Thursday, 2012-09-06

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specialiekku: we forgot to do a second triage yesterday04:13
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iekkuspecial, true05:57
iekkuspecial, i have forgot lots of things05:58
specialthat means you're busy enough.06:00
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iekkuor too busy :D06:03
iekkuspecial, if i ever forgot something, don't hesitate to say06:04
specialI had forgotten about it too :p06:04
tukemAnybody have suggestions on why dns query from n900 over usb connection wouldn't work?06:16
tukemping using ip works though06:16
specialtukem: /etc/resolv.conf has, and that isn't set up when using usb (which should probably be filed as a mer bug)06:17
tukemI followed usb networking guide from wiki and set that one already06:17
specialset it to what?06:17
tukemto same value I have on my laptop, ie to ip of my wireless router that forwards the query somewhere06:19
specialdoes ping work on external IPs too?06:19
tukemI did try google dns also with no luck06:19
tukemyes that works06:19
tukemyesterday I did zypper ref; zypper up by setting correct hostnames to /etc/hosts06:21
specialnetwork through USB works for me if I manually set resolv.conf and add the route06:21
tukemI have had it working earlier also but now something's changed and I can't figure out what06:23
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tukemwireshark capture on eth0 shows dns query from n900 is never even sent06:25
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kontiotukem, some iptables set in the mean time?06:29
tukemI had no iptables set previously so I only have the forwarding rules shown in the usb guide06:31
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Venemorozhkov, ping06:54
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Stskeepsmorn qwazix07:01
StskeepsSage: when you have a moment, do test images for snapshot of nemo?07:02
Venemoguys! we really-really need to solve the issue with Tracker and firstboot07:02
qwazixStskeeps, good morning07:02
Venemohey qwazix07:03
qwazixVenemo, what's up?07:03
Venemoqwazix, I'm sitting at SmartDevCon, next to Stskeeps07:04
Venemohaven't had much time to work on Nemo lately, but I'll fix that in the weekend :)07:04
qwazixVenemo, Stskeeps, i'm jealous.07:05
Stskeepsthe bacon's quite good07:05
qwazixMe too, first week @ work, last week of mccXII, too much to do07:05
Venemoqwazix, but I've been keeping up with the Nemo UI blog - you have lots of nice stuff there07:07
Venemoqwazix, we now also have an event feed API07:07
qwazixthanks, I'm trying now to get google to index it...07:07
Venemoit'll index it, eventually. if it helps, I can put a link on my own blog to it07:08
Venemobut not sure whether google has indexed that07:08
qwazixNo, it's an error 500 on robots txt that prevents it from indexing07:09
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qwazixthat was a bad .htaccess, don't know how it got there. Should be solved now07:11
qwazixHowever a link on your blog is always welcome07:12
Kypeli_I am trying to set up Nemo lipstick on my Ubuntu. It requires MLIte, which I have installed. But when I compile lipstick I get this error:
Kypeli_I do have libqt4-dbus installed, but it does not provide a pkg-config file.07:12
Kypeli_So I was wondering what kind of versions I should use?07:12
StskeepsKypeli_: got a -dev package too?07:13
VenemoKypeli_, you can compile mlite for ubuntu.07:13
Kypeli_Good question07:13
qwazixbe back in a while07:13
VenemoKypeli_, also, you will need the -dev packages for QtDBus07:13
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Kypeli_Stskeeps: I use Qt 4.8.1 from QtSDK. I guess I am still ok even though I install the Ubuntu's libqt4-dev package?07:14
Stskeepshmm, i don't know07:15
Kypeli_Let's see :)07:15
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Stskeepswe should really find a way to do things with mer platform sdk etc though07:15
VenemoKypeli_, yes you are07:15
Kypeli_OTOH Ubuntu provides Qt 4.8.1 so not sure why I use QtSDK's version...07:15
VenemoKypeli_, you can have multiple Qt versions on the same machine.07:16
Kypeli_Yeah... if I need to, not just sure I need :)07:16
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VenemoI preferred not to install desktop Qt in the Qt SDK - I'm just using what comes with Fedora07:17
Kypeli_That sounds better indeed07:17
Venemoall I needed was 'yum -y install qt-devel'07:21
Venemofor ubuntu it should be like 'apt-get install libqt4-dev' or similar07:21
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SageStskeeps: doing the images08:01
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rozhkovSage: SR#6673 seems stuck08:26
Venemowould it be possible to make the Nemo splash screen consistent?08:28
Stskeepsdefine consistent08:28
Venemoeg. on startup, show the splash screen, and keep showing it until the homescreen start08:28
Stskeepsblack magic08:28
Stskeepsprobably with user sessions08:28
Venemoit should be:08:28
Venemobootup -> splach screen ->homescreen08:28
Venemoit is:08:29
Venemogarbage in gfx memory -> black screen -> splash screen -> garbage in graphics memory -> black screen -> home screen08:29
Sagerozhkov: not stuck, just haven't cleared the queue yet ;)08:29
Venemowhy this is a problem: when seeing the 2nd black screen, I don't know whether it crashed or it just taking that long to launch08:29
Venemoalso, why are we displaying garbage from gfx memory?08:30
rozhkovSage: ah, i see :) i thought it needed to go under automated review first08:30
Venemothe other important thing is fixing that slowdown on first boot08:30
Venemoand then the shutdown screen08:30
Venemowhen these are done, we should speed up the startup08:31
Venemobut the most important are: 1) fix the slowdown (tweak tracker) 2) make spashscreen consistent08:31
Sagerozhkov: not in there :/08:31
Venemofixing the slowdown is the most important, because nowadays every new user (even seasoned devs!) are under the impression that Nemo is slow08:32
Venemoand that's plain wrong08:32
