Friday, 2012-10-26

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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7146 waiting for review at
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7143 Accepted promotion request03:03
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7145 Accepted promotion request03:12
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7146 Accepted promotion request03:29
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deztructorphaeron: SR#7136?05:24
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phdeswerAnybody know where the pandaboard images are? The wiki links to but there is no pandaboard image there08:35
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the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7136 Accepted promotion request10:11
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phaerondeztructor: ^^10:21
deztructorphaeron: thx!10:21
phaerondeztructor: and the configs one should follow10:22
deztructorphaeron: config ones should increase boot speed a bit :)10:22
phaeroncool :)10:23
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7093 Accepted promotion request10:33
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w00tKypeli: so, package integration11:20
w00tKypeli: want to go through it now?11:22
KypeliSure, here I am11:23
KypeliI have my COBS branch checked out.11:23
w00ti assume you remember the first steps (branching, checking it out, etc)11:23
w00tok, is your branch still existing from last time?11:24
KypeliOh, so I need to do a new branch every time?11:24
KypeliJust wonder what the step is now that you made some changes there already and how to get those into my branch + check out11:24
w00tphaeron: what's the steps to get changes when your branch diverged from the "original"?11:25
w00tI always get that messed up11:25
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w00tphaeron: Kypeli had started doing an update, but it got complicated, so I finished it for him - so he'll need to update his branch to get the version currently in Project:11:26
phaeronw00t: obs branch ?11:26
phaeronhmm haven't used them much11:27
w00tKypeli: it's either osc pull or osc up11:27
phaeronbranch should pull latest revision11:27
phaeronand report conflict11:27
w00tphaeron: we already have the branch11:27
w00the never deleted his11:27
phaeronyes but it is still connected to the origin11:27
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Kypeliphaeron: So I have my branch checked out from COBS, w00t updated the origin. Then I should be ok with just osc pull/up?11:28
phaeronyes ( copy the directory aside in case osc does something stupid11:29
phaeronbut afair it will tell you if there are conflicts11:29
KypeliYes. Got them, but I resolved them. Is editing enough, or do I need to do some commit?11:31
KypeliSO osc -A ... up in the checkout dir seemed to be the thing11:32
Kypeliw00t: Then I'll update the changes and .spec file I guess11:32
w00tyou'll need a new tag/tarball too11:33
KypeliYep, I'll do that then11:33
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w00tKypeli: how's it going?11:45
KypeliTrying to get the diff look right.11:45
KypeliSoon there11:45
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Kypeliw00t: I did osc rm old tar.gz and osc add new tar.gz too11:47
w00tcommit away and see if it builds in your home branch11:48
KypeliAlthough some of the .yaml changes look like they origin from the osc up - I didn't add those :)11:48
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faenilheya everybody!11:55
Kypeliw00t: All green.11:56
Kypelifaenil: Hey :)11:56
faenilhey Kypeli  :)11:56
w00tKypeli: ok, then osc sr the_project_you_branched_from11:57
w00tand poke Sage_ (or at the moment, phaeron, since Sage_ is still away i think)11:57
Kypeliw00t: Hold in...11:57
Kypeliw00t: I think your script might have built an old version.11:58
w00twhich script?11:58
KypeliBut no, it makes the tar.gz from the tag.11:58
KypeliIt just stored it in wrong place (to the backup copy dir I made)11:58
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Kypeliw00t: 0.1.2 is there! Thanks for your help, once again. That wasn't so bad :)12:01
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7150 waiting for review at
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Venemow00t: ping12:11
faenilhey Venemo o/12:12
VenemoI wanted to talk about this12:12
Venemohow would you feel about replacing the current Twitter client of Nemo?12:12
w00tno strong feelings12:13
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veskuhwould be good since current does not use components12:13
w00ti'd personally like something more integrated with the rest of the apps, yeah, that12:13
Venemoand it's not very fast either12:13
Venemoso I found out about Tweetian, which is soon going to be open sourced12:14
veskuhqneptune for example is quite nice and open source AFAIK12:14
Venemoqneptunea is too bloated for my taste.12:14
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veskuhHaven't tried Tweetian but screen shots at least looked nice12:15
Venemoit's nice12:15
Venemoit could use a little tweaking, but not much12:15
VenemoI'd also need to integrate it with Nemo's new event feed and notifications API12:15
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#7150 Accepted promotion request12:15
Venemo+ I'll add a few UI tweaks12:15
Venemobut that's all12:15
