Friday, 2012-08-17

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tsiironegood morning05:12
Stskeepsgood morning05:13
specialit's not morning for another 45 minutes05:13
dm8tbrsomeone's not on UGT yet05:15
specialhah, hadn't seen that before05:22
specialbut still - before 9am isn't morning, sane people are still asleep.05:23
timophnah. some people have been 2h at work already05:24
timoph(not claiming being sane)05:25
iekkutimoph, haha05:48
iekkui usually start working between 7-805:48
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timophnice and quiet at the office during early hours05:50
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timophdo we want to change the default background image at some point?06:07
Stskeepsit's fall now?06:08
w00tfeels like summer here ..06:08
timophniina was in switzerland last week climbing and has some pretty cool photos that we might be able to use06:09
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timophi just need the requirements for the photo and double check with niina that it's ok to use her photos06:12
Stskeepsyeah, cc sa 3.0 etc06:12
timophI'll show the photo I'm thinking about after she wakes up. don't have here with me06:16
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timophStskeeps: btw, if cc sa 3.0 requires crediting the photographer where those credits go in nemo?06:40
Stskeepstimoph: /Contributors?06:40
Stskeepstheres a text file i guess06:41
timophabout product has a list of people at least06:42
timophalthough it's still missing scandic letters from people's names06:42
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* timoph is Timo Hrknen there :p06:43
Stskeepsthere's a bug fix for that06:43
timophthe contributors link points to meego wiki06:44
timophin the about product page06:44
w00tStskeeps: is that our version of "there's an app for that"?06:44
specialis "cmt_speech: Unable to initialize HSI" a known problem?06:46
specialI noticed earlier that it's flooding dmesg with about 4 messages / second.06:47
special(on n950)06:47
timophjust updating nemo on n950. I can check after the update finishes06:48
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xbarmarspecial: I'm facing the same on n900 recently06:50
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5854 Accepted promotion request06:54
timophsome systemd warning during update:
timophStskeeps: Sage ^06:55
timophalso ofono failed06:56
timophwarning: %post(ofono-1.8-1.1.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 107:00
SageI really can't see how the ofono thing can happen07:07
Sagetimoph: did it complain anything else?07:07
Sageline before or so?07:07
Sageit uses systemctl and it has requires systemd which provides systemctl cmd07:07
SageRequres(post): systemd that is07:07
Sagetimoph: you should file a but to mer about that systemd issue07:09
timophno just "job failed. see system journal and 'systemctl status' for details'07:14
timophcan't check though07:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5851 Accepted promotion request07:16
Sageah, ok. So startup of that failed for some reason. Some dependency maybe not available or something07:19
timophSage: the systemd thing filed as #54007:20
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timophlets see if this thing still boots :)07:21
Sagetimoph: as it is arm it should :)07:22
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5857 waiting for review at
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timophyep. it does07:24
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timophhmmh. connman unavailable07:25
specialrun it as root and it'll work fine, Sage already promised that one will be fixed07:25
timophyeah. dmesg getting flooded with cmt_speech errors07:26
Sagefixed in next mer release that connman issue07:27
Sagetimoph: ln -s ../ /lib/systemd/system/
Sagefor the connman not available thingy07:27
Sagelbt: boss is behaving very slowly again not sure if it stalled to some request07:40
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5857 Accepted promotion request07:42
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timophseems that the names in the about product page are now fixed08:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5858 waiting for review at
