Sunday, 2012-10-07

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ljphmm. dont think it used my package00:08
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ljpit did. just not able to use SensorGesture element01:05
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ljpmy qml battery examples need Qt.labs.particles installed01:32
ljpany self respecting phone would need to have particles installed01:32
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Hurrianw00t, that's one slick version of Lipstick running on Nemo.03:52
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cos-faenil: morning. have you written the qmlgallery app originally?12:36
faenilcos-, morning! :) yes12:37
faenilnot much work on it, just when I had spare time in January12:37
faeniland this summer12:37
faenilspecial contributed a lot too12:37
w00tcos-: faenil wrote the original version, special has also done a fair bit there, and i hover around and pretend to not know anything about it :)12:37
faenilw00t, don't worry, credit where is due :P12:38
cos-ok. i just noticed that we need a way to display a image file when gallery is already open12:39
cos-this sounds like dbus interface12:39
w00ttake a look at qmlmessages12:39
w00tit needs to offer an interface for a similar reason12:39
cos-i also noticed that the pinch logic code in ImageContainer refers to objects outside ImageContainer so it needs some rewriting.12:44
cos-i have limited time (this day) reserved for nemo hacking, so would you prefer me to work on the ui side or implement dbus interface?12:45
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w00twell if you'd already started on using gallery to display images, then continuing on finishing that would make sense to me12:45
cos-probably i can't finish both12:45
cos-ok, that would be the ui part12:46
cos-i'll create a ticket about dbus interface so it won't be forgotten12:46
w00tbugs are always good :)12:46
cos-also, if user opens an image via file manager to gallery, should gallery quit or go to "normal" gallery view when user clicks back button?12:47
cos-and what if user opens 2 files? sould it be possible to open 2 instances of gallery?12:48
w00tboth difficult questions, the former, i'd say going back to the normal view is ok for now (we may want to revisit that, someday), the latter.. i'd say no12:49
faeniloops, missed some things, rereading12:51
faenilcos-, if it's okay to me I'd like to take care of the pinching, because it also needs to be modified to handle some special cases12:52
faenilwhich is something I have postponed since the first version :)12:53
faenilokay to you*12:53
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cos-faenil: you probably can do the changes much faster as you wrote the original code.12:53
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faenilcos-, have you already refactored ImageContainer?12:55
faenilthe things we talked about last evening, I mean12:56
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cos-faenil: yes, but it is not finished.12:57
faenilcos-, ok ;) what about the external references? you mean those to image controller?12:57
cos-flickImg, imageController, rect etc12:58
faenilcos-, flickImg is inside ImageContainer..12:58
cos-imagecontainer contains a lot of functionality not needed when displaying single image12:59
cos-yep, but single image doesn't need flicking12:59
faenilcos-, how comes? you need pinch to zoom and flickable item ...13:00
faenilyou don't want to take flickImg out :P13:00
faenilcos-, also, rect is inside ImageContainer too...13:00
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cos-ok, i'll move flickImg to ImageDisplay (the new class to display single image)13:01
faenilyes please ;)13:02
faenilso do you see anything else referencing to external objects apart from imgController?13:02
faenilbecause that would be a quickfix13:02
cos-i suppose imgController refers to the current pagestack page. i could also move that to ImageDisplay.13:04
faenilyou don't need that13:04
faenilimgController is what handles the list view13:04
faenilto scroll through images13:05
cos-its width, height and doubleClickTimer are used13:06
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faenilbut width and height can be set externally13:06
faenilwe can just remove that and set it when we create the imagecontainers13:06
faenilinside imagecontroller13:07
cos-are they different than rect's size?13:07
faenilsorry gtg, be back in 30mins or so13:07
faenilcos-, anyway yes in default conditions13:07
faenilcos-, rect is smaller when you open the image13:08
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cos-fyi, i now have the exopc if something needs to be tested13:40
