Wednesday, 2012-09-05

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Kypeli_I am planning on writing a bit on how to set up your Ubuntu desktop as a dev environment for the current Nemo Mobile QML apps.04:20
Kypeli_If you have any input that you'd like to see in that kind of blog post and introduction, please let me know.04:20
Kypeli_I will probably contribute that to the Nemo wiki page as well, as I somehow felt that for a n00b like me, I couldn't find info on how to actually get started :)04:21
dm8tbrKypeli_: sounds like good stuff to give people to read before/during hackday04:46
Kypeli_Sounds good.04:49
Kypeli_At least the Wiki page could be extended to cover all/more Nemo apps if they have some special considarations.04:49
Kypeli_(I don't yet have experience in other than QmlContacts - for now...)04:50
specialare the instructions for compiling/running on desktop?04:51
Kypeli_Yeah, that's what I had planned.04:52
specialnot all of them are friendly to that at the moment04:53
Stskeepsjust if possible use alterego's qt-creator-using-platform sdk04:53
Kypeli_Good to know, and might be good to add all this kind of info to the wiki :)04:53
Kypeli_Stskeeps: ?04:55
Stskeepsish but this one uses harmattan stuff04:55
Stskeepsthere's a smarter way04:55
Kypeli_Ok. I must have missed that one.04:55
Stskeepsask alterego when he wakes up (UK time)04:55
Kypeli_ok :)04:56
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zchydemKypeli_: +1 :)05:33
iekkui think we should also consider Nemo QA05:44
Kypeli_zchydem: Let's see how it goes, I'll write as I learn ;)05:44
timophiekku: we should05:46
timophiekku: how about calling a meeting to setup it? (team, purpose, how, why, etc.)05:47
iekkutimoph, i think it could be worth to talk in the hackday, i can do actions after that05:47
timophI was just thinking that we might attract some new people new to QA so it helps to have a "kickoff" for it05:48
timophalthough we need to do a inventory check before it to see what's there and what's not05:49
iekkutimoph, hmmm, that's true05:49
iekkulet's have a conversation on sat and i will send mail about QA to set up first meeting05:50
iekku(after that)05:50
timophsounds like a sane plan05:50
iekkuof course it's sain05:50
iekkui proposed it...05:50
iekkusain? saint? sane?05:50
timophclose enough05:50
iekkui think saint is best :P05:50
* timoph working on his talk for the hackday05:51
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veskuhtimoph and sage, I talked with iekku yesterday. She suggested that I'd present about "getting started with development" on the hack day.06:17
timophmy thing is an introduction to mer project so should collide too much06:17
timophI'll send you my slides after I get them done06:18
Kypeli_Will the presentations be made available somewhere afterwards?06:18
timophhopefully today06:18
veskuhtimoph: Ok, sounds good.06:18
iekkuKypeli_, i hope so06:18
Kypeli_I'd love to join the event, but unfortunately I have to eat some crabs and drink vodka that day... :P06:18
iekkuveskuh, we were talking about QA for Nemo and get it started, so I think I could have short bz presentation for both and short QA info also. for Mer situation is ok, but Nemo is lacking QA06:19
iekkuKypeli_, that's so sad :P06:19
Kypeli_I know :)06:21
iekkui need to go to friends house warming party from hackingday06:23
iekkuand there's anothers birthday party06:23
iekkuand one is having dj evening on one restaurant, where is her last work day in same day...06:24
veskuhiekku: Ok, so do we have a initial agenda somewhere for the hackday somewhere? Or is it just few presentations and then lets start hacking?06:25
iekkulater one06:26
iekkui will see carol today, so i will sync that with her06:26
iekkui think there's several people only interested about presentations, so...06:27
veskuhSage: I have initial packaging for qtest-qml (its qml unit test runner) for Nemo. Which project should I push it? I was thinking CE:MW:Shared since that is where qml-components also are.06:29
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Sageveskuh: what is that used for, does other packages depend on it?06:39
veskuhSage: Its for writing unit testing qml. So only testing -packages should depend on it.06:41
timophor applications using it for their tests06:41
timophnot that too many people write unit tests for their applications :)06:42
Sageveskuh: where do you have it atm. I would like to see the package06:42
veskuhthis is the bug:
MerbotBug 379: normal, Undecided, ---, vesku.h, ASSIGNED, Package qtest-qml unit testing framework to Nemo06:42