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XruxaVenemo: also, IMHO launching app now with the new Homescreen is visibly slower than launching it with the old meegotouchhome08:39
VenemoXruxa, I srsly doubt it08:41
Venemomaybe the animation is slow and that's why it _feels_ slower08:41
StskeepsVenemo: do you start the animation before or after actually launching the app?08:42
XruxaVenemo: certainly feels slower08:42
VenemoStskeeps, after.08:42
Xruxacould be some other part of the system though ...08:43
Stskeepshmm, maybe we need to debug a bit then08:43
VenemoXruxa, as I said, maybe the animation makes it feel slower, but it isn't actually slower08:43
Xruxagives 4 seconds for QmlComponentGallery (wristwatch measure) vs the 3 seconds before08:43
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Stskeepshmm, maybe the handling/desktop file execution08:44
Xruxathough as I said, could be some other part of the system08:44
VenemoXruxa, improvements are welcome08:45
SageVenemo: it feels slower to me as well.08:45
VenemoSage, Xruxa, it uses the same code.08:47
VenemoI mean, srsly.08:47
Xruxathough boosted WG starts just as fast as ever, so only QtComponent apps are slower ?08:48
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Venemothis stuff just instantiates a LauncherAction and triggers it08:48
specialunrelated: commandText.replace(QRegExp("%k"), filePath()); is that really using QRegExp for a static string replacement.08:48
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6690 Rejected promotion request08:48
SageVenemo: it might be something else that causes the slownes08:48
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6692 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6691 Rejected promotion request08:48
Stskeepsor the fact that libmtf simply isn't in memory..08:48
XruxaVenemo: I guess if boosted WG is still as fast, then the launching code is not the culprit08:48
Stskeepsor theme not calculated08:49
VenemoStskeeps, MTF is definitely in memory (remember MCompositor and sysui is running)08:50
Venemomaybe qt-components isn't in memory?08:50
StskeepsVenemo: yes, but is the mthemedaemon warm?08:50
VenemoStskeeps, no clue. don't even have a Nemo device with me right now08:50
Venemodo you?08:51
Stskeepsyess, but it doesn't boot atm08:51
Stskeepsi think i broke it with moslo08:51
Stskeepsi did.08:51
Venemobtw, this is very funny, because we are actually sitting next to each other.08:51
Venemo(just sayin to the others)08:51
Xruxathanks for keeping it on IRC too then ;)08:52
Venemowe're listening to a presenation (on a conference)08:52
Venemoso we couldn't talk loudly anyway08:52
tadzikhehe. Been there, done that :) What conference btw?08:52
Stskeepsin katowice08:53
tadzikha, that's close08:53
Stskeepsbe careful about taking trains here. the train driver last night said "nastepna stacjia: katowice"... stopped at a station a bit outside katowice08:53
Stskeepswhich wasn't katowice..08:53
SageVenemo: if there is something I could do with nemo image that would help debug let me know08:54
Stskeepsi got into the train quite quickly08:54
VenemoSage, I haven't got a clue.08:54
VenemoSage, I'll make the animation snappier :)08:54
Venemobut the code itself should run equally as fast08:55
SageVenemo: I'm mainly worried that making animation snappier will consume itself more cpu and delay the startup08:55
VenemoSage, it's hw-accelerated08:55
specialthe startup animation uses significant CPU.08:55
specialI've watched it in top08:56
faenilgood morning guys! :) I'm back08:56
Venemoso why the f*** do we have hw accel if it's not working?08:56
special35% for ~2 seconds08:56
Stskeepsdoesn't mean it takes 0% cpu to render things08:56
specialin that particular instance08:56
Stskeepseven with hw accel08:56
specialalso, rendering is not the only thing that needs to happen in an animation.08:56
Xruxahmmmm, QmlComponentGallery launches faster from command line than from Homescreet, but it looks like just 0.5 second faster, still over 3 seconds08:57
StskeepsVenemo: i think this was an issue in old mtf home too, the animation was actually taking 100% at startup08:57
tadzikStskeeps: oh, I used to be training to katowice and back quite a lot. Only once I went with a train which wasn't InterCity :)08:57
StskeepsVenemo: should we check out after this talk?08:57
Venemowe should!08:57
XruxaStill, over 3 seconds launch time from command line is too much IMHO, animation not considered08:58
StskeepsXruxa: agreed.. grab strace?08:58
Venemoirc-chatter launches equally as slow on harmattan08:58
Venemothe difference is that there's a spash screen there08:58
VenemoStskeeps, special, so, 35% is better than 100%08:59
StskeepsVenemo: make some statistics of how many frames get made?08:59
Venemobut I agree on that this needs some debugging08:59
VenemoStskeeps, we could try starting it with QML_SHOW_FRAMERATE09:01
StskeepsVenemo: or swaplogger09:01
VenemoStskeeps, or both? :P09:01
Xruxais device shutdown really really slow now only for me?09:02
VenemoXruxa, it actually doesn't shut down for me at all09:02
tukembtw what is the plan with MTF replacement. Some packages have comments about using mlite instead09:02
Venemotukem, for UI, the replacement is QML (qt-components for example)09:03
Venemotukem, for other stuff, mlite09:03
Venemoatm I can't recall where libcontentaction's source is - I'm not sure what it's actually doing, but someone could take a look at that too09:05
* Xruxa trying poweroff from ssh shell in desperation09:05
tukemwhat about common settings like Locale. I see settings-ui saves it to gconf09:05
Venemonot sure what the "official" policy is09:06
Venemobut I personally prefer QSettings09:06
Xruxanot sure QSettings are cross-toolkit09:07
Venemothey may not be09:09
Xruxawhat package could contain strace?09:09
tukemReading Qt doc I guess it saves to .INI files09:09
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Xruxashould locale and such be actually Mer's domain, not Nemo's? Bit of borderline for me ... IIRC D-Bus needs the locale too, etc.09:10
