Monday, 2012-10-22

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cckwesdeztructor: good morning04:37
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iekkunemo bug triage07:00
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specialpvuorela: ping11:31
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VDVsxw00t, when you have some time please take a look if something else is needed here, then I can also modify the app accordingly:
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w00tVDVsx: ok12:51
w00tVDVsx: comment on plugin.cpp spacing seems unaddressed, and I also asked you to squash those two commits and force-push to your repo12:52
VDVsxw00t, humm, spacing look good to me o_012:52
w00tso it is12:52
w00tfor some reason github didn't change it to "outdated diff"12:53
w00tjust do the rebase then and i'll merge it12:53
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w00tVDVsx: can you do that?12:56
VDVsxw00t, sure sure, just a sec12:56
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VDVsxw00t, should be fine13:02
* VDVsx has struggling again with his github pass, grrr13:02
w00tKypeli: ok, so.. making releases in nemo - we have the code in git, we have the packaging in obs13:03
w00tso first things first, you'll need to branch the obs package13:03
w00tdo you need help walking through that?13:04
KypeliVery much so, thanks :)13:04
w00tphaeron: lbt: is cobs having trouble? webui is very very slow13:06 right?13:06
lbtyes, I'm sorry, I think it's a nw issue13:06
phaeronmaybe adam is poking it again13:07
lbtphaeron: vgrade also saw what looks like https packet loss13:08
lbtit could just be the Great Firewall13:08
phaeronwe moved to China ?13:09
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w00tKypeli: yes13:09
lbtworse, USA13:09
w00tKypeli: ok so, first things first, we need to find out what to branch13:09
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w00tso go to, type in nemo-qml-plugins13:09
w00twith the current nemo repo structure, there's two that interest us of the results13:09
lbtI'm going to wait for migrations to finish before spending time on diagnostics - plus I have work to do13:10
w00tCE:MW:Shared and the development area Project:MTF:MW13:10
Kypeliw00t: Got it13:10
w00tso we want to branch the development project13:10
w00tosc branch SOURCEPROJECT SOURCEPACKAGE => osc branch Project:MTF:MW nemo-qml-plugins13:10
w00tyou'll need to osc -A <apiurl> branch if you haven't got cobs setup in your .oscrc13:11
w00tapiurl for cobs is
w00tlet me know when you're ready to move on13:12
KypeliEntered credentials. Now waiting13:13
w00tin the meantime, we can get ready for the release13:14
w00tin your git checkout, git describe --tags13:14
w00tthat'll tell you the last version13:14
KypeliLet me pull the latest version13:14
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w00tyes, do that too :-)13:14
KypeliThat should be the latest tag?13:15
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Kypelibranch also finished13:16
phakoKypeli: no, the latest tag is the part before the first "-"13:16
Kypeliphako: Right, ok.13:17
Kypeliw00t: The latest stuff is then not yet tagged, right?13:17
phakogit describe --tags --abbrev=0 gives you the tag only13:17
w00tnope, we'll need to do that tagging13:17
w00tso, decide what to call it, tag it (git tag version-number-here)13:18
KypeliAnyone's call on that? :) 0.0.10 ok then?13:18
KypeliWell, it's now 0.0.10. And now I push that, right?13:21
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w00tmy connection dropped13:22
w00tyes, push the tag13:23
w00tbut we also need to put it into obs13:23
w00tas there's nothing listening to nemo tags etc13:23
KypeliLet me push it now.13:23
w00tso, did you summarise the changes from git log to the changelog (nemo-qml-plugins.changes) yet?13:24
KypeliErr.. seems I can't push to master13:24
KypeliNo, sorry.13:24
w00tyou should have access.. let me sort that out13:25
w00tgithub user kypeli?13:25
w00ttry again13:25
KypeliShould the .changes file be a new file or should it exists?13:25
w00tit should already exist13:26
w00tin your _osc_ checkout13:26
w00tnot the git checkout13:26
w00tremember that source and packaging are seperate in nemo13:26
KypeliHold on13:26
Kypeliw00t: Should there a checkout after the branch, or do I need to checkout separately?13:28
w00toh, duh13:28
w00tforgot that part13:28
w00tso now you checked it out: osc -A <url> checkout home:<username>:branches:Project:MTF:MW nemo-qml-plugins13:28
w00tso now you branched it*13:28
KypeliOk working13:29
