [part of] what make ListView so slow and unpredictable)16:56
faenilwhy shouldn't they vary in the gridview?16:56
specialsee GridView.cell{Height,Width}16:56
faeniland why should they in the listview then?16:57
faenilI'm missing a bit16:57
specialListView uses the size of the delegate for each item; that's why contentX and contentY often don't make any sense, and contentHeight or contentWidth are just guesses.16:58
faenilif you don't vary the size you won't be able to adapt it to the free space16:58
specialall items in a GridView take the same amount of space (in this case, you'd want the size of the page)16:59
specialListView items can be of any size.16:59
*** bennypr0fane has joined #nemomobile16:59
faenilspecial, but in this case, delegate always have the same size, which is that of the listview...16:59
faenili.e. that of the Page17:00
w00tListView doesn't know that17:00
specialthey do, but ListView won't create a delegate for every item before the current item in order to figure out their size.17:00
specialin a GridView, the contentX position of an item in column C is: X = cellWidth * C. That simple.17:01
faenilspecial, I thought ListView was working like that...delegate.width * index17:02
faenilthen could you guys elaborate more on why it doesn't work like that?17:02
specialfaenil: not possible unless all delegates are required to have the same width17:03
specialthey aren't.17:03
faenilspecial, ohhhh17:03
faenilok of course!17:03
faenilthen why aren't we using a GridView!! :D17:03
* faenil tries17:03
faenilspecial, but anyway, this must be a bug in ListView's implementation...I mean, it was supposed to work like it is, wasn't it?17:04
faenilthere's no point in providing SnapOneItem if it doesn't work as intended when it's put inside something that automatically handles rotation17:06
*** kallaballa has quit IRC17:08
specialSnapOneItem was intended to snap user scrolling17:08
specialthings get complicated when changing the size of the view and the size of items (which happens for each item individually), especially if those two don't happen at exactly the same time.17:09
*** mike7b4 has joined #nemomobile17:09
special(which I suspect is the case)17:09
faenilit's a very common use case...17:11
faenilessentially every listview in every app will have to handle rotations like in our case...17:11
Venemofaenil, let me know if you find a solution :)17:12
Aardalterego: *slap*17:13
alteregoI mean .. Now what?! :P17:16
bennypr0faneHello, I installed Nemo on an sdcard to use with N900. I used to boot fine, but now it doesn't. I run CSSU Testing on N900 which was recently changed to be compatible with Thumb2, but that's all the change I've made to it... How can I diagnose this?17:16
alteregoOh, dialer, right.17:16
* alterego creates .changes file and submits SR17:16
alteregoVenemo & faenil
Venemoalterego, awesome, thanks17:18
alteregoOne thing I forgot to mention, you'll need an updated mer-sdk-chroot script from here:
faenilI am for cmd build :D17:19
alteregoIt's WIP which is why it hasn't been succesfully pushed into the mainline mer scripts.17:19
faenilsure ;)17:19
alteregoNeed to sort out a few issues with it, but it works now if you guys want to test Qt Creator with Mer SDK :)17:19
alteregoAnd I need to write the "deployment & running on device" section17:20
faenilspecial, done :D17:24
*** lofty306 has joined #nemomobile17:26
faenilspecial, some graphics glitch due to missing resizeAnimation, but it works great :)17:26
*** lofty306 has left #nemomobile17:27
faenilspecial, unfortunately I'm wrong, it worked the first time only17:38
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:45
specialfaenil: it's fine to set that aside if the views won't cooperate17:51
specialI have considered not using a view at all, because of some little UI things I might want.17:51
faenilI don't surrender :)17:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5334 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5334 Rejected promotion request17:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5333 waiting for review at
*** bennypr0fane has left #nemomobile17:54
faenilspecial, mmm screen.displayWidth prints 854...17:58
alteregofaenil: that's correct, it is :)17:58
alteregofaenil: using the current orientation to modify your own variables17:59
faenilalterego, sorry?17:59
faenilso are measures taken from landscape mode?18:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5332 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5335 waiting for review at
faenilsetting correct contentX in the onOrientationChanged doesn't work either, it gets overwritten18:04
specialany solution like that will probably have unacceptable movement during the rotation anyway18:04
faenilnow it's not listview...wth is going on18:05
*** grammoboy has joined #nemomobile18:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5335 Rejected promotion request18:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5333 Rejected promotion request18:09
grammoboyhi, how does nemo compare to maemo for an n900?18:09
faenilnemo isn't ready for daily usage18:10
* alterego waits patiently for SR review ..18:14
* alterego twitches18:14
Venemoalterego, is your stuff ready to be tried?18:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5337 waiting for review at
alteregoHopefully, it's going in to Nemo as we speak :P18:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5336 waiting for review at
alteregoOr are you talking about the qt creator stuff?18:16
Venemoalterego, I'm talking about the Qt Creator stuff, yes18:17
alteregoOh, sure you can test it :)18:17
