Monday, 2012-10-08

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Sage_oh, ffs... iekku ping :)06:18
Sage_iekku: why can't I change multiple bugs from X to -> RELEASED ?06:18
Sage_it gives me only RESOLVED - *06:18
Sage_alrady clicked ~35 bugs in the search and now I can't do what I wanted :D06:19
Sage_this is in nemo bugzilla06:19
Sage_iekku: 471,368,390,384,250,394,147,319,396,431,258,378,322,272,495,470,433,326,362,369,253,475,268,181,22006:21
Sage_RELEASED plz06:22
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niqtmorning all06:55
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Stskeepsmorn niqt, romaxa06:55
romaxaStskeeps: morning06:56
romaxaStskeeps: do you know anything about possible browser strategy, what and how?06:57
Stskeepsromaxa: nemo's community, there's a couple :)06:57
Stskeepsromaxa: opera, helium mobile (qtwebkit), etc06:58
iekkuSage_, can't be released without resolved, that's why06:59
iekkunemo bug triage starting07:00
Stskeepsromaxa: so any offering welcome07:00
romaxaStskeeps: is helium based on qtwebkit or webkit2-qt (qt5 only)?07:01
Stskeepsromaxa: qtwebkit i think07:01
romaxaStskeeps: ough...07:01
Stskeepsqt5 offering is growing still07:01
romaxaStskeeps: I think it would be nice to build simple nice and fast UI using EAL API07:02
romaxaStskeeps: which would be possible smoothly run on different engines webkit/gecko,07:03
Stskeepssure, i've seen your ipclite work07:03
romaxaStskeeps: make sure that EAL api is async, and based on assumption that engine does multi-process, multi-threaded rendering07:03
Stskeepslooks quite interesting07:03
romaxaStskeeps: so it would work only with webkit2 or Gecko-Multiprocess/Multrhead engine (similar to what N9 default browser does or Firefox on Android)07:04
Sage_iekku: those all are resolved-fixed07:05
romaxaStskeeps: qtwebkit (not-webkit2) - is dead end... even microb on N900 is better than that07:05
Stskeepsromaxa: i agree07:05
Stskeepswe're not browser experts though, so people are welcome to contribute07:06
romaxaStskeeps: opera - is not gonna make anything useful before product released... they don't show any sources and in order to make product with them you have to create teleport to Norway first ;)07:06
Stskeepsopera was just contributing a build way back :)07:07
iekkuSage_, i need to check after bug triage07:08
romaxaStskeeps: one possible and pretty quick solution is to build browser using Gecko multithreaded rendering approach, similar to Firefox Android. which would be pretty easy to implement, because most of functionality could be copied mostly one-to-one from Android Firefox...07:09
romaxaStskeeps: but instead of Java UI build QML ui07:09
Sage_w00t, special: any change the maliit compositing bug could be because of old xorg?07:10
romaxaStskeeps: I'm not fun to productise UI for end-product, but simple test browser is kind of working already, using Qt native test UI07:11
w00tSage_: no, I'm running new X07:11
Sage_ok, thus me asking wasn't sure about that :)07:11
Sage_w00t: worked ok so far?07:11
w00thaven't noticed any problems07:12
romaxaStskeeps: mozilla people have implemented android browser from scratch almost for 6 month.. her it would be much easier07:12
romaxabecause most of work already done and ready to copy paste on new platform07:12
romaxaStskeeps: also if that looks good, it might get Firefox label at the end...07:13
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romaxaStskeeps: question is only which UI tech more preferable, native Qt widgets (QGV) or QML07:17
romaxaStskeeps: QML is kinda tricky because IIRC Qt4 and Qt5 qml api's kinda different07:18
romaxaStskeeps: btw what is final target for Qt 4 or 5 ?07:18
veskuhromaxa, definitely QML UI, Qt Widgets are not really supported in Nemo.07:20
Stskeepsromaxa: so, nemo's made up of middleware and toolkits to make it easier to do handset UIs and devices, plus a community ui on top (apps, desktop, etc)07:21
Stskeepsromaxa: the current stack is qt4.807:21
Stskeepsromaxa: the future stack is being developed in
romaxaveskuh: does qt5 qml keep back-compat api for 4.8?07:23
veskuhromaxa, Don't know the official line, but in practice most stuff should work07:24
romaxaveskuh: Stskeeps: is there are template QML application for Nemo with custom C++ backed qml-view/widget  implementation, so I can take that and back it up with gecko threaded rendering?07:25
veskuhw00t, ^ do you know of any app with custom widget?07:25
romaxaveskuh: hopefully with orientation change working and some others07:26
w00tromaxa: take a look at e.g. qmlmail.. shouldn't be too difficult anyway, QDeclarativeItem is what you need to work with when working on a custom item07:26
veskuhromaxa, embedding the view in qt-components page handles that nicely. And we definitely need to adapt the qt-components to qt5 when qt5 comes.07:27
romaxaw00t: ok, some time ago I made N9 browser UI working with gecko rendering backend... but N9 browser has ugly mix of Meegotouch,graphicsWidget and QDeclarativeItem...07:28
