Wednesday, 2012-08-08

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specialSage: when you mentioned that the glib2 upgrade might break things00:52
specialthe answer is yes, it breaks absolutely everything :)00:52
specialI managed to downgrade via usb and all is well, though00:52
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LaoLang_coolhi, nemo has broken my sd card :(01:56
LaoLang_coolJust 1hr's tring, then my sd card broken01:56
HurrianLaoLang_cool, just repartition your SD card01:57
LaoLang_coolHurrian, I have tried01:59
Hurrianit just doesn't work?01:59
Hurrianwhat brand and class?01:59
LaoLang_coolHurrian, yes01:59
LaoLang_coolHurrian, I don't know, the card has some info: KINGMAX 4GB Class 8 HC02:00
Hurriantry dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 under Maemo02:01
LaoLang_coolHurrian, oh, will try it now02:02
* LaoLang_cool is dding02:03
LaoLang_coolHurrian, how long will it take?02:05
Hurrian~10-20 minutes02:05
Hurrianjust watch x-term or CPU usage02:05
LaoLang_cooloh, I have to leave 10min after, can I cancle dd then, if it's still processing?02:06
LaoLang_coolI get the broken sd card inserted in n900, it drains all battery last night although nothing is running02:07
LaoLang_coolI notice the top process in `top` is [mmcqd]02:09
LaoLang_cool1656 2 root RW<  0  0.0  73.0  [mmcqd]02:09
LaoLang_coolok, I have to cancle it, have to leave now ....02:11
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mrudulpen_Stskeeps: ok i am stuck once more with the steps or am i reading it from some wrong place. instructions says untar /path/to/nemo-n950-image.tar.bz208:39
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Stskeepsright, and what happens?08:39
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: i there some place where i can find the tar image?08:39
Stskeepswell, for example08:39
Pauli_About the  new release for trying out the VM is it coming at evening ?08:42
Pauli_I mean will the new release be built at evening ?08:44
Stskeepsit should be done before then.. let me take a look quickly08:45
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StskeepsPauli_: start out by installing virtualbox08:55
Stskeepsnot within a vm, but on the host machine08:56
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w00talterego: actually, we can just talk here I guess.. so what we have is a model which contains our contacts.. since we already have the info there, we can just bang an additional lookup (by phone digits) in there.. so you'll want a QHash of 'normalised' number -> QContactLocalId lookup..09:32
w00talterego: we'll want to eventually do the normalisation inside mobility/qtc, but as that will require patches to both, I expect that for now it's probably best to just leave a bug open for that and go with an easier approach of a little DIY09:32
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alteregoDo you have a link to an implementation of normalising numbers?09:42
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alteregow00t: ^09:46
w00tnot offhand, but I wouldn't want to go overboard, for now: just strip everything that isn't a number, and use the last 6 digits only09:47
alterego7 apparently ;)09:47
w00twell, either is fine ;)09:47
* w00t counts numbers09:47
w00tthat's just short enough here, hehe09:48
w00t(I only have 8 digits after country code)09:48
alteregoOkay, so I need to implement a normalizePhoneNumber, implement a hash of normalized numbers -> contact ids, populate. Then add a findByPhoneNumber function09:48
alteregoSounds simple enough :)09:49
Pauli_I noticed that in systemd/ the has absolute path, i.e. it is broken inside image. Could it cause the connection problems reported in bugzilla ?09:49
w00tjust ping me if you need any help finding your way around or whatever09:49
alteregow00t: is this under nemo-qml-plugins?09:50
w00tyes, nemo-qml-plugins/contacts09:50
alteregoOkay, brilliant.09:50
alteregow00t: Also, did you see my push request to qmlcontacts? Added support for dialing number through default voice call provider.09:50
w00tI did, I'll review it today09:50
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alteregoVery simple mod, any error will be displayed in voicecall-ui, so you don't really have to do much.09:51
w00tlooked simple enough, though I need to take a second look and figure out why it was split over two files, think I miss something there09:51
alteregow00t: it doesn't have to be. You could instantiate the vcm object in your widget component. But I thought it kind of made more sense architecturally having controller code in that page component.09:52
alteregoIt was very late when I did it :P09:52
w00tah, ok, so no real reason09:53
w00tnot quite, as someone might want to embed the card content elsewhere (e.g. in a sheet)09:53
w00t(that's why it wasn't all in the page to start with, obviously)09:53
alteregoOh, that didn't occur to me ;)09:53
alteregoBut that also begs the question, what if someone has their own instance of VCM, :)09:53
alteregoSo I'll be using your contact widgets in voicecall, but I don't want to make another instantiation of that proxy.09:54
w00tthe way I've usually done that is through properties09:54
alteregoThat's what I was thinking. Well, if you ignore that pull request, and I'll redo it in a bit.09:54
w00ti'll copy the discussion there for transparency's sake, but yeah, sounds cool09:54
alteregow00t: but then it's okay to have VCM instantiated in the page component? But assign it to the widget component.09:55
