Wednesday, 2012-09-19

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Sage_Stskeeps: testing the .0.0.3 image on n900 at least today. Maybe on n950 as well.07:33
Stskeepsi can't test on exo right now07:34
Stskeepsas i erm, left it in another country07:34
Sage_I can test exo :)07:34
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Sage_ok, n900 seems to work fine, wifi, browser, camera etc.07:39
Sage_Stskeeps: this doesn't have the update gcc yet right?07:41
Stskeeps0.0.3 was a gcc update i think?07:41
Stskeepscheck mail07:41
Sage_well, checked,status:merged,n,z and gcc upgrade comes after the pickup on 8th07:42
Stskeeps 0.20120920.0.0.3 has gcc upgrade07:42
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* Sage_ ponders how the pickups are aligned with the versions07:44
Sage_oh... ffs.. x86 fails07:49
Sage_ /init: line 443: dmsetup: command not found1;5D07:50
Stskeepsdevice mapper upgrade?07:50
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Sage_hmmp... I ponder what this did;a=blobdiff;f=device-mapper.spec;h=219134b25f912d99f0900a92510d421c37284a5e;hp=cf340987ff9482da7e7dbfd12d449854b22a3b03;hb=4191a30e9f1c6ea8e20ddecee18d54df939766bc;hpb=94a2205233147f1d6cacbeca73c059f174e0e826 :)07:51
Sage_well, we haven't changed the binary location or anything just updating the tarball pretty much07:53
Stskeepscheck the rpm differences?07:53
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Sage_umm... devicemapper is the same version then in previous release07:56
Stskeepswell there was an issue with device-mapper for sure on armv7tnhl07:56
Sage_that davids patch is the only thing changed between07:57
dcthangStskeeps: are you checking new Nemo release on devices?07:57
Stskeepsdcthang: yes, naturally07:57
Sage_Here is the images if someone wants to erase their device and help in testing
dakovaciI will give it a spin07:59
dcthangfirst try with n900 and then n950, hope will get something interesting07:59
Sage_Stskeeps: I'll recheck and boot the older image with the same devicemapper without the davids patch07:59
dcthangFYI: now redirect to
Sage_NOTE: those images should not be considered as upgraded images from previous nemo images just a test for the next upcoming mer release08:00
Stskeepsdcthang: yes, finally08:01
dcthangSage_: from your site -> Images for N9 are ok for N950 ?08:03
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deztructorSage_: w00t Stskeeps i want to discuss contextkit providers packages dependencies08:18
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Sage_dcthang: yes08:22
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deztructornow there are to packages: contextkit-maemo & contextkit-meego08:32
deztructor1st is actual for n9/n95008:32
deztructori need to replace it with contextkit-nemo (maybe to be universal for any nemo device) and set of adaptation-specific packages08:38
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deztructorso, to be installed properly there should be some metapackage in adaptation replacing contextkit-maemo(meego) depending on adaptation-specific packages and contextkit-nemo08:41
deztructorand nemo for some device(s) should use it. Am I right?08:42
deztructorSage_: what do you think?08:42
iekkuoh! i was sure i forgot something yesterday08:43
iekkudidn't remember to invite people to extra triage08:43
iekkuwell, didn't have time to run it today, so...  how about tomorrow?08:43
deztructoriekku: when?08:44
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iekku7 utc?08:44
deztructor10 est?08:44
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iekkudeztructor, :nod:08:45
deztructorneed to ping everybody :)08:47
deztructoriekku: i mean, you need to kick everybody to hear u :)08:48
iekkuping everybody :P08:48
iekkumaybe i just send email to mer-mailing list08:48
dcthangyep, that's a good idea08:58
dcthangit's better than announce it only in irc i think09:01
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sledgespong :)09:19
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Sage_deztructor: no meta packages for that kind of things09:37
Sage_deztructor: can you tell what replaces what and we can do it properly :)09:37
Sage_Stskeeps: the old x86 image boots fine so only thing that changed in devicemapper between these two is the lbt's patch I showed earlier09:38
Sage_hmmp fedora has dropped device-mapper package long time ago in f10 already09:39
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deztructorSage_: so, lets go. First, basically contextkit providers are only needed by subscribers only. Taking e.g. energy info provider, there will be 2 implementations atm: bme-dependent and upower-dependent. They should provide some abstract energy properties provider package clients can depend on09:43
Sage_deztructor: yes, that will be "Provides: contextkit-plugin-battery" in both09:43
deztructoratm there is ck-maemo. we need to replace it gracefully /w set: ck-nemo and ck-*-n950-n9 packages09:44
Sage_deztructor: so apps can depend on that one.09:44
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deztructorso, ck-nemo obsoletes ck-maemo09:44
Sage_deztructor: ck-plugins-nemo-* and ck-plugins-n950-n9-*09:44
