Saturday, 2012-08-04

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specialit's really easy to kill a n950 battery by disabling wifi power saving mode.03:10
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Stskeepshello Gary :)08:28
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Guest76762I got a problem when I flash my n950  in dual bool mode,I don't know for sure does anyone encounter the same problem. After flash moslo,rebooting, it displays "Re-partitioning failed! you might be in trouble".......08:31
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Andy80if I install Nemo on my N950 without using dual boot, I can remove it any time and restore the original Harmattan-N950 fw?09:27
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Andy80Stskeeps: thanks :)09:57
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matthalmHello, does somebody know who owns the source code of the context kit battery plugin for N900 - I found the binary only? Nokia or Jollamobile perhaps?10:07
Stskeepsmatthalm: it's binary only sadly, it had to link against libbmeipc and headers - it was done as part of nokia's effort into meego for n90010:08
matthalmSo Nokia provided the binary?10:08
matthalmThanks for info!10:08
Stskeepsmany of us in nemo used to be in that team but we no longer have access to that10:08
Stskeeps exists10:08
Stskeepsand people are using that for n950/n910:08
Stskeepsas there was made a libbme 'replacement' for libbmeipc back then10:10
matthalm'll take a llook into libopenbme and see if that could be used with (or modified for) N900 also10:11
Stskeepsmight be for n90010:12
Stskeepswe didn't have much time to work on it after feb11 so..10:12
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faenilgood morning :)10:21
faenil2 days at the sunburnt...10:21
Stskeepswb faenil :)10:21
faenilStskeeps,  thx :) what happened in the meanwhile ? :)10:22
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faenilI've read w00t kinda fixed the flickering bug10:22
Stskeepsfaenil: business as usual10:24
faenilStskeeps, read you got 200 CVs from ex-Nokians last week :) that's cool10:25
Stskeepswhere did you read that?10:25
faenil"Jolla just organized a recruiting event in Oulu. It was packed of to-be-ex-Nokians (hundreds of them), and they received more than 200 CVs during that day."10:28
Stskeepsah, fair enough10:28
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faenilStskeeps, so is it true or is it not? :D10:31
Stskeepsyou probably know i can't comment on that, but the oulu thing is real10:31
faenilok ;)10:33
Stskeepsa lot of good talent suddenly out of work, it's such a shame.. i really hope to see very interesting startups in the future10:34
alteregoI don't remember being told about this event :)10:36
alteregoIt's a lot of people to be made redundant. But I guess they're lucky in that they're skilled.10:37
mike7b4Stskeeps the qt team should startup trolltech again and keep it open of many..10:37
alteregoAnd just because Nokia are failing in this market, doesn't mean that the market is bad. Mobility is still very much on the up.10:38
alteregomike7b4: Qt is open :P10:38
mike7b4yes but  I mean about new companys foe all exnokias10:39
Stskeepsmike7b4: it's not a very good business model :)10:39
alteregoQt is open governance now, which is good. Hopefully companies like Intel and RIM will contribute to that project.10:40
alteregoThough as RIMs Cascades and their declarative APIs are closed, I'm not holding my breath for them.10:40
mike7b4RIM soon Microsoft too it seems...10:41
alteregoI doubt that.10:42
alteregoStskeeps: I had a 10 minute play with a Nokia wired headset and the N95010:44
mike7b4ok isnt they also running out of money10:44
alteregoI was suprised that it seems to be fully recognised by the kernel :D10:44
Stskeepsalterego: excellent10:44
alteregoAnd the buttons trigger the keyboard event system. So we just need to use loadkeys to map those buttons to something sane10:44
alteregoeven ohmd recognised it to a degree, then complained about some prolog error.10:45
alteregoohmd is what will need to be sorted to fix the automatic audio routing.10:46
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alteregoI reckon mapping the keys to the appropriate media keys that you'd get on those multimedia keyboards.10:49
Andy80before executing this: sudo flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R            I do have to power off the device, execute the command and connect the cable... right?10:49
Andy80hi Venemo :)10:50
alteregoThough not sure where the dial button would fit there.10:50
StskeepsAndy80: right10:50
