Friday, 2012-08-31

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Sagespecial, w00t, alterego: ping qmlmessages fails with the new telepathy05:57
Sagealterego: you had the new voicecall in process? I'm creating new snapshot today.05:58
specialSage: I was actually just noticing that05:59
specialwill fix.05:59
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specialmy fault.06:06
specialno, this actually was my fault :p06:12
specialfor some reason, I hardcoded the include path for telepathyqt4 instead of using pkgconfig06:12
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6500 waiting for review at
specialthere you are :)06:18
Sagenow I need my phonon patch to go through review and I can start buliding images06:19
jukkaeklundnemo image for weekend?06:20
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6500 Accepted promotion request06:23
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6499 waiting for review at
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* Sage bypasses boss 06:34
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* Sage pokes cobs06:57
* Sage ponders how many hours he needs to wait before couple of packages compiled properly06:57
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* Sage pokes cobs again07:28
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Sagepackages say "blocked" but those blocking packages have already been built and published.07:29
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neochapaymorning :)08:27
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sledgesgood Friday morning!09:04
Ionakkamorning \o/09:04
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sivangmorning all09:06
sledgeshey Ionakka, how are you? :)09:07
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Ionakkasledges: hi!09:09
Ionakkaquite fine, it's a Friday morning after all \o/09:09
Ionakkahow about you?09:09
sledgesyes, makes it all better09:10
sledgesgood, sorting of how to fix my car's smashed front in a cheapest way :)09:10
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Ionakka"my car's %s in a cheapest way"   <--- been there, done that, couple times ;p09:24
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alteregoSage: yes, I'm just updating to test new package.09:27
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ZogG_laptopsivang: did you get my sms?09:37
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Sagealterego: I hope you made a tag this time and not git sha :)09:57
alteregoSage: I will make a tag once it's tested :P10:01
Sagealterego: Well, I'm waiting about an hour more and will then do snapshot so if you want to have that in you have to rush a bit :)10:01
alteregoShould only take me fifteen more10:02
alteregominutes, not hours :P10:02
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alteregoSage: will this: Requires:   voicecall-ui == %{version}10:19
Sagealterego: %{version}-%{release}10:19
Sageuse spectacle ;)10:19
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alteregoBut that will add the dependency to the voicecall package, if in that .spec I'm declaring a new voicecall-ui package?10:20
alteregoI want to install both you see so you don't have to update your package groups ;)10:20
alteregoBut I need to split up the package./10:20
Sagealterego: dude NO HACKS!10:20
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alteregoThat's a hack?10:20
Sage13:20.21 < alterego> I want to install both you see so you don't have to update your package groups ;)10:20
Sagethat sounds like a hack10:20
alteregoWell, it's not really a hack.10:21
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Sagealterego: so what are you doing?10:21
alteregoHrm, maybe it is ..10:21
alteregoOkay, I'll start from the beginning.10:21
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alteregoCurrently, one .spec for my voicecall source tree, I've created a sub package ofono-plugin which moves out the ofono stuff so it's not installed by default and the "built-in" telepathy plugin is used instead.10:21
alteregoNow, I want to create another sub package for the user interface,, so I can support branding.10:22
alteregoActually, I'll just do it the proper way.10:23
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Sagewhat what packages will be there?10:24
Sagevoicecall-plugin-ofono, voicecall-libs and voicecall-ui-nemo ?10:24
alteregoMy voicecall .spec will create 3 packages: voicecall, voicecall-ofono-plugin (do not install), voicecall-reference-ui (Provides: voicecall-ui)10:24
alteregoDoes that sound right?10:25
Sagewhat does voicecall contain?10:25
alteregoThe management service.10:25
alteregoAnd core plugins.10:25