Sageto me that seems like a package that should be in Mer Core actually06:44
SageStskeeps: opinions?06:44
Stskeepslet's put it in nemo at first06:44
Stskeepseventually it may go in qa area06:44
Sagewell, as tests that are in packages depend on it it needs to be in core as normal packages need to build against that or we split tests to completely separate06:45
Sageveskuh: but sure CE:MW:Shared is ok.06:45
veskuhSage:  Ok06:46
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6663 waiting for review at
veskuhCan I somehow change my email at cobs? I still have my old company address there06:51
veskuhlbt: ^06:52
Stskeepschange it in meego.com06:53
Stskeeps(i think)06:53
veskuhthanks, will try that06:54
timophiirc that did the trick for me06:54
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Sageveskuh: so that version is just out of your head not any git tag?06:57
veskuhSage: yes, there were no tags at all in the repo.06:57
veskuhveskuh: in qt5 the framework will be part of qt itself06:57
* Sage smiles when people talk with themselves ;)06:59
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Sageveskuh: please comment about that versioning to the .yaml file that it is version for nemo etc. and not an upstream tag. Otherwise it might raise questions later07:00
Sagealso cut th eempty lines from .spec %files ;)07:00
specialit'd be nice to have the git sha in the filename instead of just 'master'07:00
Sagespecial: that is a good point as well07:01
Sageveskuh: ^07:01
veskuhI hate doing that.07:01
veskuhMuch nicer to just put what gitorious gives me07:01
veskuhalso duplicate info since it is already in the version07:02
veskuhinfo of yaml07:02
* Sage forgot how much he hates gitorious.org07:03
SageI'm ok with the filename, but you should mention the reasons for the version in .yaml to make it undestandable for next one who updates the package07:04
veskuhSage: In the description field I assume?07:04
Sage# This version is made for Nemo ... more stuff07:05
the-boss`Sage: Error: "This" is not a valid command.07:05
Sage# here07:05
the-boss`Sage: Error: "here" is not a valid command.07:05
SageVersion: 0.0.1~...07:05
veskuhAh, just as comment07:05
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Sagejust a comment for packaging update07:05
Sageveskuh: btw, you know that you can get sha1 tarballs out of gitorious as well? ;)07:06
veskuhSage: actually did not know that, the webui is so horribly slow that I haven't explored it too much :)07:06
Sageyes, thus I said I already forgot how much I hate gitorious :)07:07
Sageyey, it works even ;)07:10
Sagejust took couple of minutes to get the webpage open07:10
veskuhOk, that's nice. Since it was pain free in the end, I'll update tar ball too.07:10
veskuhlive and learn :)07:11
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tadzikgood morning07:12
Stskeepsmorn mruk, tadzik07:12
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6664 Rejected promotion request07:48
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6665 Rejected promotion request07:54
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6666 waiting for review at
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StskeepsSR#6666 ?08:12
Stskeepswhat did we add, GTK?08:12
veskuhI did it, just cause I like them meaningful numbers08:13
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timophveskuh: my current version ->
timophas you can see it's a pretty light intro08:35
timophtrying to keep it short on purpose08:35
timophit's a hackday after all and at least I don't want to sit the whole time listening to presentations08:35
yuntatimoph: nice intro08:37
veskuhtimoph: Looks cool.  Maybe couple of words why split of HW, UI, and core makes sense?08:37
timophveskuh: I just didn't put to that into the slides08:38
timophplanning to talk about it08:38
veskuhtimoph: great, yep does not make sense to put all the stuff in the slides08:38
timophbut yeah. could work that in there if someone looks at them without hearing the talk08:38
timophneed to think a bit08:38
veskuhWell, the guys that only read slides hopefully follow the links.08:39
Kypeli_I am setting up a desktop dev target (for the second time, a bit differently now :)) to compile and run Nemo apps on. I am a bit confused about the requirement that the Nemo QmlComponents has towards MTF.08:40
Kypeli_I installed the MLite from Nemo GutHub.08:40
StskeepsKypeli_: theming, maybe08:41
Kypeli_But when compiling QmlComponents (from Nemo GutHub) I get this compile error:
Kypeli_Stskeeps: Doesn't sound related to theeming..:?08:41
