Monday, 2012-07-30

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Venemo_N9good morning guys06:40
kallaballagood morning06:41
Venemo_N9so, we've proven the concept06:42
Venemo_N9I now have a working QML desktop06:42
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps :)06:43
timophany previews available?06:43
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Venemo_N9timoph, some of it is available in my lipstick clone repo, but I haven't pushed the orientation change bits yet06:44
Venemo_N9sorry, it was very late when I finished yesterday06:45
Venemo_N9but if you think I should, I'll make some videos when Iget home today06:45
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timophyou might be able to score some contributions by 'advertising' the project with screenshots, etc.07:02
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Venemo_N9timoph, ok, why not? :)07:21
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Venemo_N9faenil, how's your bug MN07:34
Venemo_N9faenil, how I'd your bug?07:34
Venemo_N9meh, swype makes me cry sometimes07:36
Venemo_N9w00t, yesterday I successfully implemented autorotation for lipstick07:40
w00tVenemo_N9: fun07:40
Venemo_N9and I didn't even need to write any c++ for that07:40
Venemo_N9anyway, there are still some things to be done before it's ready07:41
Venemo_N9for example, I have no clue why it displays garbage on app switching07:42
w00tget me a video07:42
Venemo_N9although that may be the issue of the swipe plugin, I'm not sure07:42
Venemo_N9w00t, video will be the first thing when I get back home :)07:43
Venemo_N9but when switching apps, it sometimes displays already closed windows or other windows in the background instead of the desktop07:44
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Venemo_N9w00t, so this is the same bug?07:49
w00tsounds like it07:49
Venemo_N9well then, I don't thinkit has anything to do with the desktop07:51
Venemo_N9w00t, is it possible that the swipe plugin is responsible?07:52
w00tit's nothing to do with you07:53
w00tat least07:53
w00tI don't see how it can be plugin related, as the plugin has nothing to do with drawing07:54
w00tbut I haven't had the time (or the tools) to sit down and poke at it yet07:54
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Venemo_N9w00t, what kind of tools are you referring to?07:55
Venemo_N9and how would you recommend starting to debug it?07:56
w00tI want to look at what xresponse ( has to say07:57
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w00tI'd also like to try expanding the animation duration in mcompositor to something exaggerated like 10 seconds to see what happens07:58
aapoHi, I'm trying nemo on N900 from external sd card. I'm having that-sd-initialization-error ( Is there any solution for that? If I buy new card, how I know which will work?07:58
aapoI have tested uboot-pr13 from extras-devel and
Venemo_N9I personally have no clue about that08:01
kimjuaapo, first thing to check: do you have the back cover of n900 in place (there is small magnet in the cover that acts as "a sd-card present"-switch)08:01
kimjugives similar errors if not present08:01
aapokimju, I think I have. It can see Nemo kernel (which is in sd card)08:02
kimjubootloader doesn't check that.08:02
aapook. But I see different error when I removed back cover08:03
Stskeepsaapo: do you feel like learning about how to make images, branch packages and add a kernel patch?08:04
aapo"vfs: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block"08:04
aapoStskeeps, yes. I already tested making i686 image08:05
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Stskeepsaapo: ok, CE:Adaptation:N900 kernel-adaptation-n900 , add patch into 'series' file and run 'make'08:12
Stskeepsand osc addremove08:12
Stskeepsbranch that package, and then enable publishing from your repo08:12
kallaballaaapo: i bought a sandisk microSDHC Card, 8 GB (SDSDQM-008G-B35) and it works like a charm with my n900 and the latest nemo image08:14
Stskeepsaapo: and then add that repo to your .ks08:14
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faenilgood morning people :)08:21
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faenilw00t, still no luck with the views08:25
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faenilmmm could this be a bug in components/qt impl we're using? Page reports width854 height388 in Portrait mode...width480 height746 in Landscape...they really seem to be switched to me...09:06