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mikhasiekku, got anyone in mind who could still help with bug 456?07:29
MerbotNemo bug 456 in Maliit "Maliit needs an upgrade (with significant changes)" [Normal,New]
romaxaw00t: ok will check qml apps later, I guess is right source location07:30
mikhassomeone who has time to write some patches and also test :-)07:30
w00tromaxa: yes07:30
romaxaok, need go sleep...07:30
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mikhasiekku, my estimate would be that it might take 2-3 days, perhaps a week for someone new to the codebase …07:31
VDVsxw00t, btw about qmlmail would be nice to have qml files added as OTHER_FILES for easier editing on creator :)07:31
w00tVDVsx: toss a patch towards it by all means07:32
w00tit may be obvious that i don't use an IDE... :}07:32
w00tmikhas: triage meeting in progress, so everyone's a bit distracted atm07:33
VDVsxw00t, not for me :D07:33
iekkumikhas, need to think about that07:34
mikhasVDVsx, hey! go fix 456 then, the relevant code is 1) ugly, 2) Harmattan-ish. You should feel right at home ;-)07:34
mikhasVDVsx, perhaps you can add e-mail functionality to Maliit while you are at it.07:35
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VDVsxmikhas, lol, so you're calling your code ugly ? :P :D07:38
mikhasI have the confidence in saying so because I wrote it.07:40
w00tdoesn't everyone think their code is ugly? ;)07:41
mikhasYes, but I for one also *know* that the particular code is ugly. It's more than an opinion.07:41
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mikhasw00t, self-compositing was always a Harmattan hack. A clever one (with lots of testing!) but still just a hack.07:42
w00tit's kind of unfortunate that transparency performs so badly. I'd really rather use it.07:43
mikhasw00t, wayland …07:44
w00tyeah, well ;)07:44
mikhasit's the damage protocol of X11 that makes transparency slow07:44
mikhaswayland gets that one bit right07:44
w00tit's coming, certainly, but we still have a lot of other fish to fry07:44
mikhas(by doing an inversion of control on said damage protocol)07:45
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slaineI love that captain symbol inspired logo07:48
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cckwesthe font is very nice!07:56
Sage_grr... not my day... some nemo images were not synced properly to the repo :/07:58
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faenilmorning people08:00
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pvuorelamikhas: iekku, could take a look into that.08:04
pvuorelaand regret later saying this :)08:05
iekkupvuorela, :D08:05
pvuorelaand even without that, the state of the qml plugin is annoying me quite a bit.08:07
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faeniliekku o/08:12
iekkufaenil, \o08:13
iekkuSage_, about the released bugs, in which release they are released08:16
iekkuSage_, ping?08:20
faenildead :)08:21
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Sage_iekku: just mark them as released.08:22
iekkuSage_, done08:23
Sage_I couldn't do that btw08:23
iekkuSage_, i need to check wht08:25
faenilcommented on that08:25
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iekkuSage_, can i impersonate as you?08:27
faenilthat bug isn't fixed..08:27
Sage_iekku: I guess :)08:30
iekkuSage_, ok. thanks08:30
iekkuhmm, can't do that for some reason08:35
iekkuSage_, changed a bit your settings08:35
cckwes the i586 vm img not up yet?08:35
Sage_cckwes: coming soonish08:37
Sage_sync failed to repo :/08:37
Sage_X-Fade: ^ can you resync that?08:37
* faenil is changing the bug status , since he's being ignored :P08:37
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cckwesthanks :)08:39
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faenildm8tbr, your business card is looking at me...scary08:46
faenilbetter hide that one :P08:47
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mikhaspvuorela, hopefully some useful pointers to get started: bug 192 in Nemo Keyboard "Self-compositing does not work for QML plugins" [Normal,Confirmed]08:52
mikhasthanks Merbot, here, have a cookie08:52
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dm8tbrfaenil: hehe08:59
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faenillessons, bbl09:10
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w00tVDVsx: so, if messageserver is stuck using 100% CPU, is there anything i can easily do to get logs out of it or something?09:51
VDVsxw00t, by default logs should be going to the terminal that you're using or syslog09:54
VDVsxw00t, is that new qmf or the old one from November ?09:54
w00tmm I'm not seeing anything, this is on my mac though09:54
w00tnot mer09:54
VDVsxw00t, did you start it in a separated shell ? if so there was something printed there on startup ?09:55
w00tno, nothing printed09:56
Sage_cckwes: images synced now09:56