Venemoit does, but I'm not entirely sure qsettings is good enough09:10
StskeepsXruxa: l10n/ui are kinda on nemo side09:11
Venemowe might want to consider some other stuff09:11
XruxaStskeeps: just blast from the past where D-Bus folks told us off saying they need to restart D-Bus for the new locale when we change it09:11
StskeepsXruxa: heh :)09:12
Xruxawondering what the use case was09:12
tukemI also noticed that there is not yet clear way to set themes in QML, or what09:13
Xruxatukem: IIRC there is no way09:14
Venemotukem, qt-components uses the meegotouch theme afaik09:14
Xruxalast time I chacked (year ago) the path was kinda hardcoded09:14
w00ttukem: in the short term, most settings belong in gconf, in the longer term, there should be some evaluation of gsettings09:14
Venemow00t, dconf?09:14
w00tgsettings uses dconf as a backend09:14
VenemoI know09:15
VenemoI hear dconf is quite good09:15
Sagealterego: apparently you found a bug from zypper with your voicecall packaging ;)09:15
w00tI'd like to know what gsettings offers above dconf, but yes, that's teh idea09:15
Venemow00t, but I'm not very keen on adding another GWhatever to Nemo09:15
Venemow00t, what do you think about the launch time issue?09:15
w00tVenemo: good technology is the key, not where it comes from09:15
w00tI do think that animations are probably related09:16
specialas long as we have a good Qt(/QML?) api for it09:16
w00tbut that's a gut instinct09:16
w00tI haven't done any timings on it09:16
faenilspecial, +109:16
w00tspecial: kinda goes without saying ;)09:16
Xruxawhich package has strace?09:17
w00tXruxa: 'strace'09:17
Venemoso, we could just make our own API on top of dconf, without going through gsettings09:17
Venemowhich would still remain compatible with gsettings09:17
w00tVenemo: maybe, but like I say, I want to know what gsettings offers above dconf first09:17
Xruxaw00t: zypper does now find :(09:17
w00tXruxa: you need Mer:Tools repo09:17
w00tor Mer:Tools:Testing? I forget which09:17
alteregoSage: \o/09:21
tukemSince there is no clear way for theming in QML we would need some guidelines for UI creation09:24
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Xruxatukem: like "use QtCompoents" :)09:24
w00tpretty much :)09:25
XruxaBTW, is it just me or is the Q To Do app making its own view menu instead of using the one in component?09:25
tukemOk, good if it has some sane default for e.g button size09:25
Xruxatukem: it has09:25
w00tXruxa: there's certainly something a bit funky going on there09:27
Xruxabut you are right, we should have basic guideline on sizes and margins, for times when one wants to make own UI components in QML09:27
w00tUiConstants.DefaultMargin :-)09:28
Xruxaand then again, you look at QtComponents, and then have like at least 3 different sizes for a button (normal, dialog, sheet)09:29
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* Xruxa wondering - do we still need mdecorator now that we have swipe gestures?09:34
StskeepsXruxa: probably not.. alterego was looking at replacing it with a qml decorator at some point i think09:35
Stskeepswhich might be useful09:35
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile09:35
Xruxawhat would be the use case? We do not need to force home/close buttons on 3rd party apps. Not even on dead apps, no?09:37
Stskeepsi think only part may be the fullscreening and perhaps x window attributes or something..09:37
Stskeepsbut you're right09:37
Venemohey again09:39
Venemowhat did I miss?09:39
VenemoXruxa, noone is speaking about home and close buttons09:40
VenemoXruxa, the decorator decorates windows with a status bar and a toolbar09:40
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XruxaVenemo: IC. Is that necessary for 3rd party apps?09:41
VenemoXruxa, this only happens for legacy apps09:41
XruxaJust thinking we could as well not have it and save time09:41
Venemoyeah, that could be possible09:41
VenemoXruxa, have a look at
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Venemow00t, one idea: let's write the launch animation as a shader09:46
w00tI'd be interested to see how it looks if you don't force native graphicssystem09:47
Venemow00t, it uses a QGLWidget viewport so graphics system shouldn't matter09:49
Venemobut anyway09:49
Venemoif you're sayin that it works with the meego graphics system, I'll just refactor that part09:49
w00tQGLWidget viewport is not as efficient as not setting graphicssystem (and thus ending up with meego graphicssystem), as you end up with two native windows (one for the viewport, one for the view)09:50
w00tthere may be other issues about acceleration too09:50
specialQGLWidget also uses a slightly different method to redraw windows compared to a gl graphicssystem09:51
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile09:52
Venemow00t, okay09:53
Venemow00t, I don't have a Nemo device with me so can't test. but if you're saying the right way of doing it is to remove the gl widget, then I say OK09:53
faenilspecial, I finally can continue working on the gallery, any update on your side?09:54
w00tI don't know for sure, but I really think so09:54
Venemow00t, ok, let's change it for the next release09:55
Venemow00t, then we'll see user feedback09:55
w00tI'll test a bit tonight09:56
VenemoI'm reading about dconf now10:00
specialfaenil: I've been working on other things. I have a few little tweaks I'm waiting to merge, and the qt-mobility patch.10:02
faenilspecial, good :) can you please let me know more about the tweaks? (maybe in pm) so that I know what's comign in :)10:03
specialnothing of any interest10:04
specialthat I recall, anyway10:04
faenilspecial, ok ;)10:04
M4rtinKwow, the i586 builders are really brutally fast compared to any arm ones :D10:05
specialresource framework, text, not sure what else10:05
Venemow00t, seems that gsettings is a little but higher level and has swappable backends. dconf is just one of those backends.10:06
StskeepsM4rtinK: compared to harmattan or mer armel10:06
Venemow00t, also, Mer already contains glib, so we could just use the gsettings api10:07
