Tuesday, 2012-08-28

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VenemoSage, w00t, new lipstick and new colorful-home are both needed for the stuff to work00:20
VenemoSage, w00t, both are pushed to master. unfortunately I'm clueless about OBS so can't help there.00:20
VenemoSage, w00t, and both need some testing00:20
Venemoanyway, need to sleep now00:20
Venemohave a nice evening guys:)00:20
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iekkuit's 6:44 in the morning03:44
iekkusoon i need to start my walk to busstop03:44
iekkuand fight with elgs and bears and... :P03:45
specialis that what finland is like :p03:57
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6069 Accepted promotion request05:23
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6070 Accepted promotion request05:27
phaeronSage: the requests you told me about are done now , tell me if you have others05:29
* phaeron notes cobs has become a tad unreliable lately05:29
Stskeepshigher usage maybe05:30
phaeronapi requests timeout or return empty response a lot more than before05:32
phaeronIt might help  to turn on mod_xforward usage , upstream recommends that05:33
Stskeepsi'm happy about mer CI obs finally being faster05:33
Stskeepsdue to it getting migrated05:33
phaeronStskeeps: how is the copyprj usage doing ?05:35
Stskeepsphaeron: got occupied with other stuff but besides the non-copyprj related slowness, it worked fine05:36
phaeronSage: for i in `osc -A cobs ls | grep --color=never -P "^CE:.*$"` ; do osc -A cobs request list -s new $i ; done05:44
phaerondoesn't return anything, so I think it was only those 4 requests05:45
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Venemo_N9good morning06:48
dm8tbrmood groaning06:48
Venemo_N9have you guys had any time to check the stuff?06:48
Venemo_N9I fixed that ugly buff yesterday06:49
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SageVenemo_N9: you taggged new releases of both?06:52
Venemo_N9Sage, uh, forgot to06:53
Venemo_N9feel free to tag master06:53
Venemo_N9I also fixed some other bugs06:54
Venemo_N9also indicated it and asked for testing in the bugzilla06:54
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SageVenemo_N9: ok, I'll check it today at some point.06:56
Venemo_N9thank you06:57
SagePermission denied (publickey).07:07
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Sagewth... what has happened to github07:08
specialthey made everyone reconfirm their SSH keys a few months ago after a security issue07:08
Venemo_N9what has?07:08
specialhave you pushed since then?07:08
Sagespecial: I'm cloning and yes.07:09
Sagehttps://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-kickstarter-configs/commits/master works fine07:10
Sagewwell, now it works07:11
Sageok, have to handle this later07:13
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alteregoWell, that was fun, my internet cut out for 10 hours07:18
Stskeepsyay holiday?07:20
alteregoI just spent the time staring at my monitor.07:21
alteregowaiting ..07:21
alteregoMy landlord has organised for some one to visit from a new estate agents so they can take pictures of the property today.07:21
alteregop i t a07:22
VilsepiI'm trying to get Nemo running on N900 but I'm stuck on a kernel panic (mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card)07:23
alteregoVilsepi: make sure you copied the image to the memory card correctly.07:23
Vilsepialterego: I followed the wiki instructions07:24
Vilsepithere's 2 partitions there which I can browse07:24
VilsepiI wonder if I should try the Adaptation image even though I'm not using Pali's u-boot07:29
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Venemo_N9hey alterego07:47
Venemo_N9what would you guys think if I moved the tab bar of the home screen to the bottom?07:50
specialVenemo_N9: I think it's a good idea.07:51
specialmy first impression (which I never gave to you, sorry) was that it looks awkward next to the statusbar.07:51
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Venemo_N9special, that too and the colour is also not good07:55
specialI really want to like it in white, but it does seem like it stands out a bit much.07:56
alteregoNeeds to have more of a margin too, between it and the icons.07:58
alteregoSage: still no new telepathy-qt? :)07:58
Venemo_N9alterego, yeah. the problem there was that w00t deleted the container item which had the margin07:58
specialalterego: any day now07:59
Venemo_N9not intentionally of course, he was optimizing07:59
Venemo_N9alterego, special, I'm thinking of translucent black for the next iteration07:59
specialwhat about the icons?08:00
Venemo_N9on the bottom, and with a different highlight08:01
Venemo_N9icons would be light08:01
specialwith light icons, that could be good08:01
specialit would blend a lot better.08:01