cos-ok, stand by..13:41
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cos-i'm installing it now13:54
cos-the app launcher flashes randomly on top of current application (console)13:54
cos-first boot, i started console application and the device froze13:56
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cos-doesn't look so good13:56
cos-is there anything specific i should test?13:57
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Stskeepsthat doesn't sound good, video the issues?14:11
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qwazix__Circular qml timepicker: , it still misses animation and support for 24h time, animation needs PathAnimation so I thought I should wait to implement it in qml214:13
qwazix__code is in
qwazix__w00t, ^^14:15
Venemoqwazix__, awesome stuff!14:15
Venemoqwazix__, you could use a simpler animation, but I think it's fine without an animation too.14:16
qwazix__thanks, still needs some work, but it's almost complete. I think that using qmlcalendar for date is better than the current DatePickerDialog14:16
qwazix__I chose not to make it a dialog, but a regular component, because someone may want to use it on page if it fits14:17
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cos-Stskeeps: video uploading, eta 21 min14:32
cos-i'm reverting back to old image14:32
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Stskeepsoh what the fuck15:00
Stskeepsw00t: Venemo: ^15:00
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* Stskeeps wonders if that's the ghosting effect we somewhat see on n95015:05
w00tit looks the same as the "vkb transparency fucks shit up" bug15:06
w00tI'd imagine new X might help15:06
Stskeepscos-: does it happen if you don't do vkb?15:07
* w00t wonders where that bug is15:07
w00tI know we have one filed for it15:07
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cos-Stskeeps: hm, i don't think i tried without15:11
w00tStskeeps: do you remember where it is? I remember you mentioning it a fair few times15:11
w00tthe one where the keys from the virtual keyboard never go away15:11
cos-i'll boot from the 920 image again and try things15:13
w00tcos-: Sage_ has an X upgrade sitting around somewhere.. I'm not sure he tried it on x86, but it fixes a bunch of things on n950, so it'd be interesting to give it a shot15:14
Venemolet's just upgrade the damn thing15:14
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cos-someone could also modify the default grub parameters and add a timeout until it boots the image automatically15:16
cos-it's not the vkb. there is corruption without terminal open15:17
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cos-applications work fine, but any time the app launcher or open apps is visible, it flickers15:19
cos-anything else i should test?15:22
w00twell, new X, ideally15:22
w00tbut i don't remember where it is15:23
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faenilcos-, I'm back16:00
faenilit took a *bit* more than 30mins... :P16:00
faenilwas helping my brother remove a nasty virus via remote  :D16:01
cos-ok.. i got the app running without errors, but the layout broke a bit16:03
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cos-i have 2 top statusbars visible, i'm not sure if it is causing any issues16:04
faenilcos-, are you running with -fullscreen?16:06
cos-no.. should i?16:06
cos-what do i need to do to launch gui apps via ssh?16:07
faenil-fullscreen :)16:07
faenilqmlgallery -fullscreen16:07
faenilshould be enough16:08
faeniloh also "export DISPLAY=:0" if you haven't done it already16:08
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cos-oh, DISPLAY=:0 was enough16:09
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cos-yep, i've broken the layout somehow. the photos are offset to right and right side of photo on left is visible16:10
faenilcos-, talking about list view?16:11
cos-i'm talking about imagepage/imagecontainer16:12
cos-main page works fine16:12
faenilok so listview16:12
faenilI'd need to see your current source to help :)16:12
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cos-i could tar them if you want to take a look16:17
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faenilcos-, ok downloading now, can you describe the problem again?16:29
cos-faenil: choose a image -> everything is offset to right in listview and pinch zoom center is in top left of image16:30
faenillet's see16:30
faenilscreenshot of offset please?16:30
cos-probably the bug is in ImageContainer and/or ImageDisplay. ImagePage is mostly unchanged16:31
cos-i'll take..16:31