*** phdeswer has quit IRC10:07
M4rtinKBTW, I'm trying to get PySide working on Nemo (and PyGTK, for the fun of it :) )10:09
Stskeepspygtk.. not so much ;p10:09
M4rtinKI'm probably already done with PySide - the packages from Elleos repository compiled just fine10:09
M4rtinKnow I need to test it :)10:09
Venemow00t, perhaps we could create a qt wrapper for dconf directly to avoid going through gsettings, or we could also just implement a Qt wrapper on top of gsettings and take advantage of the pluggable architecture of gsettings10:09
M4rtinKyeah, its just that there are some old RMP that might just compile :)10:10
Venemowhat's an RMP?10:11
M4rtinKsorry, RPM :)10:11
Venemoah, ok10:11
w00tVenemo: ok, thanks for the info, guess we'll see10:11
w00tI plan to do some benchmarking before making any clear decision there too :)10:11
lpottersysinfo in mobility has a lite wrapper for gconf10:12
Venemow00t, this:
Venemosays: Reading settings with GSettings is typically extremely fast: on approximately the same order of magnitude (but slower than) a GHashTable lookup.10:12
Venemolpotter, gconf != gsettings10:12
faenilgconf is the older alternative to dconf10:13
w00tlpotter: gconf got supersceded by gsettings, much faster, etc10:13
Stskeepsand how does dconf fit into gettings?10:13
w00tdconf is a backend for gsettings10:13
VenemoStskeeps, it's one possible backend of choice10:13
faenilgsettins has it as backend10:13
w00tgsettings may have other backends10:13
lpotterharmattan uses gconf10:15
Venemow00t, another interesting reading:
Venemolpotter, yeah10:15
w00tyes, seen that10:15
Venemolpotter, seems they didn't have time (or they didn't care) about throwing out those obsolete dependencies10:15
w00tthat's why I like it :)10:15
lpotterwhatever works...10:16
StskeepsVenemo: dconf wasn't really too developed at the time10:16
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile10:16
Stskeepsi recall it being a topic of discussion in meego.com10:16
Venemodconf was in F15 already, it was already stable when harmattan appeared10:17
w00tplus, at some point, you need to ship a product - and if you keep chasing every piece of obsoletion you can, you'll keep destabilising, and you won't ship10:18
Stskeepsas you might have known, harmattan was a bit, erm..10:18
Stskeepsso there was really no other choice for them10:18
* lpotter thinks the word obsolete is overused10:18
Venemothere aren't that many things in Mer core that depend on gconf, but IIRC there are lots of pieces in the MTF stack that depend on it10:19
Stskeepsyeah, in MTF for sure..10:19
Venemobut it seems that even the Gnome folks are not done with the migration yet.10:21
*** kallela has quit IRC10:24
*** jukkaeklund has joined #nemomobile10:33
Venemohey jukkaeklund :)10:34
faenilanyone who's attending the hackday on saturday here?10:35
jukkaeklundfaenil, replied on #mer10:35
jukkaeklundhi Venemo!10:35
faeniljukkaeklund, ;)10:36
yuntafaenil: me10:36
faenilyunta, :)10:36
Venemojukkaeklund, what's up with you nowadays?10:38
jukkaeklundsame old same old10:38
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6702 waiting for review at
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alteregospecial: have you seen this:
specialalterego: no, I had not10:51
specialnot very applicable, though10:52
specialdue to commhistory mostly10:53
Sagerozhkov, w00t: about the events feed isn't that something that should be actually in MW project as also apps build against it?10:54
Venemoalterego, wat's dat?10:55
*** deztructor has quit IRC10:55
VenemoSage, MW=?10:56
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile10:56
Venemoyeah it sounds like it10:56
*** npm_ has quit IRC10:59
*** Venemo has quit IRC10:59
rozhkovSage: yes, makes sense. but also it links to libthumbnailer which is in CE:UX:MTF11:00
*** npm_ has joined #nemomobile11:00
alteregospecial: so you're not using telepathy directly to send messages?11:03
specialalterego: to send, yes11:05
specialI did make a deliberate choice to not use the 'telepathyqml' thing.11:05
*** faenil has quit IRC11:06
Sagerozhkov: well, I can move that to MW as well if we use it11:07
rozhkovSage: makes sense as well :) though most probably the next version of eventfeed won't use libthumbnail11:09
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w00tso perhaps let's postpone moving it?11:23
Sageah, ok postponing the move then11:26
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6704 waiting for review at
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6704 Accepted promotion request11:33
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile11:43
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*** N950 is now known as tadzik11:56
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile11:56
*** matrixx_ is now known as matrixx12:02
faenilhey matrixx :) long time no talk, how's life12:03
matrixxI've been rather busy decorating my new house :)12:03
matrixxdoing very little coding stuff except at work12:03
matrixxfaenil: how's yours?12:04
faenilmatrixx, fine ;) flying to Tampere tomorrow, for Jolla's hackday :D I'm excited :)12:04
matrixxfaenil: cool, if I'm not in a flu anymore by saturday, we'll see you there :)12:04
matrixxbut today off from work, my throat is extremely sore :(12:05
faenilouch :/12:05
faenilhope you get better soon!12:05
matrixxlet's see :)12:05
iekkumatrixx, o//12:05
* anYc recommends water with salt12:05
* iekku recommends blackcurrantjuice with honey12:06
matrixxanYc: that's a new one :)12:06
anYcbut not to drink, gargling12:07
anYcalways helped me so far :)12:07
matrixxsounds extreme, but worth to try if nothing else helps12:07
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile12:08
matrixxthough blackcurrantjuice with honey sounds really good :)12:08
anYcafterwards, to get rid of the the salty taste ;)12:10
anYcAs I'm planning to start learning QML with Python, is it possible to start such an app on Maemo and Nemo or are the QT/PyQt/PySide versions to different?12:12
*** niqt has quit IRC12:20
M4rtinKanYc: I've just finished building Elleos PySide (Python Qt & QML bindings) in my repository a few minutes ago :)12:21