KypeliOk, checked out, .chnages file updated (with my information, ok?)13:32
KypeliThen the tag.. need to change the URL to Git repo. Hold on13:32
KypeliTag pushed too13:33
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:33
KypeliSo now there's a new tag and .changes file updated in my branch of OBS repo13:33
w00tmy internet is having severe issues atm13:36
w00tok, so, that package uses spectacle, so: edit the yaml (update the version number)13:36
w00tthen use git archive to get the tarball for your tag, and osc add it, osc rm the old one13:37
w00tI have a script for tarball generation, sec13:37
KypeliVersion number updated13:37
w00tuse from a git checkout like: mkrel tag-number-here13:37
w00tit'll find the osc checkout directory of the software (assuming they have the same dir name as the git dir) and drop a tarball of the given tag in the osc checkout13:38
KypeliHold on, let me try13:38
KypeliOk got the .tar.gz13:41
Kypeli(Had to checkout it again and do the changes again to have the checkout in the proper dir :))13:42
w00tso put the tarball in the osc checkout dir13:43
w00tosc rm <old-tarball>13:43
w00tosc add <new-tarball>13:43
KypeliOk, one sec13:43
w00tthen show me what osc diff looks like13:43
phaeronw00t: you know about osc ar ?13:43
w00tphaeron: no13:43
w00tyes, i did know about addremoved13:44
w00tbut i had some really weird issues with it13:44
w00tI'd have to dig into my irc log with Stskeeps, I remember bitching to him about it at least, but never found the time to look into it beyond that13:44
*** moguriso is now known as _moguriso13:45
Kypeliw00t: -- osc diff13:45
w00tdunno if you ever saw that13:47
w00tKypeli: please add attribution to the changelog (just to be nice to contributors)13:47
w00tKypeli: I don't see .yaml and .spec changes in there13:47
KypeliHmm. Yeah.13:48
phaeronw00t: haven't seen that issue , but we could be doing different order of steps13:48
Kypeliw00t: When checked out the branch again, forgot to update .yaml file (did update .changes file though)13:49
Kypeliw00t: Should I now run the script again?13:49
w00tyeah, edit version number in yaml, run specify13:49
Kypeliw00t:  -- better?13:50
KypeliI also didn't run specify before which would explain it :)13:51
w00tchangelog attribution again, but yes, that's better13:51
w00tcontext support: you, email plugin: "Add email plugin based heaving on meego-app-email from Intel (by "Valerio)13:52
w00tafter that, run osc -A <apiurl> commit13:52
KypeliOk, let me change that13:52
w00tthen we'll see if it builds on OBS (I know it won't, because we haven't packaged the email plugin yet, but I'm walking you through the process :))13:53
Kypelicommit done13:55
* w00t opens webui to find your branch13:55
Kypeli...well, soonish as soon as the OBS is done...13:56
KypeliTransmitting file data... We aren't sending many bytes here. Come on...13:56
w00tcobs is having some hardware issues today apparently13:57
KypeliOk, it should be there13:57
w00tstatus building :)13:58
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile13:59
KypeliAnd then it failed14:01
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:02
* w00t waits for it to load14:03
w00tKypeli: ok, so we need to update the packaging to include qmf as a build dep thanks to the mail plugin14:04
* Kypeli opens the .yamls file14:04
KypeliErr. yaml14:04
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile14:04
w00tyes, right place :)14:04
w00tnow, we need: - qmfclient added to PkgConfigBR14:04
w00tand a - libqmfmessageserver1 added to Requires:14:05
w00tbut the requires should be for the plugin14:05
w00tso wait for that bit14:05
w00tjust fix the PkgConfigBR14:05
KypeliOk, -qmfclient added to PkgCOnfigBR14:05
Kypeli- qmfclient14:05
KypeliAnd now specify + obs commit ?14:06
KypeliOh something more is needed14:07
w00tyes, specify + osc commit each time14:08
w00twhat else?14:08
KypeliAh so no more dependencies coming?14:08
w00tthere will be more work, but we'll do it in steps to do it properly14:09
w00tso just commit away14:09
KypeliRight :)14:09
KypeliNow it just sends the changed data.14:10
w00tyes :)14:10
KypeliGood :)14:10
* w00t taps foot14:12
*** pvilja has quit IRC14:14
KypeliStill building :P14:14
w00twe have a failure14:15
w00t- QtWebKit in PkgConfigBR by the looks of it14:15
KypeliYeah. Let try that14:16
KypeliThere it goes again14:16
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pvuorelaspecial: pong.14:22
specialpvuorela: you're a keyboard guy, yeah?14:22
Kypeliw00t: Hmm, now there seems to be an error I can't really say anything about14:23
pvuorelaspecial: yea.14:23
