Sunday, 2012-09-02

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quixoteJust tried the latest nemo (8-16.......8-31). Incredible job, folks! Looks good. Map function is the best I've seen on any phone.02:40
quixoteThe biggest problem I had was with shutdown. Tap battery icon, get poweroff dialog, tap yes, and nothing happens. Pushed power button, got a "system not responding" do you want to shut down? Hit yes. Nothing happens. Pushed power button for 15 sec, still wouldn't power down! Had to take the battery out. (I have n900)02:43
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quixoteI should've read yesterday's log.  I see the power off problem is a bug others have run into. I can confirm it on n900!03:42
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Timmyis making phone call posible in nemomobile on n900?05:17
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iekku"can't init device hci0: Operation not possible due to RF-kill (132) "08:34
blahbooiekku, okay, one more try :). Let me go priv.08:34
alteregoStskeeps: there's a great bit in Doctor Who about Eggs :P08:46
alteregoTalking of which. I need some breakfast.08:47
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neochapayhi, i dot`n have any sound on my n900 on last image of nemo, it`s normal ?08:49
iekkuzypper doesn't work on my n90008:59
* iekku goes to see bz08:59
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iekkunothing in bz09:02
Stskeepsdefine 'deosn't work'09:03
iekkugives list of errors09:04
Stskeepsblahboo: the problem is that the UART that bluetooth sits on goes idle at a bad point09:04
Stskeepsand hence not all initialization goes through09:04
blahbooStskeeps, okay, that explains it.09:05
Stskeepsany patches welcome but we got understaffed in kernel developers after feb11 hit09:05
Stskeepsso it's possible to get working naturally, but..09:05
iekkusorry for copy paste, but:09:06
iekku[root@localhost nemo]# zypper up09:06
iekkuerror: rpmdb: Thread/process 688/1077891072 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB library09:07
iekkuerror: db4 error(-30974) from dbenv->failchk: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery09:07
iekkuerror: cannot open Packages index using db4 -  (-30974)09:07
iekkuerror: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm09:07
iekkuTarget initialization failed:09:07
iekkuRpm Exception09:07
Stskeepsiekku: looks funny, what image is it?09:07
iekkuStskeeps, does this explain what i ment?09:07
iekkuStskeeps, latest09:07
StskeepsSage: ^09:07
iekkui file a bug09:07
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MerbotBug 430: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Zypper doesn't work09:20
blahbooStskeeps, iekku, is there a bug already for the bluetooth power problem? I imagine bug #299 is for the control panel applet only.09:33
MerbotBug task, Low, ---, marko.saukko, RESOLVED FIXED, upgrade dbus-python to recent version 1.0.009:33
Stskeepsblahboo: i'm not 100% sure but i thought i saw one09:33
blahbooStskeeps, there it is: bug #14909:34
MerbotBug major, Undecided, ---, need-triage, RESOLVED INVALID, Wifi not available or bluetooth09:34
Stskeepsright, but i thought i saw more details than that, hmm..09:36
tadzikgood morning09:40
Stskeepsblahboo: log.06-30-2011:[21:24:06]<kimju> and problem is that the uart it's using for communication is shutting down when cpu is idle for n seconds. and while wakeup is working, the uart is loosing first incoming character.09:41
Stskeepslog.06-30-2011:[21:39:12]<kimju> and I've understood that the uart eats the firts incoming character after wakeup, even it has already been powered up before the character is received, not only if the wakeup is happening due received character.09:41
Stskeepslog.07-11-2011:[10:46:02]<kimju> and just small clarification, the uart misses first incoming character at/after wakeup, not entire message. but the h4+ protocol implementation doesn't cope with that09:41
Stskeepsso that's why bluetooth doesn't work on n900 :)09:41
Stskeeps as well for more details09:42
blahbooStskeeps, good to know. I guess it would be useful to add this information in #149 for future reference.09:42
Stskeepsi think it's fixable in userland with a bit of careful testing09:47
Stskeepswhich makes me wonder who make hci_h4p in the first place..09:47
blahbooStskeeps, that discussion was a year ago :)09:49
blahbooStskeeps, mind if you cut-paste the pastebin content into the bug?09:49
Stskeepsit was, but kernel development stopped around then ;)09:50
Stskeepsand yes, sure09:50
neochapayi create l10n repo of nemo :) and tranlate all on russian !09:51
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blahbooStskeeps, Ville Tervo seems to the guy who did hci_h4p10:03
kimjuStskeeps, h4p, or h4+ is a Nokia extension to h4 protocol. It has not made its way into any mainline kernel, I'm not sure if it ever has even been submitted for inclusion.10:04
Stskeepskimju: ah10:04
Stskeepsso it's a custom patch of ours10:04
