Friday, 2012-09-07

the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6554 Accepted promotion request00:03
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6713 Accepted promotion request00:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6720 Accepted promotion request01:01
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veskuhSage have you already worked on your presentation? I'd like to know what you are saying so that I'm not repeating the same things in my part05:40
iekkuveskuh, remember to cover a bit of mer also, for core people05:40
veskuhiekku: Yep, I'll make a short of topics, and lets see then if it is suitable05:41
iekkuveskuh, :nod:05:42
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ars_special: any chance you'd have time for reviewing the qmlgallery pull request?06:19
specialars_: github never emailed me about the new commits, so I hadn't noticed, sorry06:22
ars_oh, np. I made the commits actually just few minutes after the previous comment06:24
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Sageveskuh: mainly showing the current funcitonality and a bit history so you can have the devel story06:34
veskuhSage: ok06:34
veskuhSage I assume you'll show genera info such mailing lists, irc, wiki and such06:35
veskuhSage, iekku, timoph this my initial thinking of contents for my part:
iekkuveskuh, sounds good06:41
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timophveskuh: looks good06:42
specialars_: merged, feel free to close the bug as RESOLVED FIXED06:45
Sageveskuh, timoph:
Sagejust general overview of the current stuff what I was planning06:49
veskuhSage: yep, looks good. Are you going to demo on n950 or VM ?06:50
ars_special: great, thanks06:50
Sageveskuh: n950 tv-out works.06:51
Sagealso was thinking of showing slides from gallery application :)06:52
veskuhSage: ah, brilliant06:53
Sagelibreoffice can export jpegs just needed to modify the page size to 854x480 so exported images can fill full screen ;)06:54
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phaeronSage: no more stuck requests for CE:MW:Shared , be sure to tell me if something else gets stuck07:12
Sagephaeron: I accepted all manually with accept lately, more than half of the request get stuck :(07:13
phaeronSage: only the first one was stuck in the locked section and the rest were waiting07:17
Sageforgot to sent that to you yesterday :)07:24
Sagephaeron: well, to me that is everything is stuck situation ;)07:24
phaeronSage: I am trying to help, if you don't want it , I'll stop07:25
Sagephaeron: I want to but I don't want to wait 12 hours :/07:28
phaeronSage: you don't have to, just use that osc query I gave you and report the stuck ones to me07:29
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Stskeepsthis is just my curiousity, but do we know why things get stuck? unstable COBS07:30
phaeronStskeeps: empty response from cobs raises exception , and random long publishing times07:33
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Sageand those have increased a lot recently :/07:35
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SageI'm getting more errors with osc commands also than month ago or so07:35
Stskeepsshould we stay with SNAFU and work harder on getting the new cobs stable and BOSS on there?07:36
Stskeepsand deal with the delays we have until we have a sane infra07:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6692 Accepted promotion request07:41
Sagephaeron: sry, clicked that one before you said wait ;)07:42
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alteregoSage: looked at yet? :P07:53
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Sagealterego: not yet08:01
Sagealterego: you should obsolete the old stuff and add delete requests for them as well08:01
alteregoSage: should I provide the old stuff if it's not compatible at all?08:10
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Sagealterego: didn't it obsolete the old one generally speaking?08:16
alteregoNot sure,08:16
alteregoBreaks API08:16
alteregoBut functionality wise, yes I guess so.08:17
alteregoThey had to change the name for fear of trademark infringement08:17
alteregoI think my point is, the only people that are going to use it will know what they're doing.08:18
alteregoAnd they will want farstream, and not farsight.08:18
alteregoAnd no app can rely on farsight and expect to work with farstream and it will confused anyone developing that expects farsight (but gets farstream).08:19
alteregoSo I think provides is someone dangerous for system libraries like this.08:19
alteregoerm, somewhat, sorry just woken up :P08:20
alterego(first coffee)08:20
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alteregoSage: If a package is obsoleted by a compatible replacement, the obsoleted package08:31
alteregoshould also be provided in order to not cause unnecessary dependency breakage.08:31
alteregoIf the obsoleting package is not a compatible replacement for the old one,08:32
alteregoleave out the Provides.08:32
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6721 Rejected promotion request08:43
Sagealterego: remember to test that zypper up gots the new packages properly08:45
Sagealterego: when old stuff is installed08:45
alteregoWell, I already have actually :P08:52
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6722 waiting for review at
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specialars_: ping09:51
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ars_special: yup10:11