VDVsxw00t, do you have this one your qmake: DEFINES+=QMF_ENABLE_LOGGING ?09:56
cckwesgot it, thanks09:57
w00tVDVsx: nope :)09:57
w00tI'll try add it09:57
VDVsxw00t, if logs are working you should see some prints on startup of the daemon09:58
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Sage_w00t: you have the xorg update on your n950/n9?10:30
Sage_w00t: can you test if tv-out works on it10:30
w00tno.. i have no tv :P10:30
Sage_ah :D10:30
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Sage_well, I guess time to reinstall the xorg stuff then ;)10:31
w00thas that made it through review yet?10:33
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Sage_w00t: not yet as Stskeeps haven't started creating new snapshot yet10:44
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Sage_w00t: should this be named nemo-qml-plugins-grilo?11:46
Sage_after all it installs file %{_libdir}/qt4/imports/org/nemomobile/grilo/*11:46
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w00tit would match more with everything else, yes11:46
Sage_ok that it will be then11:57
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* Sage_ ponders why the space is always on the wrong place ;)12:08
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6963 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#6964 waiting for review at
veskuhAny idea what package should provide QtMultimedia? I though I had all related stuff installed but cant find libQtMultimedia13:10
Stskeepsqt mobility?13:10
veskuhhave it13:10
veskuhthat one is multimediakit I think13:10
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veskuhArgh, apparently you should no longer use QT+=multimedia in .pro13:17
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cckweshelp needed, booting on virtualbox freeze after "process timed ....." just the same as shown here
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VDVsxSage_, any idea ^ just got the same result with latest image14:15
w00tphdeswer_: you know a thing or two about mce, right?14:15
Stskeepshost-alt-f2 , rpm -qa | grep vesa14:15
phdeswer_w00t, not really that much. But I can try to help out14:16
*** phdeswer_ is now known as phdeswer14:16
w00tphdeswer: in particular wondering what it does re: screen locking14:17
*** mruk has quit IRC14:17
phdeswerw00t, afaik the screen lock itself is systemui.14:17
w00tit was, now it's lipstick, I know the UI part of it, and I know that mce asks the UI to lock itself14:18
phdeswerAnd mce tracks inactivity and will signal when the screen needs to be locked.14:18
w00twhat I don't know is why mce needs to know why the screen is locked itself14:18
*** Free-MG has joined #nemomobile14:19
phdeswerI think that has to do with turning off certain sensors and react differently to buttons etc14:19
Sage_oh, ffs. the vesa driver didn't make to the image14:19
* Sage_ ponders what the heck went wrong14:20
w00tphdeswer: hmmm, ok14:20
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Vesuriw00t: which part of the screen locking are you referring to? I may remember some explanations for some things :)14:21
phdeswerw00t, not 100% sure but I can try to find out14:21
w00t doesn't seem to actually do a lot, is all14:21
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w00tapart from attempt a relock if it explicitly got an error14:22
w00t(I guess that's what setup_tklock_unlock_timeout does)14:22
Vesuriis that the thing that gets called by system-ui (the callback)?14:23
Sage_phaeron: any possibility to find out why didn't update pattern properly?14:23
w00tI don't know for sure, but I'm thinking so yes14:23
* w00t wasn't familiar with this code before now14:23
Sage_Stskeeps: code is there but obs just didn't update the pattern :/14:23
Vesuriw00t: I'm not sure I understand your question up there ("what I don't know is why mce needs to know why the screen is locked itself")14:24
w00tVesuri: why does mce need a callback?14:25
Stskeepsto turn off touch input?14:25
Vesuriw00t: gets called when the user unlocks the lock screen14:25
Stskeepsor to turn off after a while14:25
Vesuriw00t: mce needs to know that it shouldn't switch the screen off anymore in 5 seconds14:26
Vesurilike it does when the touch screen lock is on14:26
w00tI'm talking about lock activation14:26
w00tnot deactivation14:26
w00tI understand why that requires a notification14:26
Vesurithere is no callback being called during activation, just a return value14:26
VesuriI may have given you an impression that there is? :S14:27
w00tno, never mind, I understand it now14:27
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khertanis there a spec expert in the room ?14:57
khertani m trying to add the functionnality to PyPackager to generate spec files for cobs14:57
khertanso a same script to create dsc/specs/sources.tar.gz14:58
khertanbut i'm fighting against spec auto magic features :)14:58
khertani didn't understand where does this cd come from
khertanthe spec file is here :