yuntawould be nice to also have an introduction in "how to build nemo packages for arm?" obs/sb/device/qtsdk/mersdk <- all confusing08:41
tadzikoh, I had compilation problems with nemo repos too08:42
tadziknot sure if related08:42
Kypeli_Stskeeps: Yesterday I compiled and installed the "full" MTF and I guess because of that it worked for me. But I would not *like* to compile + install full MTF if I don't have to :)08:42
SageKypeli_: my experience from some time back08:42
sivangtimoph: looks good, you should be ready if people ask question of how can I contribute and mention docs and wiki specifically, possibly providing links ;)08:43
Kypeli_Sage: Thanks.08:43
Kypeli_Sage: Looks like you are not installing anything related to MTF there... hmm08:43
sivangI so totally should have been there08:43
Kypeli_(Other than theme)08:43
specialalterego: any progress on putting up your commhistory wrapper code?08:44
sivangtimoph: good slides, straight to the point no buzz etc.08:44
Kypeli_w00t also mentioning that installing MTF would be optional. Don't know then...08:45
Kypeli_Well, lunch time.08:45
w00tI have a patch locally fixing that someplace08:45
w00tI'll find where it is and push it for you08:45
w00tI guess I forgot it08:45
Kypeli_w00t: \o/ Thanks. I try to get this all into one place today for others' reference08:46
timophsivang: thanks. as you can see the questions part is a bit special on this thing08:50
timophinteresting to see how it'll work08:50
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sivangtimoph: yes, so if I'm on IRC that time, I could direct and answer peopel for the important documentation work.08:55
sivangtimoph: I'm thinking of getting a teleporter to attend the hack day08:55
faenilgood morning guys! :)08:56
sivangfaenil !08:56
tadzikhello faenil08:56
* sivang high gives08:56
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faenilbeen away last 2-3 days (and will be away today too)...08:56
faenilwhat happened in the meanwhile08:56
* sivang wants to make an NRJ Finland app for Nemo, as the superb one for Android08:56
faeniloh :)08:57
* timoph is writing a radiorock app for himself :)08:57
tadzikphones these days ;)08:57
sivangI'd really like to figure deep how HTC's android (with sense 3.0) on the desire HD does multitasking so damn good, and the how the app turned to be so well UX'd08:57
timophworks already but still needs some work08:58
timophso not putting that out yet08:58
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alteregospecial: yes, gonna be pushing it in the next few hours.09:00
w00tyou know, when your desk gets to the state where you basically need to go on an expedition to find the USB key you're after, you've got problems.09:05
specialalterego: k09:06
alteregow00t: FAILED LOADING COMPONENT: ContactEditorSheet.qml - qrc:/qml/ContactEditorSheet.qml:13 Cannot assign to non-existent property "acceptButtonEnabled"09:06
w00tupgrade qt-components09:07
alteregow00t: Can't add new contact :/09:07
ars_w00t: ha, talking bout a state when you use your laptop as abulldozer to fit it on the desk :)09:07
w00tars_: laptop is ok, as it doesn't move off the desk often09:08
alteregow00t: says I've got the latest version ..09:08
w00tbut the mountains of papers/CDs/misc is another matter09:08
specialw00t: CDs? USB keys? Papers? you're in the wrong decade.09:08
w00talterego: and that version is what?09:08
w00tName        : qt-components09:09
w00tVersion     : 1.4.009:09
w00ttoo old09:09
alteregoSo why isn't this new version in my repos?09:10
w00tI don't know09:10
Xruxaw00t:  is anyone actually still developing those qtcomponents?09:10
w00tSage: wasn't this one of the packages that had screwed up status?09:10
w00tXruxa: we are09:10
Xruxaw00t: upstream?09:10
w00tno, since nobody cares enough about upstream to do anything about them (I've tried, repeatedly)09:11
Xruxaw00t: interesting ... so if theme needs changes "we can do it"(TM)09:11
w00tSage: CE:MW:Shared version is old, halp, etc09:13
w00tXruxa: if need be09:13
w00tSage: request was
w00tSage: is still out of date too09:16
anYcIf I want to program a little GUI application (nothing fancy), is it better to use C/C++ or is Python also viable? (e.g. regarding startup time)09:17
timophtry qml09:17
anYchm, I thought qml is just for the GUI part only?09:18
Sagew00t: cleaning09:19
Sagelets see how this goes :)09:19
alteregoSage: your kernel update appears to have broken ofono ..09:19
anYctimoph: okay, I will take a closer look to it, thanks09:19
