Saturday, 2012-09-01

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* kaziklubey rejoices06:58
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SageStskeeps: pah, forgot the i486 vm again.07:17
* Sage goes to do the configs for it now or he forgets it yet another time07:17
SageStskeeps: so was it i486 vm or i486 image or both btw?07:18
Stskeepsi486 vm07:20
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Stskeepsmorn VDVsx07:22
VDVsxmorning :)07:22
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Stskeepsgood morning ars_07:30
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niqti reflashed my n900 with nee nemo image, i like new homescreen, is fantastic, congratulations08:28
ZogG_laptopniqt: maybe some prev video :P08:31
ZogG_laptopi wonder how nemo usable without touchscreen (raspberry)08:31
niqtmaybe tonight. today I'm a bit busy. Baptism of my daughter and my religious marriage :D08:32
Stskeepssounds efficient08:32
StskeepsZogG_laptop: not terribly08:32
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: thinking of trying it on rpi as i have time08:38
LaoLang_coolHow to reflash n900 with nemo image?08:41
LaoLang_coolDoes phone call, sms and mms functions work now?08:41
niqti have microsd class1008:43
LaoLang_cooloh, it has broken my sd card class6, I don't have a class10 sd card :(08:44
ZogG_laptopLaoLang_cool: it's you broke sd card :P08:45
ZogG_laptopLaoLang_cool: i bet it's instruction on wiki how to install as well on TMO08:45
ZogG_laptopcan't tell anything about calls08:45
* ZogG_laptop never used nemo yet08:46
LaoLang_coolZogG_laptop, no, after I reflash it with nemo, it took broken08:46
niqtwith previuos image call was ok08:46
ZogG_laptopLaoLang_cool: or you did something wrong, or it's not really broken08:46
ZogG_laptopniqt: oh u could make call with nemo and audio worked?08:46
Stskeepsnow it should be better08:46
ZogG_laptopas i think both nitdroid(on n900 and n9) don't have audio08:47
the-boss`Stskeeps: Error: "jolla-sw" is not a valid command.08:47
LaoLang_coolZogG_laptop, I confirm it has broken, it can't be read in various OS(windows, FreeBSD, maemo)08:47
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i'm sorry, but Jolla is not released publicly yet :P08:48
StskeepsZogG_laptop: i know :(08:48
ZogG_laptopi know that you know, just joking08:48
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Stskeepshello blahboo08:49
blahboohi Stskeeps08:49
Stskeepswelcome to #nemomobile :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time08:49
blahbooStskeeps, awesome. thank you.08:49
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: why i never got those welcomes :(08:50
blahbooStskeeps, I do have a question now. When nemo is running in VM, and there is an app running, what's the best way to dismiss it. I don't think swipe works in VM.08:51
blahboothe app being, say the control panel.08:51
Stskeepsblahboo: it does08:52
Stskeepsblahboo: just move from bottom of screen and up08:52
Stskeepsor side08:52
Stskeepswith a throwing gesture08:52
blahbooCool :), let me try.08:52
blahboowow, it works :)08:52
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ars_ok, I'm not too familiar with github pull requests / upstream patching, so I want to make sure I get this correct09:30
ars_this is how I see the process:
ars_am I on the right track?09:31
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Stskeepslooks about right09:34
ars_Stskeeps: good, thx09:38
lbt_awayars_: format-patch is not usually needed if you're doing a pull request09:46
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alteregoSage: I think the obsoletes works fine, it's just the provides that's not working, but if you do zypper wp voicecall, it shows both packages.09:47
ars_lbt: ok, I was wondering why would I need that :)09:47
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Raghavmuraliis this the forum to post queries on nemo mobile09:57
alteregoAnyone know why new nemo doesn't set my usb0 mac address when using /etc/modprobe.d/g_nokia.conf ?09:58
alteregoHas the module name changed or something?09:58
alteregoAh, it's just g_ether now ..09:59
