Sunday, 2012-08-19

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t-loHi :)08:57
faeniliekku, morning :)09:02
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sledgesmorning faenil :)09:34
faenilhey sledges :)09:34
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t-loYay, is fixed.10:50
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sledgeslooks like very complex bug due to amount of conmebts11:30
* dm8tbr hummms the MI theme11:39
Ionakkawhich bug?11:39
t-lo@sledges: imo it's rather simple, you just need some background :)11:42
t-loSome of the background is in the comments, that's what makes things complicated11:43
t-loThe bug itself is rather straightforward. And already fixed upstream.11:43
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Saget-lo: I'm not 100% confident that it is fixed on all the platforms yet but will see12:20
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t-lo@Sage: there still is a packaging bug in connman and ofono (and sshd, and boardname):
Saget-lo: yes, I've commented there already. ;)12:22
* Sage is Marko Saukko12:22
t-loAh :)12:22
t-loGreat :)12:22
Sagethat is totally separate thing and very low on priority actually as it doesn't cause any harm in general12:22
Sageonly in some cases is a bit annoying12:23
t-loIt will remove the last bit of risk that ofono and connman are not started on all platforms, I think, since it puts the symlinks into the right place.12:24
t-loLunch time.12:25
faenilspecial, ping12:30
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t-lo:) re12:46
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faenilcould you post your ideas to ?13:35
faenilI was thinking about creating a new custom model using two QGalleryQueryRequest13:36
faenilbut that would require a lot of work to link it with all signals and updates coming from qml (for things like scopeChanged, sortChanged, etc)13:37
faenilI also thought about using the DocumentGallery.File rootType and then filtering on filenames to only show videos (and that isn't very nice)...but in this way we lose all specific filestypes info such as bitrate, codec, camera model, etc13:39
faenilif you have any better idea, feel free to share it in the bug thread :)13:40
faenilw00t, special, and whoever could have an idea :) ^^14:01
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faenilokay, you're right, it's sunday afternoon, I shouldn't be asking :D14:17
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dm8tbrbug #4215:46
MerbotBug task, Low, ---, tuukka.tolvanen, ASSIGNED, libffi-devel has possible bashisms in it's RPM scriptlets15:46
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kransdoes any one know how to install module "" on ubuntu ?17:22
kransam using Nokia Qt SDK17:23
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faenilSage, Stskeeps, if I zypper install libqtconnectivity on MerSDK (n950 target) it tries to download /armv7hl/libqtconnectivity1-1.2.0-1.53.armv7hl.rpm17:29
faenilbut the file available on server is /armv7hl/libqtconnectivity1-1.2.0-1.62.armv7hl.rpm17:29
Stskeepsthat's good?17:29
Stskeepszypper ref?17:30
faenillol, right xD17:30
faenilI had never done that on the SDK yet17:31
faenilleaving :) cya later ! :)17:31
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kranswell configure -meego on the repo has done the trick am now able to run the apps on desktop as well :)17:41
M4rtinKkrans: i think there is also some PPA for Ubuntu (forum Nokia PPA or something) -  that's what I'm using to run my applications on PC17:51
kransM4rtinK, unfortunately those instructions didnt worked on my machine17:51
kransM4rtinK, most of the threads gave this solution but they didnt work any more on my ubuntu 11.10 , sudo apt-add-repository ppa:forumnokia/fn-ppa17:53
kranssudo apt-get update17:53
kranssudo apt-get install qt-components-dev qt-components-examples17:53
kranswell it takes 5 mins to build it by ourself :)17:55
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M4rtinKweir, I don't even have the PPA enabled at the moment, the package must have persisted through the upgrade :)17:57
M4rtinKkrans: yeha - I even did a build on-device when experimenting with HP Touchpad Chroot :)17:58
kransM4rtinK, it looked little weird to me as well bu anyway it could be problem with my local settings etc but I solved it anyway18:00
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qwazixhi, how much time is it expected to take while with a black screen at first nemo boot on N950?21:59
rcgnot much actually21:59
rcgif it's longer then, say, half a minute or a minute then actually something seems wrong22:00
qwazixhmm, something must have gone wrong, I've been waiting about 8minutes or so22:00
qwazixI will untar the image again22:00
qwazixYep, this time it got through in less than 20s22:02
qwazixI'm in :), thanks22:02
rcggreat :)22:05
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qwazixIs there any QML project you'd like a pair of hands on? I'll be able to do some coding after I finish my coding competition projects.22:29
faenilqwazix, give this a look, and feel free to join! :)
faeniland this is the bugtracker, where you can find wanted features/bugs22:40
sledgesrcg: here's a summary of my troubles :) all works now!
qwazixfaenil, going to take a look thanks22:51
sledgesgoodnight fellows :)22:51
faenilgoodnight :) I'm going to bed too, cya tomorrow!22:51
faenilsledges, pm ;)22:52
sledgesgotcha faenil :)22:53
sledgesl'ho vista :)22:53
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