timophanYc: depends on what you're doing. you can have javascript in qml and bindings to c++09:20
timophor python09:20
Sagealterego: really?09:20
Sagealterego: I have ofono running fine on my device with the kernel update09:20
* alterego tries power cycle09:20
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anYctimoph: okay, thank you. I always wondered why people use QML/JS in an embedded device, is it really as good (in startup time and performance) as "native" (compiled) applications?09:21
StskeepsanYc: it just makes ui app development so much easier09:22
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*** veskuh_ is now known as veskuh09:22
w00tand performance (especially with QML2) is great09:22
anYcah, okay. :) thank you09:23
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timophI tend to write logic in c++ and slap a thin qml layer on top of it09:24
sivangw00t: I was sitting in the KDAB training in Tallinn , building qtquick2 and jaw dropping at the performance09:24
* sivang likes09:24
sivangokay ant, build away09:25
w00tsivang: <- that's in a VM, using software rendering (llvmpipe)09:26
sivangw00t: nice, this is Mer inside the VM?09:27
anYctimoph: ah okay. For my daily work I program in C. For "non-performance" stuff I usually use Python, as it simplifies stuff even more.09:28
w00tsivang: what gave it away? :)09:28
anYcSo I thought I will try it with Python first09:28
sivangw00t: lol09:28
sivangw00t: qml used for the window manager?09:28
w00tsivang: yes09:28
sivangw00t: what are the qml intensive stuff here that sine QML's performanc even at software rendering?09:29
w00tsivang: hmm?09:29
sivangw00t: sorry, I got confused- the clients are doing qml intensive stuff, right09:30
w00tit's a rotation and scale on a fairly large image09:31
sivangw00t: yep, it just hit me09:31
sivangw00t: for a sec I thought the clients are gl stuff not using Qml's strength09:33
sivangw00t: e.g. without the QML abstraction09:33
sivang(should have I said i.e. instead? ;)09:33
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sivangdarn, I have to close IRC.09:35
sivangsee you all later09:35
*** sivang has quit IRC09:35
anYctimoph: small typo in your slides "project's architech Carsten" ?09:35
tadzikarchitech, like archmage09:36
anYcokay, never heard before :)09:36
tadzikyeah, tyop probably09:36
w00tKypeli_: pull qt-components git09:38
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Sagew00t: those two SR's disappeared now from your list right?09:44
w00tSage: let me see09:45
w00tSage: yes09:45
w00tand both in CE:MW:Shared look correct09:45
w00talterego: zypper ref/up09:45
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6524 Rejected promotion request09:46
alteregow00t: thanks :)09:49
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Sagealterego: you should really remove the packages from your CE:Apps repo that are already pushed forward09:52
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6670 waiting for review at
Kypeli_w00t: Excellent! Ty!09:59
Kypeli_w00t: Although, then next issue which also seems to be related to MTF dependency. g++ -c -pipe -O2 -D_REENTRANT -Wall -W -fPIC -DUSE_DEPRECATED_SCREEN_WIDTH_HEIGHT -DTHEME_DIR=\""/usr/share/themes"\" -DHAVE_MLITE -DHAVE_THEMEDAEMON_PROTOCOL_V1 -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_PLUGIN -DQT_DECLARATIVE_LIB -DQT_DBUS_LIB -DQT_OPENGL_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_CORE_LIB -DQ_COMPONENTS_MEEGO -DHAVE_MOBILITY -DQT_SHARED -I/home/kypeli/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/4.8.1/gcc/mkspecs/09:59
Kypeli_In file included from mdeclarativeimageprovider.cpp:43:0:09:59
Kypeli_./themedaemon/mlocalthemedaemonclient.h:51:24: fatal error: mgconfitem.h: No such file or directory10:00
Kypeli_w00t: ANy guesses?10:00
Stskeepsi don't think we've tried qml components with mlite at least?10:00
Stskeepsi might be wrong10:00
Stskeepswould be good to make it work though10:00
w00tmlite introduction is recent10:00
w00tbefore, it never picked up what theme it should actually use10:00
w00thowever, that should be guarded ok: #ifdef HAVE_MLITE #include <mgconfitem.h> #endif10:01
Kypeli_w00t: Ok, thanks.10:01
w00tI mean, that's already there10:01
w00tsrc/meego/ sets HAVE_MLITE correctly10:01
Kypeli_Oh right.10:02
w00tso I don't know why that would be exploding for you10:02
Kypeli_Well, then it is correct; I have MLite installed.10:02
Kypeli_Ah fixed it.10:03
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w00twhat's in /usr/include/mlite/?10:03
Kypeli_Needed a second qmake to pick the installed MLite.10:03
w00tah, curious10:04