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:59
Sage_khertan: it is the %setup that does that14:59
w00tphdeswer: by the way, did you reproduce the USB-makes-stuff-slow issue?14:59
khertanSage_, thx15:00
phdeswerNot yet, noticed a bug in my kernel work and spent the whole evening fixing that.15:00
*** arturo182 has quit IRC15:01
w00tphdeswer: ok15:03
phdeswerw00t, any links to that -next image you used in case I cannot reproduce it with the release I have?15:04
w00tit should be the latest release, I think Sage_ made a release today15:05
*** himamura has quit IRC15:05
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile15:10
phdeswerok. will check it later. Just flashed it.15:10
phdeswerw00t, good and bad news. Good news I got it reproduced, bad news no clue yet.15:18
w00twell at least you can reproduce15:18
w00t(and i'm not going crazy)15:18
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile15:19
* phdeswer wonders if it has to do with all those power_supply notifications15:21
w00thmm, but they aren't constant, are they?15:22
faenilshould the wifi autoconnect?15:25
phdeswerw00t, just wonder why the debugging is enabled. And there seems to be a lot of activity there.15:32
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*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:40
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away15:42
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phdeswerHmm, we have iotop but no kernel support to run it.15:45
Stskeepsfeel free to add15:46
Stskeepsdoes it cause a perf slowdown?15:46
phdeswerStskeeps, might be a small hit. IO accounting.15:47
*** Sh2k has quit IRC15:47
*** Sh2k has joined #nemomobile15:47
*** Sh2k is now known as Sazpaimon15:47
Stskeepsjust note it in changelog15:47
phdeswerStskeeps, will first take a look at the impact15:48
*** khertan has quit IRC15:52
Sage_phdeswer: it should be added to the -debug kernel bte15:55
Sage_we have separate -debug kernel15:55
phdeswerSage_,  ah ok. LEt me grab that one then.15:55
Sage_though it might not be up to date compared to the normal kernel atm. but anyway things like those should go to the -debug kernel config so that those do not give perfomance hit for normal use15:56
Sage_phdeswer: there is a catch in that15:56
Sage_phdeswer: you need to branch the kernel-adaptation-n950 from the CE:Adaptation:N950-N9 and then do local linkpac from kernel-adaptation-n950-debug to that package locally there15:56
phdeswerAnd that would be?15:56
Sage_there are two .spec files and which one is built depends on the obs package name15:57
phdeswerSage_, well at first I would just get iotop to work to see if something weird is happening there in regard to the usb/slowness issue15:58
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*** Jade has joined #nemomobile16:14
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faenilstill getting Additional rpm output:16:23
faenilFailed to get D-Bus connection: No connection to service manager.16:23
*** mruk has joined #nemomobile16:23
faenilwhen I update packages in SDK's n950 target16:23
faenilopenssh, plymouth-lite, bluez, boardname...which is in some cases result in "erase failed"16:25
faenilI'm just ignoring errors, but is that wanted? I remember we already talked about this in the past16:27
faeniland there was a solution proposed iirc16:28
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*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile16:40
phdeswerw00t, about the mystery bug. Seems it is unrelated to any usb modules being loaded. Usb-moded seems to be innocent too. But no IO, nothing. I am stumped. Need to sleep over it to think about a good approach to find this weird behaviour16:45
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anYcis armv7tnhl only (possible?) for n9/n950?17:08
faenilouch, after updating packages, gallery now shows no pictures...17:11
faeniland I get MDeclarativeStatusBar "The name com.meego.core.MStatusBar was not provided by any .service files"17:11
faenilin the log files17:11
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC17:12
faenilany idea anyone?17:14
faenilfixed, I was root :P17:15
faenilthough the MDeclarativeStatusBar "The name com.meego.core.MStatusBar was not provided by any .service files"17:16
faenilis a new error...17:16
faenilcos-, pinching has problems... :P17:21
*** rcg-work has quit IRC17:26
specialfaenil: it shows up now because of a patch I did to qt-components, it's not dangerous.17:26
faenilspecial, alright, thanks ;)17:26
specialbefore, it would waste time on startup checking if the service existed17:27
faenilspecial, so is it normal that there is no topbar at the moment, right17:27
faenilit is*17:27
specialare you running over ssh?17:28
specialover ssh, you have to set the dbus session or there has never been a statusbar (and a lot of other things get confused, including tracker)17:28
faenilspecial, yeah just wanted to confirm that it was the same behaviour as before17:31
