Tuesday, 2012-08-07

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LaoLang_coolHi, is there a website to search a package's information to check if nemo has it or not?00:23
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dm8tbrLaoLang_cool: you can get that information from COBS aka build.pub.meego.com05:11
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LaoLang_cooldm8tbr, oh, I don't realize that nemo is a real meego, thank you :)06:09
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dm8tbrLaoLang_cool: it is using meego community infrastructure06:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5430 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/543006:25
LaoLang_cooldm8tbr, nemo has most of packages found on that page?06:25
dm8tbrLaoLang_cool: nemo has those packages that are in the nemo groups listed on that page06:27
LaoLang_cooldm8tbr, I can't find any string matching with 'nemo' on https://build.pub.meego.com/06:29
dm8tbralthough I'd recommend to start looking from this side:https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Main_Page06:32
LaoLang_cooldm8tbr, oh, I mean that page, not search 'nemo' the page provides :) anyway, the result is not so much..06:32
LaoLang_cooldm8tbr, will read it, thank you06:32
LaoLang_coolI'm new to nemo at all :)06:32
dm8tbr.oO(not that the URL wouldn't have been in the topic...)06:33
LaoLang_coolCan't find a good place for detailed introduction to nemo06:33
* Stskeeps offers dm8tbr coffee06:35
dm8tbrthanks, I'm undercaffeinated06:36
LaoLang_coolIs nemo based on linux?06:36
dm8tbrsome people claim it's based on pink unicorns, rainbows and the nyan cat.06:37
dm8tbrI'm not sure I should believe them though.06:38
Stskeepsit's linux based, yes06:38
w00tdm8tbr: that gives me a great idea for our next wallpaper06:41
Stskeepsnyan cat is CC SA?06:42
LaoLang_coolwhich language do you say??06:46
StskeepsLaoLang_cool: they're just kidding around :)06:46
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LaoLang_coolStskeeps, oh06:48
Stskeepsgood morning dcthang, msalmela06:48
dcthangmorning Stskeeps :)06:48
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msalmelaSage: OK, I just needed to try compiling with qtcreator since there was .pro file. Also wikipages advised that it might be good for N900. Where you compile the controlpanel? In MerSDK?06:53
Stskeepsmsalmela: we compile it on a lower level, with 'osc build', or on the OBS06:53
msalmelaAnd osc is used outside MerSDK?07:01
msalmelaAllright, I'll study that. Thanks.07:01
Sagemsalmela: .pro file just says qmake not qtcreator ;)07:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5428 Rejected promotion request07:14
dcthangDo we have any web runtime to support html5 there?07:14
Stskeepsdcthang: there's a cordova runtime floating about07:15
dcthangok, I'll check it out07:16
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5429 Accepted promotion request08:07
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5430 Accepted promotion request08:20
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Pauli_I am newbie with Nemo and I would try Nemo in Linux host that does not have CPU with SSSE3. Is it possible somehow ?08:33
StskeepsPauli_: could you see how far you get with the current VM? does it boot?08:33
Stskeepswe're working on a non-SSSE3 VM too08:33
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Pauli_After selecting boot origin I don't see anything. Installation gives kernel panic.08:35
Stskeepsokay, that's a good start08:36
Stskeepshow do you feel about being guinea pig for our first non-SSSE3 VM sometime tomorrow?08:36
Stskeepswe have a new mer release imported and everything is rebuilding, so08:37
Pauli_Sure, why not.08:38
jussiMorning all08:38
Stskeepsyou're not the first person to talk about this problem :) what's the specs of your PC, out of curiousity?08:38
Stskeepsmorn jussi08:38
jussiHi there Stskeeps08:39
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Pauli_I have AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 805 Processor CPU.08:42
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msalmelaSaga: Back to basics. So if compiling osc locally, the git clone doesn't work. It has to be taken with 'osc co'. Am i on a right track? What is the syntax for doing osc co for this settingsapplet?08:54
msalmelaDoes it work with gitorious?08:54
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msalmelaSage: Misspelled your nic. Look above08:57
msalmelaOr if I try with OBS way. I found 15 match for meegotouch-controlpanelapplets, which one is correct? Or does it matter?09:00
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Ionakkawould someone happen to know whether there is some ui design guidelines around and whether somebody would be doing ui design?09:15
Pauli_Stskeeps: Update on my PC spec. Host is Vista. I have also tried image with LLVMpipe but no luck with it.09:17
StskeepsIonakka: i think there's not any direct guidelines around, http://developer.meego.com/guides/meego-handset-ui-design-guidelines is old ones09:18