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sledgesgoood morning!08:03
sledgesFRIDAY! 8)08:05
iekkuit's been hard week08:06
iekkuwaiting to get over for work day and then go fishing or pickin mushrooms08:07
sledgesgood rain for mushrooms? :)08:09
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5858 Accepted promotion request08:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5859 waiting for review at
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t-lo1Hello there.09:09
t-lo1I'm new to mer/nemo and about to do some work on a few bug tracker issues to get used to the project.09:10
lbtt-lo1: welome09:10
t-lo1@lbt kthx! :)09:10
t-lo1Since I'm interested in firmware development I got  started w/ the Platform SDK and am currently building mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-0.20120517.1.ks.09:13
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t-lo1On the Mer SDK wiki page I noticed that some examples use "nemo.ks" (like the second box in sub-chapter "Building an image": <>).09:15
t-lo1I'd like to know if I'm doing the right thing when building from the latest Mer kickstart file, or if I should start with nemo.ks right away.09:16
t-lo1First step would be to actually *find* the relevant nemo.ks build configuration.09:17
t-lo1Any hints/pointers?09:17
Figuret-lo1: the .ks you are using is the bare minimum as far as I know.09:21
t-lo1@Figure OK09:22
Figuret-lo1: <-- first .ks fo nemo I found09:24
t-lo1@Figure: Cool!09:24
t-lo1The actual reason why  I'm building is to be able to reproduce erroneous behavior of a bug report in e.g. qemu.09:27
sledgest-lo1, if you need just to reproduce, you can start with prebuilt i586-vm images instead09:28
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sledgesi.e. cut down to the chase09:28
t-lo1@sledges: Ahm, well, I'm planning to actually fix something :) , then rebuild and test. Do you think this is possible w/ i586-vm?09:30
Figuret-lo1: for building you only need the minimum.. it dl's the needed packages..09:30
Figuretesting can be done with the -vm by transfering the .rpm09:30
sledgesyes, rebuilding only the erroneous packages on OBS09:30
sledgesor SDK, if you prefer09:31
t-lo1@sledges: I'd prefer rebuilding locally first, before committing anything to OBS.09:31
sledgeson OBS you branch a package and play as much as you want before committing anything back to the origin09:32
sledgesbut as I say, it's just one way of doing things09:32
sledgesof you are on a train with only your powerless-to-heavily-crosscompile netbook for example ;)09:33
t-lo1@sledges: i7@2.8GHz, 8GByte RAM, w/ SSD :D09:33
sledgeson a train? ;D09:34
t-lo1Not quite, at home in sunny Berlin, but yes, it's a laptop.09:34
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5859 Accepted promotion request09:52
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sledgesthank you for accepting my SRs the other day Sage; so now we have a patch for meegotouch-community-l10n which wants to be forked to github/nemomobile as well ;)09:56
sledgess/which/which in turn/09:56
timophhmmh. is there some time after wlan interface disconnects when the screen is locked?09:59
timophdoesn't seem to bring back the connection every time10:00
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t-lo1Do I understand this correctly: building "mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-0.20120517.1.ks"  w/ the platform SDK builds the SDK itself?10:04
sledgest-lo1 yes10:05
sledgesPS: building != compiling10:05
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sledges.ks just fetches already prebuilt [binary] .RPMs and makes an [installation] image according to its rules10:05
sledgesthat's called "building" in this case10:06
t-lo1@sledges: cool! I already noticed it's mainly wrapping up and  packaging stuff, then wrapping it up .10:06
sledgesbut it is good you want to understand how .ks becomes .iso , before you start fixing bugs ;)10:07
t-lo1@sledges: yupp, it's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking to do right now, to get in touch with everything. Let's proceed w/ mer-core-i586.ks, then.10:08