faenilok ;)17:31
specialI think w00t has a good script for that17:31
faenilspecial, ok I'll ask him, thanks ;)17:32
faenilspecial, what about no files on root user? why does that happen?17:32
specialdifferent tracker database17:32
faeniloh alright17:32
faeniland why isn't root's updated?17:33
specialbecause nothing is ever supposed to run as root :p17:33
faeniland just out of curiosity, how can you update it?17:33
specialwell, it probably wouldn't index the same files anyway (there's a file under ~nemo that tells tracker what to index)17:34
specialbut something with tracker-control17:34
special-f maybe?17:34
faenildoesn't matter ;)17:34
faenilspecial, have you already read cos-'s patch?17:36
faenilor are you planning to?17:36
specialI glanced at it, I haven't had time to look at it properly yet17:36
specialshould be able to sometime today17:36
faenilI just left a comment, pinching needs work17:36
faenilalright, thanks ;)17:36
*** phdeswer has quit IRC17:43
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile17:45
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile17:48
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile18:00
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:12
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:16
*** phdeswer has quit IRC18:25
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile18:28
*** danielcbit has quit IRC18:34
*** cat1 has joined #nemomobile18:35
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile18:35
*** tanghus has joined #nemomobile18:39
cos-faenil: ok.. what's wrong?18:42
faenilcos-, commented the PR ;)18:42
cos-faenil: i already fixed some of the stuff in my branch18:42
cos-ok, i'll check it tomorrow18:42
faenilI pulled last updates from your online branch this afternoon18:43
faenildon't know if you're talking about local changes18:43
cos-then you should have them.18:44
faenildid you read the new comment on the PR?18:46
cos-not yet..18:51
faenilthat's what I'm referring to ;)18:51
*** tadzik is now known as tadzikarp18:52
cos-i'll have to check it out. does exopc even support rotation?18:54
faenilcos-, no idea about that, sorry18:55
cos-that's the only device i tested yesterday18:55
faenileh :)18:55
cos-i probably don't have time to work on the bug at least for a couple of days. i coded all weekend an have some other stuff to do this week.18:57
cos-i just hope fling/pinch work the same way on different devices.. otherwise it'll be difficult to fix18:57
faenilno problem, keep me updated ;) I'll be working on other bugs in the meanwhile, hoping not to cause problems with the new structure18:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:59
*** danielcbit has quit IRC18:59
faenilabout different devices, it should...18:59
faenilI've always only tried it on my n950 though19:00
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile19:00
cos-i have a spare N900 but i use it as my work phone currently19:01
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile19:01
faenilI see...19:01
faenilback in 1h, see you later ;)19:01
w00tpinch won't work on the n90019:01
faenilw00t, right, that's for sure19:02
w00tit isn't mt19:02
cos-yeah.. it has single touch19:02
faeniland about that, a zoom slider is still missing in the gallery19:03
faenilfor singletouch devices19:03
cos-can singletouch be detected in qml?19:03
faenilmm no idea19:04
w00tit's not something i'd worry about [too much] at this point19:04
cos-it would be trivial to implement though19:04
cos-(the slider)19:05
faenilw00t, not a priority, but there aren't many big issues with gallery atm (that I know of)19:05
w00tfaenil: so find more interesting challenges - there's plenty of other things to do :)19:05
faenilw00t, :D19:05
faenilw00t, but as of now, "once upon a time" episode! :D19:06
faenilbbl ;)19:06
cos-working xorg & booting kernel would be a nice features :-)19:06
w00tcos-: talking about x86 specifically? well.. we don't have loads of people working on x86, so somewhat unfortunately, it lacks attention imo19:07
w00tkernel boots afaik provided you don't try upgrade it19:07
cos-yep, i was talking about the upgraded kernel19:09
* w00t thinks we have a bug about that someplace19:10
MerbotNemo bug 179 in x86-generic "Device doesn't boot after kernel update" [Normal,New]19:10
*** furikku has quit IRC19:12
*** tadzikarp is now known as tadzik19:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:26
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:27
*** mikhas has quit IRC19:31
*** pvilja has quit IRC19:46
*** gena2x has joined #nemomobile19:51
gena2xhello. just simple question, is it possible to use gsm calls on n900 with nemo?19:52
gena2xi mean to call/receive calls19:52
tadzikyes, it works fine19:52
gena2xinstalling =)19:52
tadzikI just installed the fresh image on my n90019:53
gena2xwhat is the base of nemo btw? debian or something handcrafted?19:54
gena2xlike openembedded?19:54
faenilgena2x, Mer, which is based on MeeGo19:54