Andy80Stskeeps: thanks10:51
rcgVenemo, is lipstick your baby?10:52
alteregoHas anyone spoken to MohammadAG about getting his open media player on nemo?10:52
rcghi all btw :)10:53
alteregoHi rcg10:54
alteregorcg: lipstick was originally w00ts work at creating a meego-home without meego-touch-framework, I wrote the original prototype QML interface to show case it. Now Venemo is picking it up where we left off and making it more functional and user friendly. :)10:54
rcgalterego, cool10:55
rcgpersonally, i really like the lipstick approach10:55
alteregoWell, hopefully it'll replace meegotouch-home soon.10:55
rcggreat :)10:55
rcgthat's what my next question would have been ;)10:55
rcgis there any guide on how to enable it or even make it the default?10:57
alteregoWell, Venemo should have a decent set up by now for getting it running, otherwise we'd need a new xdg autostart file if one isn't there. Then packaging would need to deprecate meegotouch-home and then it should just be a matter of zypper install lipstick10:58
rcgalright, sounds straight forward.. maybe i can give it a try this weekend :)10:59
rcgbut that's a big "maybe"10:59
rcgi assume the source if somewhere like github and an obs build also exists?10:59
rcgbut well.. i think i can figure that out myself as well10:59
rcgalterego, thanks for the info so far :)11:00
Venemosorry, I haven't look at the irc window11:05
Venemorcg, lipstick is w00t's baby, but unfortunately he was a busy parent, so alterego gave it some better clothes some time ago, and now I'm caring about it.11:05
Venemorcg, I don't yet feel that it's ready to be packaged. in fact, the work has just begun :)11:06
rcgVenemo, right :)11:07
rcgVenemo, so, what are the major issues?11:07
Venemobasically you need to compile it in your Mer SDK and then put it on the device and then you would need to add that xdg file alterego talked about11:07
rcgi see11:07
Venemorcg, major issue is that I haven't had a cup of tea today yet.11:07
rcghehe, right11:08
alteregoVenemo: I don't mind doing the packaging xdg stuff for you. I've done it a lot ;)11:08
rcggotta go afk right now11:08
Venemoalterego, maybe you wouldn't mind guiding me through it tomorrow maybe? :)11:09
Andy80has the Nemo battery icon any problem? I mean... it was 97% on Harmattan, I just installed Nemo, I boot into Nemo and now it shows 0% :\11:09
VenemoAndy80, yes, the indicator is not working11:09
Venemoalterego, I can write .spec files. but I could use a guide through OBS.11:10
alteregoVenemo: sure11:10
Andy80Venemo: thanks11:11
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faenilAndy80, w00t tried to fix the battery indicator thing, he now has what it seems to be a working battery level indicator, but it doesn't show the charging status (at least this is the last update I had)12:07
faenilanyway, I'm back D:12:07
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Andy80faenil: welcome back :) I'll be away now ;) need to go to supermarket and wash dishes :P see you later!12:12
faenilahahah have fun! I've just been at the supermarket :P12:13
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sivangStskeeps: we don't have infra section for nemo's bugzilla, I filed this bug as well: , and in the meanwhile , I filed this one against what I could find that would make the most sense,
faenilSage, any deadline for the next nemo release?12:21
sivanghey faenil :)12:22
faenilhey sivang  :) I don't remember what did we talk about last time?12:23
faenilwas it 3d graphics? or qml?12:23
sivangfaenil: we seem to be able to talk about so many things each time :)12:23
faenilsivang, :)12:24
sivangfaenil: I think QQuickItem , was it in Berlin?12:24
sivangfaenil: for crowd quick client12:24
faenilmmm no :)12:24
faenilwere you at QtDD11?12:24
sivangfaenil: okay, so that's not you, I was not at DD1112:24
faenilyeah I think we've never met :) but we talked about qml via chat many times :)12:25
faenilsivang, working on anything nemo related?12:28
sivangfaenil: yes, we have :) I'm interested in seeing about documentation, yes12:31
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mike7b4athomehmm any6onme known what NFC stack is used in Harmattan is it open?13:13
alteregomike7b4athome: it's not open13:14
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mike7b4athomehmm found some PDF about one NFC stack from openbossa from 2011 but it seems dead now :( the other I found seems focus on Android :(13:28
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Venemo_N9meh, my ISP screwed me again13:54
Venemo_N9w00t, would you mind if I reimplemented some of the stuff in lipstick?13:55
