Monday, 2012-09-17

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Stskeepsmorn zchydem o/06:18
* zchydem ported QuickFlickr to nemo yesterday, still lacks of RPM packaging, but ran quite well on N95006:19
Stskeepsgood :)06:19
Stskeepsany apis missing?06:19
zchydemlocation API didn't seem to get any fixes, but I really didn't look that any deeper06:19
Stskeepsyeah, location API we're a bit lacking in06:19
Stskeepsthere needs to be a default provider on mer side06:19
zchydembut I was really surprised how easily it worked.06:20
zchydemI only needed to check is booster is around and that's it06:20
zchydemthe MXXCache something....06:20
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niqtmorning all06:26
iekkugood morning niqt06:26
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zchydemIs there an official nemo logo which can be used in a presentation/video?06:27
zchydem this has something...06:28
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Stskeepsno official logo as such yet, but is a lot of UI discussion06:31
zchydemStskeeps: is it ok to use Mer logo on a video?06:38
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Stskeepswe don't in any way restrict it, as long as you're mer based, we're happy06:39
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iekkunemo bug triage starting soon06:57
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StskeepsSage_: i'll be submitting a bunch of .service additions to packages later today07:38
Sage_Stskeeps: ok. I'll do new snapshot of nemo today possibly. I would like to do it with img if that service is still up somewhere and try it out.07:39
StskeepsSage_: ok, so i'll wait till after your snapshot07:39
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phaeronrepo snapshot or image ?07:39
Sage_phaeron: image snapshot07:39
Sage_phaeron: repo snapshots are well the stuff for the new obs07:39
* phaeron thinks an image cannot be snapshot07:40
phaeronbut that's just me07:40
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Sage_phaeron: I agree, but that is what it is atm. Lets just get the new stuff running and fix everything :)08:05
Sage_iekku: want to go to #nemo or is this chan fine ;)08:05
* Sage_ is evil today08:05
iekkudon't be evil to little badger08:05
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* Sage_ kicks cobs to make it move faster08:08
StskeepsSage_: btw, -next has new toolchain08:09
Stskeepswould be good to make images for that too / see if there's any errors08:09
Sage_Stskeeps: well that is what I mean with the snapshot actually :)08:09
Sage_iekku: so it is "nemo-qml-plugins" (not -components), also "telepathy", "mce", "dsme", "qmsystem", "libcontentaction" and "libmeegotouch"08:12
Sage_iekku: those at least under "Middleware" for now08:12
iekkuto middleware?08:12
iekkuany default ccs known already?08:12
Sage_also the Other maybe should be .Other so it would be the first.08:12
Sage_atm. no default cc's for those need to ask around a bit08:13
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iekkuSage_, done09:00
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Sage_lbt: is the img in the new infra yet that I could test run?09:21
lbtsdk - yes09:21
lbtoh img09:21
Sage_what is the IMG short of? :)09:22
lbtImage Me Give09:22
* w00t thinks that someone liked TLAs too much09:23
lbtit's for the less intellectually endowed devs who can't run mic :)09:23
lbtthink UI-devs and the like...09:23
* lbt runs09:23
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* timoph throws stuff at lbt 09:44
lbtsee, not advanced to tool usage yet...09:45
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Sage_lbt: so about the IMG do we have one somewhere I can use for Nemo?10:39
lbtnot yet10:39
lbtI was up until about 3:30 working on SDK and IMG ... it'll get there...10:40
Sage_lbt: no rush. I can do images with my laptop as well for now. Not a problem. Mainly was asking if test runs needed :)10:40
lbtOK :)10:40
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Sage_Stskeeps: btw, did you mean armv7tnhl image or just armv7hl as usual?10:47
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Stskeepsarmv7hl as usual10:47
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps:,84110:55
StskeepsSage_: could you tell me what mer changes you want to have for next release?10:56
Sage_Stskeeps: everything from me?  ;)10:56
Stskeepswhat you reallyreallyneed10:56
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lbtprjconf to have some macros in it10:57
Sage_uxlaunch really really is needed as it fixes issue we have had so long10:57