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6670 Accepted promotion request10:10
sledgesgood late morning!10:12
tadzikthe best of good mornings :)10:17
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sledgestrue :))10:28
*** n9mx has quit IRC10:29
w00tSage: when you updated glib recently, did dconf get pulled in as a requirement?10:29
Sagew00t: no10:31
w00ti'd have expected it to, for gsettings10:31
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile10:31
Sagegsettings I think got in, but I disabled it for telepathy for now at least as it didn't work properly10:31
Sagethe schemas or something for gsettings are missing from us thus it failed iirc10:32
Kypeli_w00t: Coming back to the previous compilation issue; running qmake did finnish the compilation but it didn't work (I shouldn't have done that).10:33
Kypeli_w00t: I can see that /usr/include/mlite does contain the correct headers.10:34
w00tI don't understand10:34
Kypeli_w00t: But when I compile qt-components, it doesn't include the mlite/ as an include path10:34
w00tpkg-config --cflags mlite10:34
Kypeli_If I "fix" the source by changing include to #include <mlite/mgconfitem.h" it works.10:34
Kypeli_That could explain it.10:35
w00tthat does indeed seem suspicious10:37
w00tyou could just uninstall mlite10:37
w00tit will work fine without it10:37
Kypeli_That sounds like a tempting option10:37
tanukSage: There's no active upstream anymore for pulseaudio-modules-n900 (aka. pulseaudio-modules-meego). Do you think it would be a good idea for Nemo to become the new upstream, and create a repository in
Stskeepssounds like a plan10:42
tanukStskeeps: I guess you can't add me to the "Nemo Mobile" organization in GitHub, since you don't seem to be a member yourself?10:44
Kypeli_w00t: Everything is better without MTF. It works now..10:46
Sagetanuk: sounds good, however we should probably call it something else10:47
*** faenil has quit IRC10:47
tanukSage: pulseaudio-modules-nemo?10:51
tanukIt's a pretty random collection of modules, so it's hard to come up with a descriptive name...10:52
* rozhkov wonders why "automated review" takes so long10:55
Xruxa_tanuk: are those device/HW specific modules?10:57
tanukXruxa_: The cmtspeech module is specific to certain cellular modems, but otherwise it's not hw specific.10:59
Sagetanuk: not sure :)11:06
SageI've just always felt that the name wasn't really in place for that package :)11:07
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kallelatanuk: how about, pulseaudio-modules-mobile? or does it imply possibly false assumptions? most of the modules are anyway related to cellular calls, but yeah, some misc stuff too..11:19
tanukkallela: That sounds like a viable alternative too.11:26
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w00tSage: so how did you disable gsettings? pathced out of glib, or out of telepathy?11:40
Sagew00t: glib didn't touch, but just disabled from telepathy-mission-control with --disable-conn-setting11:42
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alteregow00t: meeting :PP12:04
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*** smyows has joined #nemomobile12:07
Kypeli_w00t:  -- let me know if there's stupidities that you find :)12:09
tadzikoh, awesome12:10
tadzikqmlcontacts was exactly what I was unable to build yesterday12:10
Kypeli_Thanks :)12:10
anYc"I will only go thought installing the QmlContacts" -> "go through"?12:12
Kypeli_Thanks :)12:13
Kypeli_(Yes, expect spelling errors and bad english... :-/)12:13
anYcinterested in more? :)12:14
Kypeli_Bring 'em on!12:14
anYc"So let get started" -> let's12:14
Kypeli_Er.. :) I should probably proof read that one more time ;)12:14
ars_Kypeli_: niiiice, I did feel exactly that "a bit lost where to start and..."12:14
Kypeli_ars_: I know that feeling :)12:14
anYcI'm no native speaker, so I might be wrong also12:15
anYc<- too12:15
ars_Kypeli_: Browsing wiki pages back and forth drowning on the info12:15
Kypeli_I hope I can update the Wiki too with some of this info.12:15
Kypeli_Still unsure if this is the "best" way to get started - but it's a start :)12:15
anYcI wonder if it's easier to start with python, as one can directly develop on the device12:17
anYc*bookmark* thanks12:20
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kontioKypeli_, in 'As described on the Nemo wiki page and also in Vesku's blog post,' the link "Vesku's blog post" points to: I guess that's wrong?12:26
kontioas the first link the this part...12:26
ArtoHKypeli_: replace your homedir with $HOME in Qt path setup12:27