faeniland it could be related to the problem I'm experiencing...09:06
faenilalterego, ^ any idea?09:06
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faenilor anyone else...09:11
faenilok nothing09:19
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alteregofaenil: that's minus status bar.09:31
faenilalterego, sure I meant the swapped values09:31
faenilwidth should be 854 in landscape, not in portrait09:32
alteregoOh, hrm ..09:32
faenilbut it was my fault, don't bother09:32
w00twhat did you do? :-)09:32
alteregoProbably just got his w/h variables mixed up :P09:32
faenilwas playing with onOrientationChangeStarted, aboutToStart, Finished, and that stuff09:32
faeniland forgot they were in the wrong place :P09:32
faenilso I was reading portrait values in landscape mode09:33
faeniland viceversa09:33
faenilanyway, this freaking bug is driving me crazy09:33
faenilI'm also forcing the listview to display the index I want it to09:33
faenilbut you can still see the flickering of the wrong image it autoselects in the background09:34
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faenilI just don't want it to do its freaking computations, because it doesn't know how to handle rotation! screw that... argh09:34
faenilit's got its fixup method which causes problems...09:35
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faenilI'll try one more time, again with GridView this time, and then I will be needing ideas guys :P09:36
w00tkeep what special said in mind about custom view/positioning being an option09:39
faenilw00t, yeah, that's the other option...09:40
faenilI really couldn't think qml didn't offer anything for this use case..09:41
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faenilit is also strange that the problem only shows when going from landscape to portrait, and not viceversa...09:43
faeniland whyyy would SnapMode be the cause of such problem...I can't just leave it there...I want to understand :)09:45
* faenil digging into qdeclarativelist.cpp looking for a treasure09:46
faenilw00t, do you know any listview expert I could ask?09:49
w00tnot really, no09:49
faenilok...I'll try understand all the math tricks they do in there09:50
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faenilif anyone feels like having fun,
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faenilw00t, give this a look please,
faenilam I wrong or that could be THE line?10:09
w00tI very much doubt that your listview is set in right to left mode10:12
faenilholy crap, am I blind or what10:13
w00tit happens :-p10:13
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faenilso, I got disconnected with no notice...10:31
faenilI had to read it from the chat log! :D10:31
Stskeepswelcome to the internet10:31
jukkaeklundso when is the next nemo release coming?10:33
Stskeepsgood question10:33
Stskeepsdid we release the tear-less n9 version yet?10:33
faeniljukkaeklund, welcome back ^^10:35
faenilStskeeps, if 02-07 is the latest version, then no, that one has tearing on10:37
faenilit also has first version gallery, old wifi panel, ecc10:38
jukkaeklundsounds like a full release is in order10:39
jukkaeklundbtw, I tried zypper update from may or june and it just died10:40
faenillike what?10:40
jukkaeklundnot booting anymore10:40
jukkaeklundneed to write latest release and try zypper then10:40
faenilmine turned black, had to shut it off with the long press10:41
jukkaeklundthat tearing fix is easy to do in terminal10:41
faenilbut I was on latest release10:41
faenilyeah it is10:41
jukkaeklundnice to see many bugs I wrote in spring getting fixed :)10:42
jukkaeklundneed to do another round of bug writing..10:42
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faenil<faenil> thatbloke, long story short, it works if I don't set SnapMode10:52
faenil<thatbloke> don't use snapMode then?10:53
faenilw00t, ^^10:53
faenilfair enough, lol10:53
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faenilw00t, oh look at what we have here
faenilspecial, ^11:02
faeniland here it seems it still affects Qt5
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phaeronrzr: file:///opt/redak/qml/redak/meego/main.qml:88:5: Type BrowsePage unavailable ...11:24
phaeronfile:///opt/redak/qml/redak/meego/BrowsePage.qml:6:1: module "Qt.labs.folderlistmodel" is not installed ...11:24