w00tKypeli: was mid-refreshing :)14:23
specialpvuorela: might interest you. I did some fixing in nemo-keyboard last week14:23
w00tKypeli: uhh. that's weird14:23
w00tlet me check14:23
pvuorelaspecial: oh nice.14:25
pvuorelaspecial: was supposed to actually ask you since heard you were doing some changes.14:25
specialI might try to solve the gaps between keys as well, if I get time this week14:27
specialit could still use a lot more love14:27
faenilo/ goof afternoon hackerz14:28
pvuorelaspecial: very true.14:28
* w00t wonders wtf is up14:29
w00tI can't build it locally, it detects icu but refuses to link against it14:29
* w00t updates icu in his rootfs14:30
w00twhat the fucking hell14:30
w00twell that's pretty stupid14:30
* Kypeli is not happy with his first real encounter with OBS. 14:31
w00tKypeli: i don't think - long term - that we will be keeping this process14:31
w00tKypeli: also, there are some shortcuts I haven't shown you yet14:31
w00tlike using osc build instead of committing14:32
KypeliCool :)14:32
phakowell the definition of shortcat for that depends largely on the beefyness of the machine14:32
w00tbuilding locally.. what a stupid patch14:32
phakono kittens were hurt in the previous line14:33
w00t packagesExist(icu-i18n) {14:33
w00t     DEFINES += HAS_ICU14:33
w00t+    PKGCONFIG += icu-i18n14:33
w00tno wonder it wasn't linking14:33
w00therp derp14:33
Kypeliin email plugin?14:34
w00ti had icu installed in my rootfs, so it picked it up14:34
w00tnot related to your problem14:34
* w00t wonders what is up with that error14:36
w00tqmldir exists for that plugin, plugin.pri sets up install rules14:37
w00t...and it builds ok locally14:37
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7105 Rejected promotion request14:38
* w00t tries to do the packaging himself14:38
*** lizardo has quit IRC14:44
*** kontio has quit IRC14:47
* w00t taps foot14:49
KypeliIntegrating two changes: 1,5h and counting :)14:49
faenilKypeli, OBS is fun isn't it :)14:50
KypeliI can see that :P14:50
KypeliToo bad I am not payed by the hour14:51
w00tI get the same error14:51
StskeepsKypeli: i am \o/14:51
KypeliI don't know if should be happy to hear that or not...14:51
KypeliStskeeps: Lol :)14:51
faenilStskeeps, lol14:51
w00tok, it's never installing the qmldir files14:52
* w00t repeats: wtf14:52
w00tthis did not change14:52
w00tah, but it did, in VDVsx's change14:53
* w00t smacks VDVsx repeatedly14:53
KypeliOh darn14:53
w00t$$PWD is not the same thing as $$PRO_FILE_PWD_14:53
w00tKypeli: stand by14:54
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile14:54
Kypeliw00t: I am sitting, but yes, I am here.14:54
* Kypeli tells his dog that this will take just a brief moment and *then* we can go outside14:55
w00ttesting a fix14:55
* w00t taps foot14:57
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:58
w00tKypeli: just go, I'll deal with this update15:01
* w00t mutters a few things15:01
Kypeliw00t: Well, I would need to also make a tag.15:02
Kypeliw00t: But I understand, these things really can't be rushed :) I'll check back later with my stuff.15:03
Kypeliw00t: Thanks for your help! I did wrote this up, so let's hope it goes through next time :)15:03
w00tthey aren't usually complicated, no15:03
w00tjesus, with COBS being this slow, it might take a while15:07
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile15:13
faenilspecial, just read through your commits, and looking at the single mousearea makes me think: doesn't that mean you can't use multitouch keyboard?15:21
specialfaenil: QML won't handle touching multiple mouseareas at the same time anyway15:22
faenilme sad15:22
specialI actually think I can do two-finger multitouch with clever use of a PinchArea15:22
faenilyeah that's what I was thinking15:22
faeniltwo-finger is most likely enough15:23
specialmore than two fingers is also possible using TouchArea, but that isn't in qtquick itself15:23
specialthat set of changes makes the keyboard a *lot* more usable15:24
specialgetting rid of the gaps between keys will help, multitouch would be ideal15:25
*** Mric_ has joined #nemomobile15:25
faenilspecial, great to know about that :)15:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7106 waiting for review at
* faenil opens his TODO list for the day15:36
Mric_Can I help someone with something ? I have a very basic knowledge of C programming.15:38
StskeepsMric_: i'd advise you to try out QtQuick/QML :)15:40
Stskeepsand the Qt application development environment15:40
Mric_yes, I have done the firtst tutorial form Nokia about 'Hello World!' in QT15:40