specialidle observation: the homescreen doesn't have rounded corners08:02
Venemo_N9and it shouldn't08:03
Venemo_N9harmattan home screen doesn't have it either08:04
Venemo_N9but if you're saying it should08:04
Venemo_N9we can try and see how it works out08:04
specialit's a tiny detail, just seems odd since almost everything else has them08:04
specialdid you ever get to try w00t's lockscreen?08:04
Venemo_N9not really yet, but that's my plan for today08:06
Venemo_N9today night, I mean08:06
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faenil_good morning! :)08:50
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niqtmorn  faenil_09:08
faenil_hi niqt :)09:08
faenil_hey why am I faenil_ :/09:08
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil09:08
faenilbetter :P09:08
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Sagealterego: still no new mer release. I'll say you when it is there :)09:19
faenilSage, deadline for submission?09:23
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Sagefaenil: today :)09:26
Sagefaenil: I have no time decided atm.09:26
faenilSage, more precisely? :D09:27
faenilok... :P09:27
faenilI could be adding more features before doing a release09:27
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Sagefaenil: you can just tag and push the current stuff already now and add more then.09:31
faenilSage, ehm yeah, I have to learn how to do a release on obs...09:32
Sagefaenil: exactly start learning now :)09:32
alteregoSage: thanks :)09:32
faenilSage, from? :D09:32
alteregoSage: I have plenty of other things anyway, just eager to release new voicecall ;)09:33
Sagefaenil: mer sdk installed?, obs account done?09:33
faenilalterego, would you guide me through the "git to release" process?09:33
faenilSage, yes09:33
Sagefaenil: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/GettingStartedInFixingBugs09:34
alteregofaenil: well, after testing your git tree, tag that version with a release number.09:34
alteregofaenil: bundle up a .tar.{whatever} and send it to obs :)09:34
alteregothen push it to CE:Apps, or a different repo depending on the nature of your package or the one you're maintaining.09:35
faenilalterego, do I have to create the tar manually? and how to push to CE:apps? remember we were waiting for that OBS lesson from you? :D09:36
faenilSage, thanks for the link, so you need to create a .patch every time you want to upgrade OBS packages?09:37
Sagefaenil: no if you have upstream tag then create new tarball09:40
Sagefaenil: e.g. git archive --format=tar --prefix=lipstick-0.3.3/ v0.3.3 | bzip2 > lipstick-0.3.3.tar.bz209:41
faenilwhat do you mean by if you *have* upstream tag?09:41
Sagehttps://github.com/nemomobile/qmlgallery is the upstream09:44
faenilof course09:44
Sagemake tag there then you can use tarball instead of patch09:44
faenilok ;)09:44
Sagelatest tag seems to be v0.0.8 so do: git tag v0.0.9; git push --tags09:44
Sagethen do the tarball like I showed above. And then osc branch CE:Apps qmlgallery and upload the new sources with changes09:45
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faenilok, sounds easy, just have to clone the upstream repo, I'm used to work on my own repo :)09:45
SageStskeeps: have time to keep nemo status sync meeting today? My mind isn't in the right place atm. :P09:46
* Sage needs to think 3-5 times each thing today09:46
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SageANNOUNCEMENT: Nemo Mobile Status sync meeting starting in 8 minutes at  #mer-meeting09:52
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faenilveskuh, sync meeting starting in 8 minutes at #mer-meeting ,if you're interested ;)09:56
veskuhfaenil: thanks. yep, i'll listen.09:58
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Sage\o/ lipstick up on x8610:26
SageI can't launch other than settings app though :P10:27
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Sagepah, it was my own fault with experimenting stuff10:50
Sageworks fine10:50
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Sageor well I can see some issues, e.g. sysuid isn't showing but that might be related to other visibility stuff with that10:52
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6264 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/626410:56
sledgesiekku, what devices are you going to try to run Nemo in devaamo? (it says "To get the most out of this event, Bring your own device")11:01
* sledges had Nemo running on imx53 several months ago11:01
iekkui think it doesn't mather :P11:01
sledgeswell, is there an interest to run Nemo on a(n exploded) dev board? I could prop up a tutorial for imx :)11:02
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* Sage could bring exopc, n950 and n900 probably. Maybe also pandaboard if he can get it booted to ux before that11:08
sledgesnice hackathon :) wish I lived closer11:09