alteregoI don't want too many sub-packages just yet, I only want as many as I need for the time being. And those are the two that we need.10:25
SageI would prefer if you would call it voicecall-plugin-ofono aand voicecall-ui-reference10:26
alteregookay, done10:26
Sagealso voicecall should be probalby called voicecall-libs or something10:26
alteregoIt's not libgs10:26
alteregoWell, it's libs, plugins and a daemon10:26
Sagethen voicecall-ui-reference would do "Obsoletes: voicecall <= versionx; Provides: voicecall > versionx10:27
alteregoAnd the voicecall-ui-reference depends on voicecall-core?10:28
SageRequires: voicecall-core == %{version}-%{release}10:28
alteregoSo do I then rename the package?10:28
Sagethe main package can be voicecall and spec files and everything10:28
alteregoto voicecall-core?10:28
Sageyou just do 3 subpackages10:28
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Sageand themain voicecall packages doesn't contain %files section so it will not be created at all10:29
alteregoand devel package will be voicecall-devel presumably.10:29
Sagevoicecall (empty main pakcage without %files), voicecall-plugin-ofono, voicecall-ui-reference, voicecall-core, voicecall-devel10:30
alteregoI'm actually not going to bother with -devel just yet. That will be next version I think.10:32
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w00tSage: what's blocking lockscreen SRs?10:34
Sagew00t: you didn't see my question about those?10:34
Sagew00t: what replaces the padlock?10:35
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w00twhatever homescreen you have installed10:35
w00t(e.g. colorful-home)10:35
w00tbut there's no single replacement, as any homescreen may provide a different lockscreen10:36
Sageso after installing those I don't have lockscreen on my device?10:37
w00tyou will10:37
w00tit's inside the homescreen, now10:37
Sagein colorful-home as well already?10:38
w00tthe current implementation isn't very pretty, but that'll be fixed fairly easily, and i'd not like to block on that10:38
alteregoSage: I can have multiple "Provides" in one package right?10:38
w00twhen you released the other day, you incidentally released it :)10:38
* Sage thinks alterego tries to do something odd again.10:38
Sagealterego: why?10:38
alteregoI want the reference ui to provide "voicecall" for your .spec and provide "voicecall-ui" for logical branding package.10:38
Sagew00t: ok, then colorful-home should obsolete the sysuid padlock thingy10:39
alteregoWell, voicecall for "backwards compatibility".10:39
Sagew00t: as well as the example home thingy10:39
w00tSage: ok, I can add that, will send an additional SR10:39
Sagew00t: the point is that if you install the new lipstick stuff the padlock package should be automatically uninstalled. I'm just trying to figure out what should do that10:39
w00tthe problem is that there's no good single answer to that10:40
w00tfor instance, if someone is using a homescreen that isn't colorful-home, it then won't install it10:40
Sagew00t: actually there is each lipstick based home should do it atm.10:40
w00t.. uninstall it10:40
w00twon't that cause conflicts?10:40
w00thm, no10:40
w00tyou can only have one installed at a time10:41
alteregocolourful-home should provide and obsolete the screen lock package ..10:41
w00tignore me10:41
alteregoIf it implements it.10:41
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Sagealterego: yes10:41
w00tno, wait, that is going to conflict10:41
w00tcolorful-home isn't the *only* thing that implements it10:41
w00tif a vendor has a homescreen, they will *also* have a lockscreen implementation10:42
w00tand we certainly won't want the provides: to drag in the non-vendor homescreen in that case10:42
Sageerr. what? :D10:42
w00tlipstick allows for multiple desktops - and now, multiple lockscreens, to exist happily side by side in the repositories10:42
w00tlipstick-example-home and lipstick-colorful-home (for instance) both provide a lockscreen now10:43
Sageand both should do Obsoletes padlock10:43
w00thow is rpm going to work out wtf to do when both Provide the padlock?10:43
alteregoIt'll ask10:43
Sageit gives user ability to chooose if user install padlock10:43
w00tbut it's already installed10:43
Sagehowever, if user does install lipstick-colorful-home + padlock it doesn't ask as user made selection already10:44
alterego"Package is provided by X packages" "which one would you like to install"10:44
w00tthis is the SSU path10:44
Sagew00t: Obsoletes: causes padlock package itself to be removed10:44
Sagew00t: Obsoletes: padlock <= version cur10:44
w00tmmmk, I'll just hope you know what you're doing10:44
Sagethat goes to both lipstick10:44
Sagethen Provides: padlock > version cur10:45
Sagegoes as well10:45