M4rtinKsee:   for packages :)12:21
M4rtinKhevent tested them yet, though :)12:21
ElleoM4rtinK: they work for me ;) the tizmee app in my repository makes use of them successfully12:23
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile12:23
anYcM4rtinK: thx, but currently I'm already challenged by getting a HelloWorld to work, I will try building stuff later :)12:28
M4rtinKElleo: good to hear that! :) btw, tizmee is a PySide application ?12:28
Venemonemo sucks on an x86 tablet12:29
VenemoI've just tried it12:29
Venemothere is just no better way of saying it12:29
Venemonothing works12:29
StskeepsVenemo: VKB?12:29
ElleoM4rtinK: nah, its predominately C++ but the application launcher is in python12:29
Venemovkb, hw acceleration, swipe plugin12:29
StskeepsVenemo: hw acceleration not working doesn't sound right12:29
Stskeepsswipe works for me12:29
Venemothe meego graphics system doesn't work either12:29
StskeepsVKB is an error, agreed12:29
M4rtinKanYc, ok :) but you should be convered once you want to run your  Python & Qt apps on Nemo12:29
Venemoit doesn't sound right in my opinion either12:31
*** pvilja has left #nemomobile12:31
M4rtinKElleo: interesting ! I'll probably check out your packaging when I start packaging my stuff (modRana QML & Mieru)12:31
w00tStskeeps: meego graphicssystem isn't enabled on x86 by default, so everything feels a lot slower12:32
M4rtinKbtw, what needs to be done to include the PySide packages in the default Nemo repos/image ? :)12:32
ElleoM4rtinK: the pyside things are mostly adapted from opensuse's upstream packages12:33
ElleoM4rtinK: this basically needs to be resolved:
Venemow00t, how can I enable it?12:33
w00tset QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM=meego somewhere12:34
w00tand make sure QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM is set to runtime12:34
w00tI forget where these need to be set12:34
w00tsome device-specific configurations12:34
w00tand YMMV, it's not enabled because I can't guarentee it will work everywhere12:35
VenemoI tried to start the app with --graphicssystem meego but it didn't help12:35
w00tdrop one -12:35
M4rtinKStskeeps, Elleo: so the only remaining issue is actually somebody taking the PySide packages and pushing them to the main repo ? :)12:35
ElleoM4rtinK: and removing the old shiboken package if that hasn't been done already12:36
ElleoM4rtinK: yeah, the broken shiboken package is still in CE:Apps12:37
Venemoit doesn't work12:37
M4rtinKElleo: who is responsible for CE:Apps ?12:38
ElleoM4rtinK: I think its Sage, but I'm not certain12:39
ElleoI'm only peripherally involved in any Nemo stuff at the moment really12:39
M4rtinKI'd like to finally port my apps to Nemo, and they need PySide to run12:40
M4rtinKand I'm available for any testing, etc. thats needed to get PySide in :)12:40
*** crevetor_ has joined #nemomobile12:41
SageM4rtinK: hi12:42
SageM4rtinK: yes you can point me on those things :)12:42
M4rtinKok :)12:42
M4rtinKSage: looks like this package needs to be removed:
M4rtinKSage: and these two packages added to CE:ME:Share
SageM4rtinK: ok, do creq for all of the needed stuff and I'll review.12:46
SageM4rtinK: osc help creq12:46
M4rtinKSage: ok :)12:46
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6707 waiting for review at
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile12:51
Venemomeego graphics system doesn't work on the wetab12:59
Venemobut it should12:59
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6707 Accepted promotion request13:00
*** himamura has quit IRC13:00
SageVenemo: it doesn't work on any other than n900/n950 properly atm. iirc.13:00
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6709 waiting for review at
VenemoSage, but a year ago it worked on my ideapad13:02
Venemowhat happened since then?13:02
M4rtinKSage: done - 6707 is for deleting the Shiboken old package, 6709 is for adding Elleos new Pyside packages13:02
M4rtinKoh, looks like it's already in :)13:03
Venemothis is on Pycage's WeTab:
M4rtinKnice :)13:03
Venemono, it's not nice at all13:03
StskeepsVenemo: i think he's talking about pyside13:03
VenemoQEglContext::createContext(): Unable to create EGL context: "Success (0x3000)"13:03
M4rtinKVenemo: that the PySide request was accepted13:04
VenemoM4rtinK, ok.13:04
M4rtinKnp :)13:04
Venemowhat does the error message mean?13:04
Venemoso the error code was Success but it still thinks it didn't work?13:04
Venemoor what?13:04
Venemoit doesn't make any sense to me13:04
StskeepsVenemo: some context please13:07
ElleoM4rtinK: that's just bossbot's automated review that's passed; it still has to be accepted by a human before it's really accepted13:08
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC13:08
StskeepsVenemo: that looks like an ill image13:08
StskeepsVenemo: is it stock nemo image?13:09
* Mirv is a happy PR1.3 + Nemo dual-booter13:09
StskeepsVenemo: also, exact version of image?13:09
SageM4rtinK: coupld of things. Remove %changelog from the .spec file. Remove %clean as well. And BuildRoot line. Otherwise look good to go.13:11
M4rtinKSage: I've already already cloned the PySide packages to my repository - so I'll do the changes, recompile and the submit a new request from it13:14
Sagew00t: you have probably comments on this (cc: stskeeps)13:16
MerbotBug 439: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, MeeGo graphics system doesn't work on WeTab13:16
w00tsounds like fun13:16
*** the-boss` has quit IRC13:18
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile13:18
Sagedidn't that meego graphics system require some egl extensions?13:18
*** the-boss has quit IRC13:27
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile13:27
*** kontio has quit IRC13:31
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile13:31
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile13:32
*** kllp has quit IRC13:32
*** radiofree is now known as radiofree_13:33
*** kontio has joined #nemomobile13:35
*** ronoc has quit IRC13:44
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile13:46
VenemoStskeeps, yep13:47