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6264 Accepted promotion request11:12
faenilI'm thinking about flying over there....11:12
sledgesfaenil, great spirit! Could be good to meet at CELF, too11:17
* sledges will be in Germany for that Devaamo weekend, with karate team.. :}11:17
faenilsledges, I'm spending my holidays working on Nemo, don't want to miss a meeting like that ! :D11:18
sledgesoh yeah :D11:18
faenilsledges, what's CELF?11:20
sledgesELGE/CELF, Barcelona, November '1211:20
sledgesone of the grand Embedded Linux summits11:20
faenilcan't find anything on google :/11:21
faenildid they block google's bot? :P11:21
sledgesbut many guys from here are actually going to Automotive Linux Summit in UK.. :)11:22
faeniloh it's ELCE, not ELGE :D11:22
sledgesyup ;) spotted that11:22
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faenilsledges, holy crap, it costs :/11:23
faenilme studentz, no money11:23
sledgesour company is going, yup, one-off prices might be high11:23
SageStskeeps: any knowledge where is libdri2.so.1 upstream?11:26
StskeepsSage: not offhand11:29
sivangsledges: I think that even occasional 'wanna join' things are suitable in g+ / fb not only for core dev stuff.11:30
sivangsledges: which hackathon? the Jolla hackday in New Factory?11:30
sledgesyup, core dev stuff needs mailing list (already actioned)11:30
iekkuhmmm, in the info page there's jukka eklund as a nemo representative in mer advisory board11:30
iekkui think that11:30
sledgessivang, Devaamo11:30
iekkuthat's outdated info11:30
sivangsledges: devammo was already11:31
sledgessivang, http://devaamo_jolla_hackday.eventbrite.com/11:31
sivangsledges: ah right, I was referring to that :-p so that's in New Factory in Tampere right?11:32
sledgessivang, g+ / fb good for wanna join (as opposed to core dev stuff)11:32
sivangsledges: exactly.11:32
sledgessivang, yes, apparently Uusi Tehdas / New Factory11:32
sivangsledges: wonderful place. I could live in that enormous sfotware and robotics studio11:32
sledges:D http://5w.fi/5blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/hackday.png ?11:33
sivangsledges: could be, the place is rather big though11:34
sivangsledges: last time I visited it I met this neat team working on special robots to take mental care of remote workers who are isolated for long times.11:34
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sledgeswow, like in the movie "The Moon" ? or the space odissey :)11:35
sivangsledges: something like it, one of the girls were working on algorithms for facial recognition (or they used an existing lib) to try and figure the mental state of the worker11:37
sivangsledges: such that if he's upset or sad or not feeling well, action could be taken upon automatic notification to nerve center11:38
sivangwish I'd remembered the name of the venture11:38
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faenilSage, keep me updated :P I'm about to make the release12:54
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Vilsepifinally got Nemo to boot on N900, it didn't work on 8GB Class 10 SD but does work with 4GB Class 413:24
Vilsepithere's something about that in the wiki but I really don't understand it there13:24
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faenil\o/ someone has started working on the battery indicator issue :D13:55
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Vilsepidumb question but how can I go back to the home screen or exit any app on N900? I'm stuck in the settings menu :D14:02
StskeepsVilsepi: swipe from bottom14:03
VilsepiStskeeps: oooooh right, from the right side actually14:03
Vilsepiwas holding the phone landscape14:03
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faenilw00t, ping14:11
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neochapaycan i install nemo on nand !?15:05
neochapaynokia n900 user :)15:05
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Venemo_N9hey guys15:34
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faenilyo Venemo_N915:47
faenilI know I'm being boring, but...any update on Nemo release deadline to send packages? :D15:49
faenilVenemo_N9, deadline for packages to be include in the coming nemo release15:51
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Venemo_N9I don't know15:59
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remHi, any idea why the import  QtMultimediaKit is failing in nemo ?16:17
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Kypeli_I am getting "connman unavailable" when opening Settings -> Wifi. Any ideas? Known bug or should I file one?16:20
faenilKypeli_, "systemctl restart connman.service" in terminal16:21
faenilhave you tried zypper up by any chance? or did you get that all at once?16:21
StskeepsKypeli_: known bug, we screwed up in one mer release16:21