MSameerobs is extremely slow :(15:41
Mric_Stskeeps:so before I could help in any kind I should have a good knowledge  of QT ?15:42
StskeepsMric_: nah, you can play around and try to do applications you'd like to do :)15:42
Stskeepsand then try harder things, like make phone applications15:43
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:43
MSameerMric_: there are libraries written in C and used by apps. Qt is one layer but there are other layers below15:43
MSameerlibc, X, gsreamer, openssl, .... all those are in C15:44
* MSameer hides away from Stskeeps 15:44
*** himamura has quit IRC15:44
StskeepsMSameer: i must really have made a bad impression if you're scared of me ;p15:45
MSameerother languages like bash, python and maybe others are used too15:45
MSameerStskeeps: :)15:45
Mric_alright ...I have learned at uni for 6 month C and than 6 other months C++ , but ny knowledge is pretty basic. I was thinking if anybody has a 'stupid job' that he could give te me and maybe I will be able to help him.15:47
StskeepsMric_: have you tried out Nemo yet, on your n900/n950/n9 by chance?15:48
Stskeepsor the virtual machine15:48
*** slaine has quit IRC15:48
Mric_my N9 is at a Nokia care point ... but I have just installed Nemo on a Vm15:48
Mric_I have never installed Nemo on my N9 though. But it looks awsome on the VM :)15:50
MSameeri don't use it on my primary n9 either15:50
Mric_Why is that ?15:52
*** Knouki has joined #nemomobile15:53
MSameerit's still missing stuff to be usable on my primary phone IMHO15:54
MSameerbut others have other opinions :)15:55
Mric_I was playing on nemo in a VM and I have just noticed that the 2 languages supported are 'Bristsh English' and 'russian?'. My mother tongue is French, maybe I could do some translations ?15:59
VDVsxw00t, what, what ? :)16:06
w00tVDVsx: i may have misblamed you16:07
w00tdon't worry16:07
VDVsxw00t, by the way, I would like to have the ability to compile and install only some of these plugin via qmake config or similar, had really hard time with stupid mlite(was installing the upstream one), what do you think ?16:09
w00tour mlite should not cause you any problems to install, it's more or less qt-only16:10
Mric_Msmeer: do you think it coud be a good idea ?16:10
w00tif there are other problematic dependencies, let me know, I've deliberately tried to keep it minimal16:10
VDVsxyeah the upstream one had some funky stuff in the .pro file, nemo one works fine16:12
MSameerMric_: i am sure it's useful16:13
MSameerMric_: but i thought there should be other languages  beside rn and Russian16:14
Mric_according to VM there is only EN and RU but aside this I don't know ...16:15
MSameerStskeeps: ^^^16:16
MSameerMric_: translations are extremely useful and a lot of people do need them so this is indeed something great :)16:16
Mric_Msammer: sorry for lack of knowledge, but actually how is informatically structure the language of an operating system ? Is it simply base on a (text file) where i could just translate or more complex ? Could you please brighten me a bite ;) ?)16:17
MSameerbut it's odd to have only those 2 languages16:17
*** arcean has quit IRC16:18
MSameerMric_: I think Stskeeps can answer that: Is there a web tool used for translation ?16:19
MSameerif not then the xml files containin the translations for Qt and Qt apps is available16:19
MSameerand there are tools to assist16:19
MSameerbut let's see if there's a web ui somewhere16:19
MSameerbrb  food16:19
Mric_MSameer: ok I'll wait16:20
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:21
Mric_Stskeeps: I would like to help the nemo project by translating the OS in French. Could you please explain me how  the langage is emplemented is the OS ?thx16:25
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile16:29
specialphako: mind if I put your libcommhistory patch for tracker 0.14 into git?16:35
phakospecial: not at all16:35
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC16:36
*** ridikulus_rat has joined #nemomobile16:39
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7107 waiting for review at
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*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile17:04
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile17:07
* lbt wonders how to make a minimal full nemo sb2-development sysroot17:09
*** pvilja has joined #nemomobile17:11
faenilwhat should I do to change the default handler for files when opening them from the file manager?17:11
specialedit the .desktop file17:13
specialsee for an example17:13
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:14