Sagethey dont conflict as they obosolete both the old version not themselves10:45
Sagethey both provide the new version10:45
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Sageand thus if user tries to install padlock pacakge specficically it provides user a ability to choose which one.10:45
w00tI have a healthy dose of scepticism that this will work well in practice, but well, I'll do it10:46
Sagew00t: push to Project:MTF:UX and we can test :)10:46
w00taccept the existing SRs, I'm already working on new ones for the homescreens10:46
Sagew00t: can you try to do it with single creq all (the existing ones and new ones?) pretty please ;)10:46
alteregoObsolete only obsoletes the previous packages' name not packages that provide that packages name (feature)10:46
Sageah, ok10:46
Sagealterego: actually obsolete can obsolete package it self10:47
Sagealterego: if not done properly10:47
alteregoSage: it can, but it shouldn't do if you've done it right.10:47
Sagealterego: Obsoletes: abc; Provides: abc; <- that obsoletes itself ;)10:47
Sagethus you need the versions there so it doesn't obsolete itself10:47
alteregoAh, if you get version wrong?10:47
Sagethus Obsoletes: abc <= x; Provides: abc > x10:48
Sageand you don't obsolete yourself anymore10:48
Sagepackaging is fun ;)10:50
*** cggoebel has joined #nemomobile10:50
Sagew00t: accepted those previous packages10:52
Sageto Project:UX:MTF10:52
w00tSage: thanks10:52
Sagelets test them there before pushing to nemo10:52
w00tworking on desktops still10:53
Sage This will lag the active application, or drain10:56
*** VDVsx has quit IRC10:56
Sageso 1.3.2 is the version to obsolete/provide there in padlock10:56
w00tyes, done10:57
Sageosc help creq ;)10:58
alteregoSage: how do I fix this: voicecall-core.armv7hl: W: devel-file-in-non-devel-package /usr/lib/libvoicecall.so10:59
alteregoIt's been annoying me for ages.10:59
w00tcreate a devel package, and put it in there10:59
alteregoDo I just separate that one file into a -devel package?10:59
alteregoThen I guess I'll add the appropriate headers and pkgconfig in next release.11:00
w00tSage: I'm not sure I like creq, it can only submit everything modified?11:01
w00tI have other packages in there afair that shouldn't be submitted11:01
Sagew00t: umm...11:02
Sagew00t: osc creq -a submit projectx packagea projecty -a submit projectx packageb projecty ...11:02
Sageso you define each package there11:02
w00tok, so it's only if you don't specify package names that it does that11:02
Sageosc creq -m forward -a submit Project:MTF:UX lipstick CE:UX:MTF -a submit Project:MTF:UX lipstick-colorful-home CE:UX:MTF11:03
Sagethat is one that I did some time ago for example11:03
SageI htink you need to define always package name11:04
Sageif it is submit type at least11:04
* w00t wonders why his mcompositor/systemui packages didn't get removed from the branch11:08
Sageyou can do SR's that don't remove the source11:09
w00tyeah, but I don't think I had11:09
w00tand the repos look to have gotten a bit screwed11:09
alteregoSage: should an optional plugin depend on the binary package that will load it?11:09
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*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile11:09
niqtwoot: I commented on your note-nemo-QML plugin. In the future, I continue to do so or ask questions by e-mail or here?11:10
w00tSage: I don't think I did it quite right: 651111:10
niqtw00t: I commented on your note-nemo-QML plugin. In the future, I continue to do so or ask questions by e-mail or here?11:10
w00tniqt: replied11:10
w00tniqt: for code review, let's keep it to github, so there's a record of it11:10
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile11:11
*** smyows has joined #nemomobile11:11
Sagew00t: you submitted it to your own project :D11:12
*** cggoebel has quit IRC11:12
Sagew00t: -a submit Project_w00t package Project_w00t :)11:12
Sagew00t: also you submitted lipstick-example-home to  lipstick-example-home11:13
* w00t hits creq11:13
w00twhat kind of stupid syntax is this11:13
w00tso I need -a submit sourceprj pkg destprj (repeated for X packages)?11:13
Sageno need to mention DESTPKG11:13
Sagew00t: yes, where pkg changes pretty much11:14
Sageit allows you to submit to multiple different projects in same request also it allows send other types or request than just submit requests11:14
* Sage has script that creates the string though ;)11:14
Sage is what I use when there is like 10 different packages to be submitted :)11:15
Sageit is slow but it works11:15
Sageand not developed really for this11:15
Sagew00t: looks good11:16
alteregow00t: you might know this, can I push commits & tags in git with one line?11:16
w00tnot that I know of11:16
