Thursday, 2012-08-30

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quixoteqwazix: new boot screen: Nice! Agree with Timur at your site that centering "mer" might be good.00:07
quixoteRounded corners? >:o  Oh noes! (Ducks under table to avoid incoming from Apple.)00:08
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6453 Rejected promotion request00:14
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6454 waiting for review at
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congly85Is there anyone here using nicesrc component in libnice02:35
congly85How can I use nicesrc to received data ?02:36
congly85Can you explain about nice_agent_attach_recv and nicesrc ?02:38
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Venemo_N9w00t, I hope your vacation went well :)07:03
jukkaeklundwhat is the status of archos g9 compatible nemo image these days?07:03
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ZogG_laptop~seen sivang07:13
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6463 Rejected promotion request07:27
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#5348 Rejected promotion request07:28
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6464 Rejected promotion request07:30
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6465 Rejected promotion request07:32
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6454 Rejected promotion request08:00
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neochapayHow i can cirrect translation of nemo !?08:02
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* Sage puts earplugs on.08:08
Sagejukkaeklund: nobody has contributet that adaptation at least so no idea.08:09
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jukkaeklundyeah, but there has been images earlier08:09
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Sagejukkaeklund: not sure who has done those.08:09
Sagelbt: we need to do something to cobs as it is very hard to do anything there. publishing stuff takes forever, compiles are slower than usual, getting much more "state needs recalcultation" than usual08:22
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Sagelbt: e.g. 30mins ago submitted package fix that takes less than 5mins to compile.08:33
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neochapayufter ubgrade nemo i have error hci_h4p hci_h4p: Sending firmware error :(08:47
Stskeepsneochapay: normal08:52
neochapayStskeeps: and booting stop :(08:53
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sledgesgood morning! :)09:02
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6467 Rejected promotion request09:05
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6477 Rejected promotion request09:18
* Sage starts aiming missiles and cannons towards cobs09:19
ZogG_laptopSage, nooooo :P09:19
SageServer returned an invalid response: ''09:19
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6478 waiting for review at
Sagefinally it got through :)09:22
Sagesame sr without any modification multiple times but always obs screwed somewhere09:23
faenil_awaymorning! :)09:28
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faenilSage, still fighting eh?09:28
ZogG_laptopfaenil, here you are09:28
faenilZogG_laptop, yo09:29
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ZogG_laptopfaenil, queried u09:30
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faenilhey niqt09:31
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neochapayWhere do I send the translation files? Or just create merge requerest on git!?10:15
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sledgesneochapay, my ones sank as .patches on OBS to meegotouch-l10n10:25
vgrade__jukkaeklund: there is G9 Plasma Active Images with accel so a nemo one should be possible10:25
neochapaysledges: sorry ? Get me link :)10:26
vgrade__jukkaeklund: for kickstart10:28
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lbtSage: it feels like that issue (OBS returning "") is becoming a real problem - is there even a bug about it? Maybe it should be raised to high/critical as it impacts BOSS too.10:30
sledgesjukkaeklund, but g9 is a tablet, and Nemo is for phone factors, isn't it?10:30
Stskeepsworks okay on a tablet too (exopc)10:31
sledgesI'm sure it does, but does its UX feel laptopy, or is it just a proof of concept?10:32
sledgesfor me it feels phoney more than tablety (think plasma active)10:33
Stskeepstried new lipstick?10:33
Xruxaneochapay: what languare for the translations/what app?10:33
neochapayXruxa: Russan10:36
Xruxaneochapay: for all strings available or for specific app? Very old GIT was here, I bet OBS has something newer10:36
Xruxaneochapay: and the existing russian translations are more of a joke anyway ;)10:38
sledgeshm, Stskeeps, I guess when we will have widgets (ta to Sfiet_Konstantin) and Lipstick is extended to the notion of 'Activities', Nemo will converge a bit more to the KDE PA tablety concepts10:38
Xruxasledges: is that good thing?10:39
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Stskeepssledges: well, PA doesn't have the domination on 'activities'10:39