specialif you edit it manually (without reinstalling the RPM), you'll need to run update-desktop-database as well17:14
faenilspecial, alright, I was forgetting the db update :P17:15
faenilworking, thanks ;) I always forget the db thing17:17
faenilgtg, be back later ;)17:17
faenilmm gallery doesn't start from homescreen after I manually replace the bin...what am I missing?17:18
faenilbut it starts from terminal17:18
specialhomescreen is just running the command from the .desktop17:18
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile17:18
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile17:18
faenilbut it didn't work even before changing the desktop17:18
faenilanyway, gtg, bbl ;)17:19
specialif that exact command works from a terminal, it's probably a dbus session problem17:19
specialif it doesn't, it might be the invoker single-instance feature and a dead process17:19
specialor you're running a different binary from the terminal.17:20
*** jpetrell has quit IRC17:25
*** ridikulus_rat has left #nemomobile17:25
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7108 waiting for review at
*** Mric_ has quit IRC17:35
*** Xruxa has quit IRC17:42
*** Knouki has quit IRC17:47
*** Knouki has joined #nemomobile17:48
*** lizardo has quit IRC17:56
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*** arcean has joined #nemomobile18:18
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile18:27
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile18:30
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*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile18:42
*** Xruxa has quit IRC18:43
*** rem has joined #nemomobile19:10
remhello nemo, looking for some advice on running Qt application in exopc19:11
faenilrem, sorry I don't have ExoPC, though once you have nemo on it you shouldn't have problems in running Qt apps :)19:12
remwell I have one problem :-)19:13
faenilwhich is?19:13
remI got my app in QtCreator, it runs fine in nemo for N9, now I want to run it in Exopc so the same binary should not work19:13
remI used the binary created by the simulator and looks good:  ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, not stripped19:14
faenilyeah ExoPC is x8619:14
rembut then the app crash during startup19:14
faenilany msg?19:15
faenilStskeeps, ^19:15
remimport QtMultimediaKit 1.119:15
remsounds like some library is missing19:15
faenildoes it say something about it?19:15
faenilwhat's the error message?19:15
rem Type HomeScreen unavailable           initialPage: HomeScreen{tools: toolBarLayout}                        ^19:16
faeniloh so it's a QML error19:16
faenilcan you paste the whole log somewhere?19:16
remyes sure, where ? launchpad ?19:17
faenilno, I mean something like pastebin, pastie :)19:17
remyes, I google and there is some reference to Qtmobility not installed but I wonder how it runs in N9?19:17
faenildon't know19:18
faenilmaybe you're not using the same packages in Nemo? I mean maybe N9 is using a more updated version..19:19
remI will check my code again19:19
faenildo you have CONFIG += mobility19:22
faenilMOBILITY += multimedia19:22
faenilin the .pro?19:22
faenilor maybe qtmultimedia isn't available for ExoPC, I don't know :)19:23
faenilrem, which image did you flash on the exopc?19:24
remI got latest from this month19:24
remfaenil: nemo-handset-i586-0.20120920.1.NEMO.2012-10-07.1.img19:24
remyes the pro containst both19:25
faenilso you should have the package libqtmultimediakit1.i586 1.2.019:25
remI can check,19:25
remI noticed that latest build remove the bluetooth connectivity, need to hack that too19:26
remfaenil: I got libqtmultimediakit1-1.2.0~git1962.g8c17475-1.20.i58619:27
faenilrem, you should check if you have the multimedia module in Qt's import folder19:28
remfaenil: sorry I am slow today: where exactly I should read the import ?19:30
faenilrem, np, it's just that I don't remember the folder offhand, so I didn't specify :)19:30
MSameerlibqtmultimediakit1-1.2.0 <-- isn't that the C++ library only ?19:31
faenilrem, it should be something like /opt/lib/qt4/import/com/ something like that19:31
MSameer/usr/lib/qt4/import ?19:31
faenilMSameer, yeah19:31
faenilMSameer, alright, thanks19:31
MSameeror imports19:31
MSameersomewhere in the tree there19:31
faenilyou should see QtMultimedia19:31
MSameerfaenil: you forgot the smily :D19:31
faenilif you have the multimedia module installed19:31
faenilMSameer, damn right! :D19:32
remyou mean in my exoPC device or in the PC where I compile the code ?19:32
faenilrem, exo19:32