w00tI think so09:55
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mrudulpen_Stskeeps: i am still stuck at sb2setup this time after doing the steps for nemo sb2 setup i am getting error for stdio.h not found10:08
Stskeepsmrudulpen_: ok, sb2 .... -R -m sdk-install zypper install glibc-devel10:08
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: i seem to have glicbc installed as earlier10:08
mrudulpen_it worked for mer core10:08
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: and zypper says already higher version is installed10:10
Stskeepsmrudulpen_: ok, then gcc should really work inside sb210:10
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mrudulpen_Stskeeps: yes, any other suggestion?10:12
Stskeepsmrudulpen_: walk me through how you set it up, please and what command you're trying to use10:12
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: am going line by line with this link and have now reached the line where hello.c for nemomobile is been compiled10:13
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mrudulpen_sb2 -t nemo-n950 gcc hello.c -o hello10:13
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: only difference i did for nemo steps was to add /parentroot/ to all /srv paths10:14
Stskeepscan you walk me through the 'sb2 setup' part?10:14
Stskeepsand target setup10:14
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mrudulpen_Stskeeps: sb2 setup10:19
mrudulpen_sudo mkdir -p /parentroot/srv/mer/targets sudo chown -R $USER /parentroot/srv/mer/targets cd /tmp curl -O sudo mic create fs mer-core-armv7hl-xorg-basic-qmlviewer.ks -o /parentroot/srv/mer/targets --pkgmgr=yum --arch armv7hl sudo chown -R $USER /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/* cd /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer-core-armv7hl-x10:19
Stskeepssorry, you got cut off after cd /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer-core-armv7hl10:20
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mrudulpen_oops i will repaste it10:20
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mrudulpen_cd /parentroot/srv/mer/targets/mer-core-armv7hl-xorg-basic-qmlviewer10:21
mrudulpen_sb2-init -d -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/" -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build -n -N -t / mer-core /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc10:21
mrudulpen_echo -n "armv7hl-meego-linux" > etc/rpm/platform10:21
mrudulpen_sb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R rpm --rebuilddb sb2 -t mer-core -m sdk-install -R zypper ref --force10:21
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: and then nemo target setup ......10:22
mrudulpen_mkdir -p /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs cd /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs sudo tar xjvf /path/to/nemo-n950-image.tar.bz2 sudo chown -R $USER .10:22
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mrudulpen_cd /srv/mer/targets/n950rootfs10:22
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mrudulpen_sb2-init  -L "--sysroot=/" -C "--sysroot=/" -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build -n -N -t / nemo-n950 /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc10:22
mrudulpen_sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref sb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper install glibc-devel sb2 -t nemo-n950 gcc hello.c -o hello10:22
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: thats all.... :)10:23
Stskeepsthat looks correct to me - i assume the commands are on multiple lines10:23
mrudulpen_Stskeeps: yes10:24
mrudulpen_i mean they are on multiple lines10:24
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mrudulpen_Stskeeps: do you suggest throwing out whole sdk and start allover?10:26
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alteregow00t: this is right isn't it: msisdn.replace(QRegExp("[^0-9]"), "") ?10:47
w00tnot sure10:49
w00tI generally avoid QRegExp as it's horridly slow10:49
alteregoSo do you think I should do an ASCII range comparison? ;)10:50
alteregoThe thought crossed my mind .. :D10:50
alteregoI'm going to leave it as is for now.10:50
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mike7b4athomewhere the hell is the damn postman I need my microsd card for N900 :P11:41
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StskeepsPauli_: compressing an image atm12:08
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* Stskeeps has slow upload..12:18
alteregow00t: works! :)12:20
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Stskeepsbunzip2 it and probably VBoxManage convertfromraw12:24
Stskeepsinto a .vdi file12:29
Stskeepsand then add it as first harddisk12:29
Stskeepsignore the 'i586' part of , it's really i48612:29
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dedeanybody here?13:23
dedeHello there13:25
dedeI'm have some problem to boot nemo on my N900 =/13:26
dedeCan anyone help me?13:26
tadzikwhat problem is that?13:26
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dedeThe problem is... i'm a noob -.-'  i try to boot with a 16gb card, put the nemo img on it, install U-bootPR1.3 and it says somethiing about Kernel image13:28
Stskeepso/ VDVsx13:29
tadzik"something about Kernel image"13:30
Stskeepsdede: did you bunzip2 the image?13:30
tadzikcan you retype the exact message?13:30