Raghavmuralii am a nitdroid tester. interested in contributing as a tester for nemo also.10:00
Raghavmuralihave nitdroid. will installing uboot for nemo create any issue? i own a n900. also have my mmc partitioned for nitdroid. will nemo use it by extending it to 4 gb or create a new partition10:03
Stskeepsit might.10:03
Stskeepsgenerally we only support uboot and working together with maemo10:03
Raghavmuralii remember e-yes managed to run nitdroid using uboot. but dont know whether it was published10:04
Raghavmuraliit might is for extending the partition or create a new one?10:05
alteregoYou'll probably have to set it up yourself with fdisk, et al.10:06
Raghavmuraliany steps for noobs will help. thanks10:07
alteregoNot really the sort of thing you should be doing if you're a newbie ;)10:09
alteregoI'd suggest maybe learning how it works? Then maybe you could contribute your instructions to our wiki :~D10:09
Raghavmuraliok. will try and if succeed create wiki10:14
alteregoThat's great :)10:17
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6554 waiting for review at
Stskeepsmorn qwazix10:45
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ZogG_laptopqwazix: sup11:01
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blahbooIs there any known workaround for bug #298 to access terminal?11:11
MerbotBug task, Normal, ---, marko.saukko, RESOLVED FIXED, upgrade dbus to recent version  1.4.2011:11
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blahbooSomeone mentioned using ssh11:12
Stskeepsterminal in the VM image?11:12
Stskeepshost-alt-f2 too11:13
blahbooyeah, terminal in vm image.11:13
Stskeepsssh is another, too11:14
blahboolet me try the host key.11:14
neochapaywhy lupdate dont find any messages :(11:16
blahbooThat works, thanks.11:16
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mike7b4athomehi guys, nice work with the new UI of nemomobile :)11:34
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w00tmike7b4athome: enjoying it?11:35
mike7b4athomew00t, yep but one think, I prefer if the "toppanel" was removed of optionally hidden :) Because it takes to mung of the screen (especially in landscape)11:40
ZogG_laptopany screenshots or video previews for those without nemo?11:42
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w00tgo get it and try it out ;-)11:50
w00tslightly more seriously, I plan to do some videos, maybe this weekend11:50
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alteregow00t: do you know if there's an easy way to get a declarative items position in relation to the root item?11:53
alteregomapFrom and mapTo don't seem to be working as expected.11:53
w00tthose are the ones, but working them out is usually a bit tricky11:54
alteregoI'm guessing mapToItem(null, x, y); doesn't actually take into account parent positions.11:54
mike7b4athomedoes the batterycharging via USB work on N900 in latest image?11:54
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Stskeepshas been working fine for ages11:55
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ZogG_laptopStskeeps: w00t if i want to port my app to nemo, and it uses qml with nokia components. i need to re-write those or use other custom one? and can i build dep with qtcreator?12:07
w00twe use harmattan components12:09
w00tso it'll work fine12:09
ZogG_laptopw00t: can u check if i'll give u dep if it works?12:09
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w00tbit busy atm, but like I say, if it uses harmattan components, it'll work12:10
w00tabout creator, I don't know12:10
w00talterego might be of some help12:10
ZogG_laptopif it same as harmattan components. i think it might work out of box on nemo12:11
ZogG_laptopwhy shouldn't it?12:11
ZogG_laptopthough i might need to get rid of account's part12:11
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alteregow00t: managed to sort out my issue by creating a "SceneAwareItem" which knows when it's position changes in the global scene, rather than just relative to its' parent :)12:37
alteregoWorks well :)12:37
alteregow00t: the problem wasn't actually the mapping, it was binding to an item when it moves around the scene, but doesn't move necessarily in it's direct parent.12:40