*** mruk has quit IRC19:32
faenilmmm MSameer, got Installing: ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-6.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx [done]19:32
faenilAdditional rpm output:19:32
faenilJob failed. See system journal and 'systemctl status' for details.19:32
faenilwarning: %post(ti-omap3-sgx-1.4.268-6.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl) scriptlet failed, exit status 119:32
faenilwhile updating packages on N95019:32
faenilknow anything?19:32
remls: cannot access /opt/lib/qt4/import/com/: No such file or director19:33
MSameerfaenil: no idea but maybe try again ?19:33
MSameer /usr/lib/qt4/import/ not /opt/19:33
faenilsolved, he won't have it19:35
faenillibdeclarative-multimedia is missing19:35
remuhmm, what about this ? libqtmultimediakit1       /usr/lib/ libqtmultimediakit1       /usr/lib/ libqtmultimediakit1       /usr/lib/
faenilas MSameer specified, that's just the c++ part19:35
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC19:35
MSameerrem: these are the C++ implementations19:36
remcould it be so that I have version 1.2 and trying to import 1.1 ?19:36
MSameerrem: that should work19:36
faenilrem, I just checked packages in the i586 image, you're missing libdeclarative-multimedia19:36
MSameeryou are missng the QML bindings19:36
faenilrem, no it's not the version :)19:36
MSameerrem: zypper in libdeclarative-multimedia19:36
faenilrem, try that ^19:36
MSameerfrom a terminal as root19:36
remahhh, cool, first time I am happy that I miss something :-)19:36
MSameerrem: really ? :)19:37
faenileither they forgot to include the package, or it's not built for x8619:37
MSameersomeone should file a bug19:37
remcool, now I have another error .... I can file a bug19:38
faenilrem,  like what19:38
remgst_photography_get_ev_compensation: assertion `photo != NULL' failed19:39
MSameerrem: please file a bug19:39
MSameergah no19:39
MSameerrem: is your app using camera ?19:39
remsure, I just file a bug for Sw updates in ExoPC ...  bug 54419:39
MerbotNemo bug 544 in Package manager "System freezes during Package update in ExoPC" [Major,New]
remyes, my app is using camera19:40
MSameeris it working despite that error ?19:41
MSameerthis seems to be from the backend19:41
remno the App does not yet go Up19:41
MSameerit shouldn't be related to that error19:41
remby the way the bug for libdeclarative should go to which component ?19:42
MSameerthe error is most likely due to the GStreamer source element for exopc (most likely v4l2src) does not support photography interface19:42
MSameerrem: no idea. faenil ?19:42
*** kaziklubey has joined #nemomobile19:42
remuhmm, let's say middleware ?19:43
remnemo-qml-plugins should be good19:44
speciallibdeclarative-multimedia should go under middleware, mobility if it's there or Other19:44
faenilrem, wait19:45
faenilI've already filed it19:45
MerbotMer bug 617 in qt-mobility "exoPC image is missing libdeclarative-multimedia" [Normal,New]19:45
faeniljust filed it ;)19:45
faenilthere are sections for qt, qt-mobility, and all that stuff19:45
faenilthey're under Mer Core19:46
faenilso merproject's bugzilla, not nemo's19:46
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile19:46
faenilspecial, what do you think about the error I got while updating? it's one page up :)19:46
remperfect, so do nothing :-)19:47
specialI don't know19:48
remby the way regarding gstreamer, do I need  QtGstreamer  library also in exoPC ?19:48
faenilrem, though you could file that bug about camera in gstreamer's section19:49
faenilspecial, ok19:49
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile19:49
specialrem: qtgstreamer is a rarely-used wrapper.19:49
*** alien_ has joined #nemomobile19:49
faenilI should probably ask Stskeeps or Sage_19:49
remOK, for which component would be the gstramer bug ?19:49
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile19:49
faenilrem, inside MerCore, there are a lot of sections19:49
MSameerrem: you don19:49
MSameerrem: you don't beed qtgstreamer19:50
MSameerno idea why it was developed :P19:50
faenilrem, it should be gstreamer-bad-free19:50
MSameeri think it belongs to qtmobility19:50
MSameerit's a qcamera backend bug19:50
faenilok :P19:50
* MSameer pokes faenil :)19:51
* faenil throws popcorns :P19:51
*** starli has quit IRC19:52
remahh, qcamera, I guess I cannot do any trick for that ?19:53
MSameerrem: we don't know where the error is. The gstreamer assertion shouldn't cause camera to stop working19:53
MSameerif you want to play with the commandline then:19:54
remit stops the app for being launch19:54
faenilMSameer, are you this guy?