phaeronrzr: package missing dep ?11:24
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phaeronrzr: missing dep on  libqtdeclarative4-folderlistmodel it seems11:46
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bennypr0faneHello, I'm having problems booting Nemo on N900 from SDcard. Actually, I only just succeded booting it, but not as described in the Wiki.12:19
bennypr0faneIn the wiki, it says to install U-Boot and if SDcard with Nemo image is present, powering on N900 should boot nemo12:20
bennypr0faneOn my current setup though, Maemo is booted from nand12:20
bennypr0faneto boot Nemo, I had to 1. power on with keyboard open 2. enter U-Boot console 3. run sdboot to boot from sdcard. However, my current setup is according to instructions in Nemo wiki, except I have Maemo stock kernel and power Kernel 51 in U-Boot boot menu, maybe there affects boot process to not automatically read from sdcard12:23
bennypr0faneAnyway, just giving you a heads up that maybe the N900 section of the Wiki needs to be updated, possibly because U-Boot has undergone changes.12:24
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dm8tbrbennypr0fane: sounds like you have a uboot+kernelpower combination installed. that may behave differently. the instructions are for regular uboot12:42
bennypr0faneyes, I think that must be it12:43
bennypr0fanethe regular uboot does not get along with kernel power12:43
bennypr0fanePali made a different uboot for that, and a kernel bootimg, which is what I have right now12:44
bennypr0fanemaybe I would be a good idea to add instructions for the Pali-Uboot used by users with kernelpower12:45
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bennypr0faneI guess that many N900 users have one or the version of kp installed, which means if they want to test Nemo, they either have to lose the power kernel or use the newer uboot12:46
bennypr0fanewould it be a good idea to make a quick note to whoever takes care of the wiki?12:47
dm8tbrfeel free to add notes for those users somewhere12:47
dm8tbrit's a wiki12:47
bennypr0faneyou mean in the wiki?12:47
bennypr0fanewell I thought that was only open to Nemo developers12:47
bennypr0faneI'm not one12:47
Stskeepsit's open to everybody, just make a account12:48
bennypr0faneIt looks very cleanly and all, and I haven't seen changes ther in months12:48
bennypr0faneso I figured they wouldn't want just anyone to mess with their stuff :-)12:48 has a lot of changes.. :P12:48
StskeepsNemo is fairly stable though12:49
Stskeepsfeel free to edit and help out12:49
bennypr0faneI know12:49
bennypr0fanejust stuff missing, but not unstable12:49
bennypr0faneright now, I can't get the wifi up though12:49
Stskeepswhat image do you use?12:50
bennypr0fanefrom 02.07.12:50
bennypr0faneon sdcard12:50
Stskeepssoon there'll be a new image that solves a lot of issues12:50
bennypr0faneI see. Will have to update via 3G then...12:51
* w00t wonders when our next release is12:52
w00twould be nice to have messaging included in it, I think12:52
bennypr0faneI don't need to update by remounting the newer image, do I? just zypper up will suffice?12:53
Stskeepswe try to have that working but it doesn't always work12:53
Stskeepsas there's cases we don't catch manually12:53
w00t(if they happen, please beat people)12:54
bennypr0faneis it more reliable with the packages application?12:54
bennypr0faneis there a way to unlock the screen on N900 other than with power button?12:58
w00tby 'unlock' you mean 'turn on', or what?13:02
w00tnot that I know of13:02
bennypr0fanewhen it's off, black. To turn it back on, I need to press power button and then swipe the little lock icon into the box13:03
bennypr0faneI was wondering if there's another method13:03
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w00tSage: so when's next release?13:11
alteregow00t: maybe integrate that in to contacts? :)13:11
w00tProject not found: "homeAtswindellACEAApps"13:12
alteregow00t: actually this is better:
w00tyeah, that one works :)13:12
w00twhat is it?13:12
alteregoIt's a QRCode generator.13:12
alteregoWell, you set data to what you want to encode, and it's a declarative item that represents the data as a QRCode13:13
Sagew00t: zypper up works so use that ;)13:13
w00tSage: more wondering for everyone not me ;)13:13
w00tand deadlines for integration and such13:14
w00talterego: fun.. could quite well go in nemo-qml-plugins I guess :)13:14