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sledgesnemo-i586: 397 packages to upgrade!! over last two months since my last upgrade! you guys ROCK! :D12:18
sledges(parts of those are of course Mer's, too :))12:19
phaeronsledges:  there's a kernel from deztructor that's equivalent to pr1.3 just in today12:20
Venemothe question is, after I've done the port, how do I make the app part of the default image and remove the old one?12:22
sledgesawesome phaeron , hope it will improve the speed on N9 (although Nemo might have been slow due to MOSLO clocking down RAM..)12:22
sledgesin comparison ton N95012:22
phaerondon't have usb cable plugged in while booting and you might be  surprised :D12:22
sledgesso as soon as MOSLO hands booting to Nemo, I should pull the usb plug? :)12:23
phaeronbefore even, since if you have it in while booting moslo will export ALT_OS partition over mass storage and stop boot12:25
phaeronw00t found that issue12:25
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sledgesfantastic, fingers crossed when I'll be checking it with also latest moslo-
sledgesgreat job deztructor (maybe to early to say? :))12:33
sledgesno visually noticeable improvement since last two months on i486 :) but I think it feels smoother12:34
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veskuhVenemo, I guess Sage has been maintaining the image config12:37
deztructorsledges: nothing special there. but fixes done during 1 year after elopocalipse now available for nemo too12:41
sledgesdid nokia contribute upstream?12:41
deztructorsledges: anyway there is still sometimes appearing issue with pvr12:41
deztructorsledges: no, almost no contribution. difference with upstream is up to 500kloc12:42
sledgeswell hope for the best out of the N9 Kernel update project12:42
deztructornow guys are working with n9(50) kernel update to 3.5.x12:43
sledgesmay I ask how did you get a hold of the srccode? :)12:43
Venemoveskuh: ok12:43
deztructorsledges: DocScrutinizer05 got dvd from nokia with source tarballs12:43
deztructorand shared iso12:43
sledgesnice, that they open the krnl src12:44
DocScrutinizer05well, somebody got it and shared it to me12:44
faenilwasn't it javispedro?12:44
sledgesi still crave they had shared Nokia's Facebook Client App src....12:44
DocScrutinizer05among others12:44
sledgeswhat are the issues with pvr, deztructor ?12:44
deztructorsledges: they _must_ share kernel sources12:44
sledgesyup, thought so too12:44
Venemosledges: yep12:45
deztructorsledges: sometimes on booting u can notice graphics are working slow: it cause (can be seen in dmesg) by pvr misfunction. to cure one need to reboot device12:45
sledgesso it does not stop after booting?12:46
deztructorsledges: only ui is sloooow12:46
deztructorbut anyway, anything can happen ;) especially taking into account nemo kernel is booted by means of kexec12:47
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phaeronmaybe some hero can replace moslo with nemo kernel to be booted directly :D12:49
phaerondeztructor: hint12:49
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deztructorphaeron: :) moslo is very handy for development, easy to repair fs12:50
deztructorphaeron: but there should be an option to have ability to boot directly12:51
phaerondeztructor: keep it around as crash kernel12:51
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deztructorphaeron: Aard has some plans in12:52
deztructorthis direction12:52
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deztructorbut maybe does not have a time now12:52
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deztructorif i understand correctly12:52
Aarddeztructor: I hope to have time in the near future, the basic functionality would be rather trivial12:53
deztructorAard: ur planning to add ability to boot directly, isn't it?12:53
Aarddeztructor: I was planning to make the 'select kernel and kexec' bit small enough that we can link it into the kernel as initramfs, so we can flash that as main kernel, and be able to boot harmattan and nemo (and select alternative nemo kernels)12:55
Aardthe partitioning bit would then be split out12:55
sledgesso main kernel boot initrd, then you select OS, and load their respective kernels ?12:56
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sledgesthat's where we are when have no control over N9's bootloader :(12:56
Aardwith the idea that the flashed kernel can be equal to the n9 nemo kernel on the filesystem12:56
deztructorAard: moslo as a tertiary bootloader :) good idea12:57
Aarddeztructor: idea was to have additional 'payload' loadable. first installation would probably be 'download moslo payload onto harmattans vfat, flash kernel, load repartitioning payload'12:58
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faenilo/ o\ o/16:39
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qwazixhave you seen the ubuntu nexus 7 installer? I haven't studied the internals (what drivers are available etc) but isn't that a good sign towards booting mer/nemo on it?20:34
M4rtinKqwazix: any laptop with desktop like distro is good news :)20:54
M4rtinKdue to all the libraries & less embeaded incompatibility20:54
qwazixI really want one now that I saw this, but they don't import them officially here, and the few sideimports are double the price...20:55
qwazixAlso with USB otg, it can very well used productively20:56
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