MSameerrem: i bet it's something else19:55
MSameerfaenil: no :)19:55
MSameerfaenil: I'm foolab.org19:55
faenilmuch better title :P19:55
MSameerthat other guy looks more professional :D19:55
MSameerrem: try export GST_DEBUG='v4l2:5'19:55
MSameerthen launch your app from a terminal19:56
remsame error, segmentation fault : are u interested in the core dump ?19:57
faenilMSameer, did you work on *cough* Meltemi?19:57
MSameerwhat is that ?19:57
faenilmm :P19:57
MSameerI worked on an embedded Linux project for cheap phones in Nokia19:57
MSameerthat was axed by Flop19:58
faenilaxed 2-3 months ago?19:58
MSameerand i heard it starts with a letter M19:58
faenilI see...ok :D19:58
MSameerand on harmattan too19:58
faenilreading :)19:59
* MSameer hides away19:59
faenilMSameer, now go work on Nemo's camera, lazy boy! :D19:59
MSameerI am dying to do it20:00
MSameerbut there is a problem :(20:00
MSameerno open/free camera algorithms are available20:00
faeniloh :(20:00
faenilgh :/20:00
MSameermy initial idea was to write an N9 clone that is open and submit that to nemo20:01
faenilalgo for what?20:01
MSameerfaenil: auto exposure, auto focus, auto white balance, ...20:01
faenilMSameer, ohhh we don't need that :D20:01
MSameerfaenil: why do you think libomap3camd is there ?20:01
faenilI mean, current camera takes acceptable photos :P20:01
MSameerfaenil: yes we do20:01
remuhmm, the same app works in N9, while the picture is distorted if you are in landscape mode, but otherwise it takes it20:02
MSameerfaenil: because of Nokia donating an old binary of omap3camd20:02
faenilMSameer, \o/ :D can't we make do with that one?20:02
MSameerfaenil: we can but we will have out of focus images20:02
remby the way the bug goes for who there is no qcamera, so what is next qtmobility ?20:03
MSameerfaenil: there are some algorithms available from the fcam people20:03
faenilMSameer, yeah, fcam20:03
MSameerfaenil: but I never had enough time to check them20:03
faeniloh alright20:03
faenilI know crevetor is playing with fcam20:03
MSameerrem: qtmobility20:03
MSameerfaenil: so we can steal the code and do something basic20:03
MSameerbut I've been busy trying to get that to work first:
faenilI see20:04
MSameerfaenil: cool20:04
*** furikku has quit IRC20:05
MSameerfaenil: I guess I need to speak to him :)20:05
*** dm8tbr has joined #nemomobile20:05
faenilMSameer, faenil: connecting people20:05
MSameerfaenil: problem is I was doing all this when I had time. Now I'm employed so a bit more busy :(20:05
MSameerans expecting my first child so no idea how will I manage20:05
specialdamn those employers20:05
MSameerbut I'll manage somehow20:05
faenilMSameer, wow congrats!20:06
* MSameer just heard: Damn Jolla :D20:06
MSameerfaenil: thanks :)20:06
faenilMSameer, oh you're part of the team too? great!20:06
specialMSameer: stealing all of our free time :p20:06
MSameerfaenil: but I know I'll not leave camera. The GStreamer part I mean20:06
MSameerfcam is for someone else :)20:06
*** kaziklubey has quit IRC20:06
MSameerfaenil: yup, they were id^W^W smart enough to hire me :P20:07
faenilMSameer, :)20:07
MerbotMer bug 618 in qt-mobility "QML app using camera dump core in ExoPC but works fine in N9" [Critical,New]20:07
faenilMSameer, eheh20:07
MSameerrem: it dumps core ?20:07
remyes, by the way where you normally drop all those cores ?20:07
MSameerdo you have gst-plugins-good installed ?20:07
MSameerwhich image is that ?20:08
remI guess I have only the bad .-)20:08
MSameerrem: try installing -good20:08
phaeronw00t: SR#7109 needs to go to MW:Shared , right ?20:09
MSameeri think you might be missing v4l2src20:09
w00tphaeron: yes20:09
remis that a library ? v4l2src20:09
MSameerrem: a gstreamer element20:09
MSameerrem: try searching for gstreamer plugins good20:09
phaeronw00t: I'll try to convince cobs that I am allowed to forward it20:09
MSameeri am trying to find the exact name20:09
w00tphaeron: i've heard you can be very persuasive to obs :)20:10
remRetrieving: gst-plugins-good-0.10.27-1.14.Nemo.i586.rpm20:10
remgot same error :-(20:11
MSameerlet me try to d/l and boot that image in qemu20:12
MSameerspecial: faenil  now all our jokes were logged20:12
faenilMSameer, did you know that? :P20:13
MSameerI forgot for a while20:13
faenilReality TV effect :)20:13
faenilreality show*20:13
MSameernemo-handset-i586-0.20120920.1.NEMO.2012-10-07.1.img <-- I cannot find that anywhere...20:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7107 Rejected promotion request20:16
MSameeroh yeah20:17
MSameerhow did I miss that20:17
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:18
remMSameer / Faenil: do you want me to check something else ?20:19
MSameerrem: i don't think so20:19
MSameerI'm trying to boot the image20:19
faenilI don't know20:21