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile12:28
Kypeli_kontio: Uups, yes. Thanks.12:28
Kypeli_ArtoH: Good point.12:28
Kypeli_kontio, ArtoH: Fixed. Thanks.12:29
kontiou'r welcome12:30
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anYchm, I just booted nemo the first time and I only see "Enter PIN code" with buttons from 1 to 3 :/14:42
*** fudi has joined #nemomobile14:43
anYcah, one of the buttons made it disappear, I see the desktop now14:44
*** Sazpaimon_ has quit IRC14:53
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6676 Rejected promotion request14:55
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC14:56
*** Ionakka has quit IRC15:00
*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #nemomobile15:02
anYchm, in the settings, I can activate WLAN and I see some ssids but nothing happens when i click on them. is there a special menu for wlan settings?15:04
*** fudi has quit IRC15:07
rozhkovanYc: the settings page should open when you tap a ssid. if it doesn't then it might be a bug in connman, try to reboot15:08
anYchm, or does it only work with unencrypted ssids?15:08
rozhkovshould work with any15:09
anYchm okay. i reboot, thank you15:09
anYcthe first improvement i noticed with nemo are the smooth scroll animations 8)15:10
anYc(compared to maemo)15:10
anYchm, okay, it looks like only "wpa entreprise"/802.1x are not working15:13
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6675 Rejected promotion request15:14
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6677 waiting for review at
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC15:16
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #nemomobile15:16
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6674 Rejected promotion request15:16
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6672 Rejected promotion request15:16
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alteregoSage: any luck with the packaging?15:26
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile15:32
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Sagealterego: not really need to ask from the zypper mailing list about that16:00
Sageasked in the obs irc chan already but no help from there16:00
alteregoSage: next question, how far did you get getting sip to work?16:02
alteregorequest online seems to do nothing :/16:03
Sagealterego: account registered and showing online status16:03
alteregoHrm, mine doesn't seem to want to show online status.16:03
alteregoI found this:
alteregoBut when I set it to online, it doesn't seem to do anything16:05
Sageyour account details are ok?16:06
Sageverify the sip account with your desktop pc16:06
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile16:10
*** mruk has joined #nemomobile16:10
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile16:13
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*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile16:28
*** anYc_mobile has quit IRC16:28
Venemowhat components are required to make the meego graphics system work?16:29
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile16:31
alteregoVenemo: afair: QApplication::setGraphicsSystem("meego");16:34
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile16:45
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:46
Venemoalterego, shouldn't it be the default?16:47
Stskeepsit is on n950//n916:48
Stskeepswell at least the way it should be16:48
Venemothere's this guy who runs a Nemo-based UX on his WeTab, and the meego graphics system doesn't seem to be working there16:48
VenemoI tried to launch the app with --graphicssystem meego16:48
Venemobut that didn't seem to make any difference either16:48
yuntaStskeeps: can I get access to pub.meego obs ?16:49
Stskeepsyunta: get a and give lbt a cookie with your username16:50
lbt2 cookies on a wednesday16:50
lbt(unless it's a peanut butter cookie of course)16:51
yuntalbt: username is "yunta"16:51
lbtdone ... have fun :)16:51
rozhkovVenemo: hi! you might want to look at
Venemorozhkov, I _do_ want to look at it :)16:52
Venemorozhkov, thanks :)16:52
rozhkovVenemo: you're welcome16:52
Venemorozhkov, awesome stuff. can you tell me how it works? in a nutshell16:53
*** qwazix has quit IRC16:53
rozhkovVenemo: i put a small readme in the repo16:53
rozhkovVenemo: basically it's just a dbus service and a widget listening to signals from the service16:54
Venemoso, all I need to do is import the QML plugin and I can get started with writing my UI for it, right?16:55
rozhkovVenemo: yep16:55
