Sunday, 2012-09-16

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faenilo/ sup boys :)10:18
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: hi faenil ?10:21
faenilhey :)10:21
Sfiet_KonstantinI've forgtten to ask, but how was the sauna ?10:21
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, my Finnish host told me it was relaxing...10:23
faenilI was like....dieing in there :D10:23
faenilmen always pouring water on stones10:23
Stskeepsyou get used to it10:23
faenilI could not breath at a point because my nose was burning, I felt it :D10:23
Stskeepsand its almost mandatory for doing business10:23
faenilStskeeps, oh :D10:24
Stskeepsthe important thing is to bring cold booze10:24
dm8tbrand if you are a student (especially at an UT): sing!10:31
faenilit was me, with old Finnish men...I really felt like a real Finnish, lol10:32
faenilthey couldn't even speak English, so it was only me listening to their strange words and thinking about my life, :D10:32
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: what did you figure out about your life then ?10:35
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, I came to nothing :D10:36
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, kept thinking that my heartbeat was going up :P10:37
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faenilbbl guys, canteen time :)10:49
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qwazixWhere can I find the sources for the settings and packages applications? I tried but I couldn't find anything that seemed relevant11:02
Stskeepsmeegotouch-controlpanel maybe11:02
qwazixthanks. The packages application?11:03
Stskeepsit might be somewhere on gitorious mg-package-manager or something..11:03
qwazixmtf probably... :(11:04
Stskeepsmg-package-manager is qml afaik11:04
Stskeepscontrol panel.. mtf11:04
Stskeepsbut some of the panels are qml11:04
qwazixyay it's qml11:04
qwazixthanks a lot. I'll go play :)11:05
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faenilback :)11:46
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faenilone thing about components, are we contributing changes back upstream?15:16
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specialfaenil: qt-components?15:19
faenilhey special :) yes15:19
specialthere is no active upstream for meego components, so we are the upstream15:20
faenilshouldn't we contribute back to ?15:22
specialthat would be the inactive upstream15:22
faenilaugust doesn't seem very inactive...well at least someone must be looking at it :)15:23
specialthe last non-symbian commit was april15:24
specialbut more importantly, there's no contribution activity, etc15:24
faenilI see15:25
faenilspecial, anyway how are you :)15:26
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specialit might be better if somebody put it under gerrit on qt-project, but I wouldn't expect much there for the qt4 version.15:27
specialI'm fine, glad to be back in my chair after hiking all day yesterday.15:29
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faenileh :)15:30
djszapi_special: I am trying to push my contributions to gerrit.15:32
djszapi_I have made a port to qt5.15:32
djszapi_not excellent yet, but somewhat working on Harmattan. :)15:32
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djszapi_the qtwebkit people were working on that before me.15:33
djszapi_they had this qtquick2 branch.15:33
djszapi_it is under discussion but it is not so simple as it was not the main focus until the beta1.15:33
djszapi_and there are also 108 contributors according to "git shortlog -n -s | wc -l".15:34
djszapi_so need to make sure everything is alright with the CLA, but since it was on gitorious it is most likely ok.15:34
specialif qt-components as seen in the master branch on gitorious is under gerrit, that'd be great15:35
speciala qtquick2 version won't help for nemo for now15:35
djszapi_I do not think there would be a lot of interest about qtquick1 to be honet.15:35
faenilspecial, Stskeeps told Qt5 will be in by monday-tuesday15:35
djszapi_and it is also a lot of maintainance unfortunately.15:35
djszapi_in my work, I dropped the Symbian support totally.15:35
specialfaenil: we're not porting nemo applications to Qt5 any time soon15:36
djszapi_since that is also dropped in qt5 itself.15:36
faenilspecial, yeah that's a different thing :D15:36
djszapi_so what I am trying to arrange the uptream qtquick2 branch + my port towards the desktop components qt5 branch15:36
djszapi_so essentially a common repository for the component in case qt5.15:36
djszapi_that is the ongoing effort now.15:37
djszapi_for the components*15:37
djszapi_yeah, that is not going to help the current nemo state if you use qtquick1.15:37
faenilspecial, though isn't gitorious one the "official" repo for components?15:38
djszapi_faenil: it is.15:39
djszapi_that is where we have developed those under the Nokia umbrella.15:39
djszapi_we have begun that way before the gerrit tool in the history. :D15:39
specialfaenil: that doesn't mean much if nobody can review (or is reviewing) and merge contributions, not to mention making releases15:39
specialand it's covered under the CLA, which makes things complicated.15:40
djszapi_so is gerrit15:40
specialcomplicated in the sense that not just anybody can be reviewing on gitorious15:40
djszapi_in general, you need to sign CLA for Qt contribution yes.15:41
djszapi_but I am sure, I were able to comment on merge requets before sending my first contribution.15:41
djszapi_I left comments like "this would be nice to get in" when I felt so.15:42
specialanyway, it's not a situation I'm worried about right now, because our changes to components are minimal and there's no apparent effort to continue development on qtquick1 meego anywhere else.15:42
specialit would be great if there was a qtquick2 version developed under qt-project that we could eventually use15:42
specialstress on *eventually*15:43
djszapi_that is what I have been pushing forward now. :)15:43
