Friday, 2012-09-21

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veskuhw00t, no .spec yet for qmlmail? I'm eager to try it out..06:01
Stskeepsit needs a qmf upgrade and qt-mobility fix06:02
Stskeepswhich i'm putting into mer atm06:02
veskuhStskeeps, thanks.06:02
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w00tveskuh: it needs a qmf upgrade, so it won't work on device yet07:32
veskuhw00t, yep.07:33
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6761 Accepted promotion request08:34
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yuntaanybody interested in qa?08:40
yuntaiekku: is there general rule about bz component creation: can they contain "vertical" groups?08:41
yuntaI mean, we can split nemo qa into per-application components08:42
yuntaor per-aspect components (performance, power, media quality)08:42
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iekkuif we do that, i prefer filing bug to component and we could have keywords for those08:42
iekkurather than having a seperate QA component with sub-components for all applications08:43
yuntayou mean: components would be applications, and aspects would be keywords?08:43
iekkufor qa tools etc i would like to have separate components08:44
iekkumer has sane setup08:45
yuntawhat about e.g. calculator tests, should they be tracked under qa/application-calculator , or rather not in qa, but in calculator/qa ?08:45
yuntalet me rephrase that maybe....08:46
kontioI'd say, it depends, if the tests package comes form the same source it should be in calculator/qa, if it's a separate source package then it might make sense to have it in qa/calc-app...08:47
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iekkuwe can't get QA sub-component under any application08:47
yuntashould we track application tests in qa product, or together with application in it's product08:47
iekkuso, we need to file bugs under application itself with keyword or maybe prefix in the summary08:48
yuntaso the only thing left for qa product is qa tools ?08:49
yuntaand general multi-app tests08:49
iekkuin mer we have "tests"08:49
iekkuunder QA08:49
yuntabut then you file under qa/tests, not under application08:50
yuntaor am I mixing things up?08:50
iekkuand there isn't any way to identify those for certain component/application than having it mentioned in the summary08:51
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iekkuso it's bit problematic... i think unit tests etc should go under component itself, with prefix or keyword08:51
iekkuand test-assets etc could go to QA>>tests08:52
yuntawhat are test-assets?08:53
iekkuat meego we had something like this:
iekkubut in general, i think we need to have setup which is working for us08:58
iekkumakes sense and it's easy to follow and track08:59
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yuntaso, if we want to keep tests with applications, the test-assets would be like collections of tests (suites) ?09:06
iekkusomething like that09:08
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yuntaqa/tools-* for tools09:11
yuntaqa/tests-* for general tests applying to multiple applications, and other test assets09:11
yuntais there anything like sub-components?09:12
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yuntaiekku: ^ what do you think about this structure?09:15
iekkuwe can't get sub-component under qa/tests, but this seems sane to me09:16
* deztructor wonders does contextkit has its own place in nemo bz09:17
w00tcontextkit is a mer package, so it has a component there09:21
yuntaiekku: so e.g.: qa/tools-testunner-lite, qa/tests-generic, qa/tests-plan09:24
deztructorw00t: and plugins? they are bridge between base platform (adaptation, middleware etc.) and high-level components. So, it looks like they should be in middleware... or adaptation09:26
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iekkuyunta, sounds like plan09:28
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yuntaiekku: now, to get them done, should I file a bug in Nemo Infra product, or where?09:31
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iekkuyunta, i think you filed it here :)09:38
yuntalol, cool :)09:38
yuntaiekku: I'm afk for now, need to go home (to receive UPS package). please ping me when you get those components ready.09:39
iekkuyunta, would you like to be cc for those components?09:39
yuntayes please, for now at least09:39
iekkuand is there anyone who wants to get cc'd?09:39
iekkuhis in mer-side, not nemo09:40
yuntawell, I'm out, see you later :)09:40
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anYcI added some links to youtube videos in order to get impressions of the current state/development at
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anYc(and linked the "howto setup desktop dev target" in dev section)11:07