alteregoYeah, I think that might be good.13:14
alteregoIt still requires "qrencode" though :P13:14
alteregoBut would be nice to have this stuff kind of available and integrated.13:15
alteregow00t: there's also a companion, zbar based reader declarative plugin I did, so we can read & write them :)13:18
w00talterego: i agree13:18
alteregow00t: also, the declarative item as a "save" method :) So you can save it, at any specified size. :)13:19
alteregoAnd you can change the foreground/background colors :)13:19
alterego :)13:19
alteregow00t: should I look in to getting it put into nemo-qml-plugins?13:33
alteregow00t: but it will add zbar and qrencode dependencies to that package.13:33
w00talterego: yeah, sure, file a pull request and we'll take a look13:33
w00talterego: provided they offer .pc files (which they should), we can make them optional dependencies (and just make sure we build with them in nemo)13:33
w00tI'm fine with that13:33
w00tthe trick there:13:34
w00tCONFIG += link_pkgconfig, packagesExist(pc-file-name-here) { PKGCONFIG += pc-file-name-here } else { warning("dependency foo missing") }13:35
alteregoDoesn't look like zbar has pkgconfig, but qrencode does.13:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5345 waiting for review at
alteregoWell, I sent an SR for qrencode to CE:Apps, ^13:37
alteregoI'll look at at least putting the qrencode plugin in to nemo qml plugins13:37
w00tare you sure? googling zbar pkg-config gets a lot of hits13:37
alteregoAnd then I'll investigate the zbar issue a bit later.13:37
alteregoYeah, but it probably wont even work :P13:38
alteregoSo I need to clean that up a bit.13:38
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alteregow00t: what obs project is nemo-qml-plugins in ?13:41
w00tCE:MW:Shared, iirc13:42
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* w00t has Messages running on nemo13:46
faenilw00t, \o/13:47
Sagew00t: nice13:48
Sageanyone debugged telepathy? Mainly wondering if there is some log file to enable where one could see errors that happen?13:49
w00tSage: what sort of thing are you after13:50
SageI have rakia/sofia-sip packaged and I would like to test if it can go online13:53
w00tmc-tool is what you'll need to use to add the account and try bring it online13:53
w00t is useful too13:53
Sagew00t: I tried also on my f17 but also there getting error that network not setup properly13:53
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Sagew00t: yes, but
w00tFOO isn't really meant to be FOO ;)13:55
w00te.g. you probably want RAKIA_DEBUG=all RAKIA_PERSIST=113:55
Sagepah :)13:55
alteregow00t: should I add a new SubPackage?13:56
w00talterego: yeah13:56
w00tone .so/package per functionality13:56
Sagew00t: well doesn't quit but nothing is printed13:56
alteregoAh, so why don't you have one for contacts?13:56
alteregoOr is that not in mer yet?13:56
w00talterego: it's in git, and my home:, but not submitted yet13:57
w00tdoing testing on it today, will submit it tonight13:58
alteregoHrm, I should probably forget that then ;)13:58
alteregoEditing the .yaml file.13:58
w00tSage: hrm.14:01
w00tironically i'm having similar problems, atm ;)14:01
w00tah, there we go. got online on gtalk, I think..14:02
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alteregow00t: where are you stashing your packaging files?14:05
alteregoOr is it just in obs?14:05
w00tif i committed, cobs, if i didn't, my SDK checkout14:06
alteregow00t: what build depends did you add for contacts?14:09
alteregoHopefully QtContacts ..14:11
alteregoAh, I'll increment to 0.04 then ;)14:11
alterego0.0.4 :P14:11
w00tversion numbers are based off git tags14:12
alteregoOkay, I'll leave that, I'm going to send an SR to your project and I'll send a pull request on github.14:12
alteregoWell, I'll send the SR, if you like the pull request.14:13
w00tsounds good14:14
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile14:21
alteregow00t: PR sent
w00talterego: will look in a bit, catching up on a forgotten lunch14:28
* alterego showers14:32
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mike7b4athometrying play with nemomobile on my N9, but still no succes. When pressing volumedown N9 just turns off? And when I turn it on manually it boots harmattan? Any hint what can be wrong?14:35
w00tmmm, what instructions are you following?14:41
mike7b4athomew00t, Single Boot by Loading The Kernel14:45
