Saturday, 2012-08-11

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kallaballahey.. i'm trying to get tv-out working on my n900 with nemo. i tried tinkering with the omapdss kernel parameters but i couldn't get it to output on the tv. using maemo5 it does work.01:01
kallaballaanyone has an idea about what i'm doing wrong?01:02
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faenilgood morninggg :D09:13
faenilStskeeps, you always working eh? :D09:13
faenilgot to deliver :)09:14
rcgmorning faenil09:15
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faenilrcg, o/09:17
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sivangre all09:29
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faenilhi sivang :)09:37
sivanghey faenil :)09:39
sivangfaenil: My nemo just boots to splash screen and hangs there, do you know how to try and debug this?09:39
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faenilsivang, nope :(09:43
faenilI only had issues with harmattan not booting...never had any booting issue with nemo..09:44
tadzikhuh, fast and responsive UI, you say (on N9). On N900 it's horrible, maybe I should consider overclocking this cpu there09:44
Stskeepson nemo, or what do you mean?09:44
tadzikon nemo, yes09:45
Stskeepswait a bit for the background file scanner to settle down09:45
tadzikit feels very sluggish09:45
Stskeepsit's slow at start09:45
tadzikoh, hm. I was running it for ~20 minutes, but I was doing stuff all the time09:45
Stskeepswhat class microSD?09:46
Stskeepswell, tracker ruins shit a lot, at least09:46
tadzikI'll take a look at (h)top next time I play with it09:46
tadzikand I still haven't figured out the bootloader thing, so it's either nemo or power-kernel :)09:47
sivangtadzik: really good on the N95009:48
sivangtadzik: as in I played with it to smoke test and nothing broke, nothing crashed, app switching faster than in Harmattan etc09:49
tadzikhm. I'll take a longer look on some spare evening09:49
tadzikdoes battery level work on n950?09:49
* sivang wonders where all of the UI came from- is it meego legacy or all local work in Nemo09:49
Stskeepsbit of both09:50
sivangtadzik: Not that I've seend09:50
Stskeepsharmattan, nemo own09:50
sivangStskeeps: it is neat09:50
sivangStskeeps: also, the fusion of concepts from Android (lock screen opening) and side swipe but without task dashborad makes a lot of sense09:50
sivangStskeeps: I have specific questions about origins of UX elements, would it be okay to ask on mer-general ?09:51
sivangI'm curious about the origin, who worked on it etc, I'll put a wiki page with that info for curoius like minded people.09:51
Stskeepsgo look at developer.meego.com09:51
Stskeeps-> handset ui guidelines09:51
* sivang revisits09:53
sivangStskeeps: btw, sim and gsm modem works so you can make calls etc?09:54
Stskeepsmartin schuele was lead designer09:54
Stskeepssivang: yes, sometimes09:54
tadziksivang: works on n90009:54
sivangtadzik: nice09:55
sivangshould go to oeprator to get a non micro sim to put into the N95009:56
sivangthey charge for it, but for testing it'd be worth it.09:56
sivangwhere are there logs to inspect on the export fs ? I want to see if I can dig something up for this boot failure09:58
* sivang pokes in /var/log but nothing interesting09:59
phaeronand dmesg10:00
phaeronand maybe uxlaunch log somewhere in /var or /tmp (don't remember)10:01
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5533 waiting for review at
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vdvmy sdcard is of class 4. is nemo installable on internal eMMC of my n900?19:09
Stskeepsclass 4 is fine19:10
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vdveverybody suggests class 4, that's why asked19:12
Stskeepsthe emmc is a class 4 anyway so19:13
dm8tbrit's the random-io that counts19:14
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Aardvdv: in theory it's installable, but you'd have to find a uboot that supports booting from emmc (there are rumours it exists somewhere)19:15
vdvAard, didn't know there are different "vendors" of uboot19:17
vdvwhen if, i'd use the one described here:
vdvversion 2012.0419:17
vdvif i know correctly, nitdroid is loadable from eMMC with that uboot19:18
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5548 Rejected promotion request20:52
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5550 waiting for review at
vdvwhy file name of n900 nemo image contains "mmcblk0p"?21:16
vdvexternal sdcard is mmcblk1, not?21:17
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sivangis there a known issue with usb tetherting? either ssh server timeout is too short, networking driver on either ubuntu / mer buggy or?21:28
sivangafter sshing, my terminal hangs after a few secs of inactivity21:29
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specialsivang: over USB? I haven't had any issues wth ssh22:13
specialit's a pain over wifi due to power saving22:13
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faenilSage, Stskeeps ping22:54
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