gabriel9in VM when i try to use konsole and some other apps the screen is black12:49
gabriel9just to let you know guys :)12:50
gabriel9and nice job12:50
w00talready known bug, though I lack the number atm12:51
mike7b4athomeanyone have a kickstart or image with lipstick UI for raspberrypi? :)12:56
w00tmike7b4athome: we don't have a build for armv612:57
mike7b4athomew00t, I see but it is possible I guess?12:57
w00tif someone rebuilt everything for armv6, perhaps.. Stskeep: I guess it's a resourcing issue why we don't have one?12:58
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fw190I have just installed new Nemomobile14:13
fw190This is great14:13
fw190a big step forward!!!14:13
tadzikhow new is new?14:13
fw190Thanks for the hard work!!!14:13
fw190from 3114:13
tadzikok, new :)14:13
fw190it looks and works completely different then the latest14:13
SageJust made the image yesterday14:13
fw190it is fast like hell14:14
fw190the new UI is great14:14
fw190my N900 feels like a new born child with it ;)14:15
Sageactually I haven't tested it on n900 yet, but good to hear it works nicely14:15
Sagephonecalls should work with n900 as well now14:15
fw190the rotation works fast14:15
tadzikokay, okay, I'm convinced ;)14:15
fw190switching from menu to running apps is also fast14:15
fw190for me the phone calls worked with the latest image laso14:16
fw190last image14:16
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Sagewhat would be nice is that if people would help in verifying the bugs, see
fw190I'm not skilled in tings like this but as it is saturday and I have some time I will have a look and maybe will help a bit14:18
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fw190hmm as I can see power off is there14:19
fw190but doesn't work14:19
fw190should it be like this?14:20
fw190or I can call this a bug?14:21
SageI think there was a bug about that already. But I also though it was fixed14:21
MerbotBug 334: critical, High, ---, simonas.leleiva, RESOLVED FIXED, device does not poweroff14:21
fw190I can try to reboot the system and give it another shot14:21
Sageit doesn't seem to work on my n950 either hmmp14:22
Stskeepswhat does 'loginctl' say?14:22
Sagec1 1000 nemo seat014:23
SageI tested the fix on x86 so maybe it doesn't work with n950/n90014:24
Sageor maybe something changed again :P14:25
fw190hmm I got stuck and it wont power off even with the hardware button14:27
ars_I'm trying to run qmlgallery on device (scp'd the binary) but the menu bar os blank. Something obvious I'm missing?14:27
w00tyou need to share the dbus session with the UI14:28
w00t try that14:29
Sagew00t: lipstick doesn't probably use the that mtf used?14:29
w00t(thanks to special for that hack)14:29
w00tSage: err.. where is that?14:29
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Sagew00t: that should be probably removed14:30
w00tnot so sure, we might end up using that.. looks like it's about specific ordering of launcher icons etc14:30
w00tas that's an upcomng feature14:31
SageI would probalby prefer a bit different format for it. e.g. order of the lines in the file determining the position or so.14:33
SageThat file is very confusing imo.14:33
ars_vim is a pain in the a** when ESC button has suffered some coffee damage...14:33
tadzikhere goes remapping14:34
tadzikbah, my N900 has some serious flex cable problems ;/14:36
Sagew00t: also not sure how that would handle folders.14:37
fw190I also noticed that powering off with hardware button also doesnt work14:38
fw190I get sysuid is not responding14:38
tadzikis the battery status working in the new nemo?14:38
fw190it takes w hile to find its way14:39
fw190but after a few seconds it works14:39
tadzikok, cool14:39
fw190whell it worked in the last version also I think14:39
Sageit works for n900 and x8614:40
Sagefor n950/n9 it doesn't14:40
tadzikand since I'm in the asking mood already, any idea how to convince maemo not to index nemo stuff from the sdcard? My pictures app is flooded with nemo's stuff14:40
tadzikpictures, sounds etc14:40
tadziksorry for a slight OT14:40