Venemo_N9there's quite some code (probably not authored by you) that can be made better13:56
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Venemo_N9I first intended only to refactor some of that code, but when I noticed that some of it just doesn't make any sense at all, I decided to reimplement.14:03
faenilyo javispedro :)14:03
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Andy80is the username for the same I use on or do I need a new one?14:32
Venemo_N9Andy80, it integrates with merproject.org14:33
Venemo_N9so yes, new one is needed14:33
Andy80Venemo_N9: thanks :)14:34
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Andy80does it happen to anyone else that QmlGallery (I suppose it's the gallery to display images) just show a white screen without anything else?15:10
Venemo_N9Andy80, zypper refresh; zypper update15:11
Venemo_N9Andy80, if you have any further issues, faenil is the man behind it15:12
Andy80Venemo_N9: I try thanks :)15:12
faenilAndy80, update packages15:12
faenilthat's the very old gallery15:12
faenilalpha I made in January15:12
faeniland was mainly done for the pinching algo, the UI sucks there :)15:13
Venemo_N9faenil, after the update it becomes a big black rectangle instead of white15:13
faenilnew one is better :) still lots of work to be done, I'm about to push a PR15:13
faenilVenemo_N9, yes I know, changes already here in my local repo, haven't pushed yet because I'm finishing some things ;)15:13
Venemo_N9perhaps because I don't have any actual images on the device15:14
faenilVenemo_N9, yes that's it of course ;)15:14
faenilnothing to show15:14
Andy80faenil: uhm... so you're already working to this ?15:16
faenilAndy80, nope, you can see bugs I'm working on because you'll see there's my name in the "Assigned To" field15:17
Venemo_N9faenil, why don't you show a message then?15:17
faenilVenemo_N9, as I already said, I already have it fixed in my local repo, it just isn't pushed yet ;)15:18
Venemo_N9ok, sorry15:18
faenilnp ;)15:18
Andy80faenil: I know this, but... you have just said that you haven't pushed sources since a lot of time, so it would be useless for me to get latest sources and working on them... don't you find?15:18
faenilthere are a lot of things which are easy to fix/add, it's just that I don't have inifinite time :D special also works on it when he has some spare time ;)15:19
faenilAndy80, I'll push changes in a hour or so ;)15:19
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Andy80faenil: do your changes include the possibility to delete an image or can I pick that bug and assign it to me?15:20
faenilAndy80, are you guys reading what I write? :D15:20
faenil<faenil> Andy80, nope, you can see bugs I'm working on because you'll see there's my name in the "Assigned To" field15:20
Andy80I don't know what kind of changes you did -.-15:21
Andy80ok, I assign it to me, thanks15:21
faenilnp :) any help is appreciated :D15:21
Venemo_N9faenil :)15:23
Venemo_N9I usually push often. too paranoid of losing the code. :)15:24
faenilVenemo_N9, yeah I should push more often, it's just that I had to rewrite most of the scrolling list view :) lost two days trying to get things working with ListView and GridView, they just weren't up to the task...15:29
faenilspecial said he'll rewrite it again when he has time to make it fit an idea he has in mind :)15:31
faenilVenemo_N9, I forgot I still have to try fixing a thing before pushing...mmm hope this won't take long15:41
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faenilshould be fixed now :)15:56
faenilis anyone alive in here ? :D15:56
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faenillong commit msg xD16:35
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faenilw00t, Pull Request sent :) give it a look when you have some time ;) I'll be back in 5-6 hours17:41
faenilbbl guys :)17:41
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specialfaenil: will review it properly later today, probably18:05
matthalmStskeeps: Yes, seems to be for n900. But doesn't quite work as is. After some exploratory changes, seems to be suitable for getting basic battery-related data.18:07
Stskeepsmatthalm: yeah, very limited messages18:08
matthalmActually added definition of a new message for getting the remaining capacity.18:10
Venemowhat the f*** are the qt guys thinking?18:20
Venemostill no c++11 lambda support18:20
Venemohow annoying is this?18:20
ajalkaneVenemo: Qt5 is supposed to have lambda support18:21
Venemoajalkane, Qt Creator still doesn't18:22
ajalkaneEven if built from sources?18:23
VenemoI haven't checked that.18:23