remperfect, you probably have some test drivers, at least the code I use for camera is quite simple. If you get the workaround, just publish in the bug so I can read later ... thanks a lot in advance20:21
remI am goind down for maintenance :-)20:21
MSameeri have no drives but will try :)20:21
remMSameer: one more thing, I run sw package update after installing that image except for the kernel update ( as it bricks my ExoPC )20:23
MSameerdid it work before ?20:23
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:24
*** yunta has quit IRC20:25
remMsameer: not really, now is first time I try in ExoPC as I was working in N9 first20:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7110 waiting for review at
remMSameer: here is some sample code for camera:
MSameerrem: will try but seems i am having issues booting it in the vm20:28
MSameerrem: it'd be great to add that info to the bug too20:28
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile20:29
remyou mean the source code ?20:29
MSameercode and the fact that you updated20:30
remI did that20:31
*** VDVsx has quit IRC20:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7083 waiting for review at
*** rem has quit IRC20:40
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile20:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7086 Rejected promotion request20:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7087 Rejected promotion request20:42
faenilis the background blue in the latest lipstick version?20:43
specialit should be the wallpaper20:43
faenilyeah I mean is it the blue one?20:43
faenilI have just updated..20:43
specialwintery? yeah20:43
specialthat's what I have.20:43
faenildid you create a new release recently?20:44
faenilgallery isn't working correctly since I updated20:44
specialof gallery? I don't think so20:45
specialwhat isn't working?20:45
faenilfirst time it showed images with weird aspect ratio20:45
faenilnow "no elements found"20:45
specialseems fine for me20:45
specialcould be an effect of the tracker upgrade.20:46
faenilmust have been the fact that I had to force the shutdown20:46
faenilwhen I upgraded it wouldn't boot20:46
faenilspecial, rebooted, it works now...well I'll just ignore it then20:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7106 Accepted promotion request20:50
faenilabout the binary problem, if I replace then binary with scp, and then start it with invoker20:51
faenilI get "unable to dynamically load"20:51
faenilload executable"20:51
faenilI'd need to change the desktop file from --type=d to --type=e20:53
faenilthough QML apps should use type=d20:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7108 Accepted promotion request20:55
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7110 Accepted promotion request21:02
*** Knouki has quit IRC21:03
*** Siosm has joined #nemomobile21:05
*** Siosm has quit IRC21:05
*** arcean has quit IRC21:06
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile21:07
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile21:07
specialfaenil: you need meegotouch-applauncherd-devel installed where you're building21:08
specialand rerun qmake after it is21:08
specialyou're building without qdeclarative-boostable support, so --type=d doesn't work21:08
faenilspecial, thanks21:08
faenilit's that21:08
specialI would've answered that 10 minutes ago, but my internet is down >:(21:08
faenilnp ;)21:08
*** qwazix has quit IRC21:08
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile21:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7083 Accepted promotion request21:13
*** Mric_ has joined #nemomobile21:16
qwazixstatus report: the UX guidelines page now has a two level navigation, and iconography has been populated.
qwazixWhen do you think it would be a good completion point to publish it?21:17
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:21
Mric_it's good already :) but carefull typo, in the introducion in the 4 bullet point better is with 1 t21:21
qwazixYep, I haven't proofread it yet, and copy-pasting from mruk's pdf left some chars behind (mostly h)21:28
*** Xruxa_ has quit IRC21:28
Mric_I want to help nemo by translating the current OS from engish in french, does anybody have an idea where to start ?21:31
faenilMric_, I think you'd better try again during daylight :)21:37
faenil(european time)21:37
Mric_faenil: yeah I'll try tomorrow thx anyway21:38
*** Mric_ has quit IRC21:38
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:52
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*** Jaded has joined #nemomobile22:02
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Khertan_n950hum looklike buildbot wakeup22:05
*** Jade has quit IRC22:05
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*** faenil has quit IRC22:08
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile22:09
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