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* w00t wonders who knows about n9 boots..14:50
alteregow00t: sorry, buggered that .pro up :P14:52
w00tcan you remove the CONFIG += ordered too? (just noticed that)14:53
w00tthat will prevent make from parallelizing examples/src there14:54
*** roy20021 has joined #nemomobile14:54
alteregookay, done that.14:55
alteregoHurp, I thought it was LGPL already.14:58
*** roy20021 has left #nemomobile15:00
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alteregow00t: updated15:10
w00tlooking better15:13
alteregoUpdated again :P15:13
w00tI think that's all my comments now (sorry) :P15:14
alteregoWith that last one about guarding.15:14
alteregoDoesn't it make more sense just not building it if the dependency isn't found?15:14
w00tno, because then apps that might (optionally) use this become unusable because the import will be missing15:15
w00te.g. if I include a QR code in the contact card, the entire contact card won't load because of the missing import15:16
w00t(yes, QML kind of sucks at this thing, I'm just trying to make the best of a bad situation)15:16
alteregoWould it be okay if I just encapsulated the entire plugins slots in the ifdef ;)15:20
alteregoIt'll load but wont do anything :)15:20
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rantomWas there a new release of Nemo Mobile today?15:21
rantomThe Twitter-feed gave that impression for me15:22
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile15:22
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile15:23
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alteregow00t: updated15:28
*** Estel_ has quit IRC15:28
w00talterego: yes, that's fine15:31
w00t(re: ifdef basically everything)15:31
w00twill check soon15:31
alteregoWell, I minimalized it :)15:32
*** Estel_ has joined #nemomobile15:37
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* faenil snapping his way through modes...lol15:43
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Guest64323what's up, guys? i was wondering - is there any cooperation between nemo and jolla?15:54
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alteregoGuest14005: yes, Jolla will be using things we use in Nemo.16:08
alteregoAnd they are helping to improve those shared parts.16:08
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Stskeepsdick-van-dyke: Jolla uses bits and pieces from Nemo and contributes to it, but Nemo does not reflect what Jolla UI contains16:10
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*** dick-van-dyke has joined #nemomobile16:19
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faenilabout to go to a wedding...cya tomorrow people :)16:23
*** dick-van-dyke has quit IRC16:23
dick-van-dyke_Stskeeps, I wouldn't expect the two to be so narrowly connected. i just like to see as little fragmentation as possible :)16:23
Stskeepsdick-van-dyke_: :nod:16:23
dick-van-dyke_faenil, enjoy the wedding16:24
*** dick-van-dyke_ has quit IRC16:28
faenilw00t, my custom snap mode works better than Qt's imho :D16:29
alteregow00t: what's the pkgconfig for libqtsparql and libqtsparql-tracker ?16:29
*** dick-van-dyke has joined #nemomobile16:29
w00tfaenil: custom how?16:30
w00talterego: not sure, rpm -ql | grep .pc on the -devel packages?16:30
faenilw00t, I'm using Flickable + Row now, so there was no snapmode :)16:30
dick-van-dykeone more question, if i may - does the current version of nemo place calls on the n9?16:30
alteregodick-van-dyke: sort of ;)16:31
alteregoIt makes and receives calls, but we're having issues with audio at the moment.16:31
radiofreew00t: what version of qtsparql?16:31
dick-van-dykealterego, issues with what, pulseaudio?16:32
radiofreeI can't remember exactly when, but the pkgconfig stuff was only fixed by later 0.0.x versions...16:32
alteregodick-van-dyke: yes, it's dying after reboot16:32
*** dick-van-dyke has quit IRC16:36
*** faenil is now known as faenil_pingme16:37
radiofreew00t: also, the only package that will provide pkgconfig entry will be libqtsparql-dev16:38
w00tradiofree: -devel16:38
w00twhich is, coincidentally, what I said ;)16:38
radiofreeah, sorry, was replying to the wrong person16:39
radiofreealso (again depending on the version), i would hope you're not using libqtsparql-tracker over the tracker-direct, unless you're doing lots of inserts!16:40
*** dick-van-dyke has joined #nemomobile16:41
radiofreealterego: ^16:41