gena2xso it has own package system?19:55
gena2x(sorry, i never tried meego yet)19:55
specialMer uses RPM, and we use zypper19:55
tadziksetting time and date still doesn't seem to work19:57
*** smyows has quit IRC19:57
gena2xshould not be a problem19:58
*** starli has quit IRC19:59
faeniltadzik, it worked here today :/19:59
faenilno wait, I just changed timezone19:59
tadzikthat worked, yes19:59
tadzikand region, or so19:59
tadzikyeah, Region format works20:00
specialtime and date should be set automatically as soon as you're on a network20:00
tadzikokay, awesome20:01
tadzikbtw, why is it Personalise/Wallpaper2 and not Wallpaper?20:01
gena2x2.6.37? where you guys got this kernel?20:03
tadzikwhen I try to enter wifi password, on-screen keyboard covers most of the screen, even if I slide out the keyboard :|20:03
w00tgena2x: what device?20:04
w00tI don't remember, then20:05
Sage_gena2x: it was build for MeeGo for N900, why?20:05
tadzikyeah, I have the same one20:06
gena2xon maemo it's 6.2820:06
tadzikI don't think there's a need for a new one just for the sake of having a new one :)20:06
Sage_gena2x: yes we needed newer for times ;)20:06
tadzikis "on-screen keyboard is always on" bug known?20:06
w00ttadzik: i'd guess same root cause as
MerbotNemo bug 48 in Maliit "VKB does not open when closing HWKB while textfield has focus" [Normal,New]20:07
gena2xoh, i want to use f2fs soon =)20:07
tadzikw00t: yep, looks like this one, tanks20:07
gena2xso new one would be desired...20:07
tadzikthanks, even20:07
Sage_There is currently effort gettin 3.x kernel for N9 see
gena2xi'm on n900 =) hope to buy something new from that jolla guys soon20:08
tadziknemo is so white and bright that I see all the dirt on my sceen:P20:08
gena2xi don't know is it some of you guys or not, but still =)20:09
* w00t no longer has a working n900, as it died a premature death20:09
* Sage_ just found his n900 again today when packing20:09
slatew00t: usb port?20:10
w00tslate: no, it just stopped booting one day20:10
w00tthen it started a few months later20:10
w00tthen it stopped again, completely20:10
* gena2x 's freerunner still functional20:11
w00tthe first time it died was around two days before I was supposed to demo with it on stage, I was not amused20:11
faenilwhat if I buy a fast response display and plug it to the n950, replacing its original display?20:11
faenilshould that work? :D20:11
slatepremature demo-effect20:11
tadziknew packages app is nice, but it seems to forget my selections when I get to the category view20:13
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:16
specialtadzik: file a bug :)20:16
tadzikI shall :)20:18
tadzikI still forgot to either hack on qmlcontacts or file a bug I wanted to20:18
tadzikmaybe this month I'll get it to compile :)20:18
tadzikI already rebooted to nemo, I'll report the bug properly tomorrows20:20
tadzikerm, to maemo20:20
*** VDVsx has quit IRC20:21
w00ttadzik: if you have problems, just ask20:22
w00tand stop rebooting :-)20:22
gena2xbzipped raw image, meh.20:22
tadzikI'll stop rebooting when I have my contacts and battery status :)20:22
tadzikand I think I'm capable of fixing contacts20:23
w00ttadzik: what's wrong with contacts?20:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:23
tadzikw00t: importing files cleverer than clicking every single one20:23
w00ttadzik: battery status works on n900 also, as far as I remember..20:23
tadziknot for me :/20:23
tadzikI don't wish to click, like, 100 files :)20:23
gena2xwhich fses supported in your kernel guys?20:23
gena2xto put on sd20:24
gena2xwow, 3 partitions in raw image20:25
w00ttadzik: for importing?20:25
w00ttadzik: install qmlcontacts-tools, use vcardconverter20:25
tadziko :)20:25
w00tvcardconverter *.vcf in a directory should work20:26
tadzikis vCard 3.0 ok?20:26
w00tshould work20:27
gena2xok, it's easier to dd it...20:28
tadzikif it works, I'll spend the entire tomorrow on nemo :)20:29
w00tbrave man20:30
tadzikis there a working mp3 player?20:31
gena2xwhat can be source of applications for nemo? is it possible to install software from fedora/arm? from android? java apps? from meego? does it have X11 support?20:32
tadzikalso: can I trust the alarm clock? :P20:32
tadzikI need to get to work somehow20:32
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:32
Stskeepstadzik: alarm clock?20:32
Stskeepshow do you feel about rolling your own? ;p20:32
tadzikfair enough :)20:33
tadzikbut I need to wake up at 7 tomorrow and I don't feel like hacking now :)20:33
tadzikI could roll out some sleep $n && mplayer stuff, but... ;)20:33
gena2xbut you need mplayer i guess20:34
tadzikor just ask some girlfriend to call me20:34
gena2xyou still need a girlfriend...20:34
tadzikdoesn't need to be mine20:34
gena2xgood idea. i think it wakes.20:35
gena2xand refreshing20:35
tadzikhrm. I just made a phone call and it was on loudspeaker20:41
faenilwoot :D20:42
gena2xwow it boots.20:43
gena2xso easy20:43
gena2xwhat's with charging?20:44
