Saturday, 2012-08-18

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sledgessame with 0.20120517.1.NEMO.2012-05-21.100:06
sledgesprobably it's moslo not friends with my N9, as even booting orig kernel from moslo ends up with only one extra LED flash and then shutdown; just can't handle kexec seemingly00:08
sledgesok, time to zleep :)00:08
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specialSage: did you update any telepathy-related packages at all recently?06:10
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Xruxawho says all the work does not get done on weekends :)06:18
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specialokay, that was a really annoying bug06:19
iekkuthe one who doesn't have passion/opportunity do to work during weekend06:19
specialapparently mission-control was crashing because I had a telepathy-ring account configured and didn't have telepathy-ring installed.06:19
* special sighs06:20
Sagespecial: haven't looked those much recently06:44
Sagespecial: I will merge the stuff to nemo when glib updates comes to mer.06:44
Sagespecial: have you tried telepathy-ring with ofono 1.8+ if that works or not?06:45
specialSage: not really. I've been avoiding it due to the glib issue06:47
specialI did try it briefly, but ofonod wasn't functional at the time06:48
Sagewell it probably isn't funcitonal now either for n950 at least. For n900 it worked for me. Also one could use phonesim to test.06:48
specialI could try it with phonesim next weekish06:51
specialit'd be good to keep moving forward on replacing SMS06:52
Sageyes that is something that would be very nice to see.06:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5863 waiting for review at
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kranssledges, I was able to boot Harmattan as well07:22
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5863 Accepted promotion request07:40
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t-loGood morning everybody.08:20
iekkugood morning08:20
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faenilmorning :)08:51
t-loMorning faenil.08:53
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faenilhi t-lo :)08:59
sledgeskrans: I booed Nemo after random struggle: tried various nemo kernels directly with flasher, no luck, afterwards copied /lib/modules of latest kkernel, and it booted from within moslo with older kernel than the modules copied, so an irrelevant cp but Nemo boots now, how weird!09:03
kranssledges, haah ok09:05
sledgeseven zypper ref & up worked! but my poer button does not physically spoweroff, same like in a VM virtual box, more info NEMO#74 :)09:07
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sledgeshave a good morning everyone!09:09
t-lo@Sledges: good morning!09:11
faenilgood morning sledges :)09:11
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t-loHey, I finally managed to build a nemo i586 VM image.12:44
t-loIt's kind of a challenge to make any use of it, though.12:44
t-loSince kvm does not provide hardware accelerated video my virtual screen would turn black upon opening an application. Any application.12:45
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t-loAny thoughts on this?12:46
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Stskeepsah, thats not the cause12:53
Stskeepsthe mesa llvmpipe/egl backend doesnt do tfp in ximage backend12:54
Stskeepseven though GLX does12:54
t-loMy best shot at getting a console (that's what I'm actually after, sorry for being imprecise) would be not to start, then?12:56
t-loOn a completely different note: is there a committer / a group of committers specifically dedicated to systemd in Nemo?12:58
t-loI'm asking because there are some minor weirdnesses with Nemo's systemd configuration.12:58
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t-loHehe, I thought so.13:02
Stskeepsctrl alt f213:11
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t-lo@Stskeeps -vv13:25
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Stskeepst-lo: systemd is mostly mer side13:36
t-lo@Stskeeps: okay.13:37
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tomx_I have a question about n950s' bootloader19:36
kransw00t, how to install  nemo-qml-plugins on device ?19:37
w00tshould be a straight "zypper install" job, provided your image is fairly up to date19:37
w00tor do you mean from source?19:37
kransw00t, yeah i mean from source19:37
w00tok, i presume you're working on n9/n950?19:38
kransw00t, i have source on my local yeah am working on N9 i have nemo running19:38
w00teasiest way i'd say would be to install the mer SDK - it's basically a chroot and gets you tools which you may be familiar with: osc, and things like that19:39
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w00tthen you can branch the package, chuck the patches you need in, do a local build, scp the rpms over and install fairly easily19:39
w00t(yes, it's a bit awkward, afaik there is some ongoing work on on making at least the packaging side of this less annoying)19:39
w00t and are good references for SDK-related things19:40
kransw00t, ok i'll try that19:41
w00tnemo-qml-plugins has also been designed to build (and ideally run in most cases) fairly well on desktop19:41
w00te.g. I have QtMobility built on OS X, nemo-qml-plugins and qt-components built there, so I just run qmlcontacts on my mac most of the time19:41
kransw00t, I also want to do the same19:41
w00tthat should be fairly straightforward qmake/make/make install19:41
kransw00t, so you use desktop builds ?19:42
w00tI do, yes19:42
w00tnot everyone, unfortunately ;)19:42
w00tbut I'm hoping to convince them to see the light19:42
w00tas it makes development cycles a lot faster19:42
* lpotter agrees with w00t19:42
kransw00t, I agree too19:43
tomx_Is it possible to brick n950 by flashing wrong firmware?19:43
tomx_or it is like n900?19:43
Venemo_N9everything is possible, you just have to try hard enough19:43
tomx_I don't intend to :)19:44
w00tkrans: pushed a 'desktop' branch to qmlcontacts (there are a few small hacks needed in QML there to get rid of the dialer, as the it sadly falls into the basket of stuff that does not yet run on desktop)19:45
w00tbut the rest should pretty much just work19:45
Venemo_N9maybe it's easier to brick it with an axe19:45
kransw00t, ok I'll try that19:45
* w00t heads off to watch a film, but I might periodically check in here, so if you need help, just ask19:45
kransw00t, enjoy19:46
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tomx_I've read about problems with downgrading on N9, do that problems also exist on N950?19:53
Venemo_N9tomx_, what issues do you mean?19:55
lbtkrans: nb - please tell me if you have SDK problems19:56
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kranslbt, sure19:57
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tomxVenomo_N9 :
Venemo_N9tomx, you can not downgrade harmattan releases, that is true20:06
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tomxHow about moslo? Is it a second or first stage bootloader? Also, if I flash my N950 with moslo, can I then flash with any Harmattan version?20:13
Venemo_N9you can restore harmattan20:15
tomxAny version?20:16
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Venemo_N9the latest, I guess20:32
Venemo_N9after update, my Nemo installation is bricked20:32
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w00tVenemo_: run zypper up in screen.. you'll lose both X and networking.. wait 15-20 minutes after that, then reboot it with power button20:42
w00tand yes, definitely not ideal20:42
w00tthankfully i think Stskeeps is looking at getting rid of uxlaunch which should help resolve one problem of display going away during update..20:42
Venemo_w00t: that I did. but it does not start after reboot20:44
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w00tsure you left it long enough? i underestimated once20:45
VenemoI turned it off when I noticed that it has a non-responsive blank screen. not sure if that was enough :P20:48
Venemono problem though, I'll just reflash it with the latest image20:48
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w00tno, you need to wait the 15-20 minutes after it goes blank20:56
Venemothen it wasn't enough20:56
Venemowould have been nice to at least show some "please wait" message20:57
w00tthe bug there is that it killed the whole UI session, there's nowhere to display a "please wait"20:58
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sledgeswhat a day! time to zleep :)23:13
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