Sage_the main rpm/obs package can be called ck-nemo yes but the output rpm's should be ck-plugins-nemo-{bluez,precense,session,etc.}09:45
deztructorwho obsoletes ck-maemo?09:45
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deztructor(and ck-meego- in future)09:46
Sage_deztructor: the packages that provide the content of that package.09:46
deztructorand also now some packages, really depending on e.g. some ck-plugin-bluez depends on ck-maemo09:47
deztructorso, temporary, until all this packages will be fixed we need to provide ck-maemo09:47
Sage_yes, we need to change that. Nothing should depend on that kind of master packages, if something needs one plugin it should depend on that one only09:47
deztructorthen, gradually we will make more specific deps for 'em09:47
deztructornow i am extracting ck-battery* and change deps in corresponding packages09:48
deztructorand temporary ck-nemo will Replace ck-maemo until all plugins will be separated into own packages09:49
deztructorand Obsolete it09:49
Sage_deztructor:         contextkit-maemo is needed by (installed) maliit-plugins-0.81.3-1.25.Nemo.armv7hl09:49
Sage_deztructor: that is the only thing that depends on contextkit-maemo09:50
Sage_contextkit-meego has been already split to pieces so that should be easy to handle with obsoletes09:50
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Sage_also contextkit-maemo-mce-0.7.30-1.28.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl has been split up as well already09:50
deztructorSage_: this is because many packages should include it into dependecies but missed it09:50
Sage_deztructor: if you submit patch to maliit-plugins at the same time with everything else you change it is ok.09:51
deztructorSage_: maybe maliit-plugins needs presence09:52
Sage_deztructor: I think it needs /usr/share/contextkit/providers/kbslider.context09:52
deztructoryep :)09:52
Sage_deztructor: so do contextkit-plugins-nemo-bluez and obsolete the contextkit-maemo with that package and split the rest as well. Then when submiting the stuff fix maliit plugins with same creq and everything is ok09:53
deztructorok, i'll try to construct it now :) will also write .dot for it and share for review09:53
Sage_deztructor: lets go this though there, i.e, add each plugin with rpm package name there and what it obsoletes09:54
deztructoris there a way to get from zypper something similar to rdepends?10:13
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deztructorbtw, there was fixes regarding cmake stucked under qemu. does it still stuck?10:58
Sage_deztructor: last time I compiled something with cmake it failed, couple of weeks ago, not sure when fixes where in10:59
deztructorSage_: it works for me, so i wonder is there still issues11:00
deztructorit looks like there was randomly appeared lockups and there was fixes for it11:00
* deztructor wants to use cmake instead of slow and messy autotools and does not want to use weak qmake at all :)11:03
deztructorbtw, contextkit-meego packages goes into System/GUI/Other. I think Applications/System is more suitable for it. There is no relation to GUI11:05
Sage_deztructor: none of those groups are checked so feel free to fix :)11:16
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Sage_lbt: ping11:29
lbtSage_: pong11:34
Sage_lbt: devicemapper causing problems with .0.0.311:35
Sage_lbt:;a=blobdiff;f=device-mapper.spec;h=219134b25f912d99f0900a92510d421c37284a5e;hp=cf340987ff9482da7e7dbfd12d449854b22a3b03;hb=4191a30e9f1c6ea8e20ddecee18d54df939766bc;hpb=94a2205233147f1d6cacbeca73c059f174e0e826 only change after working one11:35
Sage_I don't think it caused it but anyway I'm doing new image with that reintroduced11:36
Sage_original commit for that change seems to be;a=blobdiff;f=device-mapper.spec;h=219134b25f912d99f0900a92510d421c37284a5e;hp=cf340987ff9482da7e7dbfd12d449854b22a3b03;hb=4191a30e9f1c6ea8e20ddecee18d54df939766bc;hpb=94a2205233147f1d6cacbeca73c059f174e0e82611:36
Sage_this one
lbtsound like something broke internally11:38
lbtthat's just broken11:38
Sage_10:50.06 < Sage_>  /init: line 443: dmsetup: command not found1;5D11:39
Sage_is what the x86 image I made says atm.11:39
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Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: reverted the lbt's patch to device-mapper and now the x86 image boots on my exopc11:55
Sage_time to compare rpm's11:56
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Sage_also how can the version number changed from device-mapper-1.02.74-1.1.i586.rpm  to device-mapper-1.02.74-1.3.i586.rpm  between git commit to mer?11:58
Sage_I though the X in -X.Y increases for every git commit to mer gitweb11:59
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: how can this be possible:
Sage_ %attr(755,root,root) %{_sbindir}/dmsetup is there that points to /usr/sbin/dmsetup and it has not been changed12:07
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Sage_oh, now I can see the issue. So %{_sbindir} == _exec_prefix + /sbin thus it worked with both and file location changed :P12:23
Sage_lbt: don't break our shit (tm) ;)12:23
Sage_lbt: actually you fixed it sort of but file location changed which wasn't expected :P12:24