Stskeepsbut doesn't include our 'gesture to switch'09:18
StskeepsPauli_: should be fine09:18
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LaoLang_cooloh,, I took 1h 10min to bunzip2 the nemo img...09:27
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msalmelaQuick check. I branched package meegotouch-controlpanelapplets on Project:MTF:UX and then osc -A https://build.pub.meego.com co Project:MTF:UX/meegotouch-controlpanelapplets09:57
msalmelaBut I get HTTP Error 404: Not Found09:57
msalmelaAll-right, that's looking better09:59
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* Sage ponders if anyone is interested of maintaining peregrine for nemo anymore.10:32
Sagethe contacts app by special will replace that soon though I guess in functionality so not really needed at least.10:33
w00tis the upstream still alive, even?10:34
w00ttwio commits in 201210:35
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w00tdoesn't look promising10:35
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alteregoI doubt it10:38
alteregoPeregrine was a project by basysKom funded from Nokia to test telepathy functions.10:38
alteregoWhen MeeGo died so did that project tbf, and when MeeGo/Harmattan died it died again.10:38
alteregoThen Meltemi10:39
lbt1000 cuts :)10:39
SageI would personally vote about dropping peregrine if nobody is maintaining it.10:40
Sageit doesn't compile with the latest telepathy packages so would need some maintaining anyway10:42
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alteregoMaybe they'll want it back in when the platform takes off a bit more.10:46
sp3000jbos was poking at it once upon a time I think, he's around in #mer and such10:47
Stskeepseither way, if it regresses and no obvious maintainer is around, drop temporarily10:47
Stskeepsand note it in release notes10:48
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LaoLang_coolhi, I have nemo installed11:18
LaoLang_coolBut I don't even know how to use it at all, how to close calculator...11:19
LaoLang_coolctrl-backspace doesn't work as n90011:19
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tadziktry sliding from bottom to top11:20
tadzikor something of this sort11:20
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alteregoHmm, latest image on my N950 is a bit glitchy11:22
LaoLang_coolThe response is a bit slow, n900...11:27
Stskeepsit's always slow at first, tracker..11:28
LaoLang_coolsliding from right to left will bring me to task manager view, how to close a app except click the x botton at the top right?11:29
Stskeepsclose app is done in task manager view11:30
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LaoLang_coolhi, number lock mode is unavailable? I press '->' key twice, but still just input the alpha key11:31
LaoLang_coolshift lock mode is unavailable too11:32
LaoLang_coolany setting need to be done?11:32
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LaoLang_coo_oh, I got disconnected11:36
LaoLang_coo_shift lock mode is unavailable?11:36
mike7b4athomewhat speed does n900 SPIbus using, or more exacly is it a point buying a 30Mb/s microsdcard? like this one:  http://www.dustinhome.se/product/5010640726/sandisk-microsdhc-mobile-ultra-class-10-8-gb/11:36
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dm8tbrmike7b4athome: I'd hope that the SD is not connected to SPI but SDIO...11:38
mike7b4athomeah ok, but still :)11:38
LaoLang_coo_oh, lick terminal icon, then nothing happened...11:39
dm8tbrmike7b4athome: the interesting bit is to find a card that has good random-io performance11:39
msalmelaMy N900 stopped booting up, it gets stuck on blue screen with Nemo text. Do I need to rewrite stuff into sd card or how I can reset the device?11:44
alteregow00t: well, it would work, but for some reason telephony isn't working in latest nemo image ..11:44
Stskeepsmsalmela: just rewrite it11:44
LaoLang_coo_A question, how to reboot n900?11:46
LaoLang_coo_When I click refreshing Cache, it says: Unknown State :(11:46
alteregoWhat package is systemd-journalctl in?11:46
alteregoI can't seem to find it, doesn't appear to be in systemd-tools ..11:47
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HurrianHey guys. w00t referred me to here, so I guess I'll be helping out from now on/11:51
alteregowoo! :) Welcome Hurrian11:52
HurrianI just loaded up the newest Nemo build on my N900, and I'm impressed - it's progressed a lot towards being Harmattan-like.11:53
Stskeepsalterego: journalctl11:53
Stskeepsit's called11:53
StskeepsHurrian: welcome onboard11:53
Stskeeps(do you say that in a submarine..?)11:53
HurrianThanks, Stskeeps, alterego.11:53
LaoLang_coo_How to use nemo...11:54
LaoLang_coo_How to lock shift key? How to reboot n900? How to open a xterm?11:54
HurrianLaoLang_coo_: the terminal's like, right there11:54
HurrianI don't think double-pressing Shift or BlueArrow work on anything other than Maemo11:55