*** the-boss has quit IRC13:50
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile13:50
*** radiofree_ has quit IRC13:55
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC13:55
*** kaziklubey has joined #nemomobile13:56
*** kaziklub_ has joined #nemomobile13:57
*** Venemo has quit IRC13:58
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC14:00
*** kontio has quit IRC14:07
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:08
alteregoSage: can you package telepathy farstream? :)14:12
Sagealterego: uh... sure, you want it giftwrapped?14:15
alteregoyes please :)14:15
* Sage starts writing a card. 14:15
alteregoSage: don't worry about it, I'm going to look in to it ;)14:15
Sagealterego: you need to change telepathy-qt a bit and obsolete farsight and remove farsight as well.14:17
alteregoSage: what about gtkdocize? :)14:21
alteregoDo we have it?14:21
Sagewe don't14:26
alteregooh well.14:26
alteregoMaybe we don't need it ..14:27
Sagealterego: first when starting new package. Assume that all the dependencies that are there are wrong and add one by when when you see that you need them. :)14:27
khertanHi all14:28
*** cos^ has joined #nemomobile14:29
khertanlittle question, does the last i586 is functionnal ? did i ll got same result than on an n900 ?14:29
khertans/i586/i586 image14:29
khertani ask, because term and fingerterm diplay only a black screen on the vm14:30
cos^i'm just installing latest i586 on an exopc14:30
*** Ionakka has joined #nemomobile14:30
Sagekhertan: there is known bug about that14:30
alteregoUrgh, python gst -_-14:30
khertanSage, this is just for i586 or also armel7 ?14:30
khertanalterego, ?14:31
alteregoJust tracking all these dependencies -_-14:31
khertanoh .. :)14:31
alteregoOh and pygobject is too old?14:31
khertanoh the nice ovi logo on wallpaper settings :)14:32
w00tkhertan: black screen on i586 is known14:32
khertanw00t, thx14:32
khertanlet go to install on n900 so :)14:32
w00tpretty sure that's only broken in a VM though14:32
alteregoWell, at least that's optional14:33
w00tkhertan: /
MerbotBug 347: critical, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, Screen is black when VKB is open in VirtualBox14:33
MerbotBug 298: critical, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, meego-terminal is black under virtualbox, making installing hard14:33
* w00t heads out for a bit14:34
Sagekhertan: only i58614:34
khertanSage, thx14:35
khertanoh the problem is the vkb14:36
khertanclosing it is enought14:36
*** faenil has quit IRC14:37
*** PMG has quit IRC14:38
*** the-boss has quit IRC14:41
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile14:41
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile14:42
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile14:42
* alterego yawns14:54
alteregoHate all this packaging balls, it's bad enough doing it for my own packages :)14:54
Venemowhat are you packaging now?14:55
alteregofarstream & telepathy-farstream14:55
*** beford has joined #nemomobile14:56
alteregoWell, that's farsight done ..14:58
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:58
alteregoerm, farstream ..14:58
alteregoStill getting the bloody names wrong ;)14:58
*** JvD_ has quit IRC14:59
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:00
*** JvD_ has joined #nemomobile15:00
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:00
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:08
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:15
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:15
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC15:19
alteregoSage: how quick do you think zypper will be fixed?15:19
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #nemomobile15:19
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile15:22
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:23
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:23
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:23
*** veskuh has left #nemomobile15:26
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:26
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:27
alteregotelepathy-farstream done :)15:27
*** qwazix has quit IRC15:27
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:28
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:28
*** slaine has quit IRC15:28
*** the-boss has quit IRC15:32
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*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:40
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*** kllp has joined #nemomobile15:50
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:56
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile15:58
* alterego updates telepathy-qt4 ..16:00
*** vgrade has quit IRC16:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6713 waiting for review at
M4rtinKSage: updated PySide packages submitted :)16:04
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:07
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:07
*** ronoc has quit IRC16:09
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:10
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:11
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile16:12
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:15
Sagealterego: not sure, might take a while if I need to update boost as well16:16
Sagealterego: could you push new version with existing packaging? and remove the ~git or +git or what ever from the version and instead make proper tag and version. I have bad feeling that it might be related to that version thingy as usually those have worked fine.16:17
alteregoSage: the original I pushed was plain 0.2.016:19
alteregoCurrently I've got 0.2.1 I believe16:19
Sagealterego: the voicecall we have is 0.1.4~gitsomething atm.16:19
StskeepsSage: what ~ algorithm does zypper use?16:19
alteregoOh, you want me to push an old "voicecall" package with a complete version?16:19
Sagealterego: no. I mean that push the new code in single voicecall package for now16:20
* alterego shudders.16:20
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:20