Kypeli_I haven't done that yet, but his image is from sage from yesterday so should be  quite up to date16:21
Kypeli_Stskeeps: :)16:22
SageKypeli_: new snapshot should be available soonish :)16:23
faenilbut that image is from yesterday, Stskeeps :/16:23
SageKypeli_: from terminal do systemctl start connman.service16:23
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faenilSage, won't restart do it?16:24
Sagefaenil: not automaticaly with that release.16:24
faeniloh ok16:24
Sagefaenil: but normally yes16:24
Sagefaenil: you have the release done already?16:24
*** niqt has quit IRC16:25
faenilSage, doing it now16:25
faenilSage, pushing last thing16:25
SageDoing new snapshot when ever the cobs stops building.16:25
SageStskeeps, lbt: btw, why does cobs rebuild everything even when only systemd package got changed?16:26
Sagewasting a lot of time on that one :/16:26
Kypeli_Sage: Something's not right. I did restart and start of connamn, but Wifi page shows only "Wi-fi networks" toggle, no networks.16:26
Kypeli_Ok, turning Wi-fi networks on and off reconnected to my previously known network. And after a longish delay it now shows a list of other networks16:27
lbtSage: systemd provides udev now, yes?16:28
lbtSage: I'd guess something in that causes a build-dependency on a low level package16:29
Kypeli_If I would like to file a bug for the Wifi settings page, which component should I use in Nemo Bugzilla? There doesn't seem to be one for Settings. "Other?"16:32
Sagelbt: ah, good point16:32
lbtSage: moral of this story ... don't touch systemd :)16:33
Sagelbt: :D16:33
lbtactually - that is an issue for our packaging16:33
SageKypeli_: we need to update connman there is some stability issues, with connman 1.6 it is much better16:33
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Sagelbt: ?16:34
lbtwe may want to break out any script/config to a discrete package16:34
lbtso that the -dev release numbers don't increment and force silly rebuilds when we touch a unit file16:34
lbtStskeeps: ^^ thoughts16:34
Sagelbt: well, unit files are quite essential part of systemd.16:34
Kypeli_Sage: ok16:34
lbtyes, agreed - but I'd like to be able to change a boot config file without doing a make world on every vendor's OS16:35
Kypeli_What's the process of verifying/closing bugs? Who can verify a bug for example? And which image should be used for that?16:37
SageKypeli_: we don't have image versions specified really as we are doind snapshots only atm. But if you verify a bug you can add e.g. version of the package that provided the fix to the bugzilla when verifying16:42
SageKypeli_: And anyone can verify a bug as we don't have separete QA team for nemo that does that.16:42
Sagecommunity effort :)16:42
Kypeli_Yeah ok :)16:43
Kypeli_Well, I just commented on a bug that it seems to be ok (verified?) but I did not change the status16:43
Kypeli_And is the bug closed after verification?16:43
SageKypeli_: for that bug you should do "rpm -q --requires qtcontacts-tracker" and check that it really has that dependency16:44
SageKypeli_: closing policy isn't clear to me. Not sure if we have really closed any bugs on nemo so far. Never really talked about that. iekku comments about closing bugs?16:44
*** smyows has quit IRC16:45
Kypeli_Closing bugs were the most important thing anyone could do in Harmattan ;D16:46
Sagefaenil: time is running out soon ;)16:47
Sagejust kidding ;)16:47
* faenil typing at the speed of light16:47
SageStill over 500 packages to be built in obs before I can make snapshot16:48
Sagealso this is only -next snapshot for testing after that comes the actual snapshot16:48
faenilI have 10 minutes before dinner...this is like Bolt running at Olympics games :D16:48
Kypeli_SO do you guys flash new images every time, or just zypper up?16:49
iekkuSage, i'm happy with 'verified' but i don't mind if someone wants to close16:49
SageKypeli_: zypper up16:50
Kypeli_Sage: Ok. Thanks.16:50
SageKypeli_: one really should not need to "flash" images, however our update thingy isn't in very good shape in nemo yet. Getting better soonish though when we get stuff moved to new structure.16:50
*** situ_ has quit IRC16:51
Kypeli_Sage: Ok. And when there's new kernel stuff, I could image you would want to flash?16:52
SageKypeli_: if zypper up doesn't work then there is something really wrong that needs to be fixed. There are couple of things that are known issues with zypper up though see https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Updating16:55
SageKypeli_: kernel is on the same place than rest of the nemo. No need for flashing new kernel16:55
SageKypeli_: you need flasher just to install moslo et friends at the first time and then just update the stuff that is in the partition that nemo is.16:55
Sageyes :)16:56