cos-is there a easy way to take a proper screenshot or do i use my phone?16:32
faenilI think nothing built in nemo16:34
faenilcos-, wait, you changed the original hierarchy16:36
faenilPinchArea was filling imgContainer it's filling rect...16:37
faenilwhich is most of the times smaller than imgContainer16:38
cos-what would be the best way to fix it? the problem is taht ImageDisplay must be usable from both ImageContainer and SinglaImagePage16:39
faenilcos-, easy fix could be creating an item in the middle16:40
faenilItem{ fill: imgCOntainer   ImageDisplay{} PinchArea{}  }16:40
faenilStskeeps, you're quiet today, what happened? :)16:41
faenildon't tell me you also get relaxed on Sunday :)16:42
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cos-pinch functionality should be in ImageDisplay and it cannot refer to imgContainer16:44
faenilcos-, that doesn't matter, the thing is make it fill whatever ImageDisplay fills :D16:46
cos-that would be PinchArea { anchors.fill: rect16:47
faenillet's rephrase: make it fill whatever ImageDisplay centersIN :P16:49
faenilcos-, you have an ImageDisplay centerIn: parent16:49
faenilbut I don't know what the parent is in the case your only showing one single image16:50
faenilhow do you handle that?16:50
cos-rect.parent then16:50
cos-parent is ImageContainer or SingleImagePage16:50
faenilohh wait16:50
faenilI didn't see SingleImagePage16:50
faenilcos-, why did you set fill: parent in ImageDisplay? (inside SingleImagePAge.qml)16:51
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faenilthat doesn't sound good to me16:52
cos-faenil: i think that's a bug as ImageDisplay calculates own size16:52
faenilcos-, so we found it :)16:53
cos-i'll try16:53
cos-i think it's leftover when i used plain Image for testing16:53
*** arcean has quit IRC16:53
faenilyeah most likely16:54
cos-except still the picture is offset to right. and pinchImg complains "Cannot anchor to an item that isn't a parent or sibling."16:56
faenileh, that's because you can't use that fill :P16:56
faenilyou're anchoring to a grandparent :P16:57
cos-yep.. looks like the structure needs some rethinking16:57
faenilyes can't work as you did it16:58
faenilhave you tried what I wrote before?16:58
faenil<faenil> Item{ fill: imgCOntainer   ImageDisplay{} PinchArea{}  }16:59
faenilin this case fill: singleImagePage16:59
faenilor whatever16:59
cos-where would that structure go?17:00
faenilyeah it's not very clear from that oneliner :)17:01
cos-imgContainer and singleImagePage are never visible at the same time17:01
faenilI know17:01
faenilyou only need one17:01
faenilinside ImageDisplay.qml17:02
faenilinstead of Item{ rect Pinch{} }17:02
faenildo Item { Item{rect} Pinch{} }17:02
faenilthen you can anchor root item to parent, centerIn rect to parent, and fill Pinch to parent17:02
faenilnot sure that's the most elegant way to do it :P but it should be enough to get that part working17:03
cos-ok, i see17:03
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* faenil throws popocorns at Sage_ 17:06
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faenilcos-, bbl, dinner time :)17:31
faenilcos-, got anything fixed?17:31
*** kaziklubey has joined #nemomobile17:32
cos-faenil: yep, there is some progress17:34
cos-the offset is gone & flicking works as it should. but there are still issues with pinch17:34
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Sage_faenil: ? :)18:11
* Sage_ pushes new nemo snapshot18:11
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Sage_Stskeeps, w00t: yes the exopc is ****ed not sure what happened there. But new Xorg might fix it.18:13
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faenilSage_, uploading new images?20:23
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cos-faenil: i think i got it working20:42
faenilcos-, good ;) I'm watching a movie now, if you need anything write here and I'll do what I can later ;)20:43
cos-i think i'll finish now and create a patch20:44
cos-there are a couple minor things left to do, but i'll leave them for later sessions20:44
faenilcontribution is always welcome ;) though don't leave unfinished part of the same pull request :D20:45
cos-would you prefer a patch in e-mail or github pull request or what?20:46
faenilgithub pull request, if you have finished fixing the bug / implementing the feature20:47
Sage_faenil: well, not done yet maybe morning20:50
faenilSage_, np ;) is there new X in this update?20:51
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Sage_faenil: not in this yet no.20:56
faenilSage_, alright..bbl ;)21:01
cos-faenil: pull request done &  time to go to bed21:03
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