w00twe don't use -direct yet, but there's a bug for that16:41
* alterego has no idea16:41
w00tI'm fairly sure that's a matter of a wrong dependency somewhere16:41
alteregoI'm just trying to build a package :P16:41
w00tI just haven't had time to look..16:41
radiofreegenerally the direct driver is much better16:42
*** dick-van-dyke_ has joined #nemomobile16:43
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:43
dick-van-dyke_alterego, bummer. i'd like to help, but that's a tad too low level for me :(16:43
alteregodick-van-dyke_: we'll get it fixed soon :)16:44
*** dick-van-dyke has quit IRC16:45
*** tradej has quit IRC16:45
*** dick-van-dyke_ has quit IRC16:47
*** dick-van-dyke has joined #nemomobile16:55
*** dick-van-dyke has quit IRC16:58
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile17:11
Venemo_N9good afternoon everyone :)17:12
w00thi Venemo_N917:12
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile17:15
*** slaine has quit IRC17:15
alteregow00t: error: 'PreferNicknameKey' is not a member of 'QctSettings'17:18
alteregoSeen that before?17:18
alteregoI'm guessing something has changed ..17:18
w00twhat are you doing?17:18
alteregoAttempting to build libcommhistory17:18
alteregoThat's in qtcontacts-tracker, but probably not anymore.17:19
w00tit is17:19
w00tit's probably not in our qtcontacts-tracker17:19
w00twhich is probably out of date17:19
* alterego sighs17:19
alteregoShould I update it?17:19
w00tAard: was it you who said you were investigating that?17:20
Aardjb#1791 and children17:22
Venemo_N9hey w00t & alterego :)17:22
alteregoHi Venemo_N9 :)17:22
Venemo_N9what's up?17:22
Aardand jb#1794 and children17:22
alteregoWhat should I do then?17:23
Aardalterego: looks like all your remaining tasks depend on commhistory?17:25
Aardalterego: if so, go for updating qtcontacts-tracker17:29
Venemo_N9next up is fixing some minor issues that remained in lipstick17:29
Venemo_N9did you know it actually looks cool now?17:30
alteregoAre you mocking my QML Venemo_N9 :P17:31
Venemo_N9alterego, I wasn't referring to your QML17:31
Venemo_N9the structure remains the same, but it feels nicer :)17:32
alteregogot any videos? :P17:34
Venemo_N9I'll make one when I get home :)17:35
w00tyes, please do17:35
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:39
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile17:40
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC17:49
*** rzr is now known as rZr17:52
*** divanov_ has joined #nemomobile17:54
alteregocubi 0.1.17... not found17:58
alteregoOld libcubi ..17:58
*** kallaballa has quit IRC18:00
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile18:05
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile18:23
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #nemomobile18:26
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC18:27
Venemohow can I adjust the lockscreen timeout on Nemo?18:30
*** udyant has quit IRC18:40
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5348 waiting for review at
SageVenemo: the setting for that doesn't work atm. feel free to file bug if there isn't one18:50
*** kallaballa has quit IRC18:50
VenemoSage, I'm okay with setting a gconf key manually or anything like that, if possible18:52
Sagewell, there is key for that but I think that it doesn't work. Check gconftool-2 -R /system/osso/dsm/display18:57
Venemook, thanks18:58
VenemoI'll try18:58
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile19:01
*** arcean has quit IRC19:02
*** rZr is now known as rzr19:03
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile19:06
*** jonwil has quit IRC19:08
*** Estel_ has quit IRC19:12
*** Estel_ has joined #nemomobile19:12
*** mallat has joined #nemomobile19:13
mallatHello all19:14
Stskeepshello mallat, cool work on exif parser19:14
mallatI'm wondering why virtualbox seems to be unusably slow on my desktop pc. It is an old AMD, but still... can't really run anything on it.19:15
mallatDoes anyone know if virtualbox has any AMD-specific issues?19:16
Venemois it possible that your CPU doesn't support hardware virtualization?19:16
mallatPerhaps... I haven't checked that yet19:18
Venemoif that is the case, it's unlikely to improve. but maybe someone else here can suggest something useful.19:19
mallatMy cpu is Athlon 64 x2 which should support it according to wikipedia19:20
befordmake sure its enabled on the BIOS19:20