sledgeswill get you a notion of "repositories", which is a very powerful yet flexible feature of OpenSUSE Build Server (and hence MeeGo and Mer and Nemo ...)10:08
sledgeswhich will be your next task ;)10:08
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Ionakkasledges: hi10:09
IonakkaSage, w00t: did either one of you "adopt" meegotouch-systemui yesterday?10:10
sledgeshey Ionakka you disappeared yesterday :)10:10
sledgesit just got cloned to github/nemomobile10:10
Ionakkayeah, i had to run10:10
sledgesbut I found other project needing to be forked: meegotouch-community-l10n10:10
sledgesas there's a patch pending10:10
sledgesbut no movement since, Sage's been busy I guess, same w00t10:10
w00tI have no plans to adopt it or touch it unless I need to, for whatever reason10:11
sledgesw00t, I thought similar: there are loads of packages on OBS which are caked-up with .patches, and noone's cloning anything :)10:11
w00tsledges: we don't need to do it for every single package10:12
w00tjust ones that we have plans to actively do a lot with10:12
w00thaving some patches is ok, basically, but when there's too many, or they're too complex, then it's time to move to a repository10:12
sledgesbut probably Sage just wanted to start making things look elegant, by slashing dead meego on gitorious; although not avoiding redundancy and inflicting confusion one a mere Joe from the internet dose not know here to clone from or where to submit patches anymore (two same projects, hosted under different umbrella projects)10:12
w00tpulseaudio in mer is a good example - Stskeeps: how many patches did it have again? :)10:13
sledgesI see, so maybe systemui is one of the active-in-future ones, and I basically just shaken a tombstone by fixing an old bug #74 :)10:14
SageIonakka: I've not done anything with that.10:16
sledgesw00t did following his "go nuts" phrase here :))10:16
IonakkaSage, w00t: i was asking you guys mainly as you were discussing something related yesterday10:17
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Ionakkahmm... i was wondering what kind of packaging files adopted repos should have (.spec & .yaml, something else?)10:26
sledgesIonakka, isn't that all stays the same (just like in any other github/nemomobile/*) ? and yaml and spec are on OBS ?10:27
Ionakkathat makes sense10:28
sledgesyup, just checked that myself :)10:28
sledgesmy next task: revert changes to meegotouch-theme-graphics where I put the "nice" poweroff SVG :) and patch meegotouch-theme-darko instead (already on github/nemomobile). End goal is to detach -systemui from -theme-graphics and use -theme-darko instead10:29
sledges..for all those in favour?.. ;)10:30
w00tXruxa: ^10:33
w00tas you have a vested interest in theming10:33
Xruxahi guys10:33
* Xruxa does not really understand10:34
sledgesI think -systemui depends only on two -theme-graphics icons: icon-m-framework-close and icon-m-status-menu-settings should not be a problem10:36
* Xruxa reboots10:37
Ionakka<sledges> ..for all those in favour?.. ;)   <--- thumbs up for theme package replacement10:37
Ionakkathough it's not too good idea to depend on something coming from particular theme10:37
t-lo1@sledges: Now generating a root fs from mer-core-i586.ks10:37
t-lo1The repository information is a bit outdated.10:37
sledgest-lo1, keep up the good work :)10:37
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sledgesthere we are, "repositorying" :D10:38
t-lo1Yay :)10:38
sledgesIonakka, Nemo uses darko theme by default10:38
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile10:38
t-lo1So will I be able to run the generated root in a VM or something?10:38
sledgesso I believe it is most exhaustive10:38
sledgeswhat does not exist in -darko, is taken from the -graphics (meego's theme)10:38
sledgesbut we should not patch -graphics (as I erroneously did), as is it not even under github/nemomobile nor being planned to be (as I gather from w00t and Sage strategy which I do like)10:39
Xruxasledges: do you then need some extra graphics in the darko theme?10:40
sledgesso all graphics bits should go to -darko, and all projects forked to github/nemomobile/ should switch to -darko10:40