kimjusomeone could have a look and check if it has anything that couldn't be handled with the stock hci_h4 driver..10:07
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Stskeepsmorning mruk :)10:35
* rantom grabs the new Nemo-image to his N90010:39
* mike7b4_home playing with LED lights on hwkbd on N900 running Nemo10:58
rantomOdd, I think my SD-card just broke10:58
rantomDevice not configured with dd and can't format it10:59
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rantomAny recommendations for relativy good micro-SD-cards? USB/SD-adapters too11:13
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rantomI think approx. three of my four adaptors/readers are broken11:14
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qwazixGood morning (ehm, little late, but I just woke up). Is the new messaging application supposed to send sms? I can't figure it out.11:17
StskeepsUGT functions here11:18
Stskeepsrantom: just means you've used nemo a fair bit11:18
rantomStskeeps: Yeah. :)11:27
rantomI should probably try to find a set of 10 cards for relatively cheap value11:27
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rantomThe new UI is just... wow11:34
rantomA massive improvement11:34
rantomQuite odd lock screen though. Red background with white date: 01/01/197011:38
w00trantom: it'll change11:39
rantomw00t: Thought so :)11:39
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alteregow00t: the code that handles flicking from edges, where is that? Is it a plugin or part of mcompositor?12:21
alteregoIt interferes with the edges of my app that needs to handle an edge flick/swipe.12:21
Stskeepsmcompositor plugin12:22
alteregoFound it, mcompositor-gestures12:24
alteregoI suppose I could just remove the plugin for my tests, well, move the plugin out.12:25
Venemohey guys12:29
Venemoalterego, you might be interested in
MerbotBug 366: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Swipe lock doesn't work with Nemo's mcompositor gesture plugin12:30
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alteregoYeah, we need an XProperty to disable edge overriding.12:33
alteregoIn my case I only really want one edge, and the other three should be handle by mcompositor, which makes things even more tricky ;)12:33
Venemoalterego, the harmattan way works exactly like that.12:34
Venemoyou can enable "swipe lock" for specific edges of the screen12:34
alteregoDoes it? I thought the harmattan way was all edges or none.12:34
alteregoOh, interesting12:34
alteregoAh, well that's a different issue, my issue is I want the gesture plugin to send the input events to the application, where as now there's a 10 pixel border around the screen that apps can't use.12:35
Venemoalterego, yep, you want a swipe lock for that edge.12:35
Venemodon't you?12:35
alteregoNo, I want to disable swipe gesture plugin :P12:36
Venemozypper remove12:36
alteregoSo I moved the plugin and restarted mcompositor to  test my app which needs edge :P12:36
alteregoSure, but that's not a real solution :)12:36
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alteregoBut I imagine that plugin will have some work done to it soon.12:36
alteregoMaybe even by me :P12:36
Venemoyup, solving 366 would be _the_ solution12:36
VenemoI'll be back later12:37
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mrukStskeeps: morning :)12:52
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SageStskeeps: commented on the bug about the rpm database thingy. Sounds like something corrupted the database. For my n950 it was ok at least.14:23
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Fawzcould anyone give me a pointer towards exploring the reasons for the sometimes incredibly slow response of nemo on the n900? once youre in a menu everything seems smooth, but screen presses sometimes seem to take ages to register15:30
ZogG_laptopneochapay: found russian translator?15:34
ZogG_laptopor u the one tranlating?15:34
ZogG_laptopneochapay: anyway if help needed, you can ping me.15:35
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tadzikbah, Fawz's gone already15:45
tadzikI wonder if anyone else experiences Xorg process to be a memory hog15:46
Stskeepstadzik: how badl?15:46
tadzikStskeeps: ~40% sometimes15:46
tadzikthat was on the previous build though, didn't occur to me yet on the new one15:46
Stskeepstadzik: some of it may be shared pixmaps etc15:46
tadzikI'm yet to give it a day-long go though15:47
tadzikwonder how that'll turn out15:47
tadzikso far I couldn't import contacts from vcf15:47
tadzikhow do you guys usually develop applications from nemo? qemu with the x86 image inside?15:48
Stskeepsvirtualbox, or on device15:48
Stskeepsvirtualbox has a compositor issue though15:48
tadzikon a device? Interesting. What language is that then?15:49
Stskeepsah, we use mer platform sdk15:51
Stskeepsand sometimes qt creator15:51
Stskeepsfor sdk, then use a target (virtualbox, device, etc)15:51
tadzikhm, curious15:51
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