mallatah, good point19:21
befordmost manufacterers ship it disabled19:21
Stskeepsmallat: the problem might be SSSE3 related :/19:21
Stskeepsplease make a bug that we should provide x86 virtual machines too19:21
VenemoStskeeps, any chance of getting doube tap to wake up on Mer/Nemo?19:22
StskeepsVenemo: hm, i'm not sure where the handling is done19:23
Stskeepsbut i think new mce should support it19:23
Venemoso, anyone who wants to peak at the updated lipstick but is too lazy to compile:
Venemoit now has a working status bar and automatic rotation19:28
Venemoand it's cool19:28
w00tVenemo: nice!19:33
StskeepsVenemo: good work :)19:33
Venemothanks w00t & Stskeeps :)19:33
alteregoYeah, looks good Venemo :)19:33
Venemothere is still work needed19:35
Venemobut anyway, it's a good start indeed19:35
Venemoand what a surprise, I've already hit a known mcompositor bug - qt-components apps rotate back to portrait when they go to the task switcher.19:36
alteregoYeah, I hate that.19:37
alteregoIt's even broken in Harmattan.19:37
Venemointerestingly, the settings app rotates back to landscape when it goes to the task switcher19:38
w00tthat's technically not a bug, well, I'd consider it one19:39
w00tbut they actually wrote code to force that19:40
Venemolol :D19:40
*** kallaballa has quit IRC19:42
w00twe should probably patch it out..19:42
w00tas it is quite annoying even on an n919:43
Venemowell, I'd rather it was replaced with a QML-based alternative, like the rest of the remaining MTF crap.19:43
Sazpaimoncurious, is the moslo kernel capable of booting nemo19:44
w00tI was talking about qt-components19:44
Sazpaimonor is it missing a bunch of config settings that nemo needs19:44
Venemow00t, ah, yeah.19:44
Venemow00t, agreed on that.19:44
mallatHeh, my mini-itx multimedia box (with Intel core i5) runs virtualbox much better than my desktop. Whatever works I guess19:45
Venemomallat, interesting.19:45
w00tmallat: hardware virtualisation is turned on?19:46
* w00t had a sony laptop that had disabled VT, and it made a world of difference enabling that...19:46
mallatit should be on on the desktop, at least kvm module doesn't complain on loading19:47
mallatwell, I'll double check the bios anyway on next boot19:47
*** kallaballa has joined #nemomobile19:48
mike7b4athomehmm,  qemu is dogslow on my miniitx, maybe I should check my bios too....19:48
w00tVenemo: so, when are you going to replace meegotouch-home? ;-)19:48
mallattime to zzz, bye for now19:49
alteregoSoon, hopefully :)19:49
*** mallat has quit IRC19:49
Sazpaimonso anyone know? how does moslo differ from the nemo kernel?19:51
Sazpaimon(if at all)19:51
alteregow00t: error: 'FieldExtendedAddress' is not a member of 'QtMobility::QContactAddress'19:51
alteregoI'm going to have a fit in a minute ..19:52
w00tthat may need a patch19:52
* w00t looks19:52
alteregoI've already had to modify the sources,19:52
specialis that for libcommhistory?19:52
w00tyeah, that will need a patch one of two ways19:53
w00teither we re-revert this for Mer:19:53
alteregospecial: don't even mention that name in my company anymore :P19:53
alteregoAlong with pulseaudio19:53
w00tor we remove the use of FieldExtendedAddress19:53
SageSazpaimon: see
Venemow00t, I'm working on that :)19:54
w00talterego: I'd go with "patch out the use of FieldExtendedAddress" for now19:54
w00tfile a bug, though19:54
w00tbecause we may want to revisit it19:54
SazpaimonSage, urgh, you're gonna make me work aren't you19:54
alteregofile a bug where?19:54
w00talterego: mer, qt-mobility19:54
SageSazpaimon: well, I don't have time to do everything ;)19:54
w00tmention what package you patched it out of19:54
w00tand what I said above about re-reverting that sha19:55
alteregoThis stuff is killing my boner ..19:57
Sagehmmp... I think we need to say in front page of nemo bugzilla please update your image before reporting bugs ;)19:57
w00tSage: heheh... is that the one i just commented on?19:57
SazpaimonSage, there doesn't appear to be a kernel here19:58
Venemow00t, you know, I could replace meegotouchhome right now, but I don't think that this alone would make a difference.19:58
w00tVenemo: the way we work here is in small iterations19:58
w00tif it's usable now, then go for it :)19:59
Venemow00t, yes, and I agree with small iterations19:59
w00tand it looks quite usable19:59
VenemoI think it already beats the meegotouchhome that was in Nemo19:59