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, It's nothing happen when I click xterm's icon :(11:55
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, hmm...11:55
HurrianI noticed Nemo sorely lacked proper icons, so I joined in.11:57
HurrianBy the way, Stskeeps, which source tree does Nemo follow for the kernel?11:59
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LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, how do you run xterm? here the icon doesn't work12:01
HurrianIt just works. Did you install Nemo fresh?12:01
LaoLang_coo_And How to power off the machine? long press the power key as usual?12:02
alteregoLaoLang_coo_: yeah, for 3 seconds12:02
alteregoTry not to do it for 10 ..12:02
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, I installed it fresh12:03
LaoLang_coo_It's the first time I go to nemo world12:03
HurrianLaoLang_coo_, try to wait for it, it's a bit slow right after bootup12:04
LaoLang_coo_After I power off for the first time, I can't reboot to nemo again...12:07
LaoLang_coo_I  have to remove sd card to boot to maemo12:08
LaoLang_coo_will try again12:08
HurrianAre you using uboot-pr13?12:08
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, yes12:08
Hurrianit checks the SD card to boot an OS every boot12:09
HurrianTry using Pali's bootmenu12:09
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, kernel-power with Pali's uboot?12:10
Hurrianthat way you don't need to take out your SD card12:10
LaoLang_coo_Hurrian, ok, will try to install them12:12
StskeepsHurrian: n900, 2.6.37 + a lot of patches, n950, 2.6.3212:12
HurrianStskeeps, I noticed, yeah. They're in the MeeGo OBS with patches all strewn about with no README, right?12:13
HurrianThere are even some incomplete patch sets for what looks like 3.012:13
StskeepsHurrian: pretty much - feb11 hit the paid kernel team a -lot-12:13
Stskeepsso this is about as good as it gets with best experience12:13
HurrianAt least it boots with SGX drivers. That's as good as we're going to get kernel-side, I think.12:14
Stskeepsthe problem is really power management12:14
HurrianI'll see if I can manage to figure out which patches are needed, and try to build it with freemangordon's Thumb patches.12:14
Stskeepsyou don't want something that warms your hands.12:14
HurrianDVFS looks done though, and any further PM will have to come from userspace12:15
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Hurrian(Integrate the Smartreflex patches from Fremantle, maybe?)12:16
Stskeepsyeah, but DVFS isn't the whole story12:16
Stskeepswe had the actual people who worked on n900 original PM and still it was bizarrely hard12:16
HurrianI assume said PM is for the harder stuff such as radios and peripheral components?12:18
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msalmelaI'm now doing first OBS change test and osc ci -> HTTP Error 403: Forbidden no permission to delete package meegotouch-controlpanelapplets in project Project:MTF:UX12:28
msalmelaAren't my changes going to my branch or do I need to define something12:28
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5431 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/543112:30
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alteregow00t: how would you like to handle dialer errors when it fails to make a call?12:31
alteregow00t: I'm thinking the dialer ui should show and display the error, but if you have an error dialog yourself I can use that ..12:32
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alteregow00t: trying to reduce duplication, so I think using the dialer ui would be best, certainly easier from 3rd party apps point-of-view.12:32
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Sagealterego: follow 5431 ;)12:38
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5431 Accepted promotion request12:47
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LaoLang_coo_What does this mean: Bad media attach point: http://repo.pub.meego.com/CE:/Apps/CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl/13:07
LaoLang_coo_When `zypper up`13:07
LaoLang_coo_Should I ignore it?13:07
HurrianLaoLang_coo_, that's weird13:09
Hurrianwhat package are you updating?13:09
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msalmelaStskeeps: Any guess where my forbidden error might come from when doing osc ci? I'm following quite well instructions on merproject wikipages.13:18
Stskeepsmsalmela: i think you need to check out the branched project?13:19
Stskeeps(how did you branch it?)13:19
msalmelaosc -A https://api.pub.meego.com/ co Project:MTF:UX/meegotouch-controlpanelapplets13:19
msalmelaAnd I believe I created a branch13:20
Stskeepsokay, you branch with osc -A https://api.pub.meego.com branch Project:MTF:UX meegotouch-controlpanelapplets13:20
msalmelaI'll try again13:21
msalmela=> branch target package already exists13:23
alteregoWell, there seems to be whole new interesting ofono issue O_O13:23
alteregoIt seems to be segfaulting whenever it's attempted to recieve dbus messages.13:23