w00tgena2x: what about it20:45
gena2xit told me 'charging is not started' or smth like this20:45
gena2xi see no charging indication20:46
w00twhat device?20:46
w00tignore the banner (subscribe to if you're interested)20:46
MerbotNemo bug 13 in SystemUI "Charging not started -message after boot" [Normal,New]20:46
tadzikdoes battery status work?20:46
gena2xi am usure does it work, i see indicator20:47
gena2xwith 1 small line inside20:47
gena2xdoes that mean work or not?20:47
w00tlast I knew, it was workign20:47
w00twhether the indicator works or not, I don't know20:48
w00tit works on n9/n950 as of very recently20:48
gena2xi can make calls20:48
gena2xbut i also have no sound20:48
faenilw00t, though no animation when charging :D20:48
w00tfaenil: it works fine20:48
faenilw00t, should there be an animation?20:48
gena2xis this expected?20:49
w00tfaenil: if you update, yes...20:49
gena2xhow should i update?20:49
faenilupdated today...didn't see that..20:49
w00tgena2x: you're using n900, I'm talking to faenil, not you20:49
w00tdifferent hardware means different hardware-specific integration20:49
tadzikbah. I cannot access maemo files from nemo, and when I connect it to mass storage it shows maemo files20:49
specialtadzik: you can mount it manually20:50
special /dev/mmcblk* iirc20:50
w00tfaenil: did you reboot afterwards?20:51
faenilw00t, yup, always do20:51
specialw00t: does homescreen still not update status properly?20:51
faenilbut I'd better try again...I may have not noticed the animation...who knows20:51
w00tspecial: still broken20:51
specialright, so see if it works when in an application20:52
faenilit was plugged to usb till now, need to make it discharge a bit now :)20:53
faenillet's download something20:53
gena2xbut what about sound in calls? should i have it? =)20:53
faenilif the browser doesn't crash :D20:53
gena2xi mean i can't hear either side...20:54
w00tgena2x: generally speaking, stuff on the n900 may not work. there's not enough people with devices testing things (and fixing them) (imnsho)20:54
*** ggoebel13 has joined #nemomobile20:54
w00tnow, obviously, common sense dictates that audio in a call should work20:54
w00tso if it doesn't, search for a bug, and file one if you don't find one20:54
w00tfor bonus points, fix it, too20:54
gena2xsomehow i think that it would not be easy...20:55
gena2xsound is quite complicated topic20:55
gena2xon n90020:55
w00tyou'd be surprised how much can be fixed with some small tinkering20:55
gena2xi fixed some stuff on freerunner20:56
gena2xyou would be amazed which stuff20:56
gena2xso now i want some basic things working =)20:56
gena2xnot start from fixing kernel...20:56
gena2xand suspend...20:57
w00twell, what i mean is, stuff like that _used_ to work :)20:57
w00tso it shouldn't have broken too badly, one would hope20:57
*** marquiz_ has quit IRC20:58
faenillast words :D20:59
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
gena2xwhat i can do with bonus points btw? get a cookie?21:00
w00tit means it's easier to bribe other people to help you with things ;)21:00
*** marquiz has joined #nemomobile21:01
gena2xoh opensource... mutual bribery =)21:02
Stskeepsand icecream21:02
*** ggoebel13 has quit IRC21:05
*** Xruxa has quit IRC21:07
faenilStskeeps, you seem to be particularly happy this last few days, wonder what's going on inside that company :P21:09
* faenil is teasing himself21:10
Stskeepsfaenil: free lsd injections as part of healthcare plan!21:11
faenilStskeeps, :D21:11
*** ggoebel13 has joined #nemomobile21:14
tadziksending sms-es doesn't seem to work, aye?21:15
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile21:15
*** lbt has quit IRC21:15
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile21:15
specialtadzik: n900? no idea.21:15
Stskeepstadzik: shoould work21:15
tadzikStskeeps: nothing happens on screen when I press "Send"21:16
tadzikthe entered text disappears and girlfriend doesn't get a message :)21:16
w00ttadzik: check if telepathy-ring is installed21:17
faeniltadzik, and she gets mad at you not sending the goodnight sms :D21:17
gena2xand it reboots then i open/close kbd21:17
gena2xnot funny21:17
*** himamura has quit IRC21:17
specialw00t: if he has a Ring account in messages (which it sounds like), it's installed21:17
tadzikworse. No one'll wake me up for $work :)21:17
tadzikspecial: I went to contacts and clicked "sms"21:18
tadzikI have no account in Conversations eg21:18
specialif you go into messages, press +, does it list "Ring" as an account?21:18
tadziknope. No accounts21:19
specialokay, then check if you have the telepathy-ring package installed21:19
Stskeepsgena2x: rebooting when opening kbd sounds like a hw issue..21:19
gena2xStskeeps, i have no issues in maemo21:20
gena2xStskeeps, no single hw issue. never21:20
Stskeepsyea, but this is a more modern kernel21:20
Stskeepsmaemo was productized21:20
gena2xmore modern kernel sounds like sw issue21:20
StskeepsAard: you may find this interesting..