rozhkovhere are the binaries
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile16:55
ZogG_laptop~seen sivang16:56
Venemorozhkov, okay, I'll probably have some free time for this in the weekend :)16:56
ZogG_laptop#seen sivang16:56
the-boss`ZogG_laptop: Error: "seen" is not a valid command.16:56
VenemoZogG_laptop, no infobot on this channel16:56
ZogG_laptopVenemo, excited about Lumia shit phone? +)16:56
ZogG_laptopVenemo, sup :P16:56
rozhkovVenemo: great! you need to install libmeegotouchevents, libeventfeed, eventfeed and eventfeed-qmlapi packages16:56
rozhkovpackaging sucks though16:57
rozhkovVenemo: and you may need to install fakefeeder to add fake event items16:58
*** simon has joined #nemomobile17:00
simonhi:) how can i disable the screenlocker in Nemo?17:01
Stskeepskill systemui17:01
Stskeepsor send a dbus message to mce i think17:01
Stskeepstklock something17:01
simonno process found17:02
simonwhen kill systemui17:02
simonthanks, now lets see how it behaves I installed new nemo desktop17:03
simonand after that after some time screen goes black17:03
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:04
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile17:12
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*** jreznik_ is now known as jreznik17:14
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile17:18
Sagealterego, Venemo: I don't think you should set graphicssystemd from the code17:20
*** mike7b4_home has joined #nemomobile17:21
Sagecat > /etc/profile.d/ << EOF17:21
Sageexport QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=runtime17:21
Sageexport QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM=opengl17:21
Sagealterego, Venemo: you can always do ^ to set the values from environment17:21
VenemoI see17:30
Venemohm, thank you Sage17:30
Venemobut what about the meego graphics system?17:30
*** simon has quit IRC17:33
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*** Sazpaimon_ has joined #nemomobile17:33
*** cristi has quit IRC17:33
Venemonah anyway, I gotta get going17:36
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:36
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile17:39
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*** fudi has joined #nemomobile18:27
fudiHello everyone!18:28
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle18:28
fudiCan anybody help me with Bugzilla bug 23318:29
MerbotBug normal, Low, ---, not-taken, NEW, cross-<arch>-gcc packages are missing mpc dependency18:29
fudiHow can I access the source code corresponding the bug?18:29
fudiI have got the code from this place
fudiNow i donot know what to do? Should I simulate it with MeeGo SDK? Or should I try it with Mer Platform, Scratch Box218:39
fudiI would really appreciate if somebody can help18:39
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:41
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tadzikKypeli_: re blogpost, s/-prefix/--prefix/ mayhaps?19:42
tadzikor maybe not :)19:47
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:06
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*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile20:09
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Sagespecial: for some reason my qmlmessages doesn't receive gtalk messages anymore and doesn't see the acccounts I created20:15
SageThe account is online I can see from my other device and I can send messages to it so telepathy seems to register online at least properly20:17
specialSage: ps ax | grep commhistory20:17
Sagenot running20:18
specialis mission-control-5?20:18
specialthis could be the bug I was chasing last night20:18
specialfrom a shell with the same DBUS session, run commhistoryd -log-console20:18
Sagewhat is the easiest way to get the dbus session to terminal that doesn't have it atm.?20:22
*** admiral0 has joined #nemomobile20:22
Sageplease don't answer eat ;)20:22
specialI have a script for it, moment20:22
Sagewhat is the target?20:26
Sageany ux process?20:26
specialyou can use 'copy-env mission-control-5 commhistoryd -log-console'20:26
specialor just run bash with it and go from there20:26
specialany UX process will work, yeah.20:26
specialI'm expecting commhistoryd to crash a few seconds after startup20:27
Sageno it doesn't crash :)20:27
specialtry sending messages?20:28
SageI can't send as qmlmessages doesn't see the telepathy account20:28
SageAccount list is empty eventhough I have account20:28
specialokay, good news is that commhistory isn't broken.20:29
specialwhat says that you have an account?20:29