fw190hmmm don't know how to help14:40
fw190bit powering off is done with removing the battery14:41
fw190I have tried it 3 times and always got stuck in this sysuid not responding thing14:41
fw190should I fill a bug or something like this?14:47
ars_w00t: using the dbus script I ended up having two status bars and a blank menu bar14:48
tadzikwiki says "type su to get root permissions", what's the default root password?14:48
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tadzikok, guessed on the second try :)14:49
tadzikI'll update the wiki14:49
tadzikor not, I'll have to register an account14:49
tadzikif someone could add a note to, that'd be nice14:49
fw190I can do it14:50
fw190so what is the pasword I should write in the wiki?14:51
tadzikit seems to be the default one14:51
tadzikat least I don't remember setting any :)14:51
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fw190tadzik: have a look if it's ok for you?14:53
tadzikhm, not sure how I'd do that. Is there any nemo user to confirm?14:53
fw190I mean if the wiki entry is ok for you ;)14:54
fw190I will check the pasword14:55
fw190give mi 2 minutes14:55
tadzikah, ok14:55
tadzikyeah, looks awesome :)14:55
fw190tadzik: are you from Oland?14:55
fw190dam it Poland14:56
tadzikClose, Poland :)14:56
tadzikthat's right14:56
fw190me too14:56
fw190and this is why I make so many mistakes with typing ;p14:56
tadziksomeplace Warsaw-ish?14:56
fw190Poznianisz ;)14:56
tadzikI see :)14:57
fw190nemo has booted14:57
fw190will give it a minute to settle down14:57
*** jonwil has quit IRC14:57
fw190I can cofirm14:58
fw190nemo pasword works ;)14:58
tadzikso, what's the way one writes apps for nemo? C++ and Qt?14:59
Stskeepsor qml + c++14:59
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tadzikdid anyone write something that imports contacts/messages from maemo?15:06
Stskeepsthere was a script at some point15:06
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile15:06
tadzikwhere to look? Github, wiki?15:07
Stskeepsit should already be installed15:08
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fw190tadzik: the battery indicator doesn't work properly ;(15:08
tadzikfw190: it properly shows that I'm charging my phone, and that's the old build15:09
tadzikmaybe it won't properly show up when I charge it :)15:09
fw190hmm maemo shows 3/4 and nemo full15:09
fw190I will plug it and see what happens15:09
fw190and it said: sdk mode in use15:10
fw190and it's not charging15:10
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tadzikhmm,m doesn't sound too optimistic :)15:17
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tadzikStskeeps: may that have been
fw190tadzik: found a way to turn of nemo- reboot from terminal and I have uboot without removing the battery which always requires typing the date in maemo15:26
tadzikhuh, hol don. There's a problem with turning off nemo?15:27
fw190for me it doesn't want to turn off15:28
tadzikhow about su; halt?15:28
fw190I'm already in maemo15:28
tadzikanyway, why would you turn a phone off? :P15:29
fw190halt sound like in Gemrna15:29
fw190tadzik: to go back to maemo15:29
tadzikit's actually Ancient English, as far as I know15:29
tadzikwell, that's what reboot is for, no?15:29
tadzikI fail to see a problem, but maybe because I haven't woke up properly yet15:30
fw190I think that the problem is with expreseing what I mean in English15:30
fw190let me try again15:30
fw190Nemomobile doesn't turn off with the hardware button or with the option frm menu15:31
tadzikso you need to do this from the terminal15:31
fw190so I had to pull the batter when I got: sysuid is not responding15:32
fw190yes yes15:32
fw190I didn't know how to shut the system down from terminal15:32
tadzikI see15:32
fw190so I just typed the first thing which came to me from maemo15:32
fw190which is reboot ;)15:32
tadzikI think someone was working with those turn off buttons in the menu recently, no?15:32
fw190I'm not folowing the development15:33
fw190jus giving a shot to random images15:33
fw190if  I have time15:33
tadziksure. I'm mostly slacking off on the irc and telling myself that I'll contribute something one day :)15:34