Xruxasledges: I'm bit rusty with it right now, but for meegotouch apps we should put basics to base theme, not to darko10:41
sledgeswhich is where I agree with you Ionakka , a diverging is inevitable :{10:41
Ionakkasledges: imo you're doing the right thing10:41
sledgesok, thanks for coming a bit from the past, Xruxa10:41
Ionakka<Ionakka> though it's not too good idea to depend on something coming from particular theme   <--- and you aren't doing exactly that10:42
sledgesbut here is an inconsistency for you:10:42
sledgesif you swipe Nemo to the second screen10:42
Ionakkai was just giving extra warning ;p10:42
sledgesyou have the Settings icon from the darko theme10:42
Ionakka<Xruxa> sledges: I'm bit rusty with it right now, but for meegotouch apps we should put basics to base theme, not to darko   <--- but this is relevant10:43
sledgesbut if you click on the status bar above10:43
Ionakkawhen new icon is introduced, it's good to put an alternative for it into base theme10:43
sledgesyou get same settings button, but different icon (from meegotouch-graphics)10:43
Ionakkato provide fallback graphics10:43
Ionakkasledges: smells like a new bug report ;)10:43
Xruxaguys, there is icon theming proposal somewhere on the wiki IIRC10:43
sledgesso you get mixed styles for same functionality, and that should not be a face of a unified system10:43
Xruxawhen you install your app, you install the icon to BASE THEME, not anywhere else.10:44
Ionakka<Ionakka> to provide fallback graphics   <--- which will look bit different than most graphics from the theme being used if it doen't have the icon but that's a good reminder of using noncomplete theme10:44
sledgesXruxa, an installed apo is not part of a theme, can be coming from anywhere10:46
Ionakka<Xruxa> guys, there is icon theming proposal somewhere on the wiki IIRC   <--- couldn't find it10:46
IonakkaXruxa: what you think about the fallback icons?10:46
XruxaIonakka: not sure what fallback icon is :(10:47
sledgesif you write a package specifically for Nemo, then it contradicts Sage's saying, that Nemo is using darko theme by default10:47
sledgess/it/installing to base theme/10:47
XruxaI mean, decision to change theme can be made any moment. Hence the base theme - there will always be an icon for your app.10:48
IonakkaXruxa: meaning that base theme provides some version of the icons10:48
Ionakkabut used themes include own version of the icons10:49
sledgesok, a base theme *must* be a superset for any other theme10:49
XruxaI mean if you have app, you are responsible for providing base icon for it. E.g. Skype or such. Then if that icon looks bad, theme guys can choose to change that icon by provifing own version in their theme10:49
Xruxaand those two shall be independent10:49
Ionakkaah, the app-provided icons10:49
* Xruxa hopes he is answering the right questions in first place10:50
sledgesthat is ok, but now we are not talking about the apps10:50
Ionakkai was talking about about generic ui icons and introducing new icons10:50
Ionakka(such as the poweroff icon in this case)10:50
sledgesnevertheless it poses the question to Sage: why is -darko the default theme, and why does it have icons that base (-graphics) theme does not have?10:50
Xruxafor the same reason I just wrote10:51
sledgesok, so a new icon needs to go into both themes10:51
IonakkaXruxa: the extra icons in -darko override application icons instead of theme icons?10:51
XruxaDarko has icons for other (e.g. 3rd party) apps like Skype, that do not have icon in base theme, as such icon is provided by the app itself10:51
sledgesmeans forking meegotouch-theme-graphics to github/nemomobile is as well inevitable :{10:52
XruxaIonakka: yes10:52
Xruxasledges: no?10:52
XruxaIf your app needs new poweroff graphics, then make your app install that during app installation to base theme directory10:52
Ionakkahmm... pity i can't recall what happened to old base theme10:52
Ionakkanor whether it actually contained the icons10:53
sledgesXruxa, understood10:53
Ionakka(old base theme != meegotouch-theme-graphics)10:53
XruxaIonakka: actually, I do not know how it is packaged anymore10:53
XruxaI just haxored Darko to kinda work for both meegotouch and QML apps10:54