SageStskeeps: haven't checked and I have no idea if that is even the problem16:20
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:20
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:24
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:24
*** yunta has joined #nemomobile16:27
*** mruk has joined #nemomobile16:30
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:33
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:33
*** deztructor has joined #nemomobile16:33
*** danielcbit has quit IRC16:33
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:35
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6709 Rejected promotion request16:37
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:39
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:40
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:42
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:42
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:46
M4rtinKis there a guide/example somewhere how to do cross instance obs copypac ?16:52
M4rtinKsay from the OpenSuse OBS16:52
M4rtinKor some other way of copying packages from one OBS instance to another ?16:53
Sageosc copypac projectx package projecty16:58
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:58
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:58
Sageah... osc copypac -t target-obs-api sourceprject sourcepkg destpkg16:58
*** the-boss has quit IRC16:59
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile16:59
*** wicket64 has joined #nemomobile17:02
M4rtinKand where does the source api come from ? from .oscrc or is there another way how to specify it ?17:02
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:06
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:07
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:07
SageM4rtinK: it is just url like
Sageosc -A source_api copypac -t destination_api source_prj source_pkg destination_prj17:09
Sageosc help copypac17:09
M4rtinKoh, you can use -A like this17:10
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:12
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:12
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:13
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:14
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:14
M4rtinKhmm, there is even described how to have two API aliases:
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:19
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:19
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:21
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:21
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:27
Stskeepsar/g 1417:28
Stskeeps/g 1417:29
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:30
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:31
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:31
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:37
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:44
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile17:46
khertanhum look like there is still the same bugs than 2 years ago, when trying setting a wifi password if failed you can't edit it17:49
iekkukhertan, please check if there's a bug for that in bz17:49
iekkuroot cause might be different now..17:50
Sagekhertan: the wifi applet was completely rewritten so would be nice coincidence :)17:50
khertani ll look in bug db17:50
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:52
M4rtinKSage: I've added inter-instance copypac description & examples to the Obs setup wiki page (
khertan <<< where is the register account button ?17:52
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:52
iekkukhertan, uses same account than mer bugzilla17:53
iekkuand mer in general, i think17:53
khertanah ... will create account on mer so :)17:55
iekkui think mer uses meego account, but it needs activation17:56
iekkuneed to check17:56
*** NIN102 has joined #nemomobile17:57
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:57
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile17:58
iekkukhertan, yes, you need to have meego-account and activate it to mer17:59
*** the-boss has quit IRC17:59
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:59
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:00
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:00
iekkubut i really can't find any info for that from wiki18:02
iekkusounds like task to me18:02
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:03
khertaniekku, and at first login it s say no account exists18:03
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:03
khertanworks seconds time18:03
khertanprobably not synced when i tryed first time18:03
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:07
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:07
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:08
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:11
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:11
khertangniƩ ? pyside isn't packaged for mer and nemo ?18:16
M4rtinKkhertan: should be since a few hours ago18:18
M4rtinKkhertan: for Nemo (CE:MW:Shared)18:18
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:18
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:19
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:19
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:21
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:21
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:22
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:23
crevetor_Am I the only one not able to start ohmd on a freshly updated nemo image (N950) ?18:25
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:28
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:28
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:29
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:32
alteregoWow, telepathy-qt takes aaaages to compile O_o18:32
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:32
timophdunno. my installation went completely south when upgrading18:32
timophrpm db broke18:32