alteregoI'd appreciate the testing :P18:18
alteregoVenemo: please do go through the instructions and let me know if you find it hard to read/follow etc.18:20
alteregoAnd I'll improve it :)18:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5339 Rejected promotion request18:21
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5239 Accepted promotion request18:22
special I'm calling this the first functional release of QML messages :)18:23
Venemoalterego, Qt Creator doesn't accept the script as qmake18:23
faenilspecial, great! :)18:24
Venemoah, sorry, probably a permission issue18:24
alteregoVenemo: have you installed the mer-sdk-chroot script from here:
alteregoYou need to update that script in your sdk root dir18:24
VenemoI haven't18:24
faenilspecial, currentIndex changes when rotating the view, that's the problem18:25
specialcurrentIndex changes because you're using snap mode and contentX/contentY change, because the size of the view and the size of the items both change, possibly at different times18:26
faenilman but that's the only thing that can happen!18:26
alteregoAlso, make sure the "sdkroot" variable in those scripts is set to your SDKs root directory.18:26
faenilhow are GridView and ListView supposed to work with rotation changes?18:27
faenilspecial, nothing against you ;)18:27
specialthis is not a normal usage of them, really18:27
faenilI agree about the GridView, but this is something the ListView should handle...18:27
Venemoalterego, also, what should I set as sdkroot?18:28
VenemoI think I figured out, nevermind18:29
Venemoalterego, qt creator says "Could not determine the path to the binaries of the Qt installation, maybe the qmake path is wrong?"18:33
Aardspecial: how are you doing the history stuff? account setup?18:33
specialAard: no history yet beyond the current session; I'm going to look at libcommhistory for that at some point18:34
specialAard: account setup is out of scope of this application, for testing I did it with mc-tool.18:34
Aardspecial: did it work with the telepathy-stack as is, or did it need kicking?18:34
specialas-is, as long as you like jabber18:35
Aarddo you have rpms/what about putting a first version into nemo?18:35
specialw00t kindly volunteered for that :p18:36
alteregoVenemo: can you do: /opt/sdks/mer/scripts/qmake -query18:36
specialshould be in nemo shortly18:37
SageAard: will review it when it comes ;)18:37
Aardspecial: cool. looks nice so far :)18:37
faenilit does :)18:37
alteregoI still wonder whether we should be imitating Harmattan Look & Feel so much.18:38
Aardalterego: the bubbles? about every messaging application on a modern phone out there18:38
* Sage would like IRC style ;)18:38
Venemoalterego, yep, here are the results:
Venemoalterego, perhaps the problem is that the returned stuff contains /parentroot which doesn't exist outside the chroot?18:39
*** jonwil has quit IRC18:39
alteregoVenemo: yes, that's right. Hang on, I'll update the scripts :)18:40
Venemoalterego, thx :)18:41
Venemoalterego, have you also thought of making a fake g++ script? then we could add it as a tool chain18:42
alteregoIt's not needed.18:43
alteregoNot for this level of integration18:43
alteregoVenemo: updated the scripts, give 'em a go now.18:46
Venemoalterego, the output of -query seems to be okay, but Qt Creator still complains with the same error message18:49
alteregoHave you removed and readded the target? Or restarted qt-creator after changing those scripts?18:49
VenemoI tried both18:50
Venemoalterego, what is "sh: line 0: cd: /srv/mer/scripts: No such file or directory"18:52
alteregoGood question18:52
Venemoalso, the frist two errors could be an issue too18:53
alteregoIf you do ./qmake -query 2> /dev/null18:53
alteregoDo those errors disappear?18:53
alteregoWell, wouldn't worry about those errors18:55
Venemostill, something is not okay18:56
alteregoI guess I'll have to make an sdk setup like yours and see if I can figure it out ;)18:56
Venemowell, I just use the default directories18:57
Venemoas suggested in the sdk wiki article18:57
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile18:58
alteregoyah, silly directories18:59
alteregoWell, it's getting late I'll try to set it up how you've done it tomorrow and see what's wrong18:59
*** arcean has quit IRC19:01
Venemoall right alterego, thanks19:01
Venemoare you sure qt creator would properly deal with those errors?19:01
Venemocould we use that 2> /dev/null inside the script?19:01
alteregoyeah, because I get the cd error and it only reads stdout not err19:02
alteregowhere is you qt sdk installed?19:03
Venemothe default, ~/QtSDK/19:04
*** Siosm has joined #nemomobile19:05
alteregoOh I know ..19:05
alteregoIt's /etc/sudoers19:05
Venemowhat about it?19:06
alteregoYou need to add a line like this: tswindell ALL=(ALL)NOPASSWD:/opt/sdks/mer/mer-sdk-chroot19:06
alteregoYou need to be able to run mer-sdk-chroot without entering a password ;)19:07
Venemoit currently is:19:07
VenemoTimur ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL19:07
Venemoisn't that enough?19:07
VenemoI can sudo all I want19:08
alteregoOh, hrm.19:08
alteregoI guess that isn't it then ;)19:08
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*** furikku has quit IRC19:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5332 Rejected promotion request19:14
*** Siosm has quit IRC19:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5337 Accepted promotion request19:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5341 Accepted promotion request19:19
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #nemomobile19:21