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lbtSage_: I'm kinda watching but not sure what the problem is12:29
lbtapart from "I broke your shit (tm)" :)12:29
lbtdid something hardcode /sbin ?12:30
Sage_-%define _exec_prefix /12:30
Sage_that changes %{_sbindir} from /usr/sbin/ to //sbin/ :)12:30
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Sage_you removed and at the same time relocated the binary without noticing as the packaging still worked :D12:31
Sage_so instead of using %configure --exec-prefix=/ they changed the macros to relocate stuff it seems12:33
Sage_need to move the binary back to /sbin/ for now and only after we do the symbolic links from /sbin to /usr/sbin we can start moving stuff really12:34
lbtfor some reason that was breaking in thumb builds12:35
lbtI probably didn't notice the /usr move12:38
lbtso you'll leave the %defines out and add --exec-prefix=/ ?12:38
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Sage_I'm checking atm. but I think that should do it12:38
lbt_awayanyhow ... gotta go ...bbl8r12:38
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Sage_[Errno 110] Connection timed out: ''12:55
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faenilhey people :)13:09
faenilthere's Jussi Hurmola live at :D13:10
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: you did not even posted on #JollaMobile :(13:12
faenilI have just joined man :P13:13
cybetteis there a way to post to multiple channels at once?13:13
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amjad_hi, i think i have fixed nemo bug #181, on COBS, just  needed a patch for kernel-adaptation-pc,16:43
Merbot`Bug task, Low, ---, not-taken, NEW, Publish listing of package licenses along with each Mer release16:43
Merbot`Bug 181: normal, Normal, ---, not-taken, NEW, Kernel module build agains kernel-adaptation-pc throws: xen/xen.h: No such file or directory16:43
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Sage_amjad_: you can just do SR for it towards the CE:Adaptation:x86-generic17:45
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6756 Accepted promotion request18:06
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Sage_w00t: currently meegotouch-theme requires libmeegotouch >= 0.20.42 I wonder if there is any real reason it to do so?19:58
w00tlink me to the source?19:58
Sage_I was just checking what all depends on libmeegotouch and was supriced as when removing libmeegotouch also qml apps were removed :P19:59
specialI seem to remember w00t telling me a few hours ago that theming didn't depend on libmeegotouch.. :p19:59
w00tspecial: it doesn't19:59
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w00tI have a feeling this might be the CSS theming20:00
Sage_yes it is complete on rpm level only thing20:00
w00twhich only libmeegotouch applications use20:00
w00tlooks that way, but not completely sure20:00
w00tI really hate our theming design20:00
w00tinheritance is such a bloody stupid idea20:00
Xruxamaybe time to prune Darko too, has some odd libmeegotouch and meegotouch-home bits in it20:00
Xruxaw00t: hehehe, I like it :)20:01
w00tXruxa: it's flexible, but not performant20:01
Xruxait makes sense if the design serves the purpose to make new themes incrementally. Other I do not care about :)20:01
Sage_libcontentaction, meegotouch-theme, meegotouch-applauncherd and meegotouch-compositor are the things we would probably like to cut the libmeegotouch depency off if possible20:02
w00tbut in almost every case, that isn't what you do20:02
w00twhen you create a theme, you want to totally change the look and feel20:02
w00tSage_: the latter is almost certainly not going to happen20:03
w00tI filed a bug for applauncherd removal today20:03
w00tspecial said he might look into it20:03
w00tlibcontentaction is trickier than I would like, but plausible20:03
Sage_I'm happy when we can install our qml based apps without libmeegotouch coming with20:04
Sage_I know it can't go away completely yet as e.g. our settings is based on it atm. and some other parts.20:05
w00tsettings and compositor are going to be the hard-to-remove parts20:05
Sage_what about systemui?20:05
Sage_ is needed by (installed) contactsd-1.1.1-2.3.Nemo.armv7hl20:06
w00tvesuri (who is apparently not here) is working on chopping bits of that up into lipstick20:06
w00t= we might not need it for long20:06
Sage_oh, nice20:06
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Xruxaw00t:  vesuri is with Jolla now :)20:06
Sage_contactsd reuqires libmeegotouch as well..20:06
w00tI looked into the contactsd requirement20:07
w00tlet me go look into it again20:07
w00tunit test only requirement, I think20:07
w00tand one that can use mlite instead20:07
w00tfile a bug20:08
MerbotNemo bug 453 in libmeegotouch "[META] Drop dependencies to libmeegotouch" [Normal,New]20:09
Sage_block that on the bugs related to libmeegotouch :)20:09
MerbotNemo bug 452 in .Other "meegotouch-applauncherd should not directly drag in libmeegotouch into all boosters" [Normal,New]20:09
MerbotNemo bug 454 in Theme "meegotouch-theme depends on libmeegotouch in .spec file only" [Normal,New]20:11
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