dedeI unzip the image with 7zip, as i see in another tutorial is that wrong?13:31
tadzikdid you follow the instructions from
dedeexcept the part of bunzip2 yeah13:33
tadzikso how does the sd card look in fdisk -l after this operation/13:34
dedethats the only correct program to extract the file??13:34
tadzikI doubt it. The important part is that you should write the image to disk, not copy it to an existing partition13:34
tadzikso use dd for example, and not copy it over using some file manager13:35
VDVsxStskeeps: hey :) wanted to give a try to nemo on n900, but unfortunately the one that I gave to my mom stop working, nothing on the screen only the startup sound :( need to wait until I'm back to HKI13:35
Stskeeps:nod: sounds like a dead lcd13:35
Stskeepsyou can try in virtualbox too, if you can get past the compositor errors13:35
dedeFdisk ?13:36
dedewhere can i get it?13:36
tadzikjust to make sure, what OS are you running?13:36
dedeWindows 7 32bit13:37
tadzikdid you follow the instructions on ?13:37
tadzikas in, downloaded an image writer listed there and stuff?13:37
tadzikin other words: how did you copy the nemo image to the sdcard13:37
dedeExactly as the tutorial says13:38
tadzikokay, good13:38
dedei use the W32diskimager13:38
tadzikcould you quote the exact message that the device prints?13:39
dedeand then my phone says the SDcard is not recognized13:39
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tadzikokay, I'm clueless, but maybe someone competent will be able to help you :)13:40
tadzikis the backcover closed? Does the sdcard work on maemo?13:40
dederight now i'm without the U-boot installed... but i googled my problem and it say something more or less like this13:41
dedeWrong Image Format for bootm command ERROR: can't get kernel image13:41
dedethe SD card work fine if i format it, but when i write de Nemo image on it he seems to be unreadable13:42
tadzikmy sdcard has nemo image on it, and the file manager in maemo shows 2 partitions on it13:43
tadzikBoot and 3.5-something-something13:43
tadzikmaybe the image is wrongly written13:43
dedeI have one question13:44
dedenemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120614.1.NEMO.2012-08-05.2-vmlinuz-2.6.37-11.1.Nemo.Adaptation   << this is the Nemo kernel??13:45
Stskeepsuboot should load that from the sd card image though13:45
Stskeepsit's just for other installation purposes13:45
dedeaah ok thx13:45
dedeI will try again using the Bunzip2 command13:45
Pauli_Stskeeps: Thanks, it works. I have same problem that other have (most applications shown as blank screen)13:46
StskeepsPauli_: good, bug parity :)13:46
dedeI really appreciate your help13:47
StskeepsPauli_: move mouse cursor from bottom and upwards13:48
Pauli_I can exit from application but for example I cannot see the terminal application. Calculator is working.13:52
Stskeepsthe problem is with the sw rendering that's in use13:52
Pauli_How can I extract the raw image ?13:53
Stskeepsit's a SD card image, want the .ks so you can try to build it yourself?13:53
Pauli_I only want to check if one systemd file is in image that is missing in runtime.13:54
Stskeepsah.. got a linux box?13:54
Stskeepskpartx -a *.raw ; mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt13:55
Stskeepsand umount /mnt ; kpartx -d *.raw to get rid of it13:55
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sivangre all13:59
sivangI'm trying to find the line to run nemo through what comes with the SDK (don't want to run under VirtualBox) but I see now that kvm command is missing and there's only qemu for ark14:00
sivangand I've built the 686 latest image with latest updated SDK14:00
mike7b4athomecamera not working on latest image? (N900 and N9?)14:07
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Stskeepssivang: dont run qemu inside sdk14:14
Stskeepsjust outisde14:14
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faenilbaaack :)14:44
sivanghey faenil14:44
sivangStskeeps: k, thanks14:44
alteregow00t: updated pull request for qmlcontacts as discussed.14:45
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kallelahi, where can I find the git repo of meegotouch-controlpanelapplets? the version in Nemo seems to be ahead of the upsteam15:12
kallelas/upsteam/upstream/  :)15:13
kallelaStskeeps: yeah, that far I got, but obviously there is something that I don't fully understand. so the gzipped source package is there...should I just download it start hacking?15:22
Stskeepsyeah, that's a start15:23
kallelaStskeeps: hmm, the version there is 0.21.13-1 that is actually in the upstream git, but on the device rpm tells the package version  to be 0.21.13-3.815:25
Stskeepsignore last part, it is rpm/obs specific15:31
Stskeepsmeans checkin count and rebuild count15:31
kallelaright, thanks!15:32
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w00talterego: ta.. will try look tonight, in the process of actually moving stuff to new house at the moment though so little occupied15:46
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* w00t packs his laptop up to take next - bbl15:48
*** dede has quit IRC15:48
w00t(and pray my internet works, otherwise 3g is going to rule my life for the next X weeks)15:48
alteregow00t: yeah, I understand, moving is a PITA. I'm gonna have to move again in a few months O_O15:51
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faenilgtg again...cya tomorrow!15:57
faenilw00t, special, I'll do what's needed as soon as I have some time ;)15:57
