Saturday, 2012-10-06

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* ljp fires up dd and hopes it hits the correct disk06:15
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Stskeepsljp: untarring in your own / is also fun06:46
Stskeepsljp: especially if you have binfmt_misc and qemu-arm and everything still seems to work.....06:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6955 waiting for review at
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ljphey it actually works06:48
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6954 Rejected promotion request06:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6953 Accepted promotion request06:56
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6955 Accepted promotion request06:56
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deztructorSage_: how it can be related to the theme package? it looks like some unrelated generic failure "During the trial build in CE:MW:Shared:Trial:SR6954, contactsd qmllauncher meegotouch-applauncherd libcontentaction commhistory-daemon failed to build for one of the archs : "08:33
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phakow00t: did you come to any conclusion for a persitent gsettings back-end?09:26
faenilmorning :)09:28
* ljp can never remember where osc puts packages09:29
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lbtljp: check ~/.oscrc09:39
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w00tphako: no.. didn't have time to look at the glib part of it yet09:47
phakow00t: should I wait for that or force tracker to use old-stlye ini files?09:47
phako*look into forcing09:49
w00tmm, well i'd think it would make sense to not wait09:50
w00twhere does tracker live? it's in nemo right? CE:MW:Shared?09:55
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phakow00t: yes09:58
phakocurrently trying to sort the regressions from the baseline failures :-/09:59
phakoer separate09:59
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w00thmm, many problems?10:00
phakosuperficially it looks like stuff is working, the most worring thing is the signal test fail I mentioned in that contactsd bug10:03
phakoer qmlcontacts10:03
w00thave you confirmed that's a regression?10:04
w00tI may be wrong about the cause, I wasn't very scientific in investigating it at the time as I'm busy with other things10:04
phakonot yet. Need to do some UPnP releases10:04
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phakoand gobject-introspection is annoying me to death10:05
w00tI think I need to clean up libmeegotouch packaging today10:05
w00twe patch the shit out of it at the moment and that isn't very good10:05
w00tplus I'm removing mthemedaemon from there10:05
w00t=> yet more patching10:05
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w00tStskeeps: oh, erm.. what's the chance I can persuade you to test a package on n900?10:07
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Sage_deztructor: maybe a clitch in the process resubmit10:23
phaeronSage_: what clitch :D10:23
Sage_11:33.46 < deztructor> Sage_: how it can be related to the theme package? it looks like some unrelated generic failure "During the trial build in  CE:MW:Shared:Trial:SR6954, contactsd qmllauncher meegotouch-applauncherd libcontentaction commhistory-daemon failed to build for one of the  archs : "10:23
Sage_probably sent fail note before everything finished building or so10:24
Sage_w00t: did you try the latest nemo snapshot on exopc?10:26
Sage_w00t: the one I build yesterday or so10:26
phaeronSage_: why did those rebuild as reverse deps anyway10:26
Sage_there is install deps for theme in some packages10:27
qwazix_is there a standard way to implement snapping on a draggable mousearea?10:27
w00tSage_: no, my charger for it isn't here atm10:27
Sage_phaeron: e.g. libmeegotouch requires theme when installed thus everything on top of that rebuilt10:28
Sage_w00t: when we will get rid of libcontentaction libmeegotouch dep? ;)10:28
w00tSage_: I don't know10:28
phaeronouch, but it should break the chain there unless theme makes meegotouch produce different rpms :D10:29
w00tit's rather well embedded in the utils/etc too10:29
Sage_w00t: :/10:29
Sage_phaeron: in theory theme should not really cause much rebuilds10:29
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Sage_takes a while to get used to the new obs webui10:32
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cos-any hints how to work around #298 (meego-terminal is black under virtualbox)?12:06
Stskeepsinstall mesa-llvmpipe*dri*swrast*12:07
cos-ok.. i think it can be done blindly12:09
Stskeepshost being in preferences12:10
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faenilSage_, where's the last snapshot image you built?12:24
faenilneed to get Nemo up to date ;)12:25
Sage_faenil: well I built mer-next snapshot but that is mainly for mer-next testing12:26
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Sage_anyone where with ideapad or exopc that could give that image a go?12:26