SageCOMMHISTORYD:  [01:843] tp-qt 0.9.3 DEBUG:  Display Name: ""20:30
SageCOMMHISTORYD:  [01:843] tp-qt 0.9.3 DEBUG:  Valid: true20:30
SageCOMMHISTORYD:  [01:843] tp-qt 0.9.3 DEBUG:  Enabled: true20:30
Sagethe log of the commhistory as well ;)20:30
SageCOMMHISTORYD:  [01:843] tp-qt 0.9.3 DEBUG:  Connects Automatically: true20:30
specialmake sure you have a telepathy-gabble process, and kill qmlmessages to see if that changes it20:31
Sageno telepathy-gabble20:32
Sagemaybe I should reboot the device and see what happens20:33
SageI added the account after playing with the apps etc.20:33
specialno gabble means it's not actually connected20:33
SageI can see the account onlin with my other account :)20:33
* Sage reboots the device20:33
specialdid you use mc-tool from ssh at all?20:34
Sageyes added the account via ssh20:34
specialthat could be related20:34
specialyou can sometimes end up launching mission control in a separate dbus session that way20:35
Sagebut as nemo user though20:35
Sageok, after reboot qmlmessages sees the account20:36
specialadding and removing accounts seems ok to me20:39
specialwhen done in the same dbus session, at least :)20:39
Sageyou are adding the accounts with accounts-ui?20:40
specialthat was with mc-tool manually20:40
special(but under the copy-env script)20:41
speciala new account from accounts-ui also shows up immediately20:42
Sagewell, if you remove account from accounts-ui and create new one with qmlmessages running in the background it shows two accounts20:42
Sagebut if you restart qmlmessages it shows only the newly added20:42
Sageok, but online doesn't seem to work anymore20:43
specialit isn't removing accounts properly while the UI is open, that one is a bug20:44
specialyour jabber account is still not online and working?20:45
Sageit is not online or working :/20:46
*** smyows has quit IRC20:46
Sage   Automatic: available (2) ""20:46
Sage     Current: offline (1) ""20:46
Sage   Requested: online (2) ""20:46
Sage    Changing: yes20:46
specialwell, if it won't launch telepathy-gabble, it's not even really trying to connect20:47
specialI think that could happen if connman is misbehaving, not sure other than that20:47
Sagewell our telepathy doesn't check anything from connman atm. disabled that check20:48
Sageor that feature20:48
specialyou could kill mission-control-5 and run.. I think it's: MC_DEBUG=1 MC_TP_DEBUG=all G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all /usr/libexec/mission-control-520:49
specialmake sure to do that under the environment script20:49
specialit would be nice if it left useful logs somewhere :|20:50
*** Xruxa_ has quit IRC20:53
Sage(process:771): mcd-DEBUG: mcd_account_would_like_to_connect: gabble/jabber/sage_2emobile_2edevice_40gmail_2ecom0 does not ConnectAutomatically, and its RequestedPresence (1, 'offline', '') doesn't indicate the user wants to be online20:53
specialmc-tool auto-connect gabble/jabber/sage_2e... on20:54
special(leave mission control running, ideally)20:54
*** deztructor has joined #nemomobile20:59
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6679 Rejected promotion request21:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:14
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile21:47
Siceloqucik question -- where do i find kernel sources/headers? i've been looking for a while already :-/21:47
Sicelohmm, no way for me to get it 'directly', without using OBS? eg, url21:53
Stskeepssrc rpm, but obs is really best way21:54
Sicelook. thanks. well, i don't even know wtf OBS is, lol. i would like to see if i can successfully build that radio module. if successful, it would be my first contribution here.21:55
Stskeepsyou really need a obs account to do that sanely, but ok21:56
Siceloyeah, i can see from the wiki. that's one more thing to learn :)21:57
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:00
yuntaSicelo: ;)22:06
yuntaSicelo: but you want to cross compile..... so go for obs :D and... it's a *big* thing to learn22:07
Sicelothanks. i had in mind compiling on N900, even if it takes hours :P22:09
Stskeepsdon't be that stupid :P22:09
yuntawell, it could be really the most convenient way :)22:10
Sicelowhy Stskeeps, besides the time? ;)22:11
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:13
*** himamura has quit IRC22:14
Sicelounless one of you has the time to build the radio-bcm2048 module for me and other interested people :P22:23
Sicelothat said, i need to learn, heh22:23
*** wicket64 has quit IRC22:44
*** arcean has quit IRC22:48
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