anYcis there more?11:07
w00tmore what?11:09
anYcof recent stuff that is floating around in this channel and might be of intereset to visitors of the website :)11:14
anYcI'd also like to propose a small reorganisation of the main site, is anyone of the devs interested in commenting? Then I would commit the change and it can be undone immediately, if not appreciated.11:19
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anYcwell, it's actually not a big change. essentially I just moved up the status section for first-time visitors and combined sections for clarity. I just commited, if someone is not happy with it, I don't mind to undo it.11:50
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mrukdoes anybody know if changing number in calendar's icon is patented?12:41
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Stskeepsmruk: as a software developer it's probably better not to wonder it, and leave it up to legal counsel to handle it12:43
Stskeepsthere's a thing called willful infringement in which the damages are 3x compared to unwillful infringement12:44
mrukok, thanks12:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6763 waiting for review at
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yuntahi asumowski :)12:47
asumowskihi :)12:47
asumowskijust taking aloof for now12:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6763 Accepted promotion request13:01
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6764 waiting for review at
phaeronSage_: 6764 was stuck for a few minutes but I kicked14:01
cos-should meegotouch-applauncherd-devel be missing? is there an alternative to it?14:02
specialcos-: missing?14:02
Stskeepscos-: should be there14:02
cos-obs says nothing provides it when buildong a package14:03
Stskeepscos-: you need to find the right project/repo that provides it14:03
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cos-but it's installable on device14:03
specialcos-: declarative?14:04
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cos-ok, looks like it's provided here
cos-..but how should i add it to my own project?14:07
specialare you just looking for qdeclarative-boostable, or something else?14:07
specialpkgconfig is generally the answer14:08
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cos-MDeclarativeCache was missing without installing meegotouch-applauncherd-devel14:09
Stskeepscos-: you add it in repositories tab14:09
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cos-i'm not sure how much of this is harmattan specific14:10
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cos-ok, i added repo CE_MW_Shared_Mer_Core_i586 (i586, armv7el, armv8el)  to my home project. is this correct?14:25
Stskeepslooks like it14:25
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karthikhi anyone here?18:55
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Guest6020i need help18:55
Guest6020regarding telnet18:55
Guest6020anyone there???18:56
Stskeepsyou can try to ask18:57
Guest6020i am tryin to telnet into my N918:57
Guest6020but i get the error connection refused18:57
Guest6020i have also set up the network interface host18:58
Guest6020any idea??19:00
Stskeepstelnet in what circumstance19:00
Stskeepsand patience19:00
Guest6020i am trying to unistall nemo19:01
Guest6020so first i sudo flashed and got to the screen you can now telnet to
Stskeepsand you set up usb network?19:02
Guest6020so i have typed telnet
Guest6020i got the error: cannot telnet connection refused19:02
Guest6020so what should i do now?19:04
Stskeepsand you set up usb network?19:04
Guest6020but i had a problem while setting up the usb network19:05
Guest6020when i try to set up the usb network in /usr/bin it gave me the error iptables not found19:06
Guest6020so I cd\ and gave the iptables command and it worked19:06
Guest6020is that correct?19:06
Stskeepshow did you set up the usb0 interface?19:06
Guest6020sudo /sbin/ifconfig usb0 up
Guest6020sudo /usr/sbin/iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE instead of this i gave cd \ and sudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE19:08
Stskeepsok, don't bother with iptables19:08
Guest6020so what am i supposed to do now?19:08
Stskeepsroute -n19:09
Guest6020where should i give this?19:09
Guest6020should i give this after the command sudo /sbin/ifconfig usb0 up
Stskeepsand show me the output..19:10
Guest6020okay. let me try that19:10
Guest6020the kernel ip routing table is displayed19:11
Stskeepsyes, what lines does it show?19:11
Guest6020under destination
Guest6020under gateway
Stskeepsit looks a bit like something screwed up your routes bad - sure you don't have as a ip network somewhere?19:14
Guest6020sorry... that was under genmask19:15
Stskeepsanyway, no idea then19:15
Guest6020under gateway its      
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