w00tif you find you can, let me know11:17
w00tI have an alias for it11:17
*** cggoebel has joined #nemomobile11:17
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile11:18
alteregoSage: sorry for pestering you, I creq to CE:Apps right? ;)11:20
* Sage drops another nuke on top of cobs11:21
* alterego gets confused with all the CE:Apps Project:* blah blah :)11:21
Sagealterego: will be fixed soonish :)11:21
w00tit seemed like a good idea at the timeā„¢11:22
Sagewell.... :)11:22
Sageit was an idea at the time ;)11:22
*** M13 has quit IRC11:23
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile11:26
Sagealterego: you should really cleanup your CE:Apps project :D11:29
alteregoYup :P11:29
*** niqt_ has joined #nemomobile11:29
alteregoI prefer having one project to rule them all though :P11:29
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #nemomobile11:30
Sageffs. I can't test your packages as obs doesn't build the thing11:32
Sagephaeron: can we restart the whole cobs? :D11:32
SageI can't so ***t atm. with it11:33
Sagestate needs recalculations constantly11:33
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile11:34
Sagelbt: ^11:35
Sagemy flu is small compared to the things cobs has atm. :P11:35
*** niqt has quit IRC11:36
*** phdeswer has quit IRC11:36
lbtSage: what am I looking at?11:39
Sagefinished stuff takes 30mins to get published11:40
Sagesame thing here
Sagesomething is just stalling everything related to publishing packages/projects11:42
Sageout of memory, diskspace, swap, cpu, something?11:42
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile11:42
Sagealso the webui is very slow compared what it used to be11:43
lbtplasma active publishes are taking ~15mins11:44
Sageis there only one publisher?11:45
Estel_guys, sorry for pestering, but I'm little lost. Where one can found *most recent* instructions on how to install Mer+Nemo on N950/N9? I'm aware of N9/50 hardware being not supported by Mer fully, I'm more lsot about Nemo's part, than Mer one.11:45
Sageso if pa needs to be published everythin else needs to wait 15mins?11:45
lbtSage: essentially yes11:46
Sagelbt: oh, why pa takes so long?11:46
Estel_so, parts about N950 there are actually up-to-date?11:46
StskeepsEstel_: should be11:46
Sage <- so there is 1 hour waiting time here now?11:46
Estel_sorry, I was sure it's outdated, for some reason, my bad then. Maybe I have missunderstood some other reading, got confused about it, totally :)11:47
Sagelbt: Project:KDE:Devel seems to be stuck as well atm.11:49
phaeronSage: that's what I saw in the logs too. I think there is some huge package there that takes a long time to transfer11:49
lbtlooking at stuff11:49
phaeronSage: restarting won't help11:49
Stskeepsis there a rate limiter on publisher rsync?11:51
phaeronand submit requests die waiting for publishing due to the 2 hour timeout11:52
SageI've seen that happening a lot, but why now? It worked fine like couple of weeks ago11:53
lbtphaeron: you back now?11:53
Stskeepsask everybody to handle their fair share of build resources and ask if sample-media or whatever the big file is to disable build?11:54
Stskeepsthen it wont take up bw11:54
phaerondue to the same publishing issue we are talking about , the process waits for new stuff in the SR to publish so it can run checks and then times out after waiting for too long11:54
phaeronlbt: I am here now , at least11:54
lbtcould you look at logging in boss on cobs11:55
lbtthere's no timestamps11:55
lbtwhich si very confusing11:55
SageStskeeps: sample-media they have is ~90M but there is a lot of other stuff 50M+11:55
phaeronlbt: yes I have some work pending for that11:55
lbtphaeron: ty :)11:56
phaeronlbt: but to deploy that I need to update everything11:56
phaeronbetter to start clean on new obs ?11:56
lbtcan you just add timestamps?11:56
lbtApps will need that too11:56
lbtI'm doing boss on new cobs 'soon'11:56
Sagecontour-demo, contour-intro, kde-wallpapers, sample-media, sample-media-full
lbtso mysql on cobs had binlogs since the dark ages11:58
Sagekde-pim-debuginfo is almost 70M as well11:58
lbtnow it's smaller and may be quicker11:58
phaeronlbt: well the participants use "print", I modified all of them to use a common python logger11:59
phaerondefined in the base class11:59
lbtyeah, the precursor to supervisor added timestamps to stdout12:00
lbtso it was all taken care of :/12:00
phaeronI know , but it wasn't very nice either :D12:02
*** mruk has joined #nemomobile12:03
Stskeepsmruk: welcome to #nemomobile :)12:04
mrukthanks :)12:05
Stskeepsmruk: there's a blog somebody is working on .. moment12:05
*** wesk77 has quit IRC12:07
Stskeepsvenemo, qwazix, Xruxa, etc are some of the ui people around here that does nemo stuff12:08