ajalkaneI do remember some posting about QtCreator's improved c++11 support, but I don't remember if the current releases had proper lambda support... but I think some kind of support should be there.18:24
Venemobut, srsly, the stuff I'm working on now, I could write in one line in C#. I have to write loops in loops in C++... (with lambdas and intelligent use of std::find_if it would be one line too)18:24
ajalkaneYeah C++ is inconvenient like that in some ways. I haven't actually digged into c++11 to have an opinion how much it lessens the pain.18:25
VenemoC++ would be convenient if I could use lambdas18:25
ajalkaneLambdas would go a long way. I remember missing them especially with the stl library. Hasn't been such a problem with Qt.18:26
Venemoanyway, I could use std::find_if however I just can't figure out how the iterators of qlist work... meh.18:27
Venemogot it now :)18:40
Andy80how much time does the N950 battery last with Nemo? I left mine on the desk for a couple of hours and now it's off and battery is gone :(18:45
Andy80Venemo: where can I find the code that faenil pushed?18:46
ajalkaneAndy80: well mine's been on for about 8 hours in Nemo, so I guess something went wrong with your instance18:46
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Andy80ajalkane: well... I'll attach on charger18:49
Andy80bad sign :(18:52
VenemoAndy80, I have no idea18:52
Andy80I've attached to charger... it startet booting18:52
ajalkaneAndy80: normal18:52
Andy80and now there is the MOSLO screem that says18:52
VenemoAndy80, about either of your questions.18:52
ajalkanewhen you've installed multiboot18:52
Andy80"you can telnet into"18:52
Andy80yeah but it's not going further18:52
Venemoactually I think I left mine for a night or so on with Nemo and it survived18:52
ajalkaneI don't know if it charges on the MOSLO boot screen. I've charged in Harmattan.18:53
ajalkaneRemove the charger and you get boot options18:53
Andy80ajalkane: but the battery is completly over... how can I boot with no battery?18:53
ajalkaneJust remove it for long enough to start boot into harmattan18:53
ajalkaneyou can plug it in after that18:54
Andy80let me try18:54
Andy80Venemo: about the other question... faenil pushed changes to QML Gallery... where is usually pushed the code of Nemo?18:55
Andy80I suppose there is a common repository...18:55
VenemoAndy80, the project is at
VenemoI'm not sure if qmlgallery is there or not18:57
Andy80Venemo: it should be here
Andy80but I don't know if his code has already been merged or not...19:01
Andy80I don't know what is a PULL request..... is it related to a MERGE request?19:01
Stskeepsyes, similar19:02
Andy80well... they could have called it "merge" then :P19:03
Stskeepsthen people would get gitorious flashbacks ;)19:03
Andy80Stskeeps: is it called "merge request" even on :P19:04
Andy80and, after all, is a "merge" that faenil requested...19:04
Andy80anyway... I will just grab faenil code :)19:05
ajalkanePull request is kind of logical in the context of git. You're requesting that the recipient "pulls" the changes you've done into his repository.19:07
ajalkaneI'm not going to pretend that it didn't confuse me also :P19:07
Venemoout of curiosity. I know people dislike GPL 3 because of something. forgot what it is. is there anything against LGPL v3 too?19:13
StskeepsVenemo: let me show you a matrix..19:14
VenemoStskeeps, show me? :)19:14
VenemoStskeeps, omg19:16
VenemoI now hate lawyers even more19:16
Stskeepsthis is just gpl19:17
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Andy80I love GitHub +  fork: :)19:23
Venemow00t, ping19:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5411 Rejected promotion request19:41
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Andy80damn me... I forked the wrong branch... how do I fork a different (not master) branch in GitHub?20:39
Andy80for example I want this branch
Andy80not the master... but using "Fork" in GitHub forked me the master20:39
Venemoon your local copy,20:40
Venemogit checkout newfeatures20:40
VenemoAndy80, ^20:40
Andy80andrea@andrea-1215P:~/Documents/qmlgallery$ git checkout newfeatures20:42
Andy80Branch newfeatures set up to track remote branch newfeatures from origin.20:42
Andy80Switched to a new branch 'newfeatures'20:42
Andy80is it ok?20:42
Andy80because eecuting: git branches, it should display all branches but there was only master20:43
Andy80git branch, sorry20:43
Venemofor some obscure reason the branch doesn't get initialized until you switch to it20:47
Venemoor I dunno20:47
Andy80ah ok20:48
Andy80anyway... I've verified one of the commit, it's here20:48
Andy80so I have it20:48
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