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w00tStskeeps: did you review special's video change?10:57
lbtso we can remove hacks like ^^10:57
specialthat is holding up some further work on gallery10:58
Sage_Stskeeps: boardname and the xorg related stuff10:58
Stskeepsinput proto i'm worried about11:01
Sage_did that cause problems earlier for us?11:02
Sage_or was it actually libxi ?11:02
Sage_I recall at somepoint that we had issues with touch and something related to x input11:03
Stskeepsone of those11:03
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* Sage_ can't really recall what was the purpose some of those submits I did if I really needed them for something or just updated after noticing a bug :)11:07
Sage_like pkgconfig, mpc, mpfr, pacrunner, cairo etc. :P11:07
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situIs there anyone else here running Nemo on VirtualBox ?11:37
deztructorwhat to do with contextkit-nemo-n950-n9? should i put it into CE:Adaptation:N950-N9? there are too much contextkit* packages already in the nemo obs :)11:38
Stskeepsdeztructor: it's a plugin for contextkit, right?11:39
Stskeepsif so, CE:Adaptation:N950-N911:39
deztructorStskeeps: there was discussion with w00t what to do /w it and all things are in the single repo now11:41
deztructori mean all plugins11:41
w00tyes, because basically all of them are hardware specific11:41
w00tso, that sounds like the right place to put it to me11:41
Sage_deztructor: if it is just n950-n9 specific ti should go to CE:Adaptation:N950-N911:42
Sage_deztructor: assuming all its requirements are in mer core11:42
deztructorcontextd is the part of this package11:42
Stskeepswhy is contextd part of contextkit-nemo-n950-n9, that doesn't sound right?11:43
deztructorStskeeps: for me - no11:43
Stskeepsokay, let's back up a second..11:43
w00t contextd doesn't actually do anything11:43
deztructorStskeeps: and bluez plugin - too11:43
w00tfun but true story11:43
Stskeepscontextkit has plugin ability, and contextkit-nemo-n950-n9 should contain such a plugin11:43
Stskeepsand contextkit itself is a seperate package11:44
deztructorshould we remove contextd?11:44
deztructorok, this packages are some kind of mess. plugins now are sharing some common code (logging etc.). and maybe this is why all this stuff was put in the same package11:45
deztructorcontextd is not used in n911:46
Stskeepsthis is the 'contextkit-maemo' old package?11:46
deztructorStskeeps: yep11:46
deztructorwe are trasforming it gradually11:46
Stskeepsi always hated that one11:46
w00tmaybe we need to go through it, inventory exactly what's in there, and how we can split it up11:46
deztructorme too11:46
Stskeepsgive me URL to the package?11:46
deztructorw00t: good idea11:46
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Stskeepsyes, but your modified one11:47
deztructoralso there was idea to have
deztructorit can be done in this way: i can make a totally new package, w/o inheritance from the old one11:50
deztructorand to add plugins there, removing 'em from the old one11:50
Stskeepsfor the battery, i'd prefer it to be seperated out, i'm OK with like, contextkit-plugins-n950-n9 or something11:50
w00tseperated out from what?11:50
w00talmost all of these plugins are hardware specific, and that's what the repository is supposed to reflect11:51
deztructorin this way platform-independent plugins will be left in the old package and finally can be moved into separate package11:51
Stskeepsw00t: some is mw, some is 'straight to hw'11:51
Sage_bluez pluging at least shouldn't be hardware specific11:51
w00tthe ones that aren't (bluez) might need special-casing, but they're in the minority11:51
Sage_also mce should not be hardware specific right?11:51
w00tdo you see mce used anywhere except nokia devices?11:52
w00tI don't, except for us shoehorning it in and trying to make it work11:52
deztructorso, how about contextkit-nemo-n950-n9 and contextkit-mer-generic?11:52
w00t(and mostly failing)11:52
Sage_not really, but we should not use it under n950-n9 name as n900 might need it as well11:52
deztructorif it can be put in mer, i do not know11:52
deztructoror contextkit-nemo-generic :)11:52
w00twelcome to why I used "n9xx" in the name11:52
w00tbut you didn't want that :)11:52
Stskeepswell, some can be mer, some can be nemo, some is hw..11:53
deztructorw00t: e.g. bme ipc is different in n9 and n900 :P11:53
Sage_w00t: I didn't check the content but deztructor said it is n950-n9 specific. Now when I look the content that seems to be wrong :/11:53
deztructorbattery plugin is specific for harmattan bme11:53