alteregoWell, whenever it's send dbus messages.13:24
Stskeepsgood, then try.. osc -A https://api.pub.meego.com checkout home:msalmela:branches:Project:MTF:UX meegotouch-controlpanelapplets13:24
Hurrianheads up: it seems that the latest zypper refresh; zypper up takes out udev13:24
Hurrian…and zypper mysteriously depends on udev, for some reason13:24
alteregowhy?! WHHHHY!?!?!?!13:25
StskeepsSage: are we still doing /latest/ .ks'es in nemo?13:25
msalmelaOkay, progressing13:26
LaoLang_coo_I suspect that running nemo on sd card will shorten life of sd card quickly13:28
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StskeepsLaoLang_coo_: not terribly much13:29
SageStskeeps: yes as we don't have static repos still13:31
StskeepsSage: okay13:31
StskeepsHurrian: udev is now part of systemd fwiw13:31
HurrianStskeeps, still have to put in a libudev.so.0 to get Nemo started again13:32
StskeepsHurrian: hrrm13:33
StskeepsHurrian: it should have upgraded zypper too13:33
HurrianGrabbing one from the original Aug5 image.13:33
LaoLang_coo_Any where I can get the news about nemo? At current stage, I think I'm not suit for testing it13:34
HurrianStskeeps, it seems that the new udev is there, it's just that zypper bombed out before upgrading13:36
StskeepsHurrian: ah, fun13:36
HurrianI also found out that Nemo uses up an inordinate amount of battery power.13:37
Stskeepsit's been worse13:37
Stskeepsare you on n900 or n950/n9?13:37
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Stskeepsstill, it's been worse - i actually have it stretching in idle over a day13:37
HurrianIdling over a day is stretching it?13:40
HurrianAt that rate, it noms through battery life thrice as fast as Maemo.13:41
Stskeepsmaemo is productised13:42
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StskeepsHurrian: did you ever see lipstick, btw?14:42
HurrianStskeeps, yup14:42
Stskeepsit might be a literal playground for you as well14:43
HurrianStskeeps, I'll look into it. Might even get me to learn QML.14:43
Stskeepsit took so bloody many manhours to make hildon-desktop in the past.. and now someone with half a brain can do it in 48 hours14:44
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msalmelaMy change on OBS built successfully, but hmm, where I can download the package? Download center => 404 - Not Found15:01
Stskeepsmsalmela: since it's a branch, publishing is disabled at first to save bandwidth15:03
Stskeepsyou can enable it under repositories15:03
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msalmelaYes, I found that flag and changed it. Got some file from 'detailed information ...'15:04
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mike7b4athomeI must have fuckedup my sb2 install can create dir in sb2 $HOME as normall user?16:01
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alteregomike7b4athome: chown -R $USER /path/to/sb2/target-root17:22
mike7b4athomealterego, I had forgotten to mount sb2 before login17:23
alteregoAh :)17:24
alteregoYou mount sb2?17:24
alteregoAre you talking about mer-sdk-chroot?17:24
mike7b4athomealterego, yeah I meant mer-sdk.-chroot :)17:24
mike7b4athomeforgot: mer-sdk-chroot mount17:25
alteregoSage: do you think we could have the people icon replace conversations? Think I'd prever that. Or maybe the web quick launch icon17:26
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msalmelaDoes the settings app actually use libmeegocontrol libs? Even if I delete those libs, the settings app works.17:29
Sagemsalmela: controlpanel is based MTF yes17:31
Sagebut not sure about the libs17:32
Stskeepsmsalmela: first i've heard of libmeegocontrol17:32
alteregomsalmela: because the home screen also uses MTF, those libs are still in memory.17:32
alteregoSo just because the files aren't there, doesn't mean that the libs aren't loaded.17:32
msalmelaEven after boot17:32
msalmelaI have messed something17:33
Stskeepsmsalmela: maybe its an obsolete api17:36
Stskeepsthat none of the panels are using17:36
alteregow00t: submited a pull request for the dial contact integration.17:38
msalmelaOK, I'm quitting for the day. This was fun.17:38
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specialalterego: how is commhistory coming?20:23
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tadzikis there any guide for booting nemu with bootmenu?20:41
tadzikISTR there were some issues with uboot vs kernel-power20:41
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Sagespecial: it is in CE:MW:MTF now21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
specialI saw, I'm wondering how his usage of it is going :)21:00
Sagespecial: I did some work to get telepathy updated to latest version, got most of it packaged, but missing some things here and there.21:00
specialI might be attacking that for messages pretty soon21:01
Sagespecial: need to ask alterego :)21:01
specialanything you want from me to help with telepathy?21:01
SageI spent more time today with kickstarter stuff than I originally planned so the telepathy didn't get much attention.21:01