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile12:08
Stskeepsall, mruk's a graphics person(i think) who'd like to help out with nemo too :)12:08
mrukStskeeps: thanks for info12:09
mrukall, beginner graphic :)12:10
w00tthat's cool12:10
w00tdarko theme could probably use some attention, though I'm not immediately sure what needs doing12:11
lbtSage: how is UI now?12:14
*** cggoebel has quit IRC12:15
*** cggoebel has joined #nemomobile12:21
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile12:23
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6510 waiting for review at
Sagelbt: as it is supposed to be12:32
Sagewhat did you do if I may ask?12:33
Sagerepos pusblished problem still exists. I have waited 45mins for alterego's voicecall to build at his home project12:34
*** phdeswer has quit IRC12:35
*** xbarmar_ has quit IRC12:35
lbtSage: mysql issue I think12:36
lbtbinary logs had grown too much12:37
lbthome: is lower prio than Project:*12:37
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile12:38
*** niqt_ has quit IRC12:39
*** moguriso_ is now known as _moguriso12:40
Sagelbt: well, it is not waiting for build but waiting for publish.12:41
Sageis home: publish waiting for Project: Build?12:42
Sageok, now the webui is slow again :)12:44
*** himamura has quit IRC12:44
Sageah, just one time hickup it seems12:44
Sagealterego: voicecall-ui-reference should have obsoletes: voicecall <= 0.1.4, provides: voicecall > 0.1.412:45
alteregoErm, I thought it did ..12:49
alteregoIt does12:49
StskeepsSage: do you know if there's anything like camera sensor additions to snowball?12:50
lbtyeah it's PA again I'm afraid12:51
SageStskeeps: maybe to the PDK12:51
Stskeepslbt: why does their big files keep on rebuilding..12:51
alteregoSage: it does ..12:52
lbtStskeeps: no idea - I've never looked at it12:52
Sagealterego: hmmp12:53
alteregoSage: something wrong?12:54
Sagesomething, not sure what12:54
alteregoCould it be the Obsoletes and Provides at the top mentioning meego-handset-dialer?12:55
alteregoI'm guessing I can remove that now ..12:55
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6493 Accepted promotion request12:55
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6509 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6455 Rejected promotion request12:56
Sagealterego: keep it still there for a while12:56
Sagealterego: just in case. Like couple of months more or so12:56
phaeronlbt: I think you should enable mod_xforward usage12:56
alteregoSage: should I maybe move that to ui-reference package?12:56
alteregoSage: not sure it's doing anything where it is at the moment?12:56
Sagealterego: true but there is someting as the current obsolete/provide thing with voicecall doesn't work12:57
alteregoOh, I know why ..12:58
phaeronSage: you broke this one ?12:58
alteregoSage: it's because I didn't put the gitX.blah12:58
alteregoI'll change it to 0.1.512:58
alteregoSage: yeah, becaues 0.1.4+git9.4b7b286 < 0.1.4 which I obsolete.13:00
Sagephaeron: yes, accepted it without boss as I didn't want to wait 2 hours for it to time out and then note that ah, need to resubmit when publish is done in the evening13:00
alteregoSorry, > than13:00
lbtphaeron: on meego cobs?13:00
phaeronlbt: cobs , yes13:00
phaeronSage: ok13:00
alteregoSage: so I'm going to change the provides and obsolets to 0.1.5 so it gets the +git stuff.13:00
Sagealterego: ah, do it 0.1.5 then :)13:00
Sagealterego: :nod:13:00
alteregoYeah :)13:00
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6513 waiting for review at
Sageyey, 1 hour later and it is here :D13:01
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6513 Rejected promotion request13:01
*** niqt has quit IRC13:02
alteregoSage: fixed, sending SR now13:02
phaeronSage: I just pushed them manually13:03
phaeronie , deleted the error13:03
Sagephaeron: eh :P13:04
Sageok, so yet another 1 hour wait time to get package published13:11
* Sage is frustrated13:11
alteregoSo much for "one hour until doing snapshot" :)13:11
alteregoI'm sorry, I should have just done all of this yesterday ;)13:11
SageI woudl say that with this phase it is like end of next month13:12
alteregoWas just annoying having no internet except 3G13:12
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile13:17
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:17
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:17
Sagew00t: so the lockscreen is just red thingy with time and date right?13:18
w00tyes, for now13:18
w00tI expect that will change quickly :P13:18
Sageok, looks good, pushing your patches13:18
Sage"good" :)13:18
Sagephaeron: is it possible to force publish at ? :)13:21
lbtit's rsyncing PA now13:21