neochapayXruxa: i see that :)10:40
* Stskeeps knew of activity based computing before it was cool.10:40
sledgesXruxa, it depends on Nemo's roadmap and who's steering. personally I see Nemo as phoney :)10:40
Xruxasledges: me too10:40
sledgesXruxa, neochapay: OBS is sourcing from the same good old gitorious, would be nice to kick that gitorious repo back into life10:41
Xruxasledges: or move it to github?10:42
sledgesXruxa, always a good idea. Also a 100% ideal if the old gitorious could then be deleted/redirected, to minimise redundancy+confusion for newcomers or other (what?) projects10:43
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Xruxais the graphics system or display on N950 16bit? I'm seeing bad coloring and banding in gradients :(10:45
Stskeepsit's 16bpp10:46
XruxaSigh - guess I will have to dither some graphics first10:46
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6478 Rejected promotion request10:53
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jukkaeklundvgrade__ oh yes thats the thing I was looking for, thanks11:50
jukkaeklundand sledges, yes correct but nemo runs quite fine even for example in exopc11:50
neochapayXruxa: îê i`am done where i can send patch !?11:52
sledgesthat is true jukkaeklund, it is a perfect (engineering) proof of concept12:03
jukkaeklundmany folks have archos too12:04
jukkaeklund(I guess)12:04
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sledgesah, as a sort-of dev-device :)12:15
* w00t has nemo running on exopc12:25
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* faenil doesn't want to study, he wants to play with Nemo and keep on coding...solution anyone?12:52
Sagespecial, alterego: commhistory-daemon fails with new telepathy12:52
Sagew00t: hi12:52
faenilit seems some telepathy constants changed12:53
w00tSage: o/12:55
faenilor they were put in another header12:55
faenilmoved to*12:55
faenilSage, what's the updated telepathy package?12:57
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faenilis this already the updated one? or is there any newer version?
w00tSage: I want to start integrating packages for lockscreen changes (mcompositor, sysuid, lipstick, lipstick homescreen(s)) - do you have any preferences about when to start doing this?13:00
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neochapayw00t: please update i10n russian files13:05
w00tneochapay: ?13:06
neochapayw00t: I update russian translation of nemo and send you patch13:08
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w00tI haven't seen anything, but sending it to me wouldn't do very good as I wouldn't know what to do with it, best if you put it where it's supposed to be, and then you can verify if it's working properly13:11
sledgesneochapay, exactly at the link you asked me for13:12
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neochapayw00t: but where it supposed to be ? :)13:13
w00tI have no idea13:14
w00tI have never touched translations13:14
neochapaysledges: and  where should I send the results?13:15
sledgesneochapay, you submit a patch, to OBS (the link I gave you)13:16
sledgesHave you ever used OBS before?13:16
neochapaysledges: no13:17
sledgesok, neochapay, what did you translate so far? How does your patch look like and what files does it affect)13:17
neochapaysledges: i translate all files some update, some create on and create merge requerest13:20
sledgesok, I see that under
sledgesthat is a good approach, neochapay , provided this repository is still alive and/or we have connections to its admins ( w00t ? )13:21
sledgesXruxa, ^ apparently you committed last time nearly a year ago13:22
neochapaysledges: where the actual repo with actial files :) ?13:22
sledgesw00t, shall we go the dirty old way-> patch to OBS, or a new dirty way-> clone repo go github/nemomobile/ (as Xruxa suggested earlier) ?13:22
w00twhatever Xruxa prefers, I guess13:23
sledgesneochapay, this is the actual repo with actual files, it's just that it's dead as in meegotouch-* projects :)13:23
sledgesok, neochapay , you did the right thing for now (but only by luck, as Xruxa is still alive and hopefully he can either accept your merge request) - so you need to keep poking him13:24
neochapaysledges: and nemo uses it old files for translation interface !?13:25
sledgesthey are the newest files13:25
sledgesno translations have ever been made since13:25
sledgesnew applications use their own translation facilities (and do not go to meegotouch-..-l10n)13:26
sledgesbut all legacy meegotouch-* projects do13:26
sledgeswhich apparently were not moved out of their grave for a while13:26
sledgesmind that some of them are going away for good: meegotouch-home has been replaced by Lipstick QML13:26
sledgesso all translations related to it are irrelevant13:27
neochapaysledges: it`s no goot - i think one land package been convenient to translate ?13:27
sledgesit is, but Nemo is not a -one-package-OS-13:27
sledgesmeegotouch- just happened to be a lump, whereas all other tens/hundreds of packages are independent13:28
w00ttranslation will probably be more of a focus in the near future13:28