fw190I strongly encourage you to contribute for both of us ;p15:34
*** fw190 has quit IRC15:39
* alterego sighs15:40
alteregodamnit, why aren't QML images anchors to top left, or at least have the option to choose :/15:45
alteregoCrop just centres it.15:45
faenilalterego, give this a try, transformOrigin: Item.TopLeft15:48
alteregoNo luck, that just changes the transform, which hasn't got much todo with qml image directly ;)15:51
faenilmmm strange, I seem to remember that did the trick15:51
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tadzikduh, my phone became completely unresponsive during the update16:16
tadzikas if it ate all the ram and is constantly swapping16:16
tadzikalso, it's hot as hell now :)16:17
tadzikah, Xorg's eating 37.7% of ram, I assume that's not intended16:22
Sagedoes n900 support exporting contacts as vcards?16:24
Sagen9 supports it at least wondering if n900 does it as well?16:24
Sagew00t: would make me very happy ;)16:25
MerbotBug 424: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, [FEA] Add possibility to import all vcards from certain directory16:25
Sagetadzik: ^ the old contact import script is not anymore valid. But if n900 can export vcards it is doable with the new contacts app already (though one vcf file at the time)16:28
tadzikSage: I'll try16:29
SageI imported some contacts from my N9 by first exporting them on N9 and then transferring them to my nemo ~/Documents/ directory16:30
SageN9 exports one contact to one .vcf file so it will take time to import all ;)16:31
Venemo_N9there is a script which allows to do this16:35
Sagecat *.vcf > contacts_all_in_one.vcf16:35
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile16:35
Sagethen importing from nemo contacts app and there they are :)16:35
SageI would say hacker frendly already ;)16:36
*** Raghavmurali has quit IRC16:36
*** Raghavmurali has joined #nemomobile16:37
Sagealso after importing 200+ contacts it takes a while before they are shown in contacts app. Already thought that it was broken ;)16:38
alteregoSage: yes, N900 does, I came up with an import script in the old CE days ..16:41
alteregoHopefully it all works with w00ts contacts.16:41
*** Raghavmurali has quit IRC16:42
*** Raghavmurali has joined #nemomobile16:42
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blahbooWhen I boot nemo from microSD card, I get "Unable to read "boot.scr" from mmc 0:3" at the uboot console and it goes straight to stock n900 image. Anyone any idea what's wrong?16:50
Stskeepshow did you write the image? walk through steps please16:50
blahbooI have uboot-pr1.3 installed.16:50
blahbooStskeeps, bzcat Downloads/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120816.1.NEMO.2012-08-31.1-mmcblk0p.raw.bz2 | sudo dd bs=4096 of=/dev/sdb116:51
Stskeepsah, that's your issue16:51
Stskeepsshould be sdb16:51
blahbooThat's what the wiki says.16:51
blahbooah, so that "X" was b, not 1.16:51
blahboo:) okay.16:51
Sagealterego: n9 does so I would think n900 does as well :)16:51
blahbooI will try again. Thanks.16:51
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*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:58
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blahbooStskeeps, It's booted up. Looks really and fast.17:03
Stskeepsamazing how open source can work these days, huh? :P17:03
blahbooIndeed :)17:04
* tadzik 's still updating17:04
tadziknemo's losing wifi every few packages17:04
tadzikI keep poking it and it slowly proceeds :)17:05
*** Raghavmurali has joined #nemomobile17:06
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*** w00t_ is now known as w00t17:13
tadzikhm, seems that it does it less often if I don't let the screen go black17:14
*** Raghavmurali has quit IRC17:15
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*** GAN900 is now known as GeneralAntilles17:17
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w00tsounds like wifi power saving mode17:18
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:21
tadzikand now the wifi application crashes. I'd probably have it easier downloading an image and writing it on the sdcard17:27
