Thursday, 2012-09-20

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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6757 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6757 Accepted promotion request04:50
StskeepsSage_: so what was the device mapper issue?05:00
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Stskeepsmorn zchydem05:06
Sage_Stskeeps: someone did nasty things with defines05:07
StskeepsSage_: okay05:08
StskeepsSage_: so new gerrit submission fixes the issue in general?05:08
Sage_Stskeeps: the line lbt removed that defined the variable also changed the behaviour how %{_sbindir} macro worked05:08
Sage_so instead of referring to /usr/sbin/ the %{_sbindir} macro used to point to //sbin/ within that package05:09
Stskeepsthat's really nasty05:09
Sage_so lbt accidently moved the binries without noticing ;)05:09
Sage_as the macro also "fixed" the %files while fixing the %configure :P05:10
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deztructorlbt: does osc checks runtime package deps08:18
lbt'check', no08:19
lbtwe do an image build as part of our process08:19
lbtthat validates installability08:20
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lbtthen we ideally run tests on the image08:20
deztructorlbt: hasher has :P08:20
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lbtdeztructor: it creates an image after each build - neat08:20
lbtdoes it run QA regression?08:20
lbt(on the image)08:20
deztructorlbt: it should08:21
lbt'should' ?08:21
deztructorlbt: i do not know how it handles arm builds08:21
deztructorlbt: it was x86 times when i used it08:21
lbtI think the problem is that it's a bit like saying "does gcc do X" ... the answer is more "gcc is part of a larger suite and that job is handled by another component"08:22
lbtso no, that's not osc's job08:22
deztructorlbt: is there a mock or smth similar?08:23
lbtyes - iirc mock == obs worker/osc build08:23
lbtyep - mock == osc build08:24
lbtexcept I think osc build is more intelligent for team working08:24
deztructorlbt: e.g. qemu ldd can be one of tests for runtimes deps etc.08:25
lbtie you can say "use my team rpms which are not in Trunk"08:25
lbtwell, what do you mean by "check runtime pkg deps" ?08:25
lbtrpm does autodep08:25
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deztructorlbt: something like: some package uses e.g. qtdbus library, package maintainer has not pointed it in Requires08:44
lbtah, that's autoreqprov or similar08:44
lbtI think that's part of rpmbuild .. not 100% sure08:45
deztructorlbt: thx! it looks like it is not part of rpmbuild (i am not sure)08:46
deztructori remember there was some tool for it but do not remember which08:48
lbterm - that page describes it08:50
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deztructorrpmlint-mini (rpmlint-MeeGo depends on it) download speed is icreadibly slow :o08:56
deztructorit looks strange, it goes from mer-core repo08:57
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6753 Rejected promotion request10:32
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deztructorSage_: lbt if i am trying to access repository corresponding to package in my home branch i get http err 404 0 - not found (i am talking about obs). Can you help me to understand what is wrong?10:53
lbtdid you enable publish ?10:54
lbtby default home dirs are not published10:54
deztructorlbt: aha, by default it is disabled10:55
deztructorlbt: thx10:55
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coyoStskeeps: so, how stable is nemo? is nemo ready for primetime as a major competitor to android, say?13:29
Stskeepshehe, it's a community project13:29
Stskeepsbut you're welcome to contribute to it to make it so :)13:29
* timoph likes the direction where nemo is going atm13:30
Stskeepsbut yeah, it looks quite nice13:30
coyotimoph: what's the direction it's going?13:30
Stskeepscoyo: sec13:30
timophhmmh. how to put this shortly13:30
timophgetting rid of the old meego reference ui bits and trimming other fat as well13:31
coyotimoph: what's wrong with meego? did they screw up the whole "open" part?13:31
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Stskeepsmeego's dead13:31
coyooh.13:31, that is, and harmattan13:32
timophyep. harmattan != meego13:32
Stskeepsmeego as a dream isn't13:32
coyoso mer/nemo is what meego is SUPPOSED to be.13:32