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Sage_I would suggest we split out all those plugins to separate packages. contextkit-plugin-bluez, contextkit-plugin-mce etc.11:54
deztructorwith some modifications of it another version for n900 can be made11:54
deztructorwe have: several hw-specific plugins, few non-specific (or only bluez?)11:55
deztructorvery small amount of code is shared between 'em (but i am not sure it should exist)11:56
Sage_battery hw specific, if we can't use e.g. upower for all?11:56
StskeepsSage_: upower doesn't provide plugin capabiility11:56
Stskeepsand upower and bme.. well11:56
Stskeepsnot pretty.11:56
deztructorthey all are dependent only on qt and contextkit-devel11:56
deztructorSage_: upower is not good11:57
Sage_deztructor: I said e.g. :)11:57
Sage_the point is I don't want to end up case where there is n950-n9 or n9xx github repo for plugin X that is used for X86 or something :)11:57
Sage_so everything that isn't hw specific should be in repo with hw specific name11:58
Sage_also we have
w00twell yes, that needs to go away once this is done11:59
deztructorSage_: that what i said about bunch of packages :)11:59
deztructorthere are contextkit-meego, contextkit-maemo...12:00
Sage_yes :)12:00
w00tso, one repo per hardware adaptation, and then one repo for "generic" stuff that isn't hardware specific?12:00
w00tcontextkit-nemo, contextkit-nemo-n950-n9, contextkit-nemo-n900, job done?12:00
deztructorimo, it is better to put contextkit plugins into separate packages12:00
Sage_deztructor: definitely12:00
deztructorin this case nobody should care about modification and relations to hw12:01
Sage_we don't want to have contextkit-nemo with 100 plugins12:01
w00tyes, but nor is it ideal to have 100 plugins and not have any idea what ones to branch when you're starting a new hardware adaptation..12:01
w00tprovided that we stick to the rules: anything hardware specific doesn't go in contextkit-nemo, it shouldn't ever get to that state12:02
deztructorw00t: but e.g. branching all package with all plugings only because one should be changed...12:02
deztructorw00t: your last point is ok12:02
w00tdeztructor: so? it's git. decentralised is easy :)12:02
w00tbranching is cheap, let's use it12:03
deztructorw00t: but code is copy-pasted :P12:03
w00tyes, but i'd rather copy/paste a few hundred LOC than figure out how to share that few hundred LOC and end up with a massively complicated architecture and package structure12:03
deztructorpeople will start to perform fixes for similar plugins in different packages12:03
w00thow is that any different to your solution of having one per package?12:04
deztructorw00t: this is the way of component-based systems compared to monolitic12:04
w00twith your proposal, they have to checkout contextkit-battery-n{9,950,900} instead of contextkit-n{9,950,900}12:04
w00tthey will *still* have to make similar fixes for similar plugins in different packages12:04
deztructorshared code is going into one package (if it exists), other - separate12:05
deztructorbattery plugin is rebuilt in several seconds, all contextkit-maemo - in ~2 min12:05
* w00t sighs12:05
StskeepsFWIW, i'd want and i'm OK with: contextkit plugin for mer + it's contents, contextkit plugin for nemo and it's middleware, contextkit plugin for a hardware adaptation12:06
deztructorw00t: this plugin are different, if they will be similar - ok, one package12:06
w00tStskeeps: it isn't possible to have a "mer" plugin12:06
w00tthese are all tied to specific hardware (nokia devices) or at least a specific stack (like bluez)12:07
deztructorso, mer,nemo,nw12:07
w00tand even that specific stack *can* be replaced12:07
w00tand has been, iirc, I just don't remember where12:07
Stskeepsw00t: hmm :P12:07
Stskeepswell, ok, plugin(s), i meant source package12:07
deztructorit does not matter, so lets have now: ck-nemo and ck-n950-n9, is it ok for all?12:08
Stskeepsi'm fine with that12:08
Sage_ <- test images against mer-next12:09
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deztructorStskeeps: dumb question: does anybody already built qtsystems for nemo?13:49
deztructorops, found it13:50
deztructorcancelling q :)13:50
w00tdeztructor: the Qt battery class will live in two places: qt-mobility (Qt 4) and qtsystems (I don't know the package name) for Qt 513:53
w00tyou can probably just concentrate on the qt-mobility one for now13:53
w00twe aren't using Qt 5 actively - yet13:53
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deztructorw00t: ok, thank you for pointing. The amount of energy info interfaces are discouraging :) and now it looks i gathered all :D13:56