lbtyou can't (afaik) force a publish13:21
lbtyou could ask Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing to turn off publish until it's all built13:22
Sagew00t: showing how I do big creq's13:23
*** LaoLang_cool has quit IRC13:23
Sagelbt: disabled for now.13:24
Sagelets see13:24
Sagew00t: and then I just copy the creq line in the end and there it is :)13:25
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6526 Rejected promotion request13:27
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6527 waiting for review at
Sagealterego: still doesn't work.13:28
Sagecan order of provides and obsoletes matter? ;)13:29
Sagealterego: it works partially but not good enough
Sagenot sure why it is like that13:31
Sage should be like that13:32
Sagealterego: can you change so that obsolete is first and provides comes after that?13:32
Sageshouldn't make any difference though13:33
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile13:40
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:40
alteregoSage: I think maybe you can't update "voicecall" because there is no longer any "voicecall" package.13:43
alteregoMaybe provides doesn't count for updating ..13:43
alteregoI really can't believe the order matters ..13:44
lbtalterego: this is rpm we're talking about13:44
lbt(but nor can I)13:45
Sagealterego: it works fine see
alteregoSage: that's installing, not updating?13:46
Sagesame thing for updating13:46
Sagealterego: also my repos still have voicecall there as well as I have the orig repos and your repo13:46
alteregoSR 652813:46
*** arcean has quit IRC13:52
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile13:52
*** cggoebel has quit IRC13:54
*** cggoebel has joined #nemomobile13:59
Sagelbt: disable publishing for KDE project but still doesn't seem to have any effect13:59
Sagefail! :)14:00
*** ronoc has quit IRC14:00
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:01
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6524 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6528 Rejected promotion request14:03
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6527 Accepted promotion request14:04
*** yunta has quit IRC14:05
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:06
alteregoGetting ahead of myself there ..14:06
*** mruk has quit IRC14:11
Sageoh, come on ... wtf is wrong with the voicecall dpes14:14
alteregoDid it not work?14:14
Sagebuild locally and made local repo but still same thing14:14
* alterego shrugs14:14
Sageit doesn't work with zypper up or with zypper install obsoleted package14:14
Sagerpm claims all to be good.14:14
Sagealterego: is it core that should require tone-generator?14:17
Sageok, I'm ready to give up with this now. :/14:21
Sagealterego: sry, but no go for voicecall14:22
Sageif zypper can't handle the update from old packages to new ones we can't push it.14:22
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:23
Sageit is probably just a minor thing somewhere but can't find it now14:23
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:23
*** jpetrell has quit IRC14:24
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:27
alteregoSage: I think I've worked it out ..14:28
Sagealterego: really?14:30
alteregoPossibly, can you check the version I've just checked in?14:31
alteregoIt's building at the moment.14:31
Sage-Requires:   voicecall-ui == %{version}-%{release} wasn't it14:32
Sagealready tried :)14:32
alteregoOh, ffs.14:32
Sageneed to check with better time later this weekend or so14:33
Sageprobably will build snapshot without that though14:33
alteregoWhy do we add version to provides?14:36
*** Ionakka has quit IRC14:40
Sageotherwise it would mean it provides also old version which the same package obsoletes as well14:40
Sageit could be just provides = version X14:41
Sageand obsoletes < version X14:41
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:44
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:48
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*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile15:27
alteregoSage: I wonder whether it's because the package is called "voicecall" but it doesn't actually provide a "voicecall" package.15:28
alteregoMaybe if I changed the name to "voicecall-suite" or something.15:28
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:29
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Sagealterego: shouldn' tmatter19:07
StskeepsSage: user sessions with connman and console setup properly working19:08
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC19:08
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ansonihey guys, I gotta N950 stuck at the Nemo banner screen and was wondering if any of the X escape to terminal keys would work20:19