w00ttimoph: did I show you btw?13:32
coyoso, what is the original vision of meego/nemo?13:32
Stskeepscoyo: "hmm. we could do this better"13:33
coyois it as simple as "linux on my mobile phone" or "freedom for the mobile handset"?13:33
timophw00t: no. looks great13:33
Stskeepscoyo: for mer: share effort and realization of what people really used meego for13:33
coyoStskeeps: i would love to see a pure free software solution for smartphones.13:33
Stskeepsfor nemo.. open mobile headset13:33
Stskeepsbut there will always be hardware adaptations that may be closed13:34
coyowell, i hate the idea of using a phone i paid over 600 usd for and not have any real power or control over that device, especially when the data plan is costing 120 usd a month13:35
Stskeepswell, that's still up to vendors13:35
* timoph ponders about building an nemo image for his archos g913:35
coyothat's just as a user. as a developer, i want to be able to easily deploy a ruby network overlay and services that depend on that overlay simply and effectively.13:35
Stskeepscoyo: good thing mer is built for insane experiments like that13:36
w00ttimoph: :) waiting for Stskeeps to figure out the QMF upgrade in mer, and then I'll look at dropping it in soon after13:36
coyoStskeeps: becoming a mobile phone vendor is extremely expensive, and has HUGE barriers to entry. how bad is it? would it be worth going into becoming a vendor for mobile phones?13:36
Stskeepscoyo: well, some of us are in that business13:36
Stskeepsmany from mer and nemo work in Jolla13:37
coyoJolla? *quickly opens a tab and ducks*13:37
coyoffff, that's a finnish company, which means i probably cant get a handset.13:38
Stskeepsever heard of importing?13:38
iekkucoyo, where you from?13:38
timophso they decided to keep the wiki article? or is that still being discussed?13:38
coyoi live in texas, united states.13:38
iekkucoyo, btw, nokia is also from finland :P13:38
Stskeepstimoph: seems so13:38
coyoyes, but i actually see nokia phones every now and then.13:38
Stskeepstimoph: don't wander into the talk page unless you want a headache13:38
coyonot often, but i do see them.13:38
timophStskeeps: ack :)13:39
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coyoiekku: that said, if it is actually possible to purchase jolly handsets and resell them, i might consider that.13:39
Stskeeps#jollamobile also exists13:40
the-bossStskeeps: Error: "jollamobile" is not a valid command.13:40
Stskeepsfor unofficial discussion13:40
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w00tVesuri: :)14:27
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6758 waiting for review at
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deztructorSage_: 3 requests starting from 6758: contextkit-plugins separeted to packages as we discussed, goes now into n9_50 adaptation, 2 other requests (checked by bot now?): dependencies on proper plugins for maliit-plugins and meegotouch-systemui15:18
deztructori tested upgrade from repo, it works fine :)15:19
deztructorw00t: sources of contextkit-plugins are just built with PLATFORM configuration var and different set of plugins/packages are created depending on it, so each adaptation just can use the same repo containig platform-dependent and independent plugins. So, in this way all sides should be satisfied :)15:21
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6760 Rejected promotion request15:21
w00tdeztructor: sounds interesting.. hopefully i'll get some mental room to check it out sometime soon15:21
deztructornext step i am going to do is to move contextkit-meego inside this repo15:22
deztructorand package15:22
deztructorw00t: so, central git for contextkit plugins and just different builds for contextkit-plugins corresponding to different adaptations :)15:23
w00tno more contextkit-maemo either I guess?15:24
deztructorops, submitted SR#6760 too early, ck-plugins should appear first15:24
deztructorw00t: i will kill it on the next step15:24
deztructorafter integration of contextkit-plugins15:24
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deztructornow 'zypper up' to it was flawless15:25
Sage_deztructor: osc help creq ;)15:27
Sage_lbt: how to do creq with gitpkg? :)15:27
deztructorSage_: does creq handles dependencies between projects? so, here 2 packages are from 3 projects15:29