Stskeepsyeah, prolly17:28
tadzikmaemo asks me to export contacts in either vCard 2.1 or 3.0, are both nemo-friendly?17:40
* ars_ created his first pull request17:46
*** macmaN has quit IRC17:50
*** wicket64 has joined #nemomobile17:56
tadzikholly molly, that does look different18:03
tadzikhaha, xmpp password prompt could make ****'s of my password :)18:06
w00tit's not intended as a real or final UI, it's just a cheap hack to allow you to be able to use it18:08
tadzikwow, there's awesomeness everywhere. Good job!18:11
tadzikI can't set my timezone though :)18:11
w00tbecause it's not there, or because it doesn't work?18:11
tadziknor time, for that matter18:11
tadzikthere are menu entries for that, but when I click "Done" after setting stuff, nothing happens18:11
Stskeepstadzik: if you read the 'timed' source code, you'd understsand18:11
w00tfile a bug, please18:11
tadzikI was able to set a format to 24-hour though18:12
Stskeepsand need plenty of therapy hours afterwards18:12
tadzikStskeeps: where does it live?18:12
Stskeepstadzik: if it was living a physical place, it would be comparable to where hannibal lecter was being held.18:13
w00ti.e. gitorious18:13
*** admiral0 has quit IRC18:16
*** admiral0 has joined #nemomobile18:17
tadzikxmpp doesn't seem to work, is that known?18:17
*** GeneralAntilles has left #nemomobile18:17
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:21
tadzikbug filed:
MerbotBug 425: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Unable to set time and timezone18:22
tadziksetting battery to power-saving mode also doesn't work, bug-worthy?18:23
Stskeepswe have that possibility? ;)18:23
tadzikapparently not:P18:23
tadzikmaybe it's just a stub UI18:23
tadzikalso, is there another way to close an app than to swipe down-to-up, then switch to Open Applications and close it with an X?18:24
Stskeepsit should however jump to open applications18:24
nsuffysHi ! Great job ont he latest build of Nemo. New UI is beautiful :)18:24
tadzikit is :)18:25
tadzikalso, the menu for Import Contacts is empty, right?18:25
Venemo_N9nsuffys, thanks :)18:25
Venemo_N9out is far from complete though18:26
nsuffysVenemo_N9, Work is already excellent :)18:33
tadzikthe physical lock button on n900 seems not to work, right?18:33
Stskeepsit should18:34
Stskeepsbut maybe regression18:34
tadzikI'll report it18:34
Venemo_N9nsuffys, thank you :)18:35
tadzikno bugzilla for the twitter client?18:37
tadzikoh duh, the switch works now18:46
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile18:58
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qwazixevening everyone :)20:33
Stskeepsevening qwazix20:35
*** admiral0 has quit IRC20:37
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*** lizardo has quit IRC21:08
fralshey phaeron, i heard from stefano you might have owncloud contacts sync config files for harmattan, is it so? :)21:21
tanghusfrals: You got me curious. What do you mean by owncloud contacts sync config files? And for harmattan? I use syncevolution to sync my owncloud contacts and calendars with my N950.21:25
fralssyncfw on harmattan is capable of syncml and has a contacts storage, so should be possible to just drop in a conf file and it should just work, without syncevo21:25
tanghusBut ownCloud doesn't support syncml.21:26
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:27
*** beford has quit IRC21:36
specialalterego: ping21:45
*** jluisn has quit IRC22:32
*** mruk has quit IRC22:53
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*** kaziklubey has quit IRC23:09
alteregospecial: pong?23:13
alteregoYou've got about 10 minutes :P23:13
alteregoOh, you're after commhistory right?23:14
alteregoI'll publish that tomorrow ;)23:14
specialyes, thanks23:14
specialI want to start hacking on it this week23:14
speciallots of the messages bugs don't make sense to solve until the real commhistory solution is in place.23:14
alteregoYeah, well, it's the next thing I need to implement in dialer now I've got telepathy done.23:17
alteregoSo I need it packaged and pushed too :)23:17
alteregoAnyhow, bedtime for me :)23:21

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