faenilSage_, oh ok, so I should just zypper up, and keep fingers crossed XD12:27
faenilwith screen and ref12:27
Sage_preferred yes12:27
Sage_soon those issues are fixed though12:27
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faenilyeah read about that :)12:28
Sage_Stskeeps: giving the next from n950 point of view a go12:29
Sage_Stskeeps: and you cleared the vm's?12:29
cos-Sage_: i have a exopc at work, i could get it if needed12:29
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Sage_well, I would need testing today ;)12:29
StskeepsSage_: already told lbt to release12:30
Stskeepsvms work12:30
Sage_ok fair enough12:30
Sage_Stskeeps: can we start merging reviews then? :)12:30
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lbtwait until the release is good12:30
Sage_ok :)12:30
cos-i have 5 minutes walk to office, so if it really is needed, i could go. i could also get my N900 and install nemo on it12:30
lbtarmv7l is churning12:30
StskeepsSage_: i prefer to wait until we've tested second time12:30
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lbtSage_: in the meantime here comes a virtualbox SR with mount.vboxsf in /sbin and not /usr/sbin12:31
faenilis there any work in the sense of charging behaviour? everytime my n950 runs out of battery a new challenge starts12:32
faenilI plug it to ac, nothing happens, then led blinks but it doesn't switch on, and no charging screen is shown12:33
faenilthis is probably more about the dualboot bootloader though?12:33
faenilit doesn't let you understand if it's charging or not12:33
Sage_cos-: well, I guess no urgent need afterall12:35
Sage_lbt: why changing to /sbin?12:36
cos-ok.. let me know if you need it12:36
lbtSage_: mount is hardcoded to search there for helper scripts12:36
Sage_lbt: as it is new component shouldn't we move everything under /usr and fix everything that thinks otherwise12:36
Stskeepslbt: btw, why do we need PATH=$PATH:/sbin for current sdk/mic?12:37
lbthelper binaries even :)12:37
lbt see modprobe issue12:37
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lbtso short story - fix sudo12:38
lbtit may be worth starting a set of /usr fixes12:38
Sage_though, one note is that we need to fix x86 adaptation a bit first before chaging much of those12:40
cos-what would be the correct way architechture-wise to fix this one?
MerbotNemo bug 323 in Contacts/People "Expose New Contact page and Avatar selection page for dialer." [Task,New]12:41
Sage_ libs mostly done as only these anymore left12:42
faenilSage_, nice PiratePad, isn't it :) used it some months ago12:43
faenilstill waiting for my n950 to give signs of life12:44
VesuriI forgot to have mine connected to a charger and the battery got drained. mer seems to require so much power during boot that it runs out of battery while booting even when connected to a charger, so gotta charge it a bit before trying to boot :/12:46
faenilmine has been plugged for the last 10mins, still doesn't switch on, led blinking12:47
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cos-is dialer same as voicecall-ui?12:55
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6956 waiting for review at
Sage_cos-: :nod: voicecall13:04
faenilled still blinking, n950 doesn't want to switch on13:04
faenilI guess I have to unplug the charger to see a difference13:05
Sage_note to all: don't use rm with -f flag in .spec either without or you don't need the rm at all :)13:05
faenilok tired, unplugging13:06
faenilSage_, have you noticed this charging problem on your n950?13:07
faenilreplugged, it switched on now...mmm13:07
faenilby itself13:07
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cybettefaenil: i saw that with my n950 a couple of times13:25
faenilcybette, it always does it here :/ always have to plug, wait, then unplug and plug back in13:26
faenilotherwise the led keeps blinking and it doesn't switch on13:26
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile13:26
cybettei think it happened to me when battery level was really low13:27
Sage_Stskeeps: should I enable thumb2 for armv7tnhl while I'm fixing nspr packaging in general?13:28
Sage_uh, fedora enabled thumb2 for armv7l armv7hl armv7nhl13:31
*** ggoebel10 has quit IRC13:32
Stskeepsthey definition of thumb is different than ours13:32
Stskeepsarmv7hl is thumb for them13:32
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lbtSage_: can you OK for me ... and I'll import release to cobs ;)13:35
Sage_;a=tree uuh.13:39
faenilPowerVR device not found....not bad...13:39
faenilnot bad at all13:39
faenil[   453.092] PVR2D_Init() failed13:40
faenilinside Xorg.0.log13:40
faeniland nemo doesn't go through splashscreen13:40
faenilI'm having fun today!13:40
faenillet's try reflashing nemo first...13:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6956 Accepted promotion request13:44
cos-how do i find out the user's session dbus address in nemo?13:44
cos-there's no dui-run or /tmp/session_bus_address.user13:45
faenilfingers crossed......13:53
faenilphew, n950 back to life13:53