timophcan't even rebuild it18:33
timophtime for a fresh install18:33
w00ttimoph: didn't that happen to iekku too?18:33
*** mruk has quit IRC18:33
iekkuhmmm, no?18:34
iekkui just couldn't use zypper at all18:34
w00tI thought I remembered you mentioning a bug where the solution was rebuilding the rpm db18:34
w00t(because it broke)18:34
khertanM4rtinK, no packages found18:34
khertanand repo refreshed18:34
iekkuw00t, can't be me :D18:35
timophthat usually helps but for me even that failed18:35
timophforgot the device to work so can't check the error now18:35
w00tkhertan: the request for pyside is not yet accepted18:37
w00tkeep an eye on
w00toh, hmm18:37
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:37
w00tSage: is another broken request18:37
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:37
khertanw00t, thx18:37
* timoph kicks the-boss18:37
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:39
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:39
*** the-boss has quit IRC18:41
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile18:41
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*** arcean has quit IRC18:48
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*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile18:55
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:01
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*** qwazix has quit IRC19:05
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*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:12
Sagetimoph: not so hard :D19:14
Sagephaeron, lbt: there is probably nice mess in the obs as I've been accepting requests manually because boss just doesn't do anything19:15
alteregoHe seems to be having seizures today.19:15
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:16
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:17
Sagealterego: tested dialer on n900 lately?19:17
Sagealterego: on n950 seems fine but on n900 doesn't seems to work.19:17
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:19
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:19
alteregoSage: I haven't it's on my list of things todo, maybe I'll get to it this weekend.19:20
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:20
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:21
Sageofono lists modem and pin query works as well19:21
alteregoSage: I've modified telepathy-qt4 package, I need to increment release, did you say something is broken with regards to that?19:21
Sagealterego: release increments are done atm. automaticaly by obs so no need to touch Release: atm. :/19:21
Sagebut also you can't do Requires: version-release atm.19:21
alteregoHmm, okay.19:22
alteregoWhat do I put in .changes then?19:22
Sagejust new entry with the same version than previously19:22
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:23
*** beford has quit IRC19:23
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:23
alteregoIt's okay to SR to CE:MW:Shared?19:23
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:24
Sageyes I don't care about the Project: stuff atm. so much as it is a mess already19:25
alteregoWell, hopefully it'll start building soon O_O19:26
alteregoThere we go19:26
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:26
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:27
alteregoCan some one ban the-boss whilst he's being a pleb?19:27
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:27
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:27
lbtalterego: hmm19:28
lbthadn't noticed19:28
lbtplease don't ban it19:28
*** the-boss has quit IRC19:28
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile19:28
lbtalterego: should be fixed19:31
lbtthe VM had no loopback device....19:31
lbtwhich made udev go mad19:32
lbtwhich used lots of mem19:32
lbtwhich OOMed supybot19:32
lbtobvious really :/19:32
Sagelbt: any change you could check the boss and why it doesn't do anything atm.?19:32
lbtI need to know what you expect - it's actually active in #meego-boss so it is doing some stuff19:33
lbt[06/09/2012 20:33] <the-boss> process 20120906-bogohemeho SR#6720 Waiting for Project:MTF:MW to build (
lbtthe bot being dead may have lost some messages19:34
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile19:34
Sagelbt: first thing is that cobs is very slow again. :/19:36
lbtlooks pretty busy19:37
Sageand at least SR6716 and SR6720 doesn't seem to go forward in review19:37
Sagefeature request for new mer cobs. If certain home project has not received any new packages or changes in 30 days disable the whole project19:39
w00tSage: broken too19:41
w00tyou fixed it19:41
Sagemanually yes19:41
* lbt is working on improvements to boss web ui19:41
*** furikku has quit IRC19:43
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6720 waiting for review at
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile19:56
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6721 waiting for review at
*** beford has joined #nemomobile20:04
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M4rtinKkhertan: looks all the PySide packages are now built & available :)20:41
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:43
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phaeronSage: there's a queue of requests to CE:MW:Shared. When you manually push a request tell me so that I can unstick it and prevent this from happening23:14
phaeronSage: usually the issue is a timeout while doing a request to COBS. When this happens in the locked section of the process it gets messy23:16
lbthey phaeron - I have the new boss running now23:17
phaeronSage: kicking them  now23:18
lbtupdated to 2.3.0 on ruote and viewer with new amqp too23:18
phaeronlbt: with the new packaging ? cool23:18
lbtwrote a README on how to get from bundle to package23:18
lbtfairly simple23:19
lbtand it means you can work on a dev box with boss whilst having git checked out code23:19
lbtso I can hack on multiple gems at once if need be23:19
phaeronnice nice23:19
*** wicket64 has quit IRC23:20
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