Friday, 2012-08-10

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specialapparently the date is resetting to jan 1st 1970 on reboot, twice now in the past day or two01:48
specialwhy is that? :)01:48
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Hurrianspecial, weird unmounting02:46
Hurrianshould be fine for the most part02:47
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Sagespecial: hmmp... which device06:27
specialI didn't actually notice until telepathy connections failed because the certificate wouldn't be valid for the next 40 years06:28
Stskeepsspecial: bad RTC06:29
Stskeepsconnect to a wifi06:29
Sagewifi should fix it as connman should set time06:30
specialah, I've been using USB and some crazy sharing lately06:32
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5482 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5330 Accepted promotion request06:51
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5482 Accepted promotion request06:55
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5469 Accepted promotion request07:00
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5486 Rejected promotion request07:21
sivanglbt: what's an SR btw?07:22
Sagesivang: Submit Request07:22
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sivangSage: I see, an package submit request?07:23
sivangSage: (/me notes 'Promotion' so makes sense)07:23
Sageyes, in OBS.07:24
Sagecmdline is "osc sr my_project package dest_project" ;)07:24
sivangah:) so this is same like including it in 'main' or similar section after it has been in your personal repo07:25
sivang(thiking Ubuntu terms)07:25
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5489 waiting for review at
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Svioxto add a depencency to a package, do I just add it into the .yaml file and run "specify" again for the .spec file?10:51
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mrudulpenStskeeps: ping10:52
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Svioxor what's the difference between "PkgConfigBR" and "Requires"?10:55
Stskeepsspecial: yes10:56
Stskeepser, Sviox10:56
Stskeepspkgconfigbr is when you depend on a certain pkgconfig for build time requirements, requires is for run-time dependencies10:57
SvioxI checked a couple of packages and "PkgConfigBR" does not seem to be a subset of "Requires" for Qt components etc, should I understand this so that build time requirements are also required run-time in RPM packaging or is this just poor packaging?10:59
Stskeepssometimes RPM is smart and autodetects run-time dependencies.11:00
Stskeepssometimes it's not, and that's when you have to manually indicate Requires11:01
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SvioxAnyone else get errors like "[Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution: ''" inside SDK when working within virtual linux? Network works fine on host machine and virtual linux but not within SDK..11:28
Stskeepscheck your /etc/resolv.conf in sdk and outside is same11:28
Svioxthere is a big fat "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND" But I suppose I can replace it from the host? ;)11:33
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5494 waiting for review at
SvioxI created that, it's the qmlcalc fix with the missing dependency11:50
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SageSviox: looks good11:59
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5494 Accepted promotion request12:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5497 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5499 waiting for review at
faenilcan I install ffmpeg on nemo with zypper?15:24
sledgesfaenil, there's something in maemo community:
faenilbut that's for n900, and fremantle15:39
sledgesit's as close as you can get, after a quick googling15:39
sledgesfound nothing on OBS for us, or for harmattan15:39
faenilthanks anyway ;)15:39
sledgeshm give me a sec15:40
sledgesor simply happy hunting:
sledgesfaenil, ^15:44
faenilyeah I knew it was in some repos...15:46
faenilbut what does that mean? can I easily install it from there?15:46
sledgeswhat architecture do you need?15:48
faenilit's for the n95015:49
faenilso arm :)15:49
sledgesso it's armel15:49
sledgesso you go through the search results, press on "Repositories tab" and look for armv8el , ideally also the repository being a Mer_Core or CW_MW_Shared15:53
sledgesor best just CE:Apps :)15:55
sledgesbut I guess ffmpeg is something which hasn't much to do with nemo, so an ffmpeg compiled against Mer core repo is your best bet15:56
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faenilsledges, eh :P16:08
faenilsledges, I need it to make thumbnails from video files on nemo16:08
sledgesyes, but ffmpeg does not depend on any UX16:09
sledgesyou chop those thumbnails even in a console to files16:09
sledgesthe rest is up to you16:09
faenilof course it doesn't depend on a UX...I should have asked in #mer :P16:09
sledgeshow can I shutdown the system from within systemui ?  m_State->set(MeeGo::QmSystemState::ShuttingDown); just does nothing :(16:16
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sledgeseverything's within a i486 btw16:20
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alteregosledges: Pretty sure you can'd do it through sysui17:24
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faenilwatching the interview to Jussi :D18:28
jussifaenil: link?18:28
ajalkaneHe looked tired. Good sign, much work :).18:29
Stskeepsi think all of us in jolla look tired, a lot of work :P18:29
Stskeepsjussi's the one who gets to go outside and talk to people ;)18:29
ajalkaneNo pressure... we're just waiting something to equal and surpass N9 :P18:30
faeniland I'm getting my CV ready, my chance to be part of such a wonderful process! :D18:33
ajalkaneBut I like the CEO. Even if he can't say anything concrete, he comes across as honest and enthusiastic.18:33
ajalkaneSo I'm just waiting for the device.18:33
Stskeepshe's a good guy for sure18:33
faenilimho he looks more a developer than a manager :) which is kind what ajalkane said :D18:34
Stskeepshe does have director background, though18:34
faenil:) no doubt about that :)18:34
ajalkaneYeah. It's refreshing amidst all this corporate speak.18:34
Stskeepsand he's a former symbian kernel developer, ported EKA2 symbian kernel to ARM nokia devices..18:35
ajalkaneIn the mobile area that is18:35
Stskeepsso he knows his stuff18:35
faenilStskeeps, wow18:35
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faenilquite a nice path inside Nokia :)18:36
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Venemohi guys19:23
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sivangStskeeps: so better to use sd card? Hrm I was about to flash to n950 without sd20:28
Stskeepsn950 doesn't have a sd card20:28
Stskeepsso the issue is kinda moot there20:28
Stskeepsfor n900 we prefer microsd simply because it's easier to clean up after20:28
sivangStskeeps: ha right, silly me.20:29
sivang(confused with the N9)20:29
Stskeepsn9 doesn't even have a microsd20:29
sivangwait a sec, this does not look as if it has it!20:29
* sivang feels like in the twilight zone20:29
sivangStskeeps: I've had it since last month (got it in Tallinn with Quim's last device giveaway in qt training by KDAB) and did not realize it did not have an SD slot!20:30
sivanganyways, makes things simpler :-p20:30
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faenilisn't there any native twitter client for PB?20:54
faenilsorry wrong channel :)20:55
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sivangStskeeps: must I have n950 fully charged before flashing? I have 80%21:10
* sivang pushes the button21:11
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* sivang dances to NemoMobile desktop on the N95021:49
sivangseriosuly Stskeeps , this is *too* cool21:50
sivangseem to respond much better than Harmattan21:51
* sivang wonders if he could use it as everyday phone for proper dogfooding21:52
sivangdm8tbr: ^21:52
* sivang tries to poke tethering21:54
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* sivang drops dead tired to bed with wide grin on his face enjoying fast UX , responsive launch feedback, wonders how this did not get to N9 Harmattan21:59
sivangnight all!22:00
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faenilStskeeps, where's the source of the old gallery? what was its name?22:05
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faeniljust realized I've been set as "Away" for the whole day... :/22:23
faenilwell, good night people! :)22:23
faenilI'm now away, lol22:23
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