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w00tSage: libqttracker is in CE:MW:Shared? is that an accident?10:18
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specialars_: you already responded :)10:20
Sagew00t: no it was in purpose for now10:20
ars_special: thought so :)10:24
SageStskeeps, lbt: how can I say in obs prj conf that don't install package X at all ?10:40
Sagesimilar to Prefer: x10:40
lbtIgnore: I think10:41
lbtwhy ?10:43
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lbtnot sure it does what you want - if a package is required then it's installed10:43
lbtyou may be able to do a Substitute: for a dummy package that offers a Provides: though ?10:44
lbtthere's a page on this stuff10:44
lbt  even10:44
SageI'm pondering how to figure out why package gets installed by obs10:45
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Sagemesa-llvmpipe-libEGL and libgfx-libEGL both provide libEGL so not sure what goes wrong and where10:47
M4rtinKanyone knows how to get around the virtual keyboard bug in VM ?10:47
M4rtinKthe black-screen causing one10:47
alteregoM4rtinK: you could try uninstalling maliit?10:47
Sagelbt: ah... now I see. one of the middle repos have prefer to mesa10:47
Sagelbt: is there way to unprefer? :)10:48
StskeepsM4rtinK: see mer-general10:48
lbtPrefer back again ?10:48
SageI have in project x: Prefer: mesa-libEGL, and in my project Prefer: libgfx-libEGL10:48
Sageand now it installs both :)10:49
lbtPrefer: -mesa-libEGL10:49
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lbtSage: ?10:54
Sageworks thx10:54
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M4rtinKStskeeps: thanks, I'll check it out11:10
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* w00t watches ohmd melt down11:30
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w00twell that's not good11:30
MerbotBug 442: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, ohmd went crazy and killed a bus full of schoolchildren11:31
* w00t has fun with his work11:33
specialoh hey, I can add other people to CC11:34
w00t.. inb4 special learns how to use bugzilla for the first time11:34
specialI tried that before and thought it was rejecting anyone but myself.11:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6723 waiting for review at
phaeronSage: that one was stuck in prechecks for a few minutes and I kicked it11:42
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6723 Accepted promotion request12:42
Sagespecial: ping12:44
Sagespecial: does the qmlgallery have something special compared to qmlcalc, qmlmessages or qmlcontacts in it as those other apps launch fine on my cubox but qmlgallery doesn't (ps. not running full ux just from cmdline)12:45
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specialSage: hard dependency on qtopengl12:46
Sageok, well that is probably it then12:46
Sagelipstick doesn't run either properly12:46
speciallipstick also uses a QGLWidget viewport12:47
specialin both cases it may not be strictly necessary12:47
Sagew00t: just fyi, another driver issue with differnt hw :)12:48
Stskeepslipstick may be simply due to lack of texture from pixmap..12:51
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Sagecould be yes12:54
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SageStskeeps: btw, the link I gave earlier had also the i486 vm image. Would be nice if someone could verify that one13:08
Stskeepsit's on my list.. got a busy weekend ahead13:08
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Stskeepsspecial: can you explain the xvideo change?13:56
w00tStskeeps: it uses the same fast path camerabin uses, for playback of video, not just the viewfinder13:57
Stskeepswas that the source of the insane perf issue?13:57
w00tit's not completely ideal thanks to mobility so we might want to introduce some more configurabiity somehow later, but otherwise it's one contributor to slower video playback13:57
w00t(I don't know the exact speedup it made)13:58
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alteregoAre there isolated dbus sessions now?14:35
alteregoI'm getting really weird behavior when I start applications from console, rather than when their started by uxlaunch, etc.14:36
alterego~they're ..14:36
Stskeepsterminal, console or ssh14:36
Stskeepsyes, they're isolated14:36
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Stskeepsonly way you can get it is with eat or that other trick14:36
alteregoother trick? :)14:36
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alteregoDo we have any documentation on doings this in the wiki?14:40
alteregoHmm, maybe this I guess:
w00tor, if you want a simpler way that just works and doesn't require messing up loads of stuff,
w00tsource that14:41
alteregoAh, cool :)14:41
alteregoThanks :)14:41
* alterego sticks in .bashrc :P14:41
alteregow00t: presumably: export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=$(./
w00tif you source it, you don't need to export it14:43
alteregoOh, of course yeah. Sorry ;)14:44
alteregoAwesome, now it's all working as expected :D14:45
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alteregoSage: I've just noticed something: self-obsoletion voicecall <= 0.1.5 obsoletes voicecall15:54
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remhi there! I am having problems with bluetooth in Qt for desktop. What is the target need for building app for Exopc ? I guess is not harmattan17:16
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Sageyey, the videoplayback on the n950 works quite nicely actually18:47
Sagedownloaded the 480p big buck bunny video and it is quite smooth18:48