sledgesXruxa, I explain why we ended up in this convo: I added poweroff button next to settings button in systemui, and settings icon was a part of meego-theme-graphics, so I thought following the same notion I will patch the meego-theme-graphics, as poweroff is as internal/essential as settings10:54
XruxaI see10:55
sledgesand then started asking myself, why is meegotouch-systemui taking the settings icon from the base theme? actually your proposed mechanism should have shoveled darko theme there instead10:56
sledgesas now we are having an inconsistency10:56
Ionakkashould be investigated10:56
Ionakkai might have time to look at it at some point10:56
sledges<Ionakka> sledges: smells like a new bug report ;)10:56
XruxaThemes cascade, if icon is not in current theme, we check base theme. That is lovely for theme development.10:57
sledgesbut the thing is that icon does exist10:57
sledgesalthough I am not sure about it's name, it might be icon-l-menu-settings in darko10:57
Xruxaat least for meegotouch and launcher icons, QML is different animal10:57
sledgesand icon-m-menu-settings in base10:57
Ionakkahmm... do we have inheritance of current themes explained somewhere?10:57
Ionakkaif not, perhaps a wikipage could be made for that10:58
Sagesledges: Point to Xruxa about the theming. He has done mainly that.10:58
sledgesthese -l- -m- -s- should be clarified. I like the notion that a status bar drop down (or a menu black list) contains only the monochrome simplified icons not to overwhelming user, and desktop shortcuts are all colorful and fancy10:58
* Xruxa is bit senile at this age too 10:58
sledgesbut still the infix -l- -m- -s- does not denominate that, just its size by the looks of it10:59
sledgesvaguely, i -could- infer of what it is trying to say :)10:59
Xruxayes, that is size and level of detail10:59
sledgesthere we are! :D10:59
* sledges off for a bit10:59
XruxaI even had a table of sizes for the l,n,s icons11:00
*** curiosity_ has quit IRC11:10
t-lo1@sledges: osc now works for me, but I'm still looking for the right .ks file to build a Nemo image.11:16
t-lo1More specifically I'm trying to reproduce the missing softlink for
t-lo1@lonakka: khtx!11:18
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC11:18
t-lo1@lonakka: Is there any place in the wiki where I could have read that up?11:18
Ionakkat-lo1: not sure11:22
Ionakkai got that from daily-image-builder builder.conf11:22
Ionakkathough there was something related mentioned in wikipages describing sdk setup11:22
*** xbarmar has quit IRC11:22
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile11:24
IonakkaXruxa: now that you're officially a theme afficionado i'll dare to ask you this: what you think about LMT MVC pattern? ;)11:24
t-lo1@lonakka: okay, there's a reference to gitorious ( on the Nemo wiki page ( If you know what to look for I guess you could actually find it :)11:29
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile11:30
t-lo1I would like to add a specific link to the kickstart configs to this section of the nemo page. You guys think this is OK?11:30
Stskeepsgo for it, help improve the docs?11:31
t-lo1Done that.11:35
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile11:36
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile11:48
t-lo1Another documentation issue: I found it necessary to patch ~/.oscrc to point to  in the Mer SDK.11:51
t-lo1I think is a nice place to add this. Objections?11:51
*** himamura_ has quit IRC11:51
*** himamura has quit IRC11:55
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile11:59
Saget-lo1, Ionakka: is obsolete, will give more info later :)12:07
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:08
t-lo1@sage: too obsolete to reproduce ?12:09
*** sp3000 has quit IRC12:10
Saget-lo1: for that should be ok.12:11
Sagejust a general note that we have new repo for those. Haven't obsoleted the old one yet though12:12
t-lo1@Sage: OK - could you please update with the new location? I added this today since I had a hard time finding the Nemo .ks files.12:13
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile12:15
Saget-lo1: is the new place12:16
Saget-lo1: is missing instructions though12:16
t-lo1@Sage: compared to the old repo at it also seems to lack  pre-generated .ks files.12:18