*** furikku has quit IRC20:00
SageSazpaimon: check BuildRequires ;)20:00
w00tVenemo: i'm biased, but i think so too ;)20:00
alteregow00t: I'm getting a head ache ..20:01
w00tVenemo: how's resource consumption compare?20:01
w00t(run free -m without it started, start it, run free -m after)20:01
w00talterego: eheh... what now?20:01
alteregoSame thing really, just loads of other "not a member of" errors :/20:01
w00twhich member?20:01
alterego error: 'gender_other' is not a member of 'Cubi::Resources::nco'20:02
Venemow00t, I'm not competent to compare them20:02
alteregogender_other, it's like a bad joke.20:02
w00talterego: you need to update cubi as well20:02
w00t(cubi is a dependency of qtcontacts-tracker)20:02
w00tthere's two packages to it, afair20:02
w00t is the source for both20:03
alteregow00t: I've already updated cubi, it's the latest version20:06
w00tand the ontologies?20:06
*** faenil_pingme has quit IRC20:11
*** rcg1 has joined #nemomobile20:16
* w00t watches osc vomit a traceback all over the commandline20:22
w00tSage: do you want to look at the initial qmlmessages submission?20:24
* w00t is also hacking up a quick and horrible "frontend" to mc-tool20:28
w00tfor test purposes20:28
alteregow00t: should I just update QtContacts to include the extended address?20:44
alteregoThis is all so f'ing messy -_-20:44
w00talterego: you'll be blocked a very long time if you do that20:45
w00tI'm still waiting for my qtcontacts update to get reviewed20:45
w00t(+ into mer)20:45
*** smyows has quit IRC20:51
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:55
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
mike7b4athomeany quick guide howto port harmattan app to nemo? Escpecially RPM packaging?20:58
Venemomike7b4athome, what toolkit do you use in your app?21:04
*** divanov_ has quit IRC21:08
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:08
Venemomike7b4athome, obviously.21:08
Venemomike7b4athome, I meant, is it a QML app (qt-components) or MTF, or something else?21:09
*** Elleo has quit IRC21:10
*** danielcbit has quit IRC21:10
*** tanuk2 has quit IRC21:10
mike7b4athomeIts, qt-components. So I just want to create an RPM for it.21:10
VenemoI see.21:10
VenemoI can point you to some articles that help and then feel free to ask the guys here to fill in the blanks21:11
Venemoand a not so short one:
Venemothe first one explains quite nicely how RPM packaging basics work21:12
*** Elleo has joined #nemomobile21:12
*** Elleo has joined #nemomobile21:12
mike7b4athomeVenemo, great21:12
Venemothen if you like, you should get yourself familiarized with OBS (the build system behind Mer's repos)21:13
mike7b4athomeVenemo, I have to check that also ASAP :)21:13
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile21:14
VenemoI'm not yet proficient with the OBS myself, but there are other people here who can help :)21:14
mike7b4athomeyep :)21:14
*** tanuk2 has joined #nemomobile21:19
*** beford has quit IRC21:24
alteregow00t: why doesn't libcubi have a .so O_O21:30
w00tit does21:30
w00t[root@localhost nemo]# rpm -ql libcubi21:31
alteregoSorry, I meant libcubi-tracker-ontologies21:31
alteregoIt's created a .pc with: Libs: -L${libdir} -lcubi-0.1-tracker-0.10-ontologies21:31
alteregoand the lib doesn't exist.21:31
w00tthe .pc is a lie21:32
alteregoffs, does it just need the headers?21:32
w00tafair that package is just a set of compiled headers generated with the ontology parser21:32
phaerondamn lies21:32
specialalterego: remind me to buy you a drink; I'm glad you're suffering so I don't have to.21:32
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile21:33
alteregospecial: just send my family some flowers when I eventually lose all will to live and top myself :P21:33
alteregoAh shit, that felt like it was in bad taste.21:33
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:34
* alterego waits for libcubi to build, for the 100th time.21:36
alteregoSo I can then attempt to build qtcontacts-tracker, for the 101th time :)21:36
*** beford has joined #nemomobile21:39
*** kallaballa has quit IRC21:40
*** beford has quit IRC21:43
*** beford has joined #nemomobile21:46
*** himamura has quit IRC21:59
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*** Siosm has joined #nemomobile22:16
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*** Sazpaimon has quit IRC23:39
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