*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC19:21
Venemocan someone tell me what a ContextProperty is?19:23
VenemoI see it's related to contextkit19:30
Venemowhat is contextkit?19:30
alteregoIt's like a publish/subscribe framework for monitoring various dynamic properties of the system, like device orientation, battery levels, blah, blah :)19:38
alteregoIt's an abstraction on top of dbus and gconf on meego, and other stuff on symbian, but the interface is supposed to be the same for all devices.19:39
alteregoBut it's a pita :)19:39
Venemoalterego, should I use contextkit for lipstick's orientation, or should I rather use Qt Mobility's orientation sensor?19:41
lpotterdo you want gui or device orientation?19:41
alteregoqt mobility please :)19:42
Venemolpotter, I'd like to adjust the gui according to device orientation.19:42
Venemoalterego, why? :)19:43
VenemoI'm just curious19:45
alteregoless dependency on system strangeness. context kit doesn't really work and keeps breaking19:45
Venemook, makes sense19:45
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile19:46
*** tanghus has quit IRC19:47
*** tanghus has joined #nemomobile19:55
*** Jade has joined #nemomobile19:58
*** grammoboy has left #nemomobile20:01
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:04
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean20:20
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC20:22
*** Sazpaimon has joined #nemomobile20:25
Venemofaenil, are you still awake?20:33
faenilVenemo, sure20:38
Venemofaenil, what was the solution to that evil listview?20:40
faenilno solution20:41
Venemosrsly? :O20:41
faenilI'm starting to think it just can't be done with GridView and ListView20:41
VenemoI'm also implementing orientation support20:41
faenilhas anyone ever done such thing with List or GridView? if so, please answer.20:41
Venemoand I'm also doing paging with a ListView20:41
faenilI thought List or GridView would have offered support for orientation...but it seems they don't. special says they're not made for that, and I'm about to start doing it from scratch20:43
Venemobut wtf? I progmatically change the width/height of both the ListView and its items.20:44
Venemowhy doesn't it work?20:45
faenilyou mean in my case?20:45
Venemono, in my case20:45
faeniloh...well, can't help :D20:45
Venemoalso, is there a way to make it switch to the first page after reaching the last?20:46
Venemoso, make it cycle, so to speak20:46
faenilyeah, don't know haven't thought about that20:46
Venemoanyway, it is obviously not up to the task.20:47
faenilso it seems20:48
Venemohm, I take it back20:52
Venemoit works correctly20:52
Venemothe error is in the components inside, not the ListView.20:52
Venemoat least, in my case20:52
Venemoit works with rectangles.20:52
faenillet me know if you get it to work for the same things I need it to ;)20:55
VenemoI'll show you the code when I'm done20:56
faenilis it working for the things I need?20:58
faenilyou select an item, you rotate, rotate back, the same item is shown?20:58
VenemoI'm not sure what you need specifically, but I would guess yes20:58
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5342 Rejected promotion request21:03
faenilI also tried with simple rectangles as delegate, so that's not the issue21:03
faenilthe only way it works is by setting a fixed width and height for the delegate, and changing cellWidth/height dynamically...21:04
Venemofaenil, this is how it is for me now:
faenilwhat's desktop21:06
faenilok found21:06
faenilbut in your case there is no Page, you're using manual orientation handling21:07
Venemoyes indeed.21:07
Venemoyou can react to a Page's orientation change too21:08
faenilI'm reacting to screen.onOrientationChanges21:08
Venemogive it a break, I'll take a look at your code tomorrow21:10
faenilVenemo, I have to use delegates...21:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5343 waiting for review at
faenilwhen does your initialSize change?21:13
faenilit doesn't as I see21:13
VenemoinitialSize never changes, it is the initial size21:15
faenilyes seen that ;)21:17
*** noch has quit IRC21:18
Venemoit is set as a context property21:19
Venemobut anyway, now that I switched back to my actual items, it indeed loses the selected one after two rotations21:19
Venemofaenil, not funny at all21:32
faenilVenemo, I feel you mate...21:33
Venemoproblem solved21:34
Venemobefore rotation21:35
VenemopreviousIndex = Math.round(dashboard.contentX / dashboard.width);21:35
Venemoafter rotation21:35
Venemodashboard.contentX = previousIndex * dashboard.width;21:35
Venemowhat? it works.21:36
faenilnothing :) glad it does21:36
Venemoyou're welcome :P21:39
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:40
faenilVenemo, I haven't used that method in my case yet, because I think that change of index is visible21:41
Venemowhat do you mean?21:41
faenilthat index is changed more times21:42
faenilso I think you see it changing on screen21:42
faenilyou see items flickering21:42
Venemonot really21:43
faenilVenemo, I will try now ;)21:44
Venemofaenil, let me know21:46
*** Estel_ is now known as fsdf21:55
*** fsdf is now known as Estel_21:55
faenilI'd need a Window...but my page is dynamically allocated...22:01
*** himamura has quit IRC22:03
Venemoanyway. I'm gonna sleep22:07
faenilVenemo, cya tomorrow ;)22:08
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:09
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5343 Accepted promotion request22:15
*** rcg has quit IRC22:47
*** beford has quit IRC23:02

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