neochapaysledges: maybe create one i10n package for ui !?13:28
sledgesand its unification13:28
sledgesneochapay, see w00t's sentence ;) so yes, let's hope for the best13:28
sledgesor volunteer to take action ;)13:29
neochapayso what do I do with my translation ?13:29
sledgespoke Xruxa13:29
sledges(he got poked/pinged with his nick flashing already enough times today I guess :)) so if he does not come back, get back here (to us/me), and I will teach you OBS :)13:30
sledgesgive it a day, none of the patch requests happen overnight normally (but Nemo sometimes is a pleasant exception, which I am very much happy about13:31
sledgesadding another point to many things I like about Nemo :)13:31
w00tSage: ah, you pushed new lipstick already, so then it's just mcompositor and sysuid (+ homescreen package(s))13:33
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Sagew00t: yes, push when ever you want14:03
Sagew00t: the old lipstick was totally broken with x86 thus needed to do update14:03
w00tI'll submit today14:04
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* Sage looks about commhistory-daemon faliure14:15
faenilSage, constants were renamed in 0.9.0 it seems14:18
faenilSage, 0.8.0     request.insert(QLatin1String(TELEPATHY_INTERFACE_CHANNEL ".ChannelType"),14:19
faenil                   QLatin1String(TELEPATHY_INTERFACE_CHANNEL_TYPE_TEXT));14:19
faenil0.9.3     request.insert(TP_QT_IFACE_CHANNEL + QLatin1String(".ChannelType"),14:20
faenil                   TP_QT_IFACE_CHANNEL_TYPE_TEXT);14:20
faenilthose are from telepathy-qt sources14:20
faenilTELEPATHY_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT (which is in the build log), is now TP_QT_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT14:28
*** jussi01 is now known as jussi14:29
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Sagefaenil: yes, renaming currently those14:34
faenilSage, ;)14:34
faenilSage, you can find new constants here
faeniland old ones
faenilnp :)14:35
faenilthough I don't understand why there's no post, or clear message about that change on the web...I mean, pah14:36
Xruxaneochapay, sledges - I guess we will not dump Settings (meegotouch app) anytime soon. I'd put the new translations to different GIT module and package14:37
Stskeepsi'd like to drop settings but not until we have a qml replacement that works..14:38
XruxaStskeeps: agreed14:38
faenilclicking on GPRS APN in settings app closes the settings page...known issue?14:40
faenilcouldn't find anything on bugzilla14:41
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:46
Sagefaenil: not only names changed, they changed the types as well :)14:46
faenilSage, :O lol14:46
faenilSage, damn them :P14:47
sledgesXruxa, thank you for sorting this out. neochapay see things are working even faster than overnight!14:48
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faenilStskeeps, done,
MerbotBug 420: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Clicking on Connections->GPRS APN crashes the settings app14:56
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Sage/usr/include/telepathy-qt4/TelepathyQt/contact-manager.h:173:32: error: 'Tp::ContactPtr Tp::ContactManager::lookupContactByHandle(uint)' is private15:01
Sagecontactauthorizer.cpp:379:102: error: within this context15:01
Sageso there is more ;)15:03
* Sage ponders if there is api change doc somewhere15:04
faenilyeah that's what I was looking for... :/15:04
Sageyey, they moved it to private from public15:05
faenilSage, anyway, look what I've found just for you :)
*** jussi has quit IRC15:05
* Sage hugs faenil 15:05
*** jussi has joined #nemomobile15:06
Sagethat api was present in previous qt version they just removed part of the public api15:06
Sagewas present already15:06
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alteregow00t: QGLFramebufferObject: Unsupported framebuffer format.15:15
w00talterego: context?15:17
alteregoSeems to be in the qt labs shader on mer.15:18
alteregoLooks like I'm setting up my QML view incorrectly I guess.15:18
alteregoBut can't seem to get it to work.15:18
alteregoI'm sure I managed to get this to work in mer before ..15:20
w00tI doubt I'm of much help, I only used shaders in QML2 - and those worked (but way slowly on N9[50]15:21
* w00t wonders if newer maliit would fix some of our many vkb quirks15:23
alteregoHaving said that, when I did it last it was as a x root window15:26
alteregoMaybe that's the problem.15:26
Xruxaw00t: we use custom maliit UI plugin15:27
alteregoyes, that's "fixed" it15:27
w00tXruxa: it's not so much the plugin that bothers me as it making the exopc usage hell by never redrawing properly, and stuff15:29
w00tand i doubt that's your fault :-p15:29
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:30
Xruxaat least this one time :)15:31
* w00t looks at lockscreen build tests15:33
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Sagefaenil: :)15:54
faenilSage, ahahah :D15:55
Sagealterego: ^ might want to review those :)15:57
Sageok, maybe now I can push the telepathy update to nemo15:59
alteregoThat looks good Sage, thanks :)16:03
*** niqt has quit IRC16:04
alteregoAs suspected, that's a power suck too.16:05