Sage_deztructor: haven't tried. Just wanted to point that creq can do submit and delete at the same time :)15:32
specialalterego: still waiting on review for libcommhistory15:34
deztructorSage_: btw, how to handle correctly all this changes: contextkit-plugins-nemo-bluez "provides" contextkit-maemo, so it goes instead of it and maliit-plugins are orphans until they are modified to depend on kbslider plugin package (now they can't? there is no package with this name yet)15:34
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Sage_deztructor: well just submit them at the same time you can build all of those in same home project15:36
deztructorSage_: but they are in different obs project15:37
Sage_so? :)15:39
deztructorSage_: i need to copy 'em into single project?15:39
Sage_e.g. branch CE:UX:MTF what ever, then branch CE:MW:MTF xuy home:user:branches:CE:UX:MTF15:40
Stskeepsdidn't he do that already?15:40
Sage_Stskeeps: if he did he would not be asking it? :)15:40
deztructori have branched 'em15:40
deztructorthere are 3 branched projects15:41
Sage_deztructor: you can give destination project to branch as well :)15:41
Sage_osc branch CE:UX:MTF sysuid; osc branch CE:MW:Shared maliit home:deztructor:branches:CE:UX:MTF15:41
Sage_and then you can SR from single project to multiple different destinations15:42
deztructorSage_: and how this destinations deps will be finally resolved?15:43
Sage_deztructor: can you fix the changelog for the contextkit-plugins.changes not to mention the 1.x.x versions. You don't need more than one changelog entry as it never made to "nemo repos yet"15:43
Sage_deztructor: ?15:43
Sage_destination deps?15:43
deztructorpackages after sr are going back to different projects, isn't it?15:44
Sage_I give you premission to break the stuff with single SR's if I can see all the fixes and I just accept them in a row. Yes there will be broekn repo for a moment but fix is coming soon.15:44
Sage_deztructor: yes15:44
Sage_you just merge the projects to one single branch for you patch developmet and then push them to separate repos back when you are done15:44
deztructorSage_: and if i am making single sr from the project packages are going to source projects?15:45
deztructorSage_: so, i'll just remove 1.x.x parts from it?15:46
deztructori mean .changes15:46
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Sage_deztructor: osc sr home:sage:branches:CE:UX:MTF:WTF foo CE:MW:Shared ;)15:47
Sage_sec giving example of the .changes15:48
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deztructorSage_: so, there will be 3 SRs anyway?15:48
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Sage_deztructor: about the changelog, not need to make it complex if not needed. And we don't want to fill up changelog entries if not really required i.e., if it didn't make to nemo yet you can merge the entries15:50
Sage_deztructor: there can be 3 SRs sure15:51
* Sage_ is having trouble figuring out the complexity :P15:51
Sage_deztructor: also I'm not entiresly sure about the naming of packages atm.15:52
deztructorSage_: and if all 3 packages now are successfully built in their branches i can submit reqs (after fixing .changes where needed)15:52
deztructorSage_: naming of contextkit* packages?15:52
Sage_yes, I have some other fixes as well just wait. Looks much better though :)15:52
Sage_contextkit-plugins-kbslider-n950-n9, provides: contextkit-plugin-kbslider <- plugin_s_ vs plugin15:53
Sage_maybe %package -n contextkit-plugin-kbslider-n950-n9 etc. ?15:53
Sage_it provides only one plugin, so should we use it witout the s?15:54
deztructorSage_: yeah, i also noticed. plugins inherit names from parent src pkg but e.g. there already was contextkit-plugin-battery15:54
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Sage_you can use -n for %macros to forget the parent name15:55
Sage_%package -n xyz, %description -n xyz, %files -n xyz15:55
deztructora bit bulky but more consistent in naming :)15:56
Sage_yes :)15:56
Sage_also I wonder if it should be contextkit-plugin-keyboard-* ?15:57
Sage_instead of kbslider15:57
Sage_pondering what it would be e.g., on x86 pc with usb keyboard attached and removed at times (exopc)15:57
* Sage_ ponders when deztructor is going to start chaging him with axe ;)15:58
deztructorSage_: in first step i almost haven't touched plugin names :)15:59