deztructorw00t: i need to make a map of all this interfaces/chains, you did some picture before but whole picture will be more dramatic :)14:00
w00tdeztructor: I have it, for the most part, it's just that it stays in my head14:00
deztructorw00t: the same for me :)14:01
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w00tlbt: is there dox somewhere on getting Mer:Tools and Mer:Tools:Testing repos on device?16:32
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w00tI always struggle with that16:32
w00teach time I end up logging into obs and wandering around random pages/searches until I find a .repo file that probably looks likely, and use that16:33
lbtw00t: on device...16:33
lbtso zypper ar mer-tools16:34
lbtwe're hoping to get SSU soon too16:34
w00tand M:T:T?16:35
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:35
lbtcurrently they're the same16:36
lbt is the publish location16:37
w00tso if i ar that repo, I get both?16:37
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:38
lbtif you ar both you get both16:39
w00toh, right16:39
lbtI'm going to try and keep M:T:T in some kind of shape from now on though16:39
lbtI previously would copy random crap in there and use it as a personal test area16:40
lbtbut now I'm not a 1-man band .... that doesn't work so well :)16:40
w00tsucks, doesn't it ;)16:40
lbtyeah - now I have to spend ages working out a contribution process :/16:41
lbtand explaining it to people16:41
lbtso much easier just to do without sleep16:42
w00tHuman v2.0 really needs releasing soon16:42
w00tthis need for food and sleeping is a completely irrational limitation16:42
lbtyou know, there is this theory that you can drastically cut down on sleep needs by sleeping for a few mins every couple of hours16:42
lbtbut you *must* break off from work and sleep... the +ve is that you only need 4hrs/day ...16:43
Sfiet_Konstantinlbt: but you needs to patch human habits, and that's hard, due to their crappy implementation in the brain16:43
lbtSfiet_Konstantin: apparenly it's most jobs that cause the problem16:43
lbtsince "can't make the 11am meeting, I'm going to bed" doesn't fly :)16:44
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, that's true16:44
Sfiet_Konstantinso we need to first patch upstream Society, and release Society 2.0 maybe16:44
Sfiet_Konstantinseems to be very interesting16:46
Sfiet_Konstantinwill consider this for improving study time :D16:46
lbtTotal sleep time /day can get down to 2h16:47
* lbt wonders what mrs lbt would say...16:47
Sfiet_Konstantinlbt: well, in theory, dunno what will happened in practice16:48
w00tStskeeps: can you please submit swaplogger to M:T:T?16:48
* w00t just noticed it still isn't there16:48
* lbt quickly goes to put "gitpkg only" policy in place16:49
w00treally want it for looking at UI performances, so ;)16:49
lbtI'm going to setup a github mer-tools organisation16:50
lbtuntil my gitlab is ready16:50
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lbtStskeeps: Version:    0.1~git0.46bfc6 with no patches?16:56
lbtw00t: can you take that and gitpkg it please16:57
Stskeepslbt: there's no tarball16:57
lbtis there a 0.1 tag ?16:58
Stskeepsno, nothing16:58
Stskeepsit's practically a master tag16:58
Stskeepsthough it is on the list of tools that come from maemo. / meego. gitorious16:59
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w00tlbt: I can try find time tomorrow, but no promises, I'm already a bit behind due to being ill so much since finland17:14
w00tlbt: do you have time then to help me if I try?17:14
lbtI accepted it anyhow ... so it's backlog stuff17:14
lbtyes, I will help17:15
w00tit's a date17:15
lbtbring a bottle...17:15
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w00tdrwx------ 32  500  500 4096 2012-09-17 19:28 nemo18:10
w00twell that's interesting.18:10
w00tspecial: didn't that happen to you?18:11
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:12
specialw00t: faenil figured it out originally18:13
w00tI didn't run mad-developer18:13
w00tI don't have it installed..18:13
specialit's pretty easy to accidentally hit from the homescreen.18:13
specialthat's how it happened to me, at least18:13
w00tit *is not installed*18:13
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Sage_w00t: ...18:29
* w00t has no clue how that happened18:29
Sage_Stskeeps: just for fun can you grep chmod, chown, adduser from mer .spec files?18:29
specialmad-developer does trigger it, at least18:31
specialthere could be something else18:31
w00tyes, I know18:32