StskeepsAard: room names at facebook hq21:21
faenilgood night peeps :)21:22
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:26
gena2xok, on second boot sound works21:26
gena2xthrough loudspeaker21:26
tadzikI installed telepathy-ring and nothing changed21:27
tadzikmaybe I need to restart something21:28
*** faenil has quit IRC21:30
*** Jukk has joined #nemomobile21:30
JukkAnyone here?21:30
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:30
JukkWell Hi21:30
JukkI need a bit help if that's possible21:31
JukkWhenever I'm trying to install the nemo rootfs, it won't extract the files into my N9.21:32
slatewhich os you are installing it from21:33
Jukklinux (Ubuntu)21:33
tadzikyay, I sent sms :)21:33
JukkShow's nothing after the command...21:34
tadzikand received on21:34
tadzikI guess telepathy-ring should be included in installation image :)21:34
specialit is on n9(50), apparently n900 doesn't21:34
slateJukk: takes few mins to copy. how long did u wait21:34
Aardnice :)21:34
specialshould be*21:34
*** ggoebel13 has quit IRC21:35
*** ggoebel14 has joined #nemomobile21:35
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:35
JukkIv'e waited few mins 'till the command line poped again21:35
Jukkbut it didn't show it was extracting the files21:35
gena2xit's so slow on n90021:36
gena2xbeyond usability point =(21:36
w00tyou have the n900, you tell me21:37
w00tor if you won't, at least tell me what you're talking about first21:37
JukkI managed to get it work once but it didn't boot completely.. Dialer and other stuff didn't work.21:37
JukkI managed to get it work once but it didn't boot completely.. Dialer and other stuff didn't work.21:38
gena2xw00t, i see reaction to any my action (like select application in menu, press number in dialer) only in may be 1-3 seconds21:38
specialcheck 'top'21:39
gena2xw00t, dialer's 'touch' sound comes delayed too21:39
specialthat is a known bug21:39
gena2xtop is ok21:40
gena2xexcept one small thing...21:40
gena2xno it's ok too21:40
gena2xswap is 1M21:40
gena2x76M cached21:40
gena2xso memory is ok21:40
gena2xtop is 1.6% cpu (quite huge for n900 i think), but still this means that kernel is not busy somewhere in interrupt handling21:41
gena2xthat's the root password by the way?21:43
gena2xi tried god...21:44
*** niqt has quit IRC21:46
*** Jukk has quit IRC21:49
*** gena2x has quit IRC21:51
*** gena2x has joined #nemomobile21:57
gena2xthat's really funny22:02
gena2xit crashes reproducible than i am closing keyboard while i am in dialer =)22:02
gena2xoutside dialer it's fine22:02
gena2xproblem with launching apps is that is misdetects swipe vs click, so need to adjust threshold somewhere22:03
gena2xstill, it seems almost working =) so let's see how mer would work on jolla's phone. i'm going to buy one...22:04
w00tgena2x: please file bugs if nothing else so issues are known22:04
gena2xw00t, ok22:04
*** Milhouse has quit IRC22:07
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile22:07
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile22:07
*** stepiro has joined #nemomobile22:08
*** stepiro_ has quit IRC22:10
*** romaxa_zzz is now known as romaxa22:14
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC22:19
gena2xw00t, one:
MerbotNemo bug 503 in Other "pin code window: text temporary turns into black squares while clicked" [Normal,New]22:20
*** cat1 has quit IRC22:20
*** stepiro has quit IRC22:20
gena2xi need to recheck my problem with dialer&poweroff. may be it is related to battery discharge22:21
*** lbt has quit IRC22:21
gena2xmeh, g2sleep22:23
gena2xreport rest tomorrow22:23
*** gena2x has quit IRC22:23
*** cat_n9 has quit IRC22:39
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:42
*** ggoebel14 has quit IRC22:48
*** arnaud1 has quit IRC22:56
*** dakovaci has joined #nemomobile23:01
*** mruk has quit IRC23:05
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC23:08
*** arnaud1 has joined #nemomobile23:09
*** arnaud1 has quit IRC23:25
*** dakovaci has quit IRC23:33
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile23:37
*** arnaud1 has joined #nemomobile23:41
*** danielcbit has quit IRC23:57
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