deztructorSage_: you are doing very good review, i'll better to present you a beer ;)15:59
Sage_deztructor: well the point is that if we do this properly the first time we don't need to do provides/obsoletes mess later when renaming16:00
deztructorSage_: i just scared (not so much imo but some people can try to call it big changes :) on amount of changes need to be done16:00
deztructorSage_: ur right :)16:01
Sage_ie., I would like to get all the rename mess done at once so we don't need to mess it aound another time16:01
deztructorgood names - no explanation in future :)16:01
Sage_same goes with contextkit-nemo. next we need another Obsoletes: Provies when we split it up and then we need to carry two of them next X months in spec16:01
Sage_as we don't want to break the updates between releases16:02
deztructorSage_: the same about battery: i have nothing against battery :) but it is not correct to call plugin '*battery', '*power' is much more suitable name16:02
deztructorSage_: we do not have contextkit-nemo already ;)16:02
Sage_yes, power if fine for me :)16:02
deztructori killed kenny16:02
Sage_deztructor: <- after this we have16:02
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6752 Rejected promotion request16:03
deztructorSage_: just revoked :)16:03
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Sage_then we need to have and not just the first two lines when we split it to pieces :)16:04
deztructoras contextkit-plugins produces all stuff for selected platform, including adaptation-independent plugins16:04
*** cat1 is now known as cat_x30116:05
deztructorthere no adapation-indep. plugins atm16:05
Sage_deztructor: I would recommend just merging all the ****ing plugins to one git tree we are going to have and start from there :)16:06
Sage_then do tarball and spec where each plugin is a separate package and obsolete all the old crap contextkit-maemo, contextkit-meego etc.16:06
deztructorSage_: yeah, i already merged it @ single git repo. ck-meego will be merged there too16:07
deztructorSage_: you mean, in one step everything?16:07
deztructorSage_: i am ready to make this risky step :) lets people kill me :D16:07
Sage_multiple steaps will just maek our .spec files have tens of lines obsolete/provide mess16:08
deztructorso, to merge ck-meego, i need to understand what meego plugins (except battery) are not for n9.5016:09
deztructorand what plugins are generic16:09
deztructori'll check 'em16:09
deztructorwhat platforms are now supported by nemo mobile?16:09
deztructoratm both ck-maemo and ck-meego are installed16:10
Sage_n900,n950,x86(exopc,ideapad etc)16:10
Sage_you can pretty much just check
Sage_and see what contextkit packages are listed in each of the images .packages files16:10
Sage_cellular, internet, mce, battery (n900, n950, upower)16:11
Sage_everything else is not used atm. :P16:11
deztructorSage_: ok, so i'll continue :)16:12
Sage_we can probably just kill the rest for now and add them if someone needs them. no idea if any of the others even work.16:12
deztructortmrw or @weekend i'll be back ;)16:12
deztructoryes, they will be under some conditional var16:12
deztructori'll try to check deps16:13
deztructorSage_: btw, stupid q: does zypper has something similar to 'apt-cache rdepends'?16:13
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* deztructor thinks he'll be sent to tfm :) but he did it and has not found16:14
Stskeepsdeztructor: you can sometimes use obs for that16:15
Stskeepsgo into repository for the package, click the rpm16:15
*** ronoc has quit IRC16:17
Sage_deztructor: I'm personally using "rpm -e packagename" as normal user. It tells what depeds on it or says unable to remove as no permission to do it :)16:17
timophhmmh. doesn't rpm --whatrequires <package> do that?16:17
Sage_but there is rdepends thing in rpm can't recall it16:17
Sage_ah, that it was :) thx timoph16:18
timophnp :)16:18
deztructorSage_: if it is already installed on device16:19
Stskeepsrpm --test -e ? ;)16:20
deztructorStskeeps: yeah, obs has it, thx16:20
deztructortimoph: Sage_ it works only /w installed packages :o16:20
Sage_pah :)16:22
Sage_install it first ;)16:22
deztructoraltlinux made a wise to choice to use rpm and apt :)16:22
Sage_obs doesn't work on cross project things ;)16:22
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