Sageon n950 that is18:48
Sageand without hardware accelerated codecs18:48
Sagealso it works when minized to the background18:49
Sagelive thumbnails in lipstick \o/18:49
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Sagehowever there is "small" bug in that ;)18:50
Sageit plays the video full screen but the thumbnail shows only the small area that the thumbnail covers ;)18:50
Sageso one sees like 1/8th of the video or so ;)18:50
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faenilyo people :) hi from Tampere! :D19:22
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Sagefaenil: hi :)19:39
Sagefaenil: was just commenting here hour ago that videoplayer works nicely19:39
Sagefaenil: downloaded 480p big buck bunny video and playing it on n95019:39
faenilSage, \o/19:42
faenilSage, anyway that doesn't count, it's what I used to test it, lol19:42
Sagefiled one bug about the video playback when application is minized19:43
faenilSage, yeah read it, I think there's a chance special's fix to the flickering could also fix that19:46
faenilbut that requires updating qtmobility :P19:47
faenildon't know if you two already talked about that :D19:47
MerbotBug 414: major, Undecided, ---, john.brooks, RESOLVED CODEAVAILABLE, Flickering in video player / Unable to draw anything over the video player19:48
Sageoh, ok19:51
Sagewell lets see if that is fixed there19:51
faenilSage, that'll take a bit to get to nemo, won't it...19:52
Sagezchydem: evening19:52
Sagefaenil: probably week or so yes19:52
Stskeepsevening zchydem o//19:53
faenilSage, thought worse ;)19:53
faenilzchydem, hey :)19:53
zchydemSage & faenil hey! :)19:53
zchydemStskeeps: youtoo:)19:54
faenilpoor Stskeeps19:54
faeniloh there you go :D19:54
zchydemDon't you guys sleep at all?19:54
w00tsleep? what's that19:55
Stskeepszchydem: doing a thumb2+neon port of mer, it makes sense to let it build over the weekend..19:55
* w00t is just starting to look at hacking things19:56
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zchydemw00t: you've been working on lipstick, right?19:56
Sagezchydem: sleep, weekend, freetime... no idea what those mean ;)19:56
zchydemSage: don't burn out, but on the other hand if it's fun, why not...19:57
w00tzchydem: yes19:57
Sagebtw, what was the dlna/sharing thingy framework in n9?19:58
zchydemI was wondering if I'll find any extra time, I could contribute there...19:58
zchydemw00t: ^19:58
w00tzchydem: sure, help is more than welcome19:58
w00tthere's a bunch of open tasks19:58
* w00t finds link19:58
zchydemw00t: thanks. I think I'll first try browsing the code, build stuff and after that I may actually be able to do something like fixing bugs20:00
w00tvenemo is another face around here that you see working on it often20:01
* zchydem needs to get his n950 back from ars_ in few days...20:01
Sagew00t: btw, I was really surpriced that live thumbnail is sort of working with video playback and lipstick :)20:02
w00thmph, oh ye of little faith20:03
Sagew00t: not sure if this should be in home screen or in the videoplayer20:03
MerbotBug 443: normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, Live thumbnail when playing video doesn't show the full video20:03
Sageerr.. gallery20:03
w00tI expect we'll probably want to pause video in the background20:04
w00tthis reminds me20:04
w00tI really need to fix window minimized state20:04
Sagew00t: well I would say make it configurable but by default stop.20:05
faenilzchydem, sleep? that's for n00bz20:05
w00tSage: as in, I don't think we're going to get it to work thumbnailed20:05
w00tdue to the way video playback works20:05
w00twell, that plus battery consumption etc20:05
Sagew00t: ok, well just an idea :)20:06
zchydemfaenil: or for parents:)20:09
*** Xruxa has quit IRC20:09
faenilzchydem, ahah :D20:09
* Sage ponders if it is possible to enable mouse cursor for n950 for demos20:14
Sageor do we have way to show dots on screen where users touches?20:14
w00tno and no20:16
Sagethat would be very nice thing for demos20:16
w00tI had intended to hack something into mcompositor to show the mouse cursor under some conditions, it would be nice to use it on larger screens20:16
Sageiirc, harmattan had that kind of feature on n950 if you presesd some key20:17
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* w00t never knew of it20:17
w00tsure it wasn't just meegotouch specific?20:17
Sagecould have been20:17
w00tsrc/corelib/core/mcomponentdata.cpp:                                         << "  [-show-cursor] Force the cursor to be visible\n"20:18
Sagenot that20:18
w00t(don't ask me why I still have a checkout around)20:18
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faenilw00t, don't you think using xvideo instead of overlay could fix the thumbnail problem? at the moment we can't even rotate the video (that's why it's forced to landscape atm) that must be some related problem20:24
faenil(with at the moment I mean without xvideo's patch)20:24
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faenilmy notebook is shutting off in a min...I forgot the ac adaptor...argh20:38
faenilsee you tomorrow people!20:38
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specialStskeeps: no, xvideo doesn't fix the one we were talking about21:00
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt21:01
specialand, xvideo won't fix the thumbnailing thing. I agree with w00t, we should pause when minimized. Because of how xvideo works, it's the only sane option.21:02
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