djszapi_hacking and contacting the ex-webkit maintainers.15:43
djszapi_to get this into gerrit.15:43
djszapi_there was a common agreement (lazy consensus) before about a common repository, but the desktop components project is now on its own.15:44
djszapi_I hope this all can be figured out soon, but this was not really important until the beta1 for the paid developers.15:44
djszapi_they had to get the beta1 out.15:44
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KypeliI am running Nemo in Virtualbox. I want to start the Terminal app in order to find out my IP (if any) but I only get a black screen.16:01
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KypeliWhat's the right way to know the IP addrss and/or why am I getting just a blank terminal screen? Some other apps I tried seem to work ok16:02
StskeepsKypeli: host alt f216:02
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qwazixI modified the main qml page of the packages application to look like this and the navigation to be more intuitive and consistent with other apps16:59
qwazixThe code is now in, what is the process of QA and inclusion?17:00
faenilqwazix, I don't know about the recent OBS changes...but the thing usually goes on like this17:03
faenil1) create pull request to the official repo17:04
faenil2) someone reviews and merges the PR17:04
phaeronyou should also try to build it in OBS and make sure it still works as expected17:04
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faenil3) fork project on OBS and update sources17:06
faenil4) build it and test it on device17:06
qwazixfaenil, this was hosted on gitorious, do the pull requests there go somewhere or they fall into the void?17:06
faenilouch...I don't know who has access to that one17:07
faenilqwazix, anyway nice work on the graphics :)17:08
faenilare you a designer or just do that as a hobby?17:08
qwazixfaenil, thanks. I do graphics at work, mostly too. But it started as a hobby. I studied civil engineering in the first place...17:10
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djszapi_qwazix: opengl too?17:11
w00tqwazix: ask me tomorrow and I'll look at moving it to github.. not feeling great today, so i'm avoiding anything that looks like effort17:12
qwazixdjszapi_, no, web graphics mostly17:12
qwazixw00t, ok will do.17:13
qwazixI'll give a try to steps 3 and 4 as faenil said17:14
KypeliStskeeps: Thanks! But not sure what that should do. On host it takes me to the F2 terminal, on Nemo VM it doesn't do anything.17:19
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KypeliStskeeps: Ah, host-F2. Thanks17:29
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zchydemGood evening... Playing around bit nemo mobile / SDK... Can I have qt5 & qt4 both in the same target parallel, without making messing up things? I mean that can I have qt4-qmake and qt5-qmake both?18:03
zchydemanother question... How stable Qt5 is on nemo?18:03
Stskeepsnot terribly, yet, adding beta1 monday-tuesday18:06
Stskeepsyou cannot coexist development headers of qt4 and qt5 at same time, sadly18:06
zchydemOk, then I don't dive that swamp yet:)18:09
qwazix is this the package I should fork, or is there another one more recent?18:10
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deztructorw00t: can you check and add to nemomobile@github deztructor/contextkit-battery-n950-n9@github19:53
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deztructorw00t: battery plugin /w open bmeipc inside20:10
deztructorfork 2 nemomobile @ github20:11
w00tI don't understand what you want me to do, you have a repository, you have push access, so just push?20:12
deztructorw00t: push access to nemomobile proj?20:12
w00tyes.. :)20:13
deztructori have repo @ deztructor but when i want to fork it 2 nemomobile it says i can't create repos @ nemomobile20:14
w00tthe repo got created earlier, didn't it? just add it as a remote, and push there20:14
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deztructorw00t: no, repo 4 contextkit-nemo w/o battery plugin, and this package is a standalone battery plugin20:15
deztructorso i separated it. i can, of course, leave it in the contextkit-nemo repo too20:16
deztructorand just build separate package from it20:17
w00tthat sounds good, I don't see much point in splitting it20:17
w00tthe repository didn't get renamed as Sage_ wanted, I'll do that20:18
deztructorw00t: a good part /w separate repo is that it does not depend on anything except contextsubscriber-devel and qt20:19
deztructorand can be easily built separately20:20
deztructorto build full contextkit one need to install misc *-devel packages (mce, dsme sensorfw etc.)20:21
w00ti don't see that as much of a problem, though i'm not on top form for this discussion atm (still not well)20:22
deztructorw00t: i.e., IMO, dvelopment of battery plugin should not depend on anything not related to it20:24
w00tI'd take the view that it's more convenient since then when you want to modify/write plugins for a new device target, it's a bit easier since you just hack up one repo, and you're done - that also means you won't end up with a bunch of repositories per device, and it also matches the way things are done previously (contextkit-maemo for instance) - in a single source tree20:29
deztructorw00t: ok, maybe you are right :)20:32
* w00t goes to fetch more painkillers20:33
deztructorw00t: you are in trouble?20:33
deztructorru ok?20:33
w00ta slightly bitchy case of flu, i'll live, it's just not making life fun20:35
deztructorw00t: definitely, take a tea /w raspberry for a sleep20:36
* w00t has to stay up another 30 minutes or so at least, having my cats delivered back to me20:40
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ljpvia UPS?21:36
w00tvia family member :)21:37
w00tand they arrived ok21:37
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niqtw00t: i sended pull request for nemo-qml-plugins22:05
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