Saget-lo1: as said instructions are missing :)12:19
Sageit works a bit differently than the old ones thus I haven't promoted it yet too much12:20
t-lo1@Sage: 'k :)12:20
Sagealso have more changes on my laptop waiting for tesitng12:20
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:21
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile12:27
*** Ionakka has quit IRC12:29
t-lo1Could someone with a clue about OBS and osc please review the new introductory section at
*** beford has quit IRC12:39
Saget-lo1: please space before ? so that one could click the link ;)12:39
t-lo1@Sage: Whoops, :)12:39
*** deztructor has joined #nemomobile12:39
Saget-lo1: well, just meant that in the future ;)12:40
t-lo1Ah, right. Link was still in the clipboard, no harm in pasting it again, though :)12:41
t-lo1brb, lunch.12:46
*** norayr has quit IRC12:46
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*** deztructor has joined #nemomobile12:59
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sledgesXruxa, thank you, after examining /usr/share/themes/* all clear now.13:08
sledgesso I did the right thing. for now that thing manifests itself only as a .patch in OBS to meegotouch-theme-graphics13:09
sledgesoh, Xruxa, you are the jakub :D I knew I came across the two nick/names lately :)13:10
sledgesnice to meet you :D13:11
Xruxasays so in the nick :)13:11
*** rcg-work has quit IRC13:11
sledgesyes, that's what struck me after /whois Xruxa :)13:11
sledgesXruxa, we have just forked gitorious/meegotouch-systemui to github/nemomobile/, because it is inactive and we {as Sage said} are disconnected from those responsible upstream (they are inactive too like most MeeGo projects :(  )13:13
sledgesbut together with systemui, I patched meegotouch-community-l10n and (as mentioned) meeogtouch-theme-graphics , which are currently on OBS13:13
sledgescould you approve+pass them upstream to gitorious instead?13:14
sledgesso it's all elegant and keeps everyone happy :)13:14
*** slaine has quit IRC13:16
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile13:20
sledgesis there a solid guide to N9 Nemo dual booting? ( ? )13:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5861 waiting for review at
*** rcg-work has joined #nemomobile13:24
t-lo1Any opinions about the new paragraph at ?13:26
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile13:27
Xruxasledges: I can't approve much - forgot all about OBS while on holidays, including passwords :) Better got with Sage. Anyway - nice to meet you too, whoever you are ;)13:40
*** javispedro has joined #nemomobile13:44
sledgesXruxa, don't need OBS knowledge, I will just submit a pull request to gitorious to those project (as you are managing them as I am happy to see that :))13:46
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t-lo1OK guys I'll call it a day. Thanks for all your help! Will be back tomorrow; the Mer platform being actually  quite fun to poke around with.14:07
*** t-lo1 has left #nemomobile14:07
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5861 Rejected promotion request14:24
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5862 waiting for review at
*** sledges is now known as sledge2irssiMosh15:15
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sledgeskrans: I am also installing Nemo to N9 as we speak, but I am very careful, and today probably will manage only to load a volatile bootloader. I am following because wiki looked a bit disorganised and misleading16:01
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:01
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile16:03
kranssledges, ok I will give a try to this instructions16:03
talk2sledgesbut all things are fragile (instructions as well as going as far as using the latest nemo/its bootloaders as opposed to those outdated in instructions), so do take care16:04
talk2sledgeskrans, ^16:05
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5862 Accepted promotion request16:06
kranstalk2sledges, ok16:07
kranstalk2sledges, sledges : got it working on my N9 awesome :)16:17
talk2sledges10minutes :D16:20