ansonidoing a MOSLO rootfs mount didn't reveal any real reasons why it is hung20:20
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile20:21
ajalkaneansoni: most likely you can get in with ssh20:25
*** ant has joined #nemomobile20:25
ajalkaneansoni: the issue I had was that the /home/nemo had for some reason wrong permission. Fix them and reboot.20:25
ansonilet me take a look.  It booted up a few times and then decided to quit20:26
ansonihaven't made any changes to the device... I'm expecting some sort of corruption20:26
ansonitrying to see what the issue is so I can file a bug and fix it20:26
ajalkaneI didn't make any changes either. I'm not sure what caused the permissions to get wrong20:26
*** phdeswer has quit IRC20:27
ansoniuser and group is set to 50020:28
ansonipasswd says it should be 100020:28
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile20:28
ajalkaneSounds familiar20:28
ajalkanechown them to nemo20:28
faenilansoni, I had that problem20:28
faenildid you have nemo working before this ?20:28
ansoniyea, it booted up 2-3 times20:28
ansoniI played with a few apps20:29
ansoniso... I guess I'm on the hunt to replicate last night20:29
faenilthen I'm sure you've clicked on Mad Developer20:29
faenilwhich is the crap which changes owner to 50020:29
ajalkaneThat could be it. I'm pretty sure I clicked on it too.20:30
ansonithat is it20:30
ansonithe N9 developer in me said that it was a good idea20:30
faenilI already filed the bug, and I think it has already been fixed, Mad dev removed from the coming snapshot20:30
ansoninice, shouldn't we also validate those permissions on bootstrap?20:31
*** cggoebel has quit IRC20:32
MerbotBug 361: task, Undecided, ---, marko.saukko, ASSIGNED, Please remove Mad Developer20:33
faenilVenemo reported chat messages in the report .)20:33
ansoniawesome.  It sucks I didn't think anything about Mad Developer20:34
*** phdeswer has quit IRC20:34
ansoniit didn't do anything so I figured it was just a broken application20:34
faenilansoni, so did I20:35
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile20:35
ajalkaneIt's really mad application for sure.20:35
ansoniback to normal20:35
faenilgood :)20:36
*** smyows has quit IRC20:36
*** cggoebel has joined #nemomobile20:38
faenilread new comment on that bug thread to know how to remove it ;)20:38
ansoniquick question on the N950... does the camera currently work for you guys20:39
ZogG_laptopfaenil: sup20:39
ansoniI gotta a proto device which may be different hardware20:39
faenilZogG_laptop, nothing...should be studying for an exam...but I keep spending my time here...20:40
faenilsomeone ban me please!20:40
faenilansoni, it should work with the last updates20:40
faenilansoni, I haven't updated in a while, so I haven't tried it yet20:41
ajalkane /mode +b faenil20:41
ajalkane#nemomobile You're not a channel operator20:41
the-boss`ajalkane: Error: "nemomobile" is not a valid command.20:41
ZogG_laptopfaenil: :P20:41
ajalkaneThis sucks. I can't ban you20:41
* ZogG_laptop bans faenil 20:41
ansonicool, I grabbed what I thought was the latest20:41
ansoniI ended up with a working camera app, but a blank screen20:41
faenilgrabber from?20:42
faenilnone can ban me....mwahuahuaha20:42
ansonithe 8-5 release20:43
faeniland you have a working camera with that one? :/20:43
ansonimy camera does not work20:43
faeniloh ok...that's normal20:43
faenilyou have to update with
faenilscrew google20:44
faenil(love you Big G, you know I'm jk ;))20:44
faenilansoni, remember to start screen when the guide tells you to20:44
ansoniI will update tonight20:45
ansonithis will pull the latest sources I assume20:45
ansonilatest packages20:45
faeniland...if you see everything disappearing (black screen) and it doesn't react to your input ...just wait for 15-20minutes before shutting it off using 8-secs press power button20:45
ansonilove it20:45
faenilyes but there are some problems with the updating process at the moment (should be fixed in the coming release)20:45
faenilansoni, lol20:46
ansoniif this supports the 12mp sensor in this model then I am gonna be photo happy20:46
faenildon't know about that20:46
ansoniguess that is my first project20:46
faenilthe camera fix was just pushed some days ago20:46
*** ansoni has quit IRC20:46
*** vgrade__ has quit IRC20:47
faenilmm :D20:47
*** ansoni has joined #nemomobile20:48
ansonihmmmm... I assume that was some sort of auto didn't auth to service ban:-/20:49
ansonigood old IRC:-)20:49
*** VDVsx has quit IRC20:57
ansonicool.  Thanks all for the help.  Will talk later21:05
ansonigood luck on the exams21:05
faenilnp, thanks ;)21:07
*** ansoni has quit IRC21:10
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