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anterowhat's the general maturity of call logging/comm history - I made and received a few CS calls but call log in voicecall-ui looks empty13:58
anteroshould I file a bug =) ?13:58
Stskeepsalterego: ^13:59
Stskeepsantero: bugs are always good when stuff doesn't work14:01
cos-i just found commhistory-tool which can be used to modify comm history14:02
faenilbut only if you already have updated packages :)14:02
cos-..but it requires access to user dbus14:03
anterocos-: that's a good point, I could use it to see if the calls were logged or not and just not displayed14:03
anterowhat about ringing/displaying incoming calls14:04
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cos-looks like commhistory is not working (or i can't use the tool)14:10
faenil180mb of updates to Nemo since 31Aug :)14:11
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile14:12
anterocos-: I got a lot of debug spam with commhistory-tool listcalls but didn't spot the calls I was expecting14:15
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:15
cos-me too14:16
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cos-..and voicecall-ui doesn't display them either14:17
faenilspecial is working on that iirc, but he's in the US, so you have to try talk to him later ;)14:18
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile14:18
cos-what's the apiurl for new ( obs?14:23
Stskeepsit's not really productized yet, i think, so dont use it just yet?14:24
cos-oh, ok14:24
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile14:26
alteregoantero: wait for new release sometime today or tomorrow. The version in nemo is a bit old because of some packaging issues which I'm going to be working around probably this evening or in the morning.14:29
faeniln950 still updating :D14:41
cos-where is qml item CallEventModel defined? i can't find it anywhere14:45
faenilcos-, maybe on c++ side, if you don't find it in qml files :P14:46
alteregocos-: it's in a package called libcommhistry-declarative14:46
faenilalright alterego is active :)14:47
alteregoWhich isn't in repos because it's going to be replaced.14:47
cos-hm, i still can't find CallEventModel even in libcommhistory's sources14:50
faenilyey, update finally finished :D14:53
alteregocos-: I said "libcommhistory-declarative"14:53
faenilalterego, I'm noticing sounds when you tap numbers are delayed...any fix to that?14:53
alteregoAnd I said it's not being used anymore :P14:53
alteregofaenil: yeah, known issue, will be looking in to that when I get features done.14:53
alteregoIt's somewhat something of an enigma, possibly resource policy related.14:54
faenilI see...14:54
alteregoIt's basically all done exactly how it is in Harmattan, but for some reason it's got that awful latency :/14:54
faenilalso, is the ghosting while scrolling the menu a Qt/QML effect, or is that slow responce of the screen?14:54
faenilalterego, owww :/14:55
alteregoErm, yeah :P14:55
faenilwhat yeah D:14:55
alteregos/responce/response :P14:56
faeniloh really?? holy crap! XD14:56
faenilare you sure? it can't be that slow :D14:56
alteregofaenil: no sorry, we're confused, I thought you'd corrected me, but you were correcting yourself, nevermind.14:57
alteregoWhat menu are you talking about?14:57
faenillipstick menu14:57
faenilbut generally all scrolling views14:57
Stskeepsmaybe you're hitting the usb slowness issue?14:58
faenilStskeeps, don't know about that...though it's smooth, it doesn't lag14:58
faenilit's just that there's a ghosting issue14:58
Stskeepsghosting =?14:59
Stskeepscan you video it?14:59
faenillook at the camera icon (the purple one) and scroll up and down14:59
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faenilalright, I'll make a video ;) it's not a new issue, but something I thought would have got better with time :D15:00
alteregoOh right, you mean the application launcher icons>15:00
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*** arcean_ is now known as arcean15:00
faenilalterego, yes but not only15:05
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*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile15:15
qwazix__ghosting I think is because of awful N950 screen, have you tried on N900?15:17
faenilno I have not...15:18
faeniland yeah, I'm starting to think it's the screen15:18
faenilvideo is 200mb...argh...need something lighter :P15:18
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*** niqt has joined #nemomobile15:21
faeniluploading :) 54mb15:23
*** kimju has quit IRC15:24
faenilthe video doesn't show what I mean very much, but I think it's enough ^^15:25
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile15:28
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*** kimju has joined #nemomobile15:38
faenilthe video got soooo much worse after uploading to youtube, stupid me...15:39
faenilStskeeps, no nothing important :D15:39
Stskeepsyou uploaded you and your miss'es private video?15:39
faenilahaha no no :D15:39
faeniljust it's been compressed too much by freaking youtube :P15:40
Stskeepsswitch to 720p ?15:40
faenil720p too heavy15:40