*** sasikala has quit IRC16:35
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sledgeskrans: so which guide did you use to Nemo your N9 ?19:28
*** decibyte has quit IRC19:28
*** decibyte has joined #nemomobile19:29
kranssledges, I used this
sledgeswhich method?19:30
kranssledges, Single Boot by Loading The Kernel19:30
kranssledges, with flasher i flashed19:31
sledgesmeans two OSs, but to get back into Nemo you need to flash again - sort of a volatile bootloader19:31
kranssledges, but after following Next thing is to move the rootfs to the device with Nokia N950 & Nokia N9 Rootfs Installation guide and pressing the volume down key it didnt booted up19:31
sledgesas it says:  In subsequent boots, device will boot directly to Harmattan.19:32
kranssledges, I flashed again and removed the usb then it started to boot up19:32
sledgesright, so are you able to switch between the two?19:32
*** situ has quit IRC19:32
kranssledges, i didnt tried yet I have nemo running now :)19:33
sledges:) i bet :))19:33
kranssledges,  it said the by pressing volume down key it should boot to nemo directly but it didnt ..19:34
kransI flashed again and removed usb19:34
kranssledges, any way am checking now how to set up dev env19:34
sledgesmeans only twice reflashing works19:34
kranssledges, looks like19:35
sledgeswonder if the underlying harmattan is still bootable :)19:35
sledgesas this is my daily phone :D19:35
sledgesi think i should go with "permanent single boot"19:35
kranssledges, I dont care if I break my device ;)19:36
sledgesgood ;D19:36
krans sledges, I tried to run hello world on device but after ssh the device was very very slow19:36
sledgesand before ssh?19:37
kranssledges, I mean the shell is very very slow19:37
Stskeepskrans: it's a bit slow at startup19:37
kranssledges, ok19:37
kransStskeeps, ok19:37
sledgesok :)19:38
sledgesaha, apparently kernel-moslo-* has been updated yesterday! so going with persistent single boot (how weird that soudns!) thanks marquiz :)19:39
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sledgeschallenges ahead: "Re-partitioning failed! You might be in trouble!" :}21:44
*** crevetor_ has joined #nemomobile21:47
rcgsledges, trying to install nemo on n9/16gb?21:54
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:55
sledgesrcg: correct21:58
sledgesseems that parted screwed something up and did not create the ALTOS partition21:58
sledgesstill did not reboot the device, telnetting at the moment21:59
rcgsledges, i see, had the same error back when i experimented with my n9/16gb and nemo22:00
sledges`parted -s -m /dev/mmcblk0 unit s print` shows the second (Harmattan rootfs) partition of an unknown type, hope that's normal, but the data might have gotten screwed during parted already, as it was taking ages the "Repartitioning MMC for AlternateOS" phase22:01
rcgiirc i solved the issue via telnet22:01
rcgwell, i hope you don't have important data there?22:01
sledgesall backed up ;)22:01
rcggood :)22:01
sledgesi think i should have followed instead22:02
rcgbecause i couldn't get dual boot to run..22:02
rcgeither harmattan or nemo was possible though22:02
sledgeswhere all looks manual and less scripty with things-break attitude22:02
rcgjust not both via dualboot22:02
sledgesrcg: well N9 cannot dual boot22:02
sledgesonly if you flash moslo again22:02
sledgesit give access to alternative os22:03
sledgesotherwise it should always be harmattan22:03
sledgeskinda kinky :D22:03
rcgyeah, well, that's what i meant with dual boot ;)22:03
sledgesyup, wiki says no :D22:03
rcgsome (admittedly complicated) way to switch between os while having both installed22:03
sledgesbasically, parted screws things up if launched from moslo automatically, needed to do by hand22:04
sledgesN950 works though22:04
sledgesas they say22:04
rcgbut if you are keen on getting nemo on it, it might be sufficient for you that i succeeded in it after some time22:04
sledgesthanks :)22:05
rcgdual boot on n950?22:05
rcgnever tried that :)22:05
rcgsledges, are you still logged in via telnet?22:05
rcgmaybe try "fdisk"?22:06
rcgdunno if i used that.. but i was able to manually partition it somehow22:06
sledgesshows empty partition table!22:06
rcgah, there you go22:06
sledgesrcg: this gives manual instructions:
sledgeswhy in the world does moslo repartition the main harmattan rootfs!? there is plenty of space in MyDocs one22:07
sledges... although I think MyDocs just shrinked instead22:08
sledgesso harmattan might still be alive22:08
* sledges gets busy analysing to see what that beast has done :)22:08
rcgwell, i didn't follow these instructions...22:09
rcgjust went with the guide from the mer wiki and some educated guessing ;)22:10
sledgesi don't have much experience with cmdline parted (partition resizing) but that's the bit I think I'm missing from reaching nemo on N9/16GB22:10
rcgbut well, the take away message is that it works ;)22:10
sledgesso onto learning that :}22:10
rcgsledges, actually, you don't need to mess with parted.. you can still use fdisk.. even though that's a pretty crude way and you do not preserve the harmattan installation22:11
sledges&) well I'd like to have harmattan intact, and fdisk now shows empty partition table whatsoever22:12
sledgesso looks less trustworthy for the given circumstances here :)22:12
rcgright, i see22:12
sledgesno worries, I'll fight22:12
rcgrgr rgr :)22:12
sledgesis batery being charged now?! :D22:12
rcghmm dunno...22:13
rcgmy guess was that charging is very low level and independent from os22:13
sledgeshope so22:13
sledgesthough having doubts after OpenMoko experience :)22:13
rcge.g. n950 doesn't even show battery status but charging work nonetheless22:14
rcgn950 running nemo, that is22:14
sledgesic, good news22:14
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:44
sledgesok, studied moslo's /init inside out22:48
sledgesonly one [but crucial] question: what if we have a new partition p2 with alternateOS, how can old kernel boot old harmattan rootfs again, as it does not know about the new partition layout?22:50
sledgeswe'll most probably end up booting harmattan kernel into alternateOS regardless from now on..22:51
rcgare you sure the nemo kernel boots to p2?22:52
rcgiirc it was a higher partition number22:52
sledgesnope, it takes the p1, shrinks it, and creates p2 after it22:53
sledgesthe script was constantly checking for max count of partitions (i.e. 4), but the ALTOS is 222:53
rcghmm, i might be wrong, but i coulda have sworn i used a higher partition number22:54
rcganyway it's quite late for me so i gotta go22:54
rcggood luck with your experiments :)22:55
sledgescheers for assistance rcg22:55
rcgyw :22:55
sledgesthanks, i will need one :)22:55
rcgmight keep me updated on your results? ;)22:55
*** radiofree has quit IRC22:55
rcgcya :)22:55
*** rcg has quit IRC22:55
sledgesi'm 24/7 here via mosh+screen+irssi :)22:55
*** radiofree has joined #nemomobile22:57
*** radiofree is now known as radiofree__22:59
*** dionet has quit IRC23:02
*** danielcbit has quit IRC23:03
*** mike7b4_n9 has quit IRC23:07
sledgesunderstood: on my Nokia N9 16GB (orig from Australia, later flashed CE PR1.1 and updated to 1.2 then 1.3): the problem with moslo is:23:22
sledgesparted resizes the first [MyDocs] partition OK, attempts to create the new one, exits without error, BUT the partition is not there!23:23
sledgeseven after reboot23:23
sledgesor actually, it IS there, but the old partition entry to harmattan rootfs is gone!23:24
sledgesso even the numbering is messed up23:24
sledgesas now there is a new partition #2, old #2 is gone, and we need the new partition to be #423:24
sledgesso we delete #223:25
sledgescreate #2 which restores status quo (see orig partition table backup at the end of
sledgesto point back to harmattan rootfs23:26
*** sp3000 has joined #nemomobile23:27
sledgescreate #4 which is the new partition, you can remember the start and end cylinders from your carefully taken notes (or terminal scrollup ;))23:27
sledgesso those are the notes , as i'm feeling talking to myself is kind-a odd :D23:27
sledgeshopefully these notes will benefit not only to myself, will put them eventually to wiki23:28
crevetor_guys, where is the equivalent of for nemo ?23:31
specialcrevetor_: might have some of what you want23:32
crevetor_special: k thx23:35
sledgeslooks like latest Nemo does not boot on N9 - moslo just shuts it down (ver 0.20120614.1.NEMO.2012-08-05.2)23:55

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