Sagespecial: well testing stuff from https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Asage%3Abranches%3ACE%3AMW%3AShared is always welcome. Note that it depends on glib 2.32.0 that is not in Mer yet thus glib is there and not sure if that can break other stuff when installed.21:02
specialI'll give it a try when I get a chance21:05
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rc_w00t, thanks for the comments in github21:06
Sagespecial: well atleast the sip seems to work with those packages21:07
rc_will try to address these once i find the time21:07
Sagespecial: did you have mc-tool lines for google talk jabber accont creation at hand?21:07
specialSage: mc-tool add gabble/jabber string:account=x@gmail.com string:password=x21:07
Sageso no servers or nothing needed?21:08
specialthe server comes from the domain21:08
Sageerr... sry sip didn't work wrong terminal ;)21:09
specialkilling mission-control and running it in a terminal with MC_DEBUG=1 MC_TP_DEBUG=all mission-control-5 can be very enlightening21:10
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tadzikis nemo on ext3 these days?21:12
Sagespecial: http://pastie.org/4408008 :)21:12
specialwell, that's terrifying21:13
Sageso my glib packaging is missing something propably21:13
Sagegsettings is replacing gconf right?21:14
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specialI know nothing at all about it21:15
tadzikeh, no luck. If anyone knows how to have nemo and maemo/kernel-power along each other, please drop me a note21:16
Sagespecial: I think we need http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gsettings-desktop-schemas/21:27
Sageor maybe I could disable gsettings stuff as it seems new thing21:38
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Sagespecial: disable gsettings thingy and now it seems better21:56
Sageat least I can create the accounts now21:58
specialI'm curious to see if they actually work21:59
SageCan't get sip or jabber online22:04
specialyeah, what I was seeing is that mc refuses to bring anything online because it thinks connman is reporting no connection22:05
SageI have connman turned off atm. :D22:06
specialI'm not positive any of that is true, it was just my assumption from the mc log I had22:06
Sagewell, we could just disable connman integration for now as well just to test it22:08
specialI believe it was also applying that logic to ring, which would be a problem.22:08
Sageok, I'll disable it now so we can exclude that22:09
Sagespecial: then there is still upower thing ;)22:22
Sage        Suspend tracking with UPower.:  yes22:24
Sageif upower acts up then it might cause problems22:25
Sageanyway the connman is disabled in my branch now22:25
specialah, wasn't aware of the upower thing22:28
Sage(process:1144): mcd-DEBUG: account_reconnect: doing nothing (enabled=T, valid=T and combined presence=1)22:31
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SageG_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all GABBLE_PERSIST=1 GABBLE_DEBUG=all /usr/libexec/telepathy-gabble <- should print gabble debug right?22:32
Sagegetting nothing on reconnect thus asking22:33
specialmake sure there isn't another gabble process somehow22:33
specialbut that's what I was seeing before with the upgrade too22:34
specialmc won't even ask them to connect, and they have little to do until they are connected22:34
Sageyes, it doesn't seem mc sends anything22:35
* special updates22:36
Sagehttp://pastie.org/4408370 is only thing I get to mc with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all MC_DEBUG=1 MC_TP_DEBUG=all /usr/libexec/mission-control-522:37
specialSage: try mc-tool auto-connect gabble/jabber/marko_2esaukko_40gmail_2ecom0 on22:39
specialreconnect might (correctly) not do anything if auto-connect is off and there's no immediate use of the account22:40
specialfrom what I am reading22:40
Sagehttp://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/VkO5bjcZyFTsATRc3B0N <- just read about this and tried auto-precense with segfaulted :P22:41
Sagespecial: nice spot.22:41
Sageok, jabber and sip both online  now22:41
Sagesry, jabber online, sip available22:42
Sageok, now both online :)22:42
* Sage hugs special 22:43
*** rc_ has quit IRC22:43
Sagespecial: not sure if you use telepathy-qt4 but it has some api changes apparently22:47
Sageso something you might want to check with the qmlmessages etc.22:47
specialI do use it22:48
specialI've been working off of the lastest docs, so it shouldn't be an issue22:48
specialbut I will test22:48
specialhave to run out for dinner at the moment22:49
Sage2am so I probably should go to sleep :D22:51
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*** sea is now known as Guest573923:02
Guest5739is this good for use? Samsung microSDHC Class 10 Plus 16GB23:02
lbtGuest5739: probably23:03
Guest5739yeah to boot nemo that is23:04
Guest5739i read on forums that some samsung have problems :)23:05
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