Sagethough, in practise there are some cases you need to reflash moslo stuff, but probably not facing those very soon16:57
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faenilok time to prepare release16:59
faenilSage, what should I write after --prefix in git archive?17:06
faenila particular name?17:06
Sagefaenil: the directory what you expect the stuff to be extracted in. e.g. mypackage-0.1.5.tar.bz2 would be --prefix=mypackage-0.1.5/ <- remember /17:06
Sagefaenil: you got the example cmdline I pasted earlier right?17:07
faenilbut I don't know what was used in qmlgallery before17:07
*** antero has quit IRC17:07
* faenil is scratching his head, guests are home ...fast fast fastr17:07
faenilSage, what's the number after --prefix?17:11
faeniljust the current version?17:11
faenilgiven the name of the archive of 0.0.8, I guess --prefix=qmlgallery-0.0.9/ will do17:13
*** slaine has quit IRC17:13
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faenilSage, k I have the archive17:15
faenilSage, now osc branch CE:Apps qmlgallery?17:17
faenilfrom nemo-n950 target?17:17
*** situ_ has joined #nemomobile17:18
Sageosc branch CE:Apps qmlgallery yes17:19
Sagefaenil: from mer sdk. No idea what nemo-n950 target means17:19
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faenilSage, this is nemo-n950 target https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_and_SB2#N950_Nemo_Mobile17:31
*** situ_ has joined #nemomobile17:31
Sagefaenil: oh, never used that one17:32
faenilSage, if I do osc without sb2 I get "osc is not isntalled"17:32
faenilshould I do it with sb2?17:32
Sagelbt: ^17:32
Sagefaenil: I think osc isn't there try to install it maybe not sure.17:33
faeniloh don't bother I was using wrong terminal tab17:33
faenilit's there17:33
faenilbut does it need sb2?17:33
faenilor should I just run osc command without any prefix?17:34
* Sage has no idea17:34
faenilSage, username and pass are the ones for OBS?17:34
*** situ_ has quit IRC17:35
*** situ_ has joined #nemomobile17:36
*** situ_ has joined #nemomobile17:37
faenilI guess osc needs some configuration...it reports basic auth failed17:37
*** situ_ has quit IRC17:41
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*** situ__ is now known as situ_17:42
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile17:53
lbtfaenil: sb2 is pulled in by osc during an osc build17:57
lbtso you only need it if you're hacking on your own code17:57
faenilI've done branch17:57
lbtright - so you don't really need an sb2 target17:58
faenilwhat next? :) (if there is a guide I'll follow it, don't want to bother)17:58
lbtosc takes care of it when you do a build17:58
faenilhow does it know which target to use with sb2?17:58
faenildon't mind, better release qmlgallery first :D17:59
lbtit's part of the osc build crhroot17:59
faenilI see :)17:59
faenilwhat should I do now ? :)18:00
faenilI have built the archive, but don't know what to do next18:02
faeniland time is running out (tick tock, Sage)18:02
lbtwhat's the problem?18:02
faenilI have to make a release18:03
faenilbut I've never done it :)18:03
faenilI built the archive from git upstream18:03
faeniland osc branch'ed18:03
faenilnow I should send the bz2 I guess, and change .changes file18:03
Sagelbt: faenil needs to do sr to obs with his new code :)18:03
faenilSage, thanks for summing up :D18:04
lbtyeah - we need an osc level guide18:04
faeniland I've got little to no time, because the snapshot is being built :P18:05
*** ronoc has quit IRC18:07
*** kallela has joined #nemomobile18:13
Sagefaenil: no rush, as the build seems to take longer than I expected :/18:17
Sagebuilding probably tomorrow morning the snapshot of -next18:17
*** merder has joined #nemomobile18:18
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faenilSage, oh, thank God18:27
faenilI was having dinner and going back and forth :D18:27
faenilI am*18:27
faenilSage, bbl18:27
cggoebelwill the next snapshot include a functional dialer and calling?18:31
Sagecggoebel: the one that is done after mer release is done yes18:31
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faenilanyone who can guide me through the last step?18:51
*** situ_ has quit IRC18:53
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:56
faenilI have done checkout of my home package18:56
faenilshould I also run "umask 0022"?18:56
*** rem has joined #nemomobile19:09
remHi, got a problem running my Qt app in exopc ( I read the wiki for deploying )19:15
remimport QtMultimediakit not found19:21
*** situ_ has joined #nemomobile19:21
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qwazixCheck out some ideas about notifications on nemo, and a follow up on Venemo's discoverability post http://play.qwazix.com/grog/20:59
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w00tlpotter-home: ping21:18
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