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faenilw00t, have fun in the new house! Hope you won't have to rely on the 3g conn ;)16:06
alteregoIn the place I used to live in before here, I used 3G for my primary internet for a year.16:09
alteregoThough there was an open wifi, I could go outside and get. So if I had a big download, I'd sit outside with my N900 and download it on there whilst drinking a cup of tea :)16:10
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VDVsxStskeeps: home works fine on vbox, but apps have some compositor issues it seems, just black screens :)16:15
Stskeepsmesa-llvmpipe has a problem with texture from pixmap16:16
Stskeepsmove from bottom and up with mouse cursor to switch16:16
mrudulpenStskeeps: ping16:21
Stskeepsmrudulpen: sorry, have to cook, catch you later?16:21
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mrudulpenStskeeps: ok. np.16:26
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specialalterego: ping17:27
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alteregospecial: yessir?17:35
specialI got commhistory going a bit last night :)17:35
specialthanks for doing all of that17:35
alteregoThat's cool, what did you get it to do? :)17:36
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alteregoGlad you've made some progress, as that's basically my next movements ;)17:36
*** marquiz has joined #nemomobile17:36
specialadding events through commhistory-tool, adding events from the telepathy observer, and I did a 5-minute hack to get the GroupsModel showing data somewhere17:36
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specialI did have to manually install libqtsparql-tracker-direct. I think it might need to be a dependency somewhere.17:37
specialanyway, what I actually wanted to discuss: how should we proceed on making it QML-friendly?17:39
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alteregospecial: Well I'm hoping in a few days I'll have finished my bindings.17:52
specialare you forking, or wrapping around it, or?17:54
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alteregospecial: wrapping around it.18:04
specialmm, why?18:04
specialit's abandoned as-is, and there will be substantative changes that have to be made to it18:05
alteregoTo have a plugin.18:05
alteregoOkay, I'll put it another way.18:06
alteregoForking, and wrapping :P18:06
alteregoThe plugin is very light and I'm trying to make libcommhistory as declarative friendly as possible.18:06
alteregoThe plugin will exist in nemo-qml-plugins.18:06
alteregoThat make sense?18:07
alteregoYou have to remember that commhistory-daemon depends on that library. I can't just turn it in to a declarative only plugin.18:07
specialah, fair point18:07
alteregoYou and w00t obsessed with your plugin only solutions :P18:08
specialI don't know that I'll be using it directly from QML much anyway; the important part is making the models expose roles and such.18:09
alteregoI actually prefer the plugin wrapper around a lib approach. Because you may want to access the facilities in C++18:09
specialyeah; I wasn't aiming for pure-QML18:10
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specialSage: before I forget: the glib update makes things difficult to test, but, ring is no longer working. The recent ofono update might be the problem; I'm not sure ofono is even connecting to the modem.18:27
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PMGI have been working on an improvement for qmlfilemuncher, task in bugzilla:
Sagespecial: ofono 1.8 doesn't connect to modem and it has api break thus it most probably doesn't work with -ring18:44
Sagespecial: glib2 seems to work fine in general18:45
PMGNow I have a solution that that builds here:
*** mike7b4athome has quit IRC18:45
PMGWhat would be the proper process to get my fix integrated, if the rest of the community things that it is okay?18:45
*** mike7b4athome has joined #nemomobile18:46
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alteregospecial: if you want to continue, I've put a ofono 0.52 package compiled against latest mer core in my repos you can use.18:46
alteregothat's how I've been testing dialer.18:46
specialSage: glib2 would be fine if everything built against it, as-is having it installed breaks a lot of the system :)18:47
special[the new] glib2, that is18:47
specialPMG: you can submit a pull request on github at
SagePMG: do a pull request to
Sagepah, special was faster ;)18:47
specialalterego: excellent, thanks18:47
specialis someone working on ofono?18:48
PMGSage, special: just to confirm: I need to 1) create a github account, 2)  branch + patch qmlfilemuncher, 3) create a pull request18:50
specialPMG: that's the usual process, yes18:50
specialif it's a small patch, you might be able to get w00t to apply it directly18:51
specialbut he's rather busy.18:51
PMGspecial, I'll go through the pull request route, the patch is biggish and it adds stuff to the UI which probably needs some consideration18:52
alteregospecial: I believe so18:55
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* w00t has working internet at the new house19:03
* w00t goes back to unpacking things19:10
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iekkuw00t, seems that you have good luck with new home :)20:13
* Sage kicks iekku back to vacation 20:21
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mike7b4athomemeeh wrong window21:03
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