w00tthat's why I uninstalled it18:32
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:32
qwazixw00t, are you in the mood of moving mg-package-manager to github?18:36
w00ttell me the repository it's coming from18:36
qwazixIt was originally in gitorious but I made some changes to the qml and imported it @
qwazixI suppose you can fork it in nemo organization and then I can do pull requests?18:38
w00tgive me the original, yeah, and then file a pull request for your changes - that way we can take a look through them too18:39
qwazixjust a minute18:39
w00tthanks :)18:40
* w00t wonders if we should take the opportunity to rename the repo18:40
w00tqmlpackagemanager sound ok? fits in with the other apps, then18:41
qwazixby the way the changes are qml-only, so just moving the files on a working device is enough to test18:41
*** phdeswer has quit IRC18:41
qwazixqmlpackagemanager sounds good18:41
phaeronalthough the package manager has the habit of hanging during or after package installation18:42
w00tphaeron: I take it you filed a bug :-)18:43
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:44
qwazixw00t, thanks, I'm going to file a pull request in a while. The changes aren't much yet, but it's a start.18:45
w00tqwazix: every change helps18:45
w00tespecially for packages18:45
w00tit hasn't gotten a lot of love..18:45
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile18:45
phaeronw00t: just saw it yesterday18:46
phaeronhappened 3 times18:46
* ljp scrolls back to read about QBattery class18:52
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* Sage_ edits the old location and adds link to the new one19:38
*** niqt has quit IRC19:40
*** survivor has joined #nemomobile19:45
survivorcan anyone please tell me which git repo is for
MerbotBug 290: task, Low, ---, not-taken, NEW, Automatic time update feature not present19:45
qwazixIs there a known working qml example of drag down to search like in harmattan's mail app?19:47
befordcheck wazapp source code, its not exactly the same though19:47
*** beford has quit IRC19:48
survivori cannot understand how to map the bugs from the bug list to there respective git repos.. i.e which git repo concerns with a particular to identify it..19:51
survivori am new any hints wud b apreciated :)19:52
Sage_survivor: is the current sources, but not much under development atm. It should be rewritten with qml and on top of the other time/date api's probably19:57
Sage_survivor: currently the automatic date/time update is done with connman, but there is also some date/time api's in systemd and the old timed. There haven't been much discussion yet which one of those we should start using and for which puproses.19:59
*** ronoc has quit IRC20:02
survivorthanks Sage, but i wonder how do you do it just by experience that you know where it is ...or are there any keywords in the bug which are mapped somehow to find the repo..for example ..i am planning to take my first bug and am planning to start with an easy fix one : instead of id 290 which i previously asked for...20:02
MerbotBug 387: task, Low, ---, not-taken, NEW, [FEA] Websites to contact cards20:02
Sage_survivor: well, I admit that it is a bit of a mess atm. We are slowly creating repos for the components that do not have upstream. to
Sage_survivor: for the 387 you can find the upstream source tree at
survivorin the bug sheet i see product and component, i guess they are the most useful one to know where to find the repo...but the repo names just do not match with anything even from the link which you gave me..20:05
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:05
survivoraah, thanks for now :)20:05
Sage_survivor: there are still many packages that do not have live upstream atm. mainly as most of them will be rewritten instead of continued as the current way. And nobody has started the rewrite thus there isn't repo in our github tree20:07
Sage_survivor: most of the lowlevel/middleware components however have active upstream in the upstream site that is used.20:07
survivorin ... in creating a patch step 3 says  Check out the release tag that matches the version in Nemo ..can anyone explain me how to check the release tag..20:24
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* ljp wonders if he should change distros22:02
Sage_lbt: started to collect the pieces for kernel packaging template
Sage_ok, time to continue tomorrow22:07
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile22:10
lbtSage_: ty22:10
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile22:18
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