alteregoMore so than gaussian blur16:05
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile16:05
* alterego looks at optimizations16:05
Sagew00t: ever heard about creq? ;)16:05
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6493 waiting for review at
Sagew00t: looks like :)16:09
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faenilleaving, bye people :)16:29
*** ronoc has quit IRC16:40
Sagew00t: is something obsoleting the padlock that is removed?16:42
*** niqt has quit IRC16:46
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* Sage drops nuke on top of cobs servers17:19
*** situ has quit IRC17:20
*** situ has joined #nemomobile17:22
StskeepsSage: well, good thing we'll move eventually..17:22
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SageStskeeps: yes :)18:02
SageI just hope the new thing works better than this old one18:02
*** situ has quit IRC18:05
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Sagelbt: btw, boss accepted a request but never said here anything.18:16
Sagelbt: is not showing accepted eventhough when I check repos it is accepted18:16
Sagelbt: it is starting to be very hard to follow obs as I can't really trust to any of the messages anymore :/18:29
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:44
lbtSage: I'm sorry, I can't do anything to debug it :(18:44
lbtSage: here's the logs18:46
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specialSage: did commhistory get fixed?19:04
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake19:28
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Sagespecial: yes20:03
Sagewell, didn't try the code though after the fix as I'm not sure how to test each thing that worked :)20:04
*** VDVsx_ has quit IRC20:05
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:06
specialmm, good20:09
specialmind if I apply your patches to
faenilevening :) hi special20:16
w00tSage: no, I hadn't20:26
*** smyows has quit IRC20:28
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*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle20:40
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faenilc'mon w00t, don't be that aggressive :)21:15
specialcode review is important.21:16
faenilyeah, I'm just joking ;)21:17
w00tfaenil: I don't like code being merged without any review at all, which is why I often nag special to review something if I'm working on my own, for instance - and I am very particular about it being merged when it isn't in good condition :-p21:17
faenilw00t, you're completely right ;) though you're scaring niqt this way :D21:18
* w00t hasn't even pulled a linus "you're being an idiot" yet :-p21:19
* faenil reads w00t's post about regexp in the meanwhile :D learning is good :)21:19
faenilahahahah :D21:19
faenilI met Giuseppe D'Angelo at QtDD11  :)21:25
faenil(I'm italian too)21:25
faenilholy crap, is QRegExp that slow ? :O21:27
specialit's pretty bad.21:28
faenilyeah :/ and what did they choose for Qt5 in the end? PCRE?21:28
specialQRegExp is unchanged in Qt5, but deprecated in favor of QRegularExpression, which is PCRE21:29
w00tQRegularExpression is backed by PCRE, QRegExp is untouched due to backwards compatibility21:29
faenilgreat :)21:29
faenilw00t,  you didn't attend QtDD11, did you21:33
*** crevetor has quit IRC21:38
faenilpity, would have been nice to meet :)21:38
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:40
* w00t grumbles and looks at heliumreborn21:41
w00tspecial/faenil: can you review please? you two know things about pinch, I don't21:41
w00tniqt: evening21:42
faenilw00t, sure, I can review it tomorrow morning ;) unless special wants to do it first, I'm heading to bed :)21:44
niqtwoot: i create some problems/re-work :( sorry21:45
w00tniqt: as I said, don't sweat it21:47
w00tit's great you're working on it, so let's just work on getting it into good shape21:47
niqtwhat should I do?21:49
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile21:49
w00tniqt: start off addressing the comments I made, and push new pull requests, and we'll go from there21:53
w00tthere's some other things I'd like to address before I think I'd be happy with it (internationalisation and stuff in particular), filtering is a bit of a tricky problem21:54
niqti choosed this bug because was high21:55
faenilgood night people :) cya tomorrow ;)21:56
*** faenil is now known as faenil_zZzzZ21:57
w00tas in, was high priority?21:57
w00tit's definitely needed, but there's other things that would be quite nice to have too that aren't so involved, up to you21:57
w00tlpotter: reping22:08
w00tlpotter: I wanted to talk to you about sensorfw when you're around22:08
*** xmlich02_ has quit IRC22:16
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:25
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lpotterok. was about to leave for the last day bbq23:30
lpotterwill be around in about 6 hours or so. or email.23:31
w00tlpotter: sure, there's no hurry23:43
w00tlet me know when you've time23:43
w00tenjoy (as much as is possible)23:43
*** niqt has quit IRC23:47

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