faenilanyway, here it is15:40
faenillook at the camera icon, but damn it's barely seeable there15:41
Sage_too new doesn't show on my locatoin yet :)15:41
Stskeepsfaenil: hmm, i wonder if that shows on n9 too15:41
faenilSage_, wow15:41
faenilStskeeps, don't know :/15:41
faenilI'll reupload it to a filesharing website in the meanwhile ;)15:42
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC15:43
phakobtw, what's the deal with that large top indicator15:47
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile15:47
phakoI find it quite - well large15:47
Stskeepsah, venemo had a new design for that15:47
phakoah, ok. it's nothing final yet :)15:48
Stskeepsis something ever final in open projects.. ;)15:49
phakofor a period of time, yes ;)15:49
*** kimju has quit IRC15:50
*** kimju has joined #nemomobile15:52
*** himamura has quit IRC15:54
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Sage_faenil: ah, that icon moving thing15:59
Sage_there is a bug about that already iirc15:59
Sage_or at least I pointed it out to venemo and/or w00t long time ago :P15:59
Sage_can't find the bug though16:00
Sage_file new one ;)16:00
faenileh :D16:00
faenilthing is what can you do about that :D16:00
faenilI guess it's beyond lipstick...16:00
Sage_fun, with 14dbi wifi antenna I could see neighbors wifi that is about 300m away behind the trees etc. :P16:01
StskeepsSage_: are you that tired of your internet connection? ..16:02
Sage_Stskeeps: well, this is at country side. I promised to one relative that I bring a better wifi wifi antenna for him ;)16:02
Sage_manufacturer promises 1.4km range with this ;)16:03
faenilI read a tutorial about a 12dbi antenna made with a Pringles can :D16:03
Sage_Well this was onder 50ยค so didn't think bad price16:03
Sage_also it is weather sealed so can be put outside16:03
Sage_no idea how it lasts though but lets see ;)16:03
faeniltry this16:04
Sage_ok, one more fix today for the /usr move16:04
faenildoes that download link work?16:04
faenilthat video should show the problem, let me know if it downloads so that I can attach it to the bug thread...16:08
faenilbut anyway, what category should I file this under?16:08
faenilI don't think it's lipstick problem16:08
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*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile16:09
cos-which repo i should add to mer sdk? for example this doesn't seem to work
* Stskeeps ponders idly how people find the merproject obs16:11
cos-it is a bit confusing..16:13
Stskeepsyeah, we're like mid migration, so16:14
cos-there are no nemo projects listed on old obs
faenilcos-, CE:16:15
faenilI know, it's not ideal, but again, migration is happening :D16:15
cos-some tutorials for new developers are needed imho :-)16:16
Stskeepsthere is some, though :P16:16
cos-great, i found libresourceqt-devel.. now only qdeclarative-boostable is missing16:25
cos-obs search is broken, which doesn't help16:26
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile16:27
Stskeepsuse the search button, not the field16:27
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile16:28
*** qwazix__ has quit IRC16:30
cos-found it finally.. meegotouch-applauncherd-devel16:34
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile16:42
cos-ok, any idea which package provides /usr/lib/rpm/meego/
*** [ol] has quit IRC16:42
faenilcos-, rpm -q --whatprovides /path/to/file16:44
*** [ol] has joined #nemomobile16:45
faenilor ask the bot, i.e. Stskeeps16:46
cos-faenil: doesn't work if the file does not exist16:46
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:46
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #nemomobile16:46
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:48
cos-but thanks, got package built now16:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6957 waiting for review at
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile17:10
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6958 waiting for review at
phdeswerw00t, What image did you do your slow boot tests with? I am going to spend some time looking at it.17:37
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile17:39
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile17:39
specialphdeswer: I don't think it's been tested on -next, but it should exist for everything17:41
phdeswerspecial, ok. Just thought it would make sense to use the same one to be sure it is reproducable.17:42
Stskeepsphdeswer: you have the test cases they use?17:42
specialthere's one on the bug17:43
phdeswerWell w00t pretty much gave me a run-through thursday night17:43
special"dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1048576 count=10 | bzip2 >/dev/null" should finish in 22 seconds, when slow it'll be about twice that.17:43
phdeswerspecial, indeed that's it.17:47
phdeswerWill just take any recent image and see if it happens17:47
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile18:02
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faenilback :)18:36
*** Milhouse has quit IRC18:37
faenilspecial, can you watch this?
faenilI'd like to have your opinion on that ghosting on the camera icon :)18:38
specialah, I know what you're referring to18:40
specialthe n950's screen has always seemed prone to ghosting to me18:41
faenilit is a lot :/18:41
specialthat one is particularly bad because of the colors18:41
specialQatBowling is another18:42
faenilyes, I show it in the video18:42
faenilmoving the lockscreen shows that too18:42
specialI noticed it to a certain extent in harmattan too18:43
faenilI remember that too... :/18:44
faenilso do you think we can do anything on software side?18:44
faenilapart from using particular colours18:44
specialaim for 60fps panning to make the best use of the display we can, but otherwise nothing I'm aware of18:45
specialyou could try finding someone who knows the n950 adaptation18:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:47
faenilmmm ok18:47
faenilI also see there's some input lag...i.e. the list doens't follow the finger18:47
faenilbut chases it18:47
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile18:48
specialdoes gallery feel better on that front?18:49
special(also, note how the ghosting is visible on the borders between images when panning in gallery)18:49
faenilI have formatted 2 hours ago, so I Have no pictures, can't test anything :/18:51
faenillet me copy some pictures18:51
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile18:53
specialgallery is averaging 58 for me18:53
faenilit is smooth18:53
*** kimju has quit IRC18:56
faenilfinger delay is there also in gallery19:00
faenilghosting is incredible here...19:02
*** kimju has joined #nemomobile19:03
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile19:13
cos-should gallery be able to open any images outside the regular gallery directory?19:19
cos-i'm fixing this
MerbotNemo bug 196 in Photos/Gallery "Opening photo from file muncher doesn't start gallery" [Normal,Assigned]19:20
dm8tbrthat's quite common behavior, isn't it?19:22
specialcos-: at the moment it's fairly closely tied to what is indexed by tracker19:22
faenilcos-, oh that's you who commented the bug19:23
cos-yep.. but the current implementation uses qt mobility's gallery heavily and requires mahor changes if it should be able to open any file19:23
faenilspecial, why? you just get the path of a file via command line19:23
faeniland show it on screen19:23
faenilcos-, I was about to start working on that bug :)19:24
faenilcos-, yesterday we decided that when you open an image from an external app19:24
cos-yep, but the current implementation uses GalleryModel so you just can't tell it to display a url19:24
faenilyou can't go to gallery's main view19:24
cos-if we want to support viewing any images, i'll need to refactor the current implementation quite heavily. that's why i wanted to confirm this.19:25
faenilwell if it takes that, we have to do that :)19:26
cos-i have already implemented loading & displaying a file given on command line, but it just uses basic Image item currently19:27
cos-i have also done the changes to .desktop file, but file manager still opens images in browser for some reason19:28
cos-could it be that file manager always opens browser?19:28
faenilat least I don't think so :D19:29
*** qwazix__ has joined #nemomobile19:29
cos-special: that did the trick, now it opens in gallery19:30
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
cos-i'll add it to postinst19:30
specialno need19:30
specialit's done after installing the rpm19:30
specialpostinst would be in the sandbox when building a package19:31
specialif you mean qmake's version of postinst19:31
faenilcos-, you should just need to modify ImageContainer a bit, and use that19:31
cos-special: i meang .spec file's postinst19:31
cos-faenil: yep.. i'll have to study it a bit more19:32
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile19:32
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile19:33
faenilcos-, yeah ;) keep me posted19:33
cos-perhaps even split it into 2 files to get rid of galleryModel19:33
faenilyes just take out of it the model related parts, create a clean element which just shows images with flicking19:33
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC19:33
faenilnow I have to go ;) be back tomorrow morning ;)19:34
cos-ok bye19:34
cos-..and should gallery handle also videos? or is there a separate media player app for it?19:36
faenilthere's already basic support (it plays video but without player UI because we had some rendering issues until some days ago)19:37
faenilI will write the videoplayer UI as soon as I have some time (will probably start tomorrow)19:37
*** VDVsx has quit IRC19:37
cos-feel free to copy
faenilwill give it a look ;) gtg ;)19:38
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w00tphdeswer: it was one of the recent mer-next prerelease images, but special reproduced it on a much older image that's been kept updated20:34
*** tanghus has quit IRC20:34
phdeswerw00t, would it happen on the latest mer release too? That is what I flashed earlier20:35
w00ttoday's you mean? or the previous20:35
w00tprevious release, then20:38
w00tI'd guess that's what special is running more or less20:38
w00tso you haven't been able to reproduce or?20:38
specialit's been happening for at least a few months20:41
phdeswerOk then I should be able to reproduce.20:43
phdeswerI got sidetracked with other stuff20:43
*** ggoebel10 has quit IRC20:43
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Venemohey w00t20:59
Venemowhat's up? :)20:59
Stskeepsmoo Venemo20:59
Venemohey Stskeeps :)21:00
VenemoStskeeps: how're you?21:01
StskeepsVenemo: good, been a exciting week but also tired21:02
Stskeepsdebugging my fonts issue on libhybris21:03
*** arcean has quit IRC21:09
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile21:10
VenemoStskeeps: what's the "fonts issue"?21:12
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile21:12
Stskeepsstarted appearing in qt5 beta121:13
VenemoStskeeps: so it works okay on Qt 4?21:14
Venemow00t: I got bad news for you. have I told you that I also noticed our favourite X bug on Harmattan?21:14
w00tVenemo: have I told you the good news that [basically] all issues have gone away with Sage_'s X upgrade in review for the next mer release?21:15
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile21:15
Venemow00t: no you haven't21:15
w00thehe. well now you know :)21:16
Venemow00t: awesome21:16
StskeepsVenemo: compared to qt5 alpha121:17
Venemow00t: well, I noticed on Harmattan that in the same scenario when the system is under heavy load, the same bug appears. so when I click on the status bar, or when a notification pops up, some garbage graphics pops up for a brief moment21:17
Venemow00t: but I'm glad it went away then :P21:17
*** starli has joined #nemomobile21:18
w00tcan I just say (currently yet again being buried in X bullshit) that I for one wholly welcome our wayland overlords with open arms21:18
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile21:19
Venemow00t: yeah, I think we all agree on that21:19
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:20
* w00t waits for maliit-framework to build21:20
* special also waits for maliit-framework to build21:20
w00tspecial: let's compile-race21:21
specialmine is on COBS, I don't think I'll win21:21
specialespecially since three of them are blocked21:21
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:21
*** qwazix__ has quit IRC21:22
w00tspecial: I question your devotion to maliit forward motion21:22
specialsays you, while building a version from january.21:24
Venemolol.21:24 much goddamn code does this thing have21:25
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile21:36
*** VDVsx has quit IRC21:41
lbtw00t: alterego
w00tlbt: antero will be happy21:45
lbtw00t: need to actually make QtCreator use it now - but at least I have an image published and that's from 'released' code not git :)21:46
ljpanyone point me to docs about how to specify my home qtmobility project to be used in and mic local image?21:58
*** niqt has quit IRC22:07
lbtljp: you need to ensure it's published and then add the repo22:17
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:18